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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • algaralgar Posts: 1
    Hi I am getting price quotes of $45,700 plus tax and license out here in southern California. Is this a good price?
  • sleepybubbasleepybubba Posts: 60
    edited July 2012
    Has anyone from Boston area (MA/NH/RI) got their MDX with Tech lately? If so - did anyone get less than 40K price? I've got a quote around 41K for MDX w/Tech, but after reading this thread I see that his offer is marginal at best.

    The dealer is convinced his price is awesome :mad: and he can't do any better. Though he said if he sees anything in writing (a copy of invoice, for example), he can run this by his management.

    Forgot to add: I don't own any luxury brand now (no conquest for me) and neither I own Acura, so no loyalty cash as well.
  • talltofutalltofu Posts: 4
    I am in the market for an MDX advanced package. Was quoted a 48K for it by Sterling McCall Acura in Houston. Would love to hear experience of others as well as other dealers worth pursuing. Is a good option? Any other website?

    Also, the wife is insisting on the entertainment package. I think 2K for a fancy DVD system is a bit too much. Any thoughts?
  • sami5sami5 Posts: 9
    I got a quote from one of the dealer in TX for MDX advanced including Destination charges and Wheel locks for $45900 + TTL. I think i believe this is awesome price. Please share your thoughts on this deal.I am going to go with few more accessories.. (Roof Racks + Cross bars silver, Tri Fold Cargo Tray + Back-up sensors + All season mats + advance running boards).

    I have this offer until 7/26. I appreciate your response.
  • talltofutalltofu Posts: 4
    Sounds like a great offer. Which dealer is this?
  • milanrajmilanraj Posts: 1
    Yes, please share the dealer info. Thanks!
  • No one in Boston are got their MDX w/Tech lately? Anyone?
  • I live in Natick, MA and I am about to start my search for an Acura MDX 2012 Tech + Entertainment. I do own an Audi. I plan on visiting the Acura dealer in Boston first. I wonder how much more it would be for entertainment on that 41K you got...
  • jjjjjjeeejjjjjjeee Posts: 2
    is the 41k for OTD or before TTL?

    I got an offer $41500 OTD with tech including $1000 loyalty in CA.
    I have contacted several dealers, but no one beat that yet. any one got better deal?
  • c80c80 Posts: 10
    @jjjjjjeee: That sounds like a great deal. Which dealership? Do you have a breakdown of the amount?
  • @jjjjjjeee:

    If you're at $41,500 including destination, fees and 8.5% CA Tax - you have about the best deal I'd seen on this board. That's close to $38k after destination and dealer fees and you beat c80's deal by $1000.

    As it stands, I'm fairly certain I can get a 2012 MDX Tech for around $38.8k before TT&L, but I'd be very much interested in your dealership as it seems they're willing to clear these vehicles out before the 2013s arrive and the new 2014 is revealed...
  • Nah, $40,897 for the car alone. The dealer "generously" by added the lifetime inspection stickers and first oil change to it. :mad:
  • kewl_carkewl_car Posts: 15
    You can buy accessories much cheaper then the price you have been quoted.
    I bought the accessories from Rosenthal Acura in MD . They usually run employee pricing promotion.
    I paid $105 for Tri Fold Tray, $65 for Wheel lock, $115 for All Season Mats,

    You can also buy the stuff from Ebay and other Websites for much cheaper price
  • sami5sami5 Posts: 9
    It was from Vanderriff Acura Arlington, TX.
  • sami5sami5 Posts: 9
    Did any one have RES installed aftermarket? or Where to buy? Any thoughts?
  • Hello sami5

    is it possible for you email the price quote you received for Advance..iam also in market for advance iam from Tampa Florida..trying to see if i can use it to negotiate the price..
  • csriram45csriram45 Posts: 56
    Can you share dealer details and may be forward your email. I can try to have my local dealer match it perhaps.
  • c80c80 Posts: 10
    @pastready2buy: Definitely. I bought mine at the end of Q2. As you get closer to the release of the 2013s, you should be able to get a much better price. jjjjjjeee's price is excellent. Hopefully you can get something similar!
  • csriram45csriram45 Posts: 56
    Can you share more details on how I can get a MDX Tech for $38.8k? I can so far only see quote as low as $40900. Will love some pointers to drive it lower. I do not own an Acura, Audi or infinity
  • san1010san1010 Posts: 3
    The last quote i got MDX Tech for $41,190 without LOYALTY DISCOUNT and with LOYALTY DISCOUNT $40,190 in Philadelphia area. Please share some details.
  • bird18iebird18ie Posts: 1
    can you share with me the details of your $41k offer for a MDX tech package? I was just offered $43,250 as the best offer they could do before the Loyalty discount. That is with no options added. I do know that the MDX has at least $2500 in dealer incentives and holdbacks
  • chen1chen1 Posts: 1
    i was offered $42,030 plus ttl at Jones acura in lancaster ,PA
  • san1010san1010 Posts: 3
    how about tax?? Is tax included?
  • If you did get this deal. I sure wanna know which dealership in CA. Is it a demo or a manager's car? Are you sure this is out the door before tax and license. I bought a 2012 with Tech and Rear Entertainment for 41,500 before tax and license. I saw one that had been used with the same package. It only had 51 miles but it was taken off the lot and traded back for a RDX. I could've brought the price down to what you have it now but, a used car with only 51 miles on it is still a used car.
  • Also, to add to my post. I would've considered the deal but, the car had car wash bristle marks at a certain angle. I also popped the hood while the dealer was not looking . It had white film underneath the hood like something exploded under the hood. The white film I concluded was dried coolant. I was not sure if this car was in an accident or repossesd or what. The dealer said that the original buyer took out for only a day but, you don't wash a new car in a day. It is already clean. I suspected foul play due, to it being sold as a new car with 51 miles on it only. I told the dealer and showed him the white film and some droplets on the engine cover. He then told the manager,"...there is still some left in the engine compartment...." I like a good deal like everyone else but, one being sold as a new car when it actually is a used one is not one to be taken lightly. Buyer beware!
  • vulchesvulches Posts: 17
    Just picked up an MDX with Tech from David McDavid for $39,500 + TTL ($380 in doc fees + TX tax), and that price did include $1000 of loyalty cash. They included wheel locks, body side molding and the tri-fold cargo tray, so the final break from MSRP was over $8500. Goodson said they would match the price but I didn't get far enough with them to see if there were any hidden costs (preinstalled accessories, etc.). Mac Churchill was way off and I didn't even bother with Vandergriff. Good luck everyone!
  • san1010san1010 Posts: 3
    @honda_family. Tech and Rear Entertainment for 41,500 before tax and license. This is great price. What is dealer name...
  • mycar28mycar28 Posts: 1
    Hi @honda_famil,

    Do you mind sending the quote that you have received for 2012 MDX Tech with Ent. Pkg?
  • wangjtwangjt Posts: 3
    Hey guys. Thanks for all the good info. I've been watching the past pages of this thread and it helped me tremendously in landing a great deal. I know it isn't the best deal as some of you got lower, but I believe I was given a very competitive price.

    My dealer offered this to me:

    MDX Tech: 39500
    MDX Base: 36000

    both of these DO NOT include the $1000 reward for financing. What's cool about the dealer is, I told him that some of my friends were also interested and he has guaranteed me that anyone I refer would be able to get that price until the end of the month. He's not sure what he can do in August but for now, he is able to offer that price until 7/31.

    So if anyone is interested in those prices, let me know. I will provide his contact.
  • csriram45csriram45 Posts: 56
    edited July 2012
    Please share details. I have exact same deal that I struck yesterday. Going to finish paper tomorrow but every dealer I talked to refuses to believe its true. Just in case my deal falls through I want to be able to do that with your dealer. He had however told me not to say this anywhere. Interesting how various dealers are saying various things. Please email me csriram45 at yahoo dot com

    Btw is there a $1000 reward for financing? I thought it was for for being a previous Acura owner or owning BMW infinity or Audi.
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