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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I saw someone had this price $36k in Dec 12 too. Not sure base 12 or base 13 model. It's a GREAT price but we couldn't get this low in NJ area. I got $37600 + tax and fee so that we could drive the car and not to wait maybe a few more months for a possibility of $36k.
  • njrajanjraja Posts: 9
    Yes, 36K for the base MDX 2013 with All weather floor mat. Destination charge was included in that price.. bought yesterday...
  • I was quoted $41,500 for the MDX with Tech .. I am outside of Phila PA. I am also looking to move the price down a bit before buying and waiting for the .09 finance.
  • Can you tell me where you bought this car and who I should speak with? Thanks in advance.
  • I was quoted $41,150 at one dealer and $40,800 at another (w/ tech '13)
  • This is a great deal! Envy you! I got my car 2 weeks ago more expensive then yours and has no extra floor mat. Went to costco got a set. :D
  • The 2014 MDX will come out middle of this year. I guess in June. People said 14 model mdx is longer, so the 2nd and 3rd row will have more room. It's a very useful improvement if it is the new improvement. But I guess 2014 model will not have thousands thousands off when new model just come out. 2014 vs. 2013, my guess, at least 4k different in any model. For example, base model, the invoice price is around $41k invoice price for 2013 model, the 2014 base model, I expect to see $41 or higher invoice price. And for a new model, I don't think they'll give customers 3k off here, 1k off there... so closer to the invoice price maybe is a good deal for 2014 and price must not early as good as 2013's. That's why we bought 2013 model.
    We need the extra space for 2 kids family. But... I guess having 3-4k's maybe make more sense. :)
  • We bought a 2013 MDX w/tech and roof rails today for $41,500 +TTL in NJ. Looks like finance rates were 2.9% for 3, 4, or 5 year loans.

    They still had the $2500 incentive.
  • I purchased a 2013 Base for mid 36k. I had to bail on my 03 MDX as it had 204k miles and wife was not comfortable with it. Also, w the tranny history of that yr I was concerned, and the timing belt was due.
    I think I bought it right and intend to trade it into a 2014 when the luster is off. Any opinion as to when the optimal pricing/depreciation on the 2013 would be? Fall of 2014? Thanks.
  • daptekdaptek Posts: 50
    Looking at a 2012 with Tech/Entertainment in Miami. Got quoted over the phone $43K. Planning on offering $37K.

    Thoughts? :P
  • I see multiple people saying they got a 2013 base for $36k. Can you tell me where you purchased? Thanks
  • Nader at Radley Acura, VA.
  • Radley Acura, VA. It was January Month End Deal. Not sure is it still available. You can check with Nader at Radley Acura.
  • Doubt you will get $37k. If you can ask for 2, I am in for 1.

    Lowest I have seen Tech is 38k plus fees and tax
  • daptekdaptek Posts: 50
    edited February 2013
    These guys still have 20 MDX 2012 on their two dealers lots so I think they wanna move them sooner rather than later.
  • daptekdaptek Posts: 50
    Can you share who did you dealt with?
  • Hey Guys, the lowest OTD offer I have for '13 MDX Tech + Ent package is $43000 which includes all taxes, fees, doc fees, TTL and state registration. Dealer is also throwing in all season weather mats, Cargo Tray and cargo organizer free of cost. Dealership in Raleigh Durham area. Is this a good deal or Is it still possible to knock off around $500 more.
  • 43 OTD. That sounds like a fantastic price for this area - would you mind sending me the Dealership Name once you get everything straight - i am in Charlotte but willing to go to Raleigh.
  • Sorry was talking about 2013 Tech.
  • Can you share the name of the dealership and saleman as well because if 43K OTD I would consider purchasing it.

    I have been looking for used/pre-own 2011 Tech or Advance pkg and lowest is 37-38k. Additional 5K would get the 2013 if the deal is available.
  • daptekdaptek Posts: 50
    Me too... Where is it?
  • dubyabeedubyabee Posts: 2
    edited February 2013
    I have two offers. One at $40,688 + TTL and another at $40,588 + TTL. Has anyone done/seen better? 2014 models look great but not going to wait a year before I can get discounts.
  • 39650 + ttl (2013 tech)

    Pohanka and Radley (Virginia)
  • I also feel that $43k (including all taxes, fees and registration) for 2013 MDX with Tech + Ent packages is a very good deal. Do you guys think that I can get similar deal in San Francisco Bay area? Thanks!
  • Hi I got a quote of $42500 tech package out the door for virginia is it a good price ?
  • kcgalkcgal Posts: 1
    I have an offer from a kansas city dealer for a 2013 MDX with advance package, floor mats, cargo tray and lifetime oil changes. The are quoting me a price of 47,995 (originally offered me 50,600) plus admin fees of $199. They are also beating my carmax trade-in offer by $200.

    There's another dealer where the customer service is, ahem, lacking. I have an offer from them for slightly more (but better on the trade-in) with a total difference of $400 btw them and dealer above (but we haven't negotiated yet with less desirable dealer, these are their prelim numbers).

    I am pretty happy with the above deal, wondered if any of you thought I could do better or if there was benefit in dealing with the less desirable dealership - who offers the maintenance plan for $196 and has higher doc fees by $200. So they would have to come down on their price by $800 to meet the above deal. And by less desirable dealership, I mean the sales folks couldn't explain most of the features, less friendly, etc.

    Thanks for any thoughts!
  • "Hi I got a quote of $42500 tech package out the door for virginia is it a good price ? "tony202

    Tony202 go to either pohanka or radley and offer $41k out the door (not a penny more) for a 13 tech. I guarantee, they will take it (after a bit of himming and hawing).
  • Agree. If you need financing, I would suggest you wait for 0%.
  • You also have to look at the price of options. Just bought a 2012 mdx advance for 45k, got all options for towing, chrome rack, side molding, mates, door steps for $1300

    Love the toys, this SUV rocks in the curves.
  • daptekdaptek Posts: 50
    So I am in Orlando, FL and have been shopping around. Best offer for a 2012 MDX Tech Package has been $42,997 so far. Orange Park Acura is not budging.

    Where can I get a better price?
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