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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mpaez1mpaez1 Posts: 2
    Where are you buying for these prices? What State?
  • I live in Dallas metro area and I bought a new 2012 MDX base model today. The price I paid was - $37,822 (including Destination charges, wheel lock, window Tint). I was wondering if this is good price I paid, since I asked for the quote from all the dealers in Dallas metro area and this was the lowest quote i received. Please share your experiences.
  • racemracem Posts: 8
    edited May 2012
    Could you give more details? Do you have any discounts? Which dealer it is? I am in DFW area too. Thanks
  • this was internet quote from Vandergriff
  • jjjzzzjjjzzz Posts: 13
    Anyone in Southern CA has recently bought one? Can you share the price? I am looking for a MDX tech. Thanks.
  • bill9902bill9902 Posts: 20
    I am haggling for one right now. The best I have been able to do is right about $500 less than the "dealer cost" listed on For a Tech that would be $41,487. Working on an Advance right now for 46,824.

    Mostly caught up on the value for my trade right now, which will be the biggest hurdle to getting this done.
  • libualibua Posts: 2
    Bought one on Monday for $43,760/= + Tax + Title + Fees. Just wanted to share with you. In Chicago Land Area.

    I was debating in between an MDX and a Highlander. Ended up with this. So-far so good!
  • moneyfoolmoneyfool Posts: 7
    Is that incl TTL and Destination? Thanks
  • mz2009mz2009 Posts: 10
    Thanks! I am looking for the same model in Chicago. Can you share some info on dealer?
  • koacatkoacat Posts: 3
    Any luck in the Seattle area? The best I have is $44,250 for a tech with tow package, rails and floor mats. We had agreed to $43.9, but they upped the price on me when I called back a few days later which has me a little annoyed.
  • solaris72solaris72 Posts: 15
    I was offered by a dealer in MD area for MDX 2012 with Tech +entertainment for 42600$ +Tax + Title + Fees.

    Is this a good offer? I dont need a vehicle very immediate, but if 42600 for mdx with tech+ent is worth i will consider.

    Please advice.
  • racemracem Posts: 8
    edited May 2012
    Got my base model MDX today from Vendergriff, Arlington TX. 37900 + TTL. I am looking for this forum for a while, feel I should share my experience to help each others.
  • htb1htb1 Posts: 2
    Can you kindly share the dealer name where you bought the MDX advance for $45K ?
    I am negotiating with Acura 101 West in Calabasas (Los Angeles County) and would like to educate myself.
  • bill9902bill9902 Posts: 20
    That's including destination, but not TTL (which can vary depending on your location, so it didn't seem like a good comparison). On top of that there was also a $1,000 rebate from Acura as part of the loyalty/conquest program (but again, not everyone will quality for that as you have to own an Acura [loyalty] or a competing luxury brand [Conquest] in order to get it).

    I think I could have pushed it down a little further, but the experience was so easy and hassle free that I didn't really feel the need. And they were generous on the trade compared to the two other dealerships I was haggling with.
  • solaris72solaris72 Posts: 15
    can someone reply this plz...
  • pruthvipruthvi Posts: 1
    I got a quote from Muller Acura for 42700 ( they will deduction another 1k as I own TL). They are deducting this 1k if you are driving major luxury brands. You can check there. I am still trying to negotiate a bit.
  • malichkymalichky Posts: 2
    37,900 is below bottom line pricing on consumerreports 38,697. How did you pull that off? Did you trade something in?

    Im looking to lease a base model 2012 acura mdx too.
    Im quoted at $39,500, acquistion fee of $595 not included.

    Thought it was good until I saw your post.

    Dealer Invoice: 41,058
    Dealer Incentives: -1,500
    Delaer Holdbacks: -861
    Bottom Line Price: 38,697

    Let me know how you did it


  • bill9902bill9902 Posts: 20
    I also purchased for less than the supposed "bottom line" price.

    I am not 100% sure on exactly how all of the pieces work, but my understanding is that the "bottom line" price really depends on the dealership. A high volume dealer receives additional incentives/credits from the manufacturer - maybe not immediately on the purchase of individual vehicles, but also in the form of quarterly/yearly incentives.

    Also pay close attention to what people post on this forum - some like to include TTL, which can vary by city/county. Some dealers quote prices with destination, some without. (and I think the $595 you are quoting is the lease acquisition fee, not the destination) There is also a $1000 cash bonus for owners of another Acura or a competing brand - it is applied as an extra down payment if you finance through AHFC, or a cap cost reduction if you lease. If you pay cash or bring your own financing, no bonus cash - so some will have that included an some will not.

    For the vehicle plus destination and nothing else, I was well under the supposed true dealer cost, but I was dealing with a high volume dealership and two other dealerships said that they could not beat the price (one would match, but only when undervaluing my trade-in).

    Keep in mind, too, that if you have a trade that they think they can sell easily, they will make some money on that, too. Know what you want going in, put your offer on the table, and walk if it doesn't work. There are plenty of other dealers out there and one of them will work out if your price is reasonable.
  • malichkymalichky Posts: 2
    Bill, Thanks for your input, appreciated

    That $595 was the dealer aquistion fee on a lease
  • lyaolyao Posts: 71
    go to

    type in the model you want and your area, then u'll know if that's worth or not.

    We bought the MDX last year. Just kept on loving it more (Exterior Black, interior Taupe). Very nice car but pricey! :shades:
  • racemracem Posts: 8
    I have no trade in and no discount. I noticed dealer added window tint, plus the wheel locker as extra. So far, I like it. :)
  • bill9902bill9902 Posts: 20
    One more thing to note -- the $595 is usually rolled into the cap cost on the lease as opposed to paid as part of your drive-off, and everyone who does an AHFC lease pays that, so it's best to just leave it out of the equation until you get to that part of your negotiation.

    For reference, lists the "Dealer Cost" on the 2012 MDX Advance as $47,314. I paid $46,824 including destination. On top of that, there was $1000 in AHFC loyalty cash which was treated as a cap cost reduction (dropping the vehicle portion of the cap cost to $45,824) -- but trying to negotiate with the dealer to get to $45,824 might not be fruitful since the $1000 doesn't come into play until you put the financing into place.

    Anyway, since the dealer cost was supposedly $47,314 and I paid less than that, there is obviously some extra money coming to the dealer that is not reflected in TrueCar's calculation. That's the part that remains a mystery (at least to me), but I'm not going to complain. We love the car.

    Good luck!
  • bill9902bill9902 Posts: 20
    Whenever I encounter accessories that the dealer has already added, I try as hard as I can not to pay for them. The 2010 Accord that I just traded had tinted windows and wheel locks, and I ended up not paying for them. My 2006 TSX had wheel locks and a trunk tray which I also did not pay for. These accessories usually cost the dealership almost nothing and they just try to move them to get a little extra margin. (It doesn't always work -- I walked from a deal at another Honda dealership because they tried to sneak in accessories that were "already installed" on the car they quoted me, and they didn't seem to care that I was walking.)
  • carman.....have you heard about a hybrid for the 2013 mdx?....thanks
  • billy3554billy3554 Posts: 148
    True Car does no longer provides good information. Example, I recently priced a base 2012 MDX and got a quote for $37,990 plus freight from a dealer. This was without any negotation. At the same time True Car's "target" price for a 2012 base MDX was $40,498.

    Clearly, folks should no longer have too much confidence in True Car. A couple of years ago, True Car seemed to provide useful information. Now, IMHO, True Car seems too connected to dealers.
  • lalakrsfanlalakrsfan Posts: 44
    Here is the deal I just finished negotiating over email with my local dealer in Northern Calif. This is the 4th or 5th vehicle I have purchased / leased this way, can't imagine doing it the old way of walking in and negotiating at the dealer. Do people still do that?

    2012 MDX w/Tech
    $39,605 inclusive of Conquest $1,000 discount
    + $684 for Sport Running Boards installed
    + $595 lease acq fee
    $40,884 + drive offs (zero down, 1st payment+ tax ($500), license and doc fess of approx $500)

    May not be the best deal I've seen posted lately but I think it is close. Of all of the deals I have done this way, this was by far the quickest and easiest. It seemed way too easy to get them to come down a few hundred more off the original low quote. There must be additional incentives the dealers are getting beside the Mfg rebate, conquest and dealer holdback info that is already published out there. This just feels too easy, am I missing something?

    The MDX is for my wife who is coming out of a BMW 5-series lease. Of all of the other luxury SUVs available in the market right now, I couldn't find anything remotely close to the MDX in terms of value vs. discount, incentives, and low lease payment with very little out of pocket.
  • jayson5jayson5 Posts: 3
    Just got my 2012 MDX, got a great price. I lurked on this forum and used the info on here to get a great price. Process was easy and I felt like I got an excellent deal. I paid $38875 plus taxes, plates and processing fee (dealer profit). If I can help anyone please let me know.

    Thanks again guys for all the help.
  • h8radarh8radar Posts: 9
    Was this a Tech or base model MDX? Also .... lease or purchase?

  • Hi. Noob here!

    I went to Acura a few days ago and was looking into leasing an MDX with a tech package and roofrails. I was given a quote for $630/month for 36 months 12k miles/year. I had to put down cash for DMV and roofrails for $522. NOTHING ELSE. The car was priced at $42,900. I just would like to know if this is a good deal???

    Then yesterday, the finance dude at the dealership told me that the Acura Financial wouldn't let me lease the car because of my credit (my credit score is 710+) so they asked if they could have my wife co-sign and we let her (her credit score is 700+). Now, they called us back saying if maybe we can buy a cheaper car or put money down to KEEP the $630/month payment. I told them i won't and they keep telling us to wait till next week because they had to speak to the finance person. What i don't understand is why would they want us to pay $1000 or $2000 just to keep a $630/month payment? Our credit scores speak for itself i think we qualify for super preferred, but they keep insisting we put money down or lease a cheaper ride like an rdx or an MDX base no package. Are they trying to cheat us? They said if we dont dont put some money down, the $630/month will become $658. When i said "cancel the whole deal i dont want to get the car anymore," they said "let me call you back and see if we can still work the deal out." 5 mins later, they called and said "you got the deal! $630/month 36 months 12k/year. Come by tomorrow afternoon."

    Something smells fishy in the deal. Can anybody please help me out and tell me if i'm getting a good lease deal? What were they trying to do when my credit score and my wife's are good and qualifies for super preferred? Please help me out guys. Thanks.
  • grey_goosegrey_goose Posts: 6
    Hello, I am not sure whether prices vary dramatically in the Atlanta market. I am getting a price of 46,900 + tax, tag and title for a 2012 MDX, Advance with Wheel Locks, All Season Mats, Tri Fold Cargo tray and Paint protection.

    Is this a good deal ?
    Can someone comment on this please. I need to buy one soon.
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