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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • do you know what is the dealer cost for a 2013 mdx base? thank you very much.
  • My estimate is around $36,300, based on $2500 dealer incentives and 3% holdback, not counting any volume incentives. I generally think $400-500 is a fair margin for what they do, so $36,800 + TT&L would be my target price.

    Important note: These would be cost of the vehicle, excluding dealer overhead / SG&A, but I guess we'd care about that about as much as we'd use the dealer facilities. If you're shooting an offer over the internet and simply picking it up, why would you want to pay for overhead? Best bet would be to go with a high volume dealer which get the benefit of high inventory turns and factory incentives for driving volume sales - as they can operate more on a gross margin basis (w/o as much overhead impact).

    Higher priced, slow-selling, backwater dealers will probably be saying they are losing $$ at these prices - and they may actually be losing money because of their overhead. My opinion is this is a business model issue and they need to adapt to changing times. Unless, of course, you like the convenience and service of the dealer - then feel free to pay them a little extra for that service cost...
  • Thank you very much. Happy holidays!
  • I think the $36.3K price is achievable. Just got mine in VA for this price.
  • jrod13jrod13 Posts: 36
    before tt fees...ny york area is tough with storm damage to vehicles.
  • Thank you so much !
    I called a dealer again and was offered a 2013 MDX base for $42K with taxes included. Anyone what is the auto sale tax in NYC? is $40 K with taxes included a good price for me to offer?

    Happy Holidays!
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    ...just a suggestion, but these "out the door" comparisons across various states with different sales tax rates leads to easily avoidable confusion of trying to compare apples and bananas. Stop it! Do your price analysis - and posting deals on this forum - PRE-TAX. Hopefully everybody here knows what buttons to push on their calculator to get their own sales tax.

    Pre-tax price is really what you are negotiating. Unless your name is Obama or Boehner there isn't much room for negotiating the tax rates. And if you are one of them, get your [non-permissible content removed] back to work and fix the country.

  • madayanmadayan Posts: 9
    edited December 2012
    I have to agree with habitat1. It is quite pointless to compare the gross "OTD" price across states. In fact, comparing pre-tax prices across different regions of the country is not that meaningful either - within "driving distance" neighboring states may be fine, but knowing the prices paid in NY may not be that useful for Californians I suppose. When discussing prices, therefore, it would be helpful if one also mentioned the state (which I realize, I didn't :P). The dealer who quoted 41k +TTL (tax + title + licensing) is Norris Acura in Baltimore, MD.

  • A quick google search reveals the following public website specifically devoted for calculating sales tax in the state of NY:

    From what I understand, the sales tax rate in NY state is 4% but additional taxes can be levied by local authorities. Enter your address to calculate the exact tax rate in your area.

    My apologies if this tax calculator does not apply to auto sales!
  • Hi,
    I just negotiated a deal on Saturday in Northern NJ for a 2013 MDX Tech at $41.7k + TTL. We were stuck at 42.5k for quite a while. My feeling was that I was very close to the best deal I could possibly get but I'm not sure if it was the absolute breaking point. I wound up doing a trade in as well and I was very happy with the value I received. I had walked in looking for a 2012 but there were none left. This board was very helpful to me so I just wanted to post my experience.

  • Hello, I am new here. I negotiated a price of a 2013 MDX base for $38k plus TTL. Just wondering, any chance the car might have been damaged by hurricane Sandy? the dealership is located in a water damaged region during the hurricane. Is it a good price for the car?
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    If you have any doubts about the vehicle having been flooded or damaged, I would ask the dealer put the disclosure that it has not, in writing, signed by the general manager. You could also take it on an extended test drive to an independent mechanic/body shop that may be able to tell you if the carpeting has been replaced, use a paint meter to check for body panel repairs, etc..

    You might want to save yourself the anxiety and just buy a vehicle that was delivered after Sandy. And have them prove the date of delivery, just to be safe.
  • Thanks for the advice, i will ask them for that.
  • Okay here's what I have so far for 2013 MDX with Tech from local Acura dealers in Atlanta:

    $41,774 (2nd e-quote from one dealership that I haven't visited, working internet dept)
    $42,228 (e-quote from 2nd dealership, haven't visited, working internet dept)
    $ 42,500 (2nd quote from dealership we visited 2x and test drove etc).

    I have a 3rd quote for a 2012 MDX with Tech - but its $41,490 and frankly I pushed very hard for more discount given the car is a year old essentially but they wouldn't budge.

    I just found out about the Costco program, and dealer #2 says their quote will be lower with that but of course you have to go in and see them. They said they will show the invoice price, all incentives, etc. They were not at all cheesy or high pressure about it so I will go just to see what the deal is.

    Dealer that we went to gave me the "I can't go any further" speech today, but then said "call me if you get a lower quote". He doesn't think I will is what he said, and that the other dealers play games etc. I told him I have actual price quotes with doc fees tax tag etc. That shut him up.

    I'm looking to get down to $40K for the car...which seems maybe possible given what you all have experienced. Do you all think there will be more "desperation" by the dealers as the month goes on? Like Dec 26th and on?

    Thanks. This board is great to be able to see what everyone else is experiencing.
  • I was quoted $41300 for 2013 Acura with tech in the NE area. But i didn't even push hard for that quote since I am looking for a 2013 Acura base at the moment. Do you think the tech package is worth the extra $3k or so?
  • Depends on if you find value in the added features...Voice Activated Navigation is the main thing, rear camera, integrated bluetooth and ipod integration, better sound system. We find value in them so we are looking at Tech.
  • As others have noted, w/o knowing the TT&L for where you will register it would be hard to tell but, yes, I think $40k OTD should be an agreeable price to the dealer on a 2013 Base.

    Assuming 4% tax (which is what I could find for NY), $42k OTD equates to about $40.4k + TT&L. Your target of $40k OTD equates to about $38.5k + TT&L.

    My target for a 2013 base would be around $36.8k + TT&L or $38.5k OTD in NY, assuming the TT&L numbers are close to reality.

    If all else fails, just have them justify why it costs them more. Have them show you the invoice, minus the dealer rebates ($2500 on the '13s), minus the holdabck (3%). You guys decide on what is a fair gross margin on the vehicle itself and figure out how much you think you should pay for the dealer experience/convenience (which they typically call their dealer or doc "fee").
  • Agreed. OTD pricing is how everyone should negotiate, although its not really helpful to the community for price research, as TT&L can vary significantly from state to state.

    Most helpful would be price + TT&L. The price should include (1) dealer/doc Fee and (2) destination. Also, please note any special discounts you qualified for to get this price (e.g., military, conquest, loyalty).

    Dealer name + city, state is also helpful. That said, I would say it is fine to demand your local dealer match national pricing. New vehicles, by definition, are commodities. While dealerships with no local competition may want to push monopoly pricing power or a group of regional dealers may want to push collusion pricing power, we as informed customers should not tolerate this practice. Pay a slight convenience fee if you want, but I wouldn't let it be more than the plane ticket and gas to pick your vehicle up from one of the big national dealers (although you then have to question the "destination" charge, right?).

    FYI - if you're looking for good national price points I'd recommend contacting dealers in major metro areas, including DC (e.g., Radley, Pohanka, Norris), Northern NJ (e.g.,Denville, Ramsey, Montclair), SF (e.g., Serramonte), Dallas (e.g., Mac Churchill).
  • The dealer told me the tax in NYC is 8.875% And that is what i found online. Where did you find the 4% figure from, if you don't mind sharing?
  • buyabuya Posts: 74
    Pre-tax price is the real deal, but what should be posted is what, how much, where and when? Meaning posting should list the brand, trim level, option in/out, dealer thrown ins, dealer fees, agreed purchase price and then TTL to a total purchase out the door price. If there's a trade-in, or finance list them separately too. And than give the dealership and salesman first name, city and state, and when the papers were signed for what delivery date.

    It is not "I got my SUV at $34k, when in fact the price is that plus other packages agreed to pay at MSRP with a trade in in toll, which makes the actual OTD cost to be much higher.

    The list is something like this:
    *MSRP (on the car)
    *Exceptions from std (what dealer claims will take out)
    *Options (color and packages cost too)
    *Dealer add-ons
    *Dealer thrown-ins (free maintenance, etc.)
    @Final negotiated price
    *TTL and dealer's ANY fees
    @Final drive-out price
    Also good to know your
    *Trade-in value
    *Finance rate and terms
    *Salesman first name
    *City and State
    *Day papers signed
    *Day of delivery

    Of course who really would care to write all that, so any information helps. Thank you.
  • madayanmadayan Posts: 9
    edited December 2012
    "The dealer told me the tax in NYC is 8.875% And that is what i found online. Where did you find the 4% figure from, if you don't mind sharing?"

    This is from the NY state Department of Taxation and Finance:

    Sales tax rates

    The combined sales and use tax rate equals the state rate (currently 4%) plus any local tax rate imposed by a city, county, or school district. An additional sales tax rate of 0.375% applies to taxable sales made within the Metropolitan Commuter Transportation District (MCTD). The combined rates vary in each county and in cities that impose sales tax.

    Local taxes are in addition to the 4%, which in the Manhattan area is quite high. Hence the 8.875% I suppose.
  • did you get any accessory items such as roof rail, bumper protector or running board within that price?
  • In that case (8.875% tax) I'd say $40k OTD for you is good and around what my target would be in your market. That would be $36,739 + TT&L.

    At the dealer's offer of $42k OTD, that would be $38,576 + TT&L. I think there is still margin to share.
  • prbmaprbma Posts: 4
    I am looking for 2013 MDX w/tech, wondering if this price point is achievable?

    Invoice = $43,455

    Dealer Incentive = 2500
    Dealer Hold back (3% of Invoice 43,455) = 1304

    Invoice with Incentive = 43,455 - (2500 + 1304) = $39,651

    Dealer additions might be doc fee (~500) + Dealer profit (~500) = $1000

    Selling price = ($39,651 + $1000) = $40,651 + TTL
  • I was able to get a similar deal (40,400) for a 2012 MDX w/ Tech in NJ about 6 months ago, so I would say it is definitely possible.
  • Hello new to the process. I have recieved the following quotes on the 2012 MDX

    2012 MDX base $37158 + 145 doc fees
    2012 MDX w/tech package $40121 + 145 doc fees.

    Is this a good price?

    There is just a few weeks left in you feel I can get some more movement on the offers? I received these offers from using the truecar site. Will Costco offer a better price? I am purchasing in the Indianapolis area. The dealer has about 15 to 20 2012's on the lot. The salesperson told me they are a volume dealer.

    Also I have a trade in. the dealer is saying that they will not match the Kelly Blue Book price because it is too high....thoughts on Kelly BLue Book vs other sites?

    Any help is appreciated......I have been out of the market for new cars for 19 years....having loved my Lexus SC300 so much just didn't feel the need!!!
  • According to Edmunds Acura dealer hold back is only 2% not 3%. Also do you think a dealer can come below 3% profit margin.
    My calculation:
    43455 (invoice) - 2500 (Dealer incentive) - 938 (2% holding base MSRP) = 40017 + 1200 (3% profit) + 300 (Advertisement) + 895 (Destination fee) = 42412

    I believe anything below $42,400 is a good deal. What do you think?
  • java5java5 Posts: 18
    Location: Houston Texas
    2013 MDX with Tech pack 40,650+ttl
    comments, grab it or shop around
  • Edmunds listed Acura holdback as 3% in the past, now it lists as 2%. Truecar and other sites list as 2 or 3%. Unfortunately, I can't find an official holdback number on the Acura website and the dealers aren't that forthcoming with Acura numbers - be it holdback or other volume discounts that come back from the manufacturer after the sale. Either way, we're talking less than $500.

    Given the MDX Tech was selling for around $39k (incl profit, dealer fees, destination, etc) in the last few months, I'd say $42,400 is high, but that's just me. Granted 2013s are listed as ~$200 higher invoice and incentives are $500 less, so I could see $40k or so + TT&L as a "fair" price if you want the 2013 model year.

    I'm also not saying all dealers would do a deal like this. You need to find the volume dealers who are spreading overhead across many more sales. The low-volume dealers are going to need to pass along those costs onto the buyer. If anyone wants to pay those costs because they like the service/convenience, I say to each his/her own. I'm not one of those buyers.
  • Decent price in the TX market if thats their first offer. My target would be $40k + TT&L on a 2013 Tech, but TX dealers were all a few hundred higher than the coasts last I checked.

    I don't know Houston - which dealer? May be worth giving a call to Mac Churchill in Ft Worth to see if they'll beat the deal.
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