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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mjhussainmjhussain Posts: 6
    edited February 2013
    I am looking to buy either a 2013 MDX Tech pkg or a 2011 MDX Tech pkg. I got a quote of $44K OTD for the 2013 and $37K plus TTL for the 2011 model. I am here in the Chicagoland area. Can someone please provide some input as where I can start negotiation and what do you think is the maximum I should go to for either of these two models.

    Thanks much for your help.

    ps. I am sorta bad with negotiation. :)
  • Thank you, Billy for the reply. I got price quote from Radley for Tech pack $42,974 OTD. Pohanka is $20 more. My target is to get into $41,000- $42,000 range. Is anyone out there have recently got same car from them in this price range? please share your experience. This is a very good forum to help each other and I will post all I have during my purchase. Radley is a good one and probably I will go there.
  • hkmhkm Posts: 20
    Pohanka settled for $43500 OTD for Tech+Ent yesterday. Just FYI.
  • hkmhkm Posts: 20
    Did you ask for the extras initially or after settling on the final price? Thanks for the info?

    Did you go thro the internet dept or walked in?
  • I bought the 2013 MDX Tech package $42200 OTD. In the price I also included remote start,advance running boards,all season mats,body side molding. I think the accesories are worth $1800 retail. I think i got it without accesories for $41000 OTD.
  • Guys..
    Did anyone buy 2013 MDX base/tech/tech&Ent package recently in Denver area and what was the OTD price ?
    I am planning to buy one of these models in near future and wanted to know whats the best deal.

  • dm55dm55 Posts: 10
    I worked with Kevin at Acura of Westmont. We purchased our 2013 MDX this past Saturday for $40.3k inlcuding destination but excluding TTL. Total OTD price was $43.6k. This inlcuded all weather mats & wheel locks. Got the 0.9% financing through Acura Financial.
  • I'm interested in purchasing an MDX with tech and have a few questions. Hope you can answer...

    1) I'm noticing great quotes from Radley Acura in VA. Do buyers drive here from all over to purchase their MDX's? I live in Connecticut and can't find quotes this low around here.

    2) My wife is three months pregnant and we will need the MDX by August. Will quotes for 2013 models be much more attractive with the 2014 models hitting the showrooms? There is no urgency to buy an MDX at the moment for us.

    3) Sounds like buying brand new is a better deal than buying a fairly new that the general consensus?

  • Hello hkm, this really sounds like a good deal. Could you inform me with the breakdown quote? That will definitely help me to negotiate. Norris in MD gave OTD $44,300 which is nonsense. I am ready to buy the car this weekend if possible. Please help. Thanks.
  • Hello Tony, thanks for the reply. Your price is rock bottom. I am in MD, tax is 6%. My target is exact for $422000 OTD. Even without the extra features, I will do it. Could you share the salesman name and breakdown? my eamil:
  • sounds like a good deal. would also be interested to know the breakdown of your deal. did you get anything extra thrown into the deal? so what was your price before TTL was added?
  • Thanks for the reply. I have inquired at this dealership. I plan to pay them a visit. I think the same sales rep contacted me today. I'm contemplating on new vs pre-owned certified. McGrath Acura of Morton Grove has a 2013 MDX tech pkg with 900 miles for 41K list price. Do you guys its better to get a new over something like hat deal.

    Thanks in advance.
  • daptekdaptek Posts: 50
    edited February 2013
    What kind of FICO you need to get the 0.9?
  • Hello everyone,

    After a couple days of haggling, I have received an offer for a 2013 Acura MDX tech package 15k miles for $609 / month, and absolutely no money down. It is a 36 month lease and the salesman said I will be paying for 35 months and keeping the car for 36 months. Essentially, he said that your lease always includes your first car payment. So, he broke it down so there is no misunderstanding and said if I come in on February 16th, 2013 and take the car, then my first payment will be on March 16th, and my last payment will be on January 16th, 2016, and I return the car on February 16th, 2013.

    What is everyones thoughts on this? I am still a little hesitant since the 2014 model comes out in the summer.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks everyone!
  • dm55dm55 Posts: 10
    If they would knock $1k off that price for the one with 900 miles, then I would consider otherwise get a fresh one. Be sure to test drive the one that you will be purchasing. When buying mine I looked at the inventory online and bought one I wanted with the highest stock number which was the most recent manufacture date. If you are working with Kevin, tell him that Dennis with the Dark Cherry MDX referred you.
  • hkmhkm Posts: 20
    Sorry, I dont know the breakdown. I was only negotiating the OTD price online based on VA tax. Hope this helps.

    fyi - I have not purchased yet. Some one else got 1 week ago for 42800 OTD at Radley. The price i got is definitely not rock bottom.
  • rampramp Posts: 11
    I am looking to buy MDX Base, I got price quote from Acura of Tempe for Base $43,513.10 OTD. I think the price I got is too high for BASE model. I would appreciate if anyone bought these vehicles in Phoenix area recently and how much you paid ? Thanks..
  • Thanks for the reply. Radley is good on price. Couple dealers have said they couldn't do $42500 for Tech pack. I will try my last visit to local dealer to see if they can do it around $42500 OTD. If yes, then I will take it. Acura has 0.9% finance now. Also, if someone just bought the Tech in MD, please share your price.
  • daptekdaptek Posts: 50
    edited February 2013
    The best price I have got in Florida is: $41840 + TTL. So OTD around $44K. Seems higher than all the prices I am seeing here.

  • When I call Lincoln he did not agree for this price ..Final price is 43.4K
  • Hi,
    Whats the tax rate and dealer fee you paid ? that way I could figure out how much I can offer to my dealer in colorado.
  • debating whether I should wait a month or 2, are the prices expected to drop any further? Looking back on this same thread a few months back, someone mentioned that at the end of 2012 model year, they were getting deals for 18% to 20% off the MSRP price. Being that the new model is coming out, should we at least expect to get at least an 18% off MSRP. so if MSRP for mdx with tech and entertainment package is $48,800, would it be hard to get this for $40,000 which would be exactly 18% off?
    Im trying to see whats the best deal i can get on the 2013 or else otherwise I would get the 2014 if the difference is not much greater.
  • Hi,

    Looking for a new mdx + Tech/ent with some accessories in Houston, TX area. Can anyone share the best negotiated deals OTD?

  • @dm55,
    Thanks for your feedback. The 2013 w/900 miles (pre-owned certified) on it is at the Morton Grove McGrath. I got an offer from Libertyville Acura for new one for little over $44k OTD. I agree with you on the fact that if they don't go lower than 41K or even 40K, I may just get the new one since with TTL this one can very well end up $43K or so.

    I think I would prefer to get new ones with at least 18-20% off the MSRP especially considering 2014 is around the corner. Do you guys think its possible? Or, you guys think I am crazy to even consider that. :)

  • haven't got any quotes yet, but i'm in the dallas, tx area. would also appreciate any feedback on good dealers in the texas area.
    Can we get comparable deals to the ones offered in the Virginia area??
  • I have been heavy into obtaining information on leases of a 2013 MDX with Tech in the DC area. Seems all the quotes for a 36mth, 12k lease with $0 down are in the $530 a month range. This is without tax, title, etc. These are without any negotiation. I suspect additional reductions are possible.

    It appears your lease has the first payment waived. That is not usual as most leases require the first month payment at lease inception. Acura has, I believe, leases where the first months payment is waived. I suspect this is a gimmick and the following 35 monthly payments are higher than they would be if a first month payment was made at inception .

    Good deals are available on the 2013 MDX in part because the 2014 update is around the corner. The 2014 vehicles will not be discounted. Just look at the new RDX. Of course, after March 4, the discounts on the 2013 model might get better.

    Regarding information from an auto sales person, listen to what they say but be skeptical. Regardless of how friendly and honest they may seem, the fact is they have one goal which is to get your money, as much of it as they can.

    There is no secret to a lease. With the capitalized cost which is fully negotiable, residual value which is set by the manufacturer, and money factor which may be negotiable calculating the lease payment is simply a couple of quick calculations. Edmunds has a nice calculator which anyone leasing should understand. That little bit of knowledge can save a person a lot of money and demystify the lease.
  • I am interested in finding out what the lowest price I can expect to pay in florida for a 2013 mdx with tech package, no entertainment or other options. The best price I have been quoted is 41,550 without TTL. Has anyone seen a better offer? Thanks.
  • padmanathanpadmanathan Posts: 2
    edited February 2013
    Finally I bought my 2013 MDX tech from Rosanthal acura gaithersburg , MD for 43K including Remote start, cargo tray, wheel lock and All season
    floor mats..

    Hope it's a good deal ..Kenneth is a nice salesman ..

    This forum helped lot for me ..thank you all.
  • I purchased the 2013 MDX+Tech from Chevy Chase Acura at Bethesda for $42400 OTD. I asked my local dealer, Norris West Acura, but they couldn't. I also asked Criswell Acura at Annapolis and they couldn't do it either. Rosanthal was haggling with me over the phone many times. I told them my target range up front and said I would buy the car next day, but the sales guy tried to make me believe it was impossible even at $42500. I said ok, and didn't want to deal with them. But he kept calling and eventually said him could match the price I had. Waste of time. The key is to do your hard research and don't let the sales guide you on price. Tell them what you want to pay instead of they telling you.
    Rosemary is the sales lady and she was very helpful and straightforward. No tricks, no pressure. I don't get other extra on the Tech, only the wheellock. By the way, Chevy Chase has the free 4 year oil change service which is nice to have. Thanks all for your help. We are here to help each other and happy hunting for the best price.
  • I'm looking for a similar deal and would love to pick hour brain a little. I just received an internet offer for $37,886 from Napleton Acura on a base 2013 MDX. I'm actually interested in the tech package and have a few questions ...

    One for you ...
    1. What was the quoted residual for the 2013 MDX at $609/ month? If I want to buy at the end of the lease, I'd like to know to what that looks like.

    One for the forum ...
    2. Should I assume the invoice on the tech is the base invoice ($40,887) + the $3675 difference between the base and tech MSRP? I know there's dealer cash out there now plus the % hold back but I'm trying to figure out what the invoice should be for the tech package so I can negotiate from there.

    Btw, this forum has been tremendously helpful.
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