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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Is today the last day for 09.% APR Financing?
  • c80c80 Posts: 10
    @abhi2012: I don't think I am allowed to post the name of the individual I dealt with, but keep working with Serramonte. They were pretty fair.
  • I called up the local Acura dealer in the twin cities and they informed that the 0.9% APR is extended untill end of this month ONLY for MDX models.

    All others who bought MDX+Tech package recently: What is the best way to negotiate the price. The dealer is giving me a 42.5K price +TTL for a MDX+Tech package. Do you guys feel that there is still more room for negotiating? Please advice.
  • c80c80 Posts: 10

    I entered a Twin Cities zip code on the Acura site for "current offers" and it shows:

    Special APR offer valid on new and unregistered 2012 MDX Models from July 10, 2012 through September 4, 2012, to customers who qualify for the Acura Financial Services Super Preferred or Preferred credit tier through participating dealers. Must take new retail delivery on vehicle from dealer stock by September 4, 2012.

    You might want to check with other dealers, if possible.

    As for the price, keep working on negotiations. I was able to get an offer of $40k (and then also got the $1000 loyalty credit) for a MDX w/ Tech.
  • Iam planning to buy either advance or advance+entertainment..iam from Tampa..does any one have buying experience in Tampa..any suggestion on dealers? the least quote(online quick quote request) i got is $49,247(for adv+entertain) and $2,480 7yr./100k mile AcuraCare, All-Season Protection Package I $496.

    If some one can provide their experience in tampa or florida regarding price paid.. that would be helpful..Thanks in advance..
  • acura_stlacura_stl Posts: 3
    Purchased new 2012 MDX with running boards and roof rack installed without cross bar for $37,300 (includes destination fee) last month from Radley Acura. DCH Montclair in NJ couldn't even come close. None of the two dealers in my hometown can touch that price, so I flew down to Reagan National, got picked up by my salesperson, went to the dealer, and was out the door in 2 hours. The drive back home in my new MDX was a dream. I have a 06 TL but it doesn't compare to the long haul drive that I had.

    All of my negotiation was done over the phone prior to buying my plane ticket. A lot of trust on both sides were on hand as not only did I had to purchase a plane ticket but they needed to get my vehicle ready (accessories installed) by the time I landed in VA - and it was. I had the best car buying experience ever at this dealer. I've seen a couple or so complaints by folks about Radley on this forum but I believe if you do your homework and know what you are doing plus going in and not being a complete tool, then you will get treated well. I think that can be said on most things as a consumer nowadays. Anyhow, my folks saw my SUV and liked it so much that they went to the same salesperson and dealer a few days later to buy a new MDX Tech.

    Just contact the internet salesperson (initials J.R.) at Radley and he will take good care of you.
  • smitty1krrsmitty1krr Posts: 19
    I bought mine at Regal in Lakeland. They had better pricing than Crown or Ferman. Included dealer fee in price and the profit package was optional instead.

    After owning, I would pass on the all weather mats. Very hard to get/keep clean.
    Makes the interior look dingy.
  • th201101th201101 Posts: 2
    edited July 2012
    For those who bought at Pohanka.. did you guys pay the tax at the dealership if u were out of state? my understanding is that I need to pay tax when i register here in my own state.. but the dealer says I pay tax there.. and they will send it to my home state? Whats the deal? Any ideas

    BTW i am getting a price of about 43K OTD on Tech package
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    If you are financing, the rule of thumb is for the dealer to collect your home state's sales tax and send it to your state. With a lien, this helps ensure the correct documentation and titling are handled.

    If you are paying in cash, it can be handled either way. Tag/registration fees can be done separately, and vary so much state to state, many dealers leave them as so. We will include and pay your state's tax directly, and then you are only responsible for specific tag/registration fees.
  • @c80

    Thanks for posting and congratulations on the new MDX. I'm interested in a 2012 MDX Tech as well so I appreciate you sharing.

    Do you recall Serramonte's fee structure before TT&L? Guessing it looked something like this (rounding #s):

    Base price: $38,700
    Delivery: $900
    Fees: $400
    Loyalty: ($1000)
    Total: $39,000 + your TT&L @ 0.9%

    More importantly, did you have much back/forth with Serramonte? I'm looking for a smooth transaction w/o any b.s. Lowest I've found is about $39,775 + TT&L...
  • specifionespecifione Posts: 7
    edited July 2012
    Thanks for reply..if you don't mind can you please share your purchase details or based on experience what would be the best price do you think for tampa market on MDX advance package?
  • Was that price for a base model or with the tech package?
  • Thanks C80 for your reply. I confirmed with the dealer and he mentioned that the 0.9% is ON for MDX models for atleast another month.

    As far as the price is concerned he is stuck at 42.5K for MDX Tech. This is a dealer in Twin Cities, MN. Which state did you get your MDX+tech? Does the price differ (2500 in my case) so much from one state to another? Is there a possibility of me flying out to another state where I can get a deal for 40K or less and buy it and then get it registered again in MN? Your comments and suggestions will be well appreciated. Thanks for your time.
  • epenn1epenn1 Posts: 1
    Did the 37,300 price include any of the current acura incentives such as owner loyalty or competitor's conquest? Were there any other fees than TTL? Thanks.
  • th201101th201101 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the info ..

    "We will include and pay your state's tax directly, and then you are only responsible for specific tag/registration fees."

    Are you a dealer?
  • danimal77danimal77 Posts: 17
    I am debating whether I should get a TL AWD or MDX, does anyone have an opinion on this? I just received a lease offer (proposal) on both of these models and the payment is within $10 on 36mo 12k year lease. MDX MSRP $43,815 but sale price of $37,700. Payment is at $390 plus tax with 3,000 down (which includes 1,000 conquest cash for which I qualify). Is that a good deal? Does someone know of a better deal?

    That aside, I can't decided if I should go with MDX or TL AWD. I really like MDX but I am concerned about the gas mileage. 16 to 21 scares me a bit compared to 18-26 on AWD TL. Can someone tell me what is the average gas consumption on this car based on YOUR experience, not EPA:). I coming from a 2005 4Runner and that thing is at least 15mpg. What about AWD TL? Any gas experience with that?

    On a separate note, I've compared Acuras to about all other cars out there in terms of leasing and Acura's lease the best. Volvo CX60 or Audi Q5 for example (same sales price of 38K) would lease at $550 with over 3,000 down, Audi even more based upon what I know.
  • danimal77danimal77 Posts: 17
    Thanks for your response above. If anyone has any real-life experience with MDX, please let me know. I am really interested in gas mileage. Dealer told me that it may get up to 25 miles per gallon on the freeway, but EPA estimate is 16-21. I've read that AWD TL gets about 19 miles per gallon in the city. Is MDX about 16 then? Safe to assume?

    I would pick MDX over TL AWD, no question here, if the gas mileage is the same. But, if we are dealing with 18miles per gallon for MDX and 26 miles per gallon on TL (both highway), then that's a different story. Any feedback anyone?
  • jhoff1973jhoff1973 Posts: 1
    My 2010 MDX gets mileage right in line with EPA estimates. Through 35k miles I've never done better than 22mpg on the highway. I'm consistently within the 16-21 range. Hope this helps.
  • mbuster25mbuster25 Posts: 14
    edited July 2012
    Bought 2012 MDX Advance, Blk roof rails, floor mats, 8yr/120K $100 deductible warranty.
    Price before tax and fees was $48K. Price includes all incentives/programs.

    Rosenthal Acura - good folks.
  • acura_stlacura_stl Posts: 3
    Yes, that price included the 1k owner loyalty. As far as TTL and documentation fee --> title/registration/etc. came out to ~ $100. Doc fee was $395. I didn't have a trade-in.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,318
    I just wanted to make a few points about fuel economy. Everyone is completely obsessed with gas mileage these days. First and foremost, the OP is deciding between 2 (very nice IMO) luxury vehicles that have MSRPs in the low to mid $40K range. EPA mileage numbers only tell part of the story. What you should be looking at is total cost of fuel. Whether you are getting 2 mpg less than EPA city estimates running errands around town or close to EPA highway estimates commuting, it still costs you the same amount of money to fill the vehicle up at the end of the week.

    Both of these vehicles are performance oriented. You are going to have a hard time keeping your cruise control set in the granny lane at 55 mph. Most likely you'll find yourself barreling down the highway at 75 - 80 mph.

    You should focus on your needs & desires when deciding between these 2 vehicles. Don't make gas mileage your utmost priority. Do you want an SUV or will a sedan do 95% of what you need?

    As a point of reference, my wife drives a 4WD Honda Pilot. She does a very nice almost 50/50 mix of city & highway driving. She averages right around 16 mpg. I know the MDX has a bigger (3.7 vs. 3.5), more powerful (300 hp vs. 250 hp) engine, a 6 speed auto instead of a 5 speed auto, and a fully active AWD system (vs. the Pilot's part time system), but they are built on the same chassis. I wouldn't expect to exceed the MDX's EPA fuel mileage estimates by any stretch of the imagination.

    Good luck & let us know what you decide!

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • indian20indian20 Posts: 6
    edited July 2012
    I am looking forward to buy an Acura MDX 2012 with Tech Package. Been recommended by TrueCar, inspite i dont see anything close to 46,000 $ like what other members in here paid for the tech package.. Most of the truecar recommendations are floating around 52,000-48,000.

    Whats a good price paid? Anyone knows of a good dealer in Illinois in the west subs, or near chicago who can take me the 46,000+ $ route?
  • sami5sami5 Posts: 9
    I got an offer from a dealer in Chicago,il
    2012 AWD 4 Door Tech/Entertainment Pkg
    for $42800 including doc fee $160, plus $20 for title and license.

    Is this good deal? Please suggest.
  • indian20indian20 Posts: 6
    I think its an awesome deal, do you mind giving details like dealership name, city? It will be great help. I am on the verge of buying an MDX tech pacakge in IL (near chicago).
  • sami5sami5 Posts: 9
    I will. Including Tax I think it will be around
    $46000k. I will definitely provide you the details if it
    Works out. I am still negotiating. You think it is still better price.
  • indian20indian20 Posts: 6
    edited July 2012
    Sami5, I am sorry mate, i just got confused with tech and advanced package.
    46,000 is extremly high for tech package. I am looking for advance package for around 46,000-47,000 in IL. I do know other states sell it for that cost. But if u look around the forum, u will see ppl getting tech package for around 40,000 OTD.
  • mz2009mz2009 Posts: 10
    Hi indian20,

    I guess $46000 Sami5 estimated is total price (including TTL) for MDX with tech+entertainment pkg in Chicago land. This should be consistent with the price without TTL Sami5 talked about in the previous post.
  • cocobean1cocobean1 Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2012 MDX new with tech package in Maryland from Norris Acura. I paid 38,961 plus destination, tax and tags. It was a very easy purchase as I received the price over the Internet. I also got .9 financing for 60 months with no money down.
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