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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • alex917alex917 Posts: 2
    They have 0.9% for 36, 48 or 60 months. Good through end of June, may or may not be available after that.
  • buikbuik Posts: 2
    what dealership gave you the $42,500 quote?
  • ckrtckrt Posts: 4
    Piaza Acura, West Chester, PA
  • ccqqccqq Posts: 1
    Bought the 2012 MDX w Advance package w/o DVD at Radley Acura in VA.

    $44,500 plus tax, title, destination, and $395 processing fee. Is that a good price?
  • nlgmdxnlgmdx Posts: 8
    Can you please tell me if $40,371.00 is including dealer processing fee and destination charges?
  • nlgmdxnlgmdx Posts: 8
    just now i sent you a standard quote that i got.
  • I just posted this in the lease section, but figured I'd post here also. Picked up a 2012 MDX Tech this evening for $40,350 (that includes destination). The dealer also threw in Running Boards, All Weather Mats and four free oil changes.

    Felt like I got a great deal.

    Pohanka Acura in No. VA.
  • kalantskalants Posts: 6
    $40,371 includes destination but not the dealer processing fee. This was still a much better deal by more than $2K in the NYC area. The other dealers kept insisting that this must be the base model and not the Tech when I asked them to beat the quote.

    Regardless, I love this baby - can't wait to take it on a real road trip!
  • I actually leased from them. Wanted to keep the payment a little lower initially.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,625
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  • hotch41hotch41 Posts: 61
    Did this price include any accessories and the loyalty and/or conquest cash incentives? It appears that with destination, the price you paid would be approximately $45,395. This seems like an outstanding price since the MSRP for this model is $53,550 including destination.
  • cozzie23cozzie23 Posts: 6
    Hello Im looking for and MDX advance where did you purchase your car?
  • dmn82dmn82 Posts: 1
    Did this price $40,371 include loyalty or conquest cash? any additional fees?
  • kalantskalants Posts: 6
    No, it did not include any conquest or loyalty cash. Since I live in NYC and this dealer is in NJ I had to pay an extra $50 "out of state" fee or something to that effect.
  • schnidesschnides Posts: 3
    I think your post is hogwash. When people continually post misleading and incorrect information it makes it more difficult to purchase a car. Every Acura dealer I have talked to along with the information I have acquired says you cannot purchase a New 2012 MDX Advance for $46000. Please post a copy of your purchase agreement as proof of your claim. You can black out any personal information. I could say I bought one for $42000, would that make it true? True Car and Edmunds use actual transaction prices, not supposed prices posted on chat boards. Why should we believe you over actual transaction prices?
  • cozzie23cozzie23 Posts: 6
    Acctually I'm going to defend the person who posted the original post. It took 4 days of negotiating but I believe the person who purchase the car for this low. Because I myself got it this low to. It was EXTREMLY difficult though.
  • billy3554billy3554 Posts: 148
    Come on, Edmunds and TrueCar provide average prices paid. Edmunds, unlike TrueCar, is very upfront about this. Truth is anyone paying average is leaving money on the table. I know I can pick up an MDX Advance for $47,000 with no negotiating. Not that much of a stretch to go to $46,000. If you think TrueCar is the best price, go for it. The money left on the table will be there for the rest of us to pick up. Car dealers just love people who buy at TrueCar.
  • I agree 100%. True car prices used to be more market accurate. The other thing to remember is pricing is dealer specific. I was shopping for a Pilot EXL last week (ended up with the MDX), but found variances of $1500 between dealers that were 10 miles apart.

    One said I can't sell you the car for that price, no way. The other said sure...

    It depends on how many cars they sell each month, what is sitting on the lot, etc.
  • cozzie23cozzie23 Posts: 6
    I purchased my MDX+Advance no entertainment for $45100 before TTL. I got a 7yr/100000 from Acura Care $1900. and a free maintenance package. @ .9% financing for 60 months. I never post on blogs but in my research in looking for a new car I came across this one. Im sure there are some factors, in who allows the price to get this low. but I dealt with one small Acura dealership and two very large Acura dealerships in my negotiations over a course of 4 days. I had them competing with each other. One manager was telling me that when I was at $46000 "This is it all were getting is what is already on order and what we have in the lot" I told him that's nice but I want my car for $45000. I was in a position where I could walk out and I did, and I got lucky they called me back.
  • I am trying to get an Advance/ENT and the dealers have been trying to call BS on all my demands. I asked essentially for 46,700, and have been stonewalled. Would people mind e-mailing me where you have been able to get these deals. I can't get anyone to go below 48.
  • cozzie23cozzie23 Posts: 6
    I just purchased and advance only in Northern California. Like one person said I think it depends on the specific dealer. I guess the salesperson told me if wanted an entertainment it would be about $1800 more so I guess it would have been $46900 but I never inquired about Advance+Entertainment so I don't really know. When I purchase my car all the dealerships that I delt with had 2-3 same color of the car I wanted in their stock. So I put them against each other.
  • mdxt01mdxt01 Posts: 2
    Can I know dealers name in NJ?
  • I recieved a quote for 47500$ fro ADV/Ent package. So I think 46000$ for ADV is a valid price. I live in VA.
  • Just got a 2012 MDX w/Tech PKG & DVD:

    36 Month Lease 468. per month
    $4000 Down.

    $3383 of the down came from equity in Trade In.

    I am always curious if I got a good deal. I couldn't find any other local dealers to beat it.

  • schnidesschnides Posts: 3
    Post the contract, black out anything you feel needs to be blacked out, because I still don't believe it. I've been working like a dog to get anywhere close to that price. Invoice is $49567 - $1500 incentive, if they give me all the holdback it would be $47000ish. The dealer showed me all this. Why would someone sell it for $45100? I'm getting very frustrated.
  • nlgmdxnlgmdx Posts: 8
    Have you tried Pohanka and Radley dealers from VA.
  • cozzie23cozzie23 Posts: 6
    Send me your email address and I will send you the estimate just before I signed the contract which was a $300 difference the contract is like 2 feet long.
  • billy3554billy3554 Posts: 148
    Or Norris Acura in Maryland. Norris has an outstanding internet sales person. Of note, in Maryland there is less of a "documentation" fee issue than in Virginia. Virginia dealers try for $399 while Maryland goes for $200. Small difference in the long term but, hey, a dollar is a dollar.
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