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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • We are in same boat!!. I am looking for cheaper options to install the same as well. Dealer prices are expensive. I see BJ's wholesale club is offering 10% discount on parts/accessories for members, havent explored it.

    Will post it here, if I find sth. Please do the same, if you come across.
  • was leasing a 2010 MDX with Tech package for $648 a month with 0 down.
    Acura offered me to lease a 2014 MDX with SH-AWD and tech for the same price. They said that dropping the Teck package will lower the monthly payment to $578
  • Can you please share dealer name in Detroit area you bught?? I am also looking same package in Detroit area.
  • Suburban Acura in Novi has the best deal of all. I've tried Acura of Troy & Ann Arbor, but they screamed prices above $50,000 for an AWD+Tech.
  • njm7njm7 Posts: 1
    edited September 2013
    Hello Civic2000,
    Thanks for your detailed pricing (OTD $50250 for your 2014 SH-AWD MDX w/ Tech package). I want to get the exact same car (SH-AWD with Tech Package). Can you please share which NJ dealer you bought it from? Any particular sales person? Also, if you financed it, what rate did you get from the dealer? Thank you so much.
  • pzzdogpzzdog Posts: 15
    edited September 2013
    what is the Tires brand with 2014 mdx awd with tech?(i knew nyc come with michelin tire and i was chat with the CS from nj they said is Continentals )
    does the mdx come with spare tire?
    what should come with the new mdx?
  • Hello NJM7 - As per the terms it says I shouldn't . Do you mind if email it to you? It is in central jersey!!!

    I have continental tires. I think crosstour or sth like that. SAme dealer lot diff colors had diff tires, some Michelin some continental.
  • pzzdogpzzdog Posts: 15
    edited September 2013
    just signed a deal today $47200 including ppc2 $356 cargo cover $289 doc fee $398( i know i can do better maybe 100 or 200 off ,but when i talked to the guys before he said no cargo cover ),the guys said will get the car on monday and want us to pay down then he can get the car from other dealer so i made 1500 down , the dealer also said will credit check on monday too , so hope not any bad coming to monday ,i mean interest rate up or no car.
  • Then how about 10k miles or 12k miles a year lease on 2014 MDX base model??
  • pzzdogpzzdog Posts: 15
    edited September 2013
    hi vikkuu and anyone
    i will get the car on monday(nj) i guess,this is my first new car so what must double check when i pick up the car on monday?please help(i dont really know about car)THANKS
  • Congratulations pzzdog. Based on my shopping experience that sounds like reasonable price under current circumstances and hype.

    Good luck and enjoy the new car.

    I would think you should check with the dealer whether you can get nitrogen fill for tires, he told me that he is giving it for free and it will last for year(s). Not sure how far that is true or he really filled it.

    On the day of taking out the car he offered 10YR/120K extended warranty for $2900. It started with 3600, I wasnt showing interest, he came to 2900. Just be prepared for that kind of power selling tactics as well.
  • Just realized realized revealing dealer name is not restricted.

    Springfield Acura.

    I got 0.99% finance.

    I suggest you try (with other dealers) to knock down the price to 46K before TTL, doc fee. May be hard/time consuming but worth trying.

    Good luck.
  • Nitrogen inflation of your tires is just bogus nonsense.
  • hi civic2000
    would you telling me what to check when picking up a new car?this is my first new car so not really know what to do.thanks
  • Hello pzzdog,

    As this is new car I don't think of any risk items you should be looking for.

    As I mentioned before be ready for power selling tactics like extended warranty, 1yr/3y maintenance at a fixed cost, GAP Insurance etc., They will hound you to get extra money. I am advising you either way but be prepared don't oscillate there. I didnt buy any.

    Before buying I did make sure odo reading did want to take out few hundred miles on it.

    Full tank of gas (as mentioned in sticker).

    You have an option to choose from 1 yr vs 4 yr registration. Not a significant diff other $$$, upto you.

    Sorry I don't think of anything else.

    Good luck again.
  • Congrats on your new car! You will want to bring someone with you because it can be a high anxiety time. Look over the car, look at the fit and finish, as was mentioned, check the odometer, check the VIN number to match what you ordered or made the deal on, you should be shown how everything operates by the salesperson. Don't fall for any add-ons! You made a deal and stick to it. If you want that extended warranty or paint sealant (nonsense) etc., you can wait a week or two till your heart rate comes back to normal. Good luck.
  • varusunvarusun Posts: 11

    I am not an expert on car buying..but found this checklist on consumer report on taking new car delivery..might be helpful.. ction_table.html

    Good luck
  • We paid $46,293 for the 2014 AWD with Tech Package. It was end of month and the dealer was aggressive. We live in DFW area.

    Thanks to all for sharing as this helped me to negotiate with the dealer.
  • pzzdogpzzdog Posts: 15
    edited October 2013
    I got 2.9% finance from Springfield Acura ,first they said monday then no car until thursday ,,i know they charge 398 doc fee when i buy a car ,i was wondering any other fee when i finance from the dealer(interest fee and what fee ???),...thanks
  • pzzdogpzzdog Posts: 15
    thank you very much
  • billy3554billy3554 Posts: 148
    Air is 78 percent nitrogen without any assistance from the dealer.
  • HI Mezmoria!

    Which dealer did u get a deal from? I am in the market for the same car. Is this an OTD price? (includes tax,ttl, destination etc)? Also did u finance through them? Is that why they offered u this price?

    Thanks in advance,
  • bxteachbxteach Posts: 16
    Deciding between a leftover '13 or a new '14 AWD with tech. I live near NYC and have inquired about pricing at the end of Sept. No one would go near invoice. Lowest I got was $47,500. Eventually I got to a dealer in upstate CT. They offered car for $47,023. I asked the dealer about advanced running boards, roof rails, and molding. Got him to do $48 flat. Fair deal???
    He would hold that end of month deal for me when I am ready. Looking to get deal done this month. Downside was a $399 doc fee.
  • pzzdogpzzdog Posts: 15
    got my mdx awd with tech today ,final price they jack up $700 from $47200 to $47900 included doc n pp2 n cargo cover from Springfield Acura.

    stupid me trust the salesman talked to me in the phone said i got 2.9 % then when i went to there the other finance guys said 3.9 % so total $1400 difference interest , i talked to them about paying more down but they said only way can do is pay $700 for lower interest from 3.9 to 2.9 so i think i dont want to come back because my old car broken so i took a bus to there need 2:30 hrs , ,so i agree to pay $700 then pick my car,when i check my car has dents on the bumper then they replace the new one (waiting 1:30 hrs)then after i left i found out Steering leather has tiny scrapes. they also telling me my FICO is 75X ,i also check my creditkmara they did 3 hard inquiries.bad experience, i guess its my bad because i didnt try to apply car loan from bank
  • omalamiomalami Posts: 4
    edited October 2013
    leased a 2010 MDX with tech for $658 a month with 0 down, which in restrospect was a rip off. Returned it last week and got a 2014 MDX base AWD with roof rails, side molding a few little extra for $480 (that includes taxes and everything) and 0 down (I mean absolutely zero down). The dealer is in Minneapolis, MN
  • hondapilot08hondapilot08 Posts: 14
    edited October 2013
    That is one of the worst Acura dealerships in NJ, I say that from personal experience, when I was shopping for my new MDX, I told the manager that I had an offer $2000 lower than his 'best' price AND the other dealer was offering $1500 MORE for my Honda pilot at the time than him. He laughed in confusion and frustration, thinking I was bluffing, and dared me to go find that deal, and then come back to him with paperwork and he would give me free oil changes on my new MDX. He was also disrespectful and kept my drivers license and went to his office and took 30 minutes to return. What a tool. I will never advise anyone to go Sxx Acura. I'm glad I didn't buy my MDX there. Sorry to hear about your bad experience, hopefully it will help others to avoid these scammers.
  • pzzdogpzzdog Posts: 15
    edited October 2013
    also when 9/27 almost 7 pm i talked to them in phone they said they got last one color black, but when i went at 9/28 12pm talked to the deal,everything good but when closing the deal then he said no color black in stock and he said if i want that deal i have to pay $1500 down then they will find the car for me on 10/1(so that why i paid $1500 down). one more thing they sent another salesman to show me the car after the deal ,i asked that guy how to voice command navigation then he told me just use my finger to input,he just want to leave.
  • vikkuuvikkuu Posts: 9
    Try Ramsey NJ, I got mine 2014 MDX AWD tech- 46500(including destination) +259(documentation)+Registration(state Fee)+Tax = OTD around 50500
  • pzzdog...I'm so sorry you had that experience. Springfield Acura is BAD NEWS!
    A few years ago I was shopping for a TL and went to that dealership because it's close to where I live. They had advertised the car I wanted at a decent price and since I have an excellent credit rating I was prepared to negotiate down to a lower price. From the minute I walked in the door I felt the bait and switch. A) The salesman treated me like I was an idiot. B) They tried to sell me some BS about the AD not really being for the TL I was looking for (?). C) When I started playing hardball with the price of the car and we were within $10.00/month of what I wanted...they wouldn't budge. So we left...

    We went up Rt. 22 to Bridgewater Acura and not only got the car for LESS than what I expected...the whole experience felt "clean". It was a seamless transaction...put down the money...drove home in the car that day...all numbers were exactly what we negotiated. I have since gotten 4 cars for our family at Bridgewater Acura.

    Interestingly enough, when we got home with our new car, Springfield Acura called and asked if we wanted to come back and negotiate. I was very happy to tell them that I had just driven home in my new Acura a price LOWER than I had expected...and that they could lose my phone number.

    I would NEVER recommend Springfield Acura to anyone.
    In your gut....When something doesn't "feel" right...LISTEN to that inner voice and walk away. You were taken advantage of and that is unfortunate...but you've learned a valuable lesson in car buying. The salesman is NOT out to help anyone but himself. It's a game and you have to know how the game works before you go in.
  • pzzdogpzzdog Posts: 15
    i got my mdx yesterday form nj and i live in nyc,i found out i dont have any inspection sticker ,what do i do ?tried to called the dealer but they closed today
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