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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • daptekdaptek Posts: 50
    Please share dealership name and first name of the salesperson or any details on your finalized deal?
  • I got the same deal with the dealership and this is what I am paying.

    43K OTD for 2013 MDX + Tech, All season floor mats, Cargo Tray, Cargo Cover, Wheel Locks & Remote starter.

    I think I got a pretty good deal but could get better as I am planning to add the sports running board and asking them for a discount.
  • daptekdaptek Posts: 50
    Dealership/ sales person name?
  • Radley Acura in VA and ask for Robert
  • can you tell us the final price with advance running board included?

    are they giving any free services?
  • 3rowsuv3rowsuv Posts: 12
    edited February 2013
    2013 Tech OTD (VA).

    $41k otd-Pohanka w/one free oil change
    $41k otd-Radley w/unlimited free oil changes (probably a scam), free tire rotations & free tire nitro
    $41.4k otd - Rosenthal (Gaithersburg, MD)

    VA tagged
  • hkmhkm Posts: 20
    I am currently at NoVA.I am also based out of NV(Have proof of addresses in both states). I purchased my 2011 Accord SE at WI for 21.5 OTD with the help of some expert advice from Edmunds forum members.

    I am currently very interested in the Acura MDX. I am pretty much happy with the options offered in the base version. I do not really have to buy an SUV immediately but will buy only if the price is fantastic and would have to sell the Honda which is in great condition with around 30k miles on it.The Accord is located in NV-no sales tax for pvt party purchases. I am hoping this makes it easier for me to sell the Accord there.

    I cannot afford to have 2 cars.I would much appreciate expert advice/opionions from forum members.

    Here are my questions

    1) Is it worth waiting for the 2014 MDX? I hear that it is more economical on the fuel and has more 3rd row space. WIll we be able to get the same kind of prices we see now in the
    2)If its not worth waiting for the 2014's I would settle for the base MDX 2012(not sure if any are available anymore) or 2013. I like the entertainment and tech packages and would be willing to pay 2k more for the tech and 4k more for the tech+ent on top of the base.

    What is this "fantastic" but gettable price I should be looking at? I was thinking more like 43K OTD for the ent_tech.

    What is the best price I can get for the 2013 base? 39kOTD?

    Appreciate your comments/feedback in this regard.
  • Just purchased from Radley Acura. Includes NC tag and title.ask for lincoln.
  • 14 gets you more space (elongated look), 2wd option and a fuel saving set up like the pilot.

    The 13 gets you nearly $10k off sticker.

    From Pohanka (Chantilly, VA)- Va tagged/title, you can probably get:
    base- 38.8k otd
    tech-40.9 otd
  • Just bought the 2013 acura mdx tech with advance running boards,all season matts,body side molding, and remote start OTD $42500. I hope it is good deal.Ask for Al.
  • daptekdaptek Posts: 50
    Was this in Virginia? Does it include TTL?
  • Lincoln is the best salesman AFAIK in Radley. My friend and I bought the 2013 MDX with technology and Entertainment package for $42800 OTD yesterday and also got the All season weather mats, Cargo Tray and Cargo organizer free of cost. Lincoln spent extra time going over the vehicle with us and painstakingly explained each and every functions and panels in the car.

    the dealership was not willing to give any more discounts to us on accessories like running boards, roof rack etc as they felt that they did not make much on our deal :) ..
  • Radley Acura.. Lincoln Tucker was the sales person. Nice man!
  • Just an update this is the final price with all accessories.

    2013 + tech, cargo tray, cargo cover, wheels lock, all season floor mats, remote starter, sport running board for 43321 OTD. And will pickup the car on Friday.

    Contemplating on getting body side molding if they can give it to me for cheap. Is it worth to get the body side molding?
  • hkmhkm Posts: 20
    Thanks for the inputs both of you . I definitely want 4wd. You think I can
    get tech plus ent lower after the 14s are out?

    Will I be able to get this much money off the sticker price on the 14s
    towards the end of next year ?

    Pohanka gave me an Internet quote of 44700 otd.

    What works better- negotiating on the Internet price or walking straight
    into the dealership ?

    Is it best if we negotiate for the extras like cargo tray, cargo cover, wheels lock, all season floor mats, remote starter, sport running board finally after fixing the price?
  • yes it is in radely acura va
  • spnjspnj Posts: 1
    edited February 2013
    Could someone please (who has got 36k on base mdx'13) pm me copy of retail order in order to get a match in northern nj area?
  • Hello there, I am in MD and can drive to Radley Acura, VA to get this MDX+Tech+Ent pack. Your price is excellent and fantastic! Could you email me your breakdown cost? like SUV price, TTL and doc fee? I may need to get a MD tag from the dealer. My email: Thank you very much and I am excited in getting this Best of the Best SUV soon. The more research I have done, the more definitive I am to get this SUV. Sincerely, John
  • Hi 3rowsuv,

    Do you think they are going to offer 0% financing in near future ???
    I doubt !!
  • Hi,

    I am planning to buy a 2013 Acura MDX base or with tech or tech+entertainment package within this month.
    Would appreciate if anyone bought these vehicles in Denver area recently and how much they paid ?
    It will be great if you can tell me the OTD price for any of these models.

  • If in Maryland you should contract Norris Acura and Rosenthal Acura. My experience is they may come close if not match the price from either Radley or Pohanka. Just mention you are considering going to Virginia but would prefer to buy in Maryland if the price is comparable. After all, what is there to loose?
  • Hello Billy, I appreciate your reply. You are correct. I was in the Norris Acura last weekend and test drove the MDX Tech. I liked it. Because my original plan was there to drive new Pathfinder 2013 (in Norris Nissan) but really pushed off by its CVT transmission noise. Then I mentioned MDX and the salesman said they were the same dealership and brought me the MDX. I was impressed by the MDX but didn't go through the price with them. I thought it would be better to do research here and deal with them through internet. I will try them first to see if they are close or not. If yes, then I will give them my business (seems like the salesman and other staff are professional and no pressure at all). If you have any advise on these two dealerships regarding salesman and pricing, please advise. Again, I do appreciate your reply just now and all the future inputs. John
  • dm55dm55 Posts: 10
    Acura will start 0.9% financing on Feb. 13th. My dealer gave it to us this past weekend and is holding the contract to submit on the 13th.
  • " redbull10 Feb 11, 2013 (9:56 am)
    Hi 3rowsuv,

    Do you think they are going to offer 0% financing in near future ??? "

    I don't know, I doubt it. Things would have to be pretty bad for them. I doubt they would sell many more mdx's at 0% vs 0.9%. If I was them, I wouldn't offer it.

    The yen has dropped about 20% vs the dollar, so they have a lot of room now, so you never know.
  • Silly question: how can I get the email list of a dozen dealers for them to compete price? I can find list of dealers using ACURA official website, but no email is listed.

    Do I need to call them one by one?
  • Are you sure...Acura will start 0.9% financing deal from Feb 13th ? How reliable is that ?
  • I used CarWoo. Great way to bid them against eachother before you visit a dealership.
  • dm55dm55 Posts: 10
    100% sure. They gave me the 0.9% on Saturday and said they would have to hold the contract until Wednesday as that was when the Acura finance promotion starts.
  • I bought an Acura from Norris last year. I got pricing from both Radley and Pohanka and gave Norris an opportunity. Also, with a bit of negotating, Norris gave me KBB for my trade in vehicle, the average value of the clean and outstanding condition values. Dealt with DH, internet sales, who was easy to work with and he threw in a small perk to seal the deal.

    Interestingly, Criswell Acura would not come close to the price I paid. This was a bit of a surprise as I have found Criswell Honda to be very competive in pricing.

    I am thinking of replacing my wife's RDX with the MDX. I am waiting to see if the incentives pick up a bit as we get closer to the release of the 2014 MDX.
  • Can someone share me the best price one got in MA? So far I got quotes of $42,700 for 2013 MDX with Tech and Entertainment package EXCLUDING documentation, registration and state taxes.
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