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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kalantskalants Posts: 6
    Sure. It was DCH Montclair Acura in Verona, NJ.
  • Pohanka in Chantilly, VA is excellent. Not sure anyone beats their new quotes or trade-in values. Sorry to 'plug' them, but they really deserve it. Got two vehicles from them, one a new MDX, and both trades were $1-2K above what I was quoted by Carmax. I thought they'd try to take me on the other side of the deal, but the MDX quote I had for a tech/entertainment package was $41,490, 36 mo lease at $453/mo with $3k down, which included their dent/paint maint package for free. Also offered roof rails and crossbars installed for $500, which I still may do.

    As per the rules here, I can't name names, but the Sales Mgr there (F.M.) and sales rep (Y.K.) were good. Sales Mgr said he would take care of us and he did.
  • sirbensirben Posts: 1
    Hi kalants, I got a quote for 2012 MDX Tech that's almost similar to what you mentioned, also from same dealer in verona, nj. I would really want to ask more feedback from you regarding this dealer as I'm planning to go there this Sat (also coming from NY - queens).

    Like how true they are with their OTD quote, condition of the car, did they try to sell extended warranty, etc., do they try to pull any tricks.. Would really appreciate your help. Thanks!
  • suzie14suzie14 Posts: 1
    Schnides - don't get frustrated.......going through this process means spending time working with different dealers to get the #'s where YOU need them to be, but believe me, dealerships are hungry for business right now and want to - need to - close deals..... we brought our 2012 MDX Adv & Ent home tonight and could not be happier with the great deal and incredible service we received from the Internet Manager at Apple Acura in York, PA.......can't hurt for you to make one more call :-)
  • katieazkatieaz Posts: 4
    We are about to take the plunge. Would appreciate if suzie14 would share price of MDX w/ Adv & Ent. We where thinking about the Tech. It looks like the best price on the tech is about $40,250 plus TTL. Would appreciate any thoughts re +/-getting the Advanced vs. tech. This will be our third MDX, we will be trading in 2004. Truth is, I love my car but DH has the bug. We are ready to buy, any thoughts on approach, best price, etc. appreciated. Lastly we are eligible for the competitve luxury deal (Infinity) and loyalty deal...can you get both?
  • katieazkatieaz Posts: 4
    Congrats on you new car. I was hoping you could share the deal you got with the forum. I looked but did not see it here. Thanks.
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    You cannot combine Loyalty and Conquest. It is Loyalty OR Conquest, whichever you have. If you have both, the dealer will only need a copy of the registration for 1 qualifying vehicle.
  • katieazkatieaz Posts: 4
    Thanks, I am at the dealership now. Woooo! Scary! They are looking my 2004 over. Praying for wisdom! lol
  • kalantskalants Posts: 6
    Hello Sirben,

    So, the overall experience was pleasant I would say. They did try to sell us the whole extended warranty, gap insurance, etc. We declined them all. They tried to scare us with all the usual tactics to get us to buy all the extra stuff but we didn't cave and they didn't try too hard, either. Also, I think it helped that we there close to closing time so they didn't push that hard as the finance manager also wanted to leave for the day. Perhaps showing up a little late helped us.

    They were pretty accurate with their pricing and we were pleased with our experience.

    Good luck and hope you drive off with a 2012 MDX Tech today!
  • katieazkatieaz Posts: 4

    For tech they offered $42, 600, plus $2700 for woodgrain wheel, knob, roof rack, and side molding plus tri-fold cargo mat. Plus, they do have the $1000 down payment deal. Offered $9750 for my 2004. We walked. Already have an offer of 41,800 plus 10.5 for my oldie but goodie. Given that 2013's are almost here, I feel this is too high. I think I would be happy with 40,250 plus add-ons at cost, less 10.5 for my car. Truth is, I love my 2004. Any advice welcome. I need to go back and read all posts to remember what Kalants paid. Thanks everyone.
  • benefit a lot from this forum even back to many years ago when I was on the market for a Honda EX-L.
    bought MDX today from Pohanka in Chantilly, VA. everything goes very well except the traffic terrible due to Friday Storm. the sales is the best one I met so far. very patient. I even has to push him back to find new customer after answering all kinds of questions, even my two young kids.

    Ok, most important part : price.

    MDX with tech+running board +roof rack w/o cross bar paid $39000. not including destination and TTL.... good part is this company offers 0% APR until July 2nd. I chose 60mo. maximum $30000.00. more amount with short term. Maybe some like it. I'm ok.

    most disussion through e-mail and phone. got formal quote after I made a promise to buy here and gave him my credit number. to be honest, it's understandable.

    Let me know any question, such as sales contact.... willing to contribute some to this great forum.
  • billy3554billy3554 Posts: 148
    Got a similar price of $38,000 for a Tech, without freight and including the loyalty discount from Radley Acura yesterday. Didn't buy for a couple reasons. Didn't care for salesman who seemed to refuse to continue contact via email and since inventory seems high, might get a lower price toward the end of the month. Considering salesman attitude, I will look elsewhere.
  • Had a horrible experience at Radley Acura before bought from Pohanka. negotiated through phone and e-mail and detailed every part. took over 2 hrs there. noticed by sale and manager destination wasn't included. went home about 10:45pm with nothing except anger. for me, never buy car from them and no wonder I will warn colleagues and friends.
  • nlgmdxnlgmdx Posts: 8
    I bought new MDX Tech 2012 for $42359.00 OTD(sales tax is %6.75) from Radley on 06/30/2012. I am happy with my purchase. Thanks for everyone who shared thier experiences and pricing in this forum.
  • varyesvaryes Posts: 4
    Planning to go to Pohanka after work today for new MDX. Can you tell me who was your sales person? also is 39k was OTD price or sale price?

  • seaweed20seaweed20 Posts: 28
    Sorry all for posting this here but I can't figure out how to start a new thread. Have a question related to the OEM tires on the MDX (2011 model) and didn't want to post it here. Could someone please help me with the process for starting a new thread?

  • varyesvaryes Posts: 4
    I test drove a Certified Pre-owned white 2010 MDX with Tech/Entertainment package and hopping to get some feedback from you guys on how much is the reasonable price to offer. I am in VA.
    It has $35,700 miles.
    I was talking over email with the sales guy and his offer was $36k. I was looking more in $34k-34,5k. Is it a reasonable price?

  • c80c80 Posts: 10
    edited July 2012
    Thanks everyone for all of your posts. I got an offer of $39,000 for a 2012 MDX w/ Tech (which includes destination, but not TTL, and includes the $1,000 Loyalty Discount) in the Bay Area. Pretty happy with the process. Everything was negotiated via e-mail and I just walked in and signed the papers. Unfortunately, I didn't get the accessories that mdx_2012_va got, but I also was not able to get a price this low at any other dealership in the Bay Area.
  • allawallaw Posts: 15
    [c80] Would you mind telling where you got that offer from in the Bay area? I am also looking for the same car in the area and was wondering which dealer to start shopping at. I would like to do the negotiating through email too and want to avoid the face to face hassle, thx.
  • ckrtckrt Posts: 4

    My 2cents..

    As you can see from the forum, you can get brand new 2012 Acura MDX with Tech for 40.5k with 0.9 % APR for 60 months. If I were you, I would go for a brand-new for few thousand more. I think 36k for 3 year old Acura mdx tech with almost 36k miles on it definitely too much in current market. Sometimes pre-owned certified is NOT best value proposition.
  • I don't know if my post survives, send me e-mail mindyliu2008 yahoo e-mail box. I will try to give you more info.

    39000 not OTD price. see detail above.
  • c80c80 Posts: 10
    @allaw: Acura of Serramonte.
  • abhi2012abhi2012 Posts: 1
    Could you please let me know the dealers name. Even I am negotiating for the same package.
  • devteamdevteam Posts: 18
    I was able to procure an MDX Tech in Northern NJ for $40,400, but I had to finance it in order to get that price. Just wanted to let everyone know.
  • nsadansada Posts: 9
    Does the $40.4K include any incentives/rebates? Also, can you share which Northern NJ dealer? Thanks...
  • devteamdevteam Posts: 18

    There was definitely a manufacturer to dealer incentive of 1500 or so built into that. I owned an Acura before that, I'm sure there was a loyalty rebate or something ... HOWEVER, I do not believe that matters much. I still think this dealer will let them go around that price if you push them. They react quickly to competition and want to do business, without a doubt. Dealer is located in Morris County NJ on or about Route 10 west. Not much more needs to be said than that.

  • coredumpcoredump Posts: 9
    I just bought the MDX 2012 with Adv/Ent package for 47700 (price includes $400 doc fee - yah that sucks about NH and title/reg). Could have gotten a few hundred off if we had waited till the end of July, but the negotiations were hassle free and no upsell of any other accessories or extended service contracts at my NH dealer. No hassles with financing either.
  • crazyluxcrazylux Posts: 1
    recently bought 2012 mdx+tech for 40,000+tax & title (includes all season package plus I & advance reunning boards & 1 yr of free maintenance). negotiation was easy and was out with the car in about 1 hr. Price is after the acura loyalty rebate of $1000 & APR was 0.9% for 60 months. Driving it for about 2 weeks and loving it.
  • az602az602 Posts: 8
    I was able to negotiate $46,000 even (+ tax, license and doc) on a new 2012 MDX Advance in Phoenix from two dealers. One of them, however, is a crook and tried to force me to add on a paint protection package when I showed up. I'll be purchasing from the other one...

    This price includes the $1000 Conquest Money and the $1500 in Factory to Dealer Incentive that is currently offered. Add on the 0.9% financing and this is a pretty good deal. Acura just announced that the 2013 model will remain unchanged, so I'm not too worried about buying this late in the model year.
  • Have been following this thread for some time now to capture the price trend of the X. Thanks to all who posted their buying experience, helped me immensely!

    Sealed the deal today on the MDX Advance here in NC, on the last day of the 0.9% Promotion. Was $48900 OTD. Was able to negotiate the price down to $46000 + Freight + TTL. I did not qualify for Loyalty/Conquest.
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