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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Yep. I think 2013s could eventually be had for around $39,300 (or less) by patient buyers. I predict prices on the 2013s to continue to fall over the next few months as redesigned 2014s get closer to the lots. Heck, they've been running incentives on 2013s nearly the same ($500 difference) than 2012s already...
  • Hi, I'm new to the forums and had a few questions I was hoping to get answered. I purchased a 2012 MDX in Texas about three months ago and bought the extended warranty from the dealer, a 7yr/100k for ~$2600, along with dent coverage for $800 and resistall protection $870. After getting a good deal on the MDX (over 5k below MSRP) these additional purchases seemed to make sense but I'm having buyer's remorse now. Also after seeing some of the prices others have posted for warranties I'm sure I over paid.

    I'm wondering if any one has any experience with the resistall pricing and the dent coverage as well. Looking back I think I overpaid on these as well, although at the time of purchase I was assured by the financing department that I was getting these packages for about $50 above cost. Is the warranty price too high and should I/can I return it? Any limitations on the resitall or dent coverage that any one has had experience with? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  • billy3554billy3554 Posts: 148
    It seems you paid about $4,300 for insurance against some repairs, dings and environmental damage. I am sure the dealer considers this deal, with these three F&I products on the back end, a home run.

    There is no way the prices charged by the dealer were $50 over cost. Really, $800 for ding protection and $870 for damage caused by the environement?

    Hopefully, the extended service contract (it is not a warranty) was provided by Acura and not some third party.

    Thankfully, all these "products" can be cancelled. The smart thing to do.
  • so as I understand, the MSRP on a 2012 MDX base is 43,815, plus the destination charge puts me at 44,710. If I offered 36,500 excluding ttl, and it's accepted, what I'm still confused about is, what would the ttl total? in CT, is it dfferent from everywhere else? I realize I pay tax per month (inculded in the monthly payment), but what about sales tax when I buy it? and title and license fees? could you answer with maybe an example using the 36,500? I SINCERELY appreciate it.
  • Hey thanks for the reply, I appreciate the feedback.
    Any one with an opinion on a fair price for these packages?
    I am going to back to the Acura finance department today and try to renegotiate these deals to something reasonable. If not then I think I'll just cancel everything and take my losses. They said at the time of purchase that these extended overages would be prorated if canceled, and I'm assuming it will be done so on a monthly basis but you never know with these car companies.
  • Hey thanks for the reply, I appreciate the feedback.
    Any one with an opinion on a fair price for these packages?
    I am going to back to the Acura finance department today and try to renegotiate these deals to something reasonable. If not then I think I'll just cancel everything and take my losses. They said at the time of purchase that these extended coverages would be prorated if canceled, and I'm assuming it will be done so on a monthly basis but you never know with these car companies.
  • I got an offer for 2013 brand new base $41220 in NJ 2 weeks ago. about 4k tax and fee here. 7% tax, but a lot of fees.
  • 1. 2013 mdx base new, $37900+ttl ===> your offer is similar to mine. Mine maybe a few hundred less. But I think we can get down below $37k for 2013 base brand new. I know someone did it in Dec around $36k. You can flip a few pages and see that price.

    2. I will not consider used car. Price is so similar to the 2013, why get a pre-own? Unless it's much less... in your case, price too similar, I'd rather get a new car.
  • Anyone know what price will 2014 MDX be? Will it stand very firm while 2013 modle has a lot of discount? 2014 has a nicer look but more importantly, it has more space, easier access to the 3rd row seats. but it didn't say larger leg room for 3rd row seats, just said more leg room for 2nd low seats. Also sounds like a safer car. Safty feature enhanced. If price is similar to 2013 with all these discount prices, 2014 is the way to go. Otherwise, 2013 is a great deal. Any suggestions?
  • 2013 Acura MDX with Tech Package + Navigation + premium leather + tinted window + car mat $240 value for OTD $42,800.

    I wish this dealer is in NJ. She did very well.
  • Is $35,500 (+ttl) a good price for a 2012 MDX base model (certified) with 5000 miles? Thanks! I appreciate the help.
  • TT&L varies based on state, municipality, etc. That's why reporting OTD pricing on this forum isn't very useful. Folks should quote Price + TT&L.

    You can call your local DMV to get a good estimate. Quick google search produced:

    CT DMV Fees: link

    CT Vehicle Tax: link

    I just glanced at them, but I'd say a couple hundred bucks for fees and 6.35% tax for around $39k OTD on a $36.5k sales price for CT.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,325
    I live in CT. Tax in Fairfield County is 6.35%. New plates & registration are $350.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • May not be very good deal since already has 5k miles. You can flip a few pages in the front, I remember someone got 2013 base brand new in Dec for around $36k before tax and fees.
  • Thanks. I appreciate your response.
  • this is my ultimate offer:

    msrp + destination $44,175.00
    price excluding tax, title, fees $36,700.00
    fees (conveyance, acquisition, reg, doc, etc.) $1,800.00
    FINAL OTD PRICE $38,500.00
    residual $24,738.00
    difference btwn price and residual $13,762.00
    depreciation fee (difference divided by 36) $382.28
    finance fee (price + residual * mf) $63.24
    monthly before tax $445.52
    monthly AFTER tax $473.81

    36 month, 10K mile lease....doing my research here, figured $40092 invoice minus 2% holdback of base MSRP minus $2500, is $36,708, so they don't make or lose anything here really

    also, are the fees something i pay then and there separately with a cash/or check or are they rolled over into the "OTD price"?

    is there a reasonable chance of this happening or am i making a fool of myself

    Thanks for reading
  • I recently bought a 2012 MDX ~ 3 mos ago in September in Houston, Texas with a 7yr/100K warranty/extended service contract for ~ $2600. After reading the forum and calling up other local dealers I'm finding much better deals and would like to cancel this warranty. Not sure what the procedure is to cancel, if there are any restrictions that come along with cancelling it, and if I am allowed to buy another Acura Care warranty from another dealer once I have cancelled this original one.

    Also is there a difference between the online Acura care warranty sold Vs in house, and does it make a difference in the level of care you get if you buy at a different dealer or online? Any advice/insight would be greatly appreciated.

    The Pricing I received from another dealer was;

    7yr/120k - $1970

    8yr/120k - $2175

    dent+tires (road hazard coverage I think)+wheels (pothole damage or bent rims
    replacement) - $490

    Xylon (sp?) fabric/leather (not including tears) and paint coverage for 5 yrs - $495

    Any thoughts on the pricing? Are they close to cost and will I be able to buy Acura Care again if I cancel? Are there any reliable third party warranties if I can't buy another Acura Care extended service contract?

    I'm new to these forums so I'm not sure of the proper etiquette, whether its OK to post specifics about dealerships, finance officers that are fair to deal with, etc. but if anyone is interested I'll be glad to pass on whatever info I have. Thanks in advance for your help.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,727
    Here you go... this is what may (and may not) be posted...

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    You may include the dealership name, city and state in your post. Please do not post last names of salespeople, telephone numbers, email addresses, or other contact information.


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Hi I am so excited. We just bought a new 2013 base mdx today. About$37600+ttl and fee. Total: $41200 :)
    We checked a few more dealers, price similar about few hundreds different, so we went back to the first dealer and bought it. A great car and price seems very reasonable. I think right now in nj, price rang for base mdx is $41-42k all in price.
  • sbornosborno Posts: 9
    Does anyone have any idea, when the 2014 will be available.
    There are substantial changes, so I'd like to wait.

    Also, interested in when the next Q7 will be released

    If its close to a year, maybe I could find a 2011 Cayenne to consider it against.
    I hate buying new, but it seems the tech advancements, and the strength of the used car market may even the playing field a little...

    Any thoughts or answers are appreciated in advance
  • ushy66ushy66 Posts: 366
    edited January 2013
    Most are saying 6-7 months from now, ~ June-July 2013 for when dealers start taking delivery on the 2014 MDX, but dealers probably won't be offering much of a discount until Jan-Feb 2014. We will probably see a full reveal of the 2014 MDX (vs Prototype) at the Chicago Int. Auto Show which starts Feb 9th and/or at the NY Int. Auto Show which starts March 29th. So you don't have to wait long.

  • sbornosborno Posts: 9
    Funny, I waited anxiously for the Detroit show, and the 'unvieling" was pretty underwhelming. while 6- months is not long, I'm always concerned about buying the first relaease of a new model, coupled with having to pay close to sticker, which I never do.

    Although, I do if necessary, for example, we bought the wife's sienna new on 12/31/03, it now has over 150K on it, so it was worth getting it, new/loaded.
    The usual MO is to buy 2 year old certified, like i've don on the multiples of audi's that I have owned. the present version, is a 07, A6 4.2, which has 100K now. I also have a 01 M3 conv, (puff), which i drive when my kids get thier liscense, and cut thier teeth on the mini-van, while the wife gets the audi, and i drive the toy, (which i have the hardtop for)

    Next month, my daughter will get her liscence, hopefully. Then, we;ll have a five driver house, with five cars, (my mother-in-law moved in recently, and brought her 90s Buick with her. As with anything, there's always multiple considerations with cars. The shuffle that occurs. We have an old fleet, and is seems like when you replace one, a chain reaction starts, sometimes resulting in the replacement of more than one car. My son (18) drives an 01 infiniti, which we picked up from my mom's friend in floridahhhhh, (low miles)

    So, I know,i gotta sit tight, i'd love to get into the new A6(used), but still big$$, and I think we'll need the suv upgrade first, although i feel like we could keep the sienna til over 200K, my real wish is to pick up a used 11 cayenne, which is a tough call, cause they're depreciated cost will be close to a new mdx#, also interested in the next q7, when it comes. I love that the auto industry finally woke up, with more competitve features, better drive trains etc.

    anyway, i usually take 6-12 months to ponder/search for vehicles, so this wil be an interesting year. I don't 'have' to get anything til next winter, when i gotta put the baby (M3) away for the winter, but, it looks like I'll b driving it ealry this spring. I've thought about combinig the m# + A6 in trade for an S5 conv., but love the stick in the m#, and need the sedan for couple [non-permissible content removed], so it aint happning, to bad the S4 is too small, (i'm 6'1), even looked at the TL, who knows.

    but thanks for the info, sorry about the sunday morn ramblings, just another car addict venting about the options that abound. have a nice sunday!!

  • Hello,

    What are folks getting for quotes on '13 MDX Tech? I've been quoted $41500 but seems a bit high to me based on what '12s were going for. I am in the Boston area and willing to drive to any New England area dealer. Also, any ideas on whether 0.9% financing will be back anytime soon?

    Thanks to all for your help!
  • ok, finally got an offer from a dealer on a 2013 acura mdx base graphite luster with ebony leather..

    OTD price $38,000
    does not include tt&l, first month's payment, etc.
    she told me that price was $1306, which I'm guessing I pay in cash correct?
    36 mo, 10K lease $486/ mo that includes CT tax

    can I do better? should i wait until spring? I was thinking something closer to 37.3 if I am paying the 1306

    this is my first lease ever so I'm trying to get the best price possible to be in the low 400s a month....

  • billy3554billy3554 Posts: 148
    The monthly price seems quite high if it excludes tax and title costs.

    The MDX base's MSRP is $44,175 and the invoice is $40,987. There is a dealer cash incentive of $2,500 and dealer hold back of 2% or about $900. This makes the dealer cost about $37,600. Therefore a price of $38,000 is very good.

    Acura's current money factor for good credit is .001. The residual for a 10K year lease is 56%.

    At those numbers the lease cost should be about $431 not $486. Tax might increase this by about $24, assuming a 6% tax rate. It is possible the dealer has included additional costs (fees?) in the capitalized amount or has increased the money factor.

    Or it could be Connecticut taxes the entire sales price less trade in value rather than tax the monthly payment. That could explain the difference. For example, if the sales price was $38,000 and there was no trade in and the sales tax is 6%, the sales tax amount would be $2,280. This amount spread over 36 months would be a bit more than $60.

    Also, 10K a year is not very many miles. Increasing the annual mileage to 12K should only increase the lease payment by about $23.
  • Billy I agree....something's off here

    $44,523.00 sticker price w/All Season Protection II
    $38,000.00 offer
    $1,400.00 drive off fees (I'm going up on this -- I was told CT Lemon Law $5, Greenhouse $3, 1st month's payment, conveyance fee, bank acquisition, $170 on title&license)
    $24,487.65 residual (55% of MSRP for 12K/year I was told)
    $13,512.35 depreciation over 36 months
    $375.34 montly dep payment
    $62,487.65 residual plus offer
    $62.49 residual plus otd * mf
    $437.83 dep fee + finance fee
    $465.63 total monthly payment

    That's why I came up with $465 with tax (6.35% in CT) I was told no tax at signing

    Something's not making sense
  • billy3554billy3554 Posts: 148
    Lease calcualtions are really not complex. You simply take the capitalized amount less the residual value and divide by the number of months for the lease. You then take the capitailized amount plus the residual value and multiply the sum of the two by the money factor. Add the two results and you get a very good idea of the the monthly lease cost.

    Dealer F&I folks like to make lease calculations appear complex, obviously to increase their profit.

    Your monthly amount of $465 without tax is correct if you are only paying the first months lease cost at inception.

    Computing a lease cost for an MSRP of $44,175, residual 56%, purchase price $38,000, plus about $1,000 added into the capitalized amount for acquistion and other real fees, but not paid in cash at lease inception, and the money factor of .001 results in a monthly payment of about $460. A 6.35% tax would increase this to about $490.
  • njrajanjraja Posts: 9
    I heard from my friends that Radley Acura at VA price is much much much lower. 36K with destination for the base MDX model.
  • What financing rates is everyone finding on 2013 MDX. Is there anything below 1%?
  • 36K for the base MDX? 2013? Best I've done in CT is 37,750 at this point excluding the drive off fees....i can't believe it either
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