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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I am getting similar offer. I am getting offer of 2014-AWD MDX with Tech Pkg for $47,530. So for 2014-AWD MDX with Tech+Ent, $49,750 is comparable. It can come down little bit.

    I am debating between 2014 AWD Tech Pkg and 2013 AWD Tech Pkg. I got offer of $47,530 and $41,500 respectively...Just thinking if $6000 difference is justified. What I get extra with 2014 model are below
    1. better gas mileage - around 3mile/gallon more on avg with Variable Cylinder Management.
    2. Blind Spot Monitor
    3. Lane Departure Warning
    4. One touch Keyless start
    5. Forward Collison Warning
    6. Keyless Access
    7. Remote Smart entry

    Any guidance from experts will be appreciated.
  • 3mpg better means you're using 119 gallons of gas more each year (at 15,000 miles each year). That's $458 per year saved (@ $3.85 per gallon) times the # of yrs you plan on keeping your car. If you're a long-termer like me, say ten years, that's $4,600 recouped from the $6,000 difference. The added option/benefits you cited make up more than the difference imo. If that's not enough, think of the higher resale value in the future of the newer generation vs 2013. Then there's better safety (more crashworthy newer model). How much is that worth? It was a no-brainer for me.

    I neglected to factor in the opportunity cost of the lost interest on $6,000 at what? 2-3% per yr? vs the 2-3% interest gained on the $ amt saved on annual gas costs. But that's splitting hairs. You can adjust any of these numbers as they apply to you. Bear in mind, though, the 2014 MDX routinely beats its estimated fuel economy, especially on the hwy, whereas the 2013 models did just the opposite, so real world fuel savings should be higher with the 2014 as they have been for me and others. Hope this helps.
  • Hi Rajesh

    I was in same dilemma some time back and finally did some calculation what deannie explained already. I preferred 2014 and bought for the following reasons:
    1 3mg extra - will be big saving in long term (couple of years)
    2. All new feature (as you listed already) - except - you do not get remote start - but you can get that anytime by paying around $400+.
    3. when you like to sale this vehicle (anytime) there would be difference of resale price - 1500-2500 because of the year and model.
    4. there are lot of enhancements in 2014 version - you can see this on Acura website.
    5. 2014 is whole redesigned model

    I bough 2014-MDX-Tech - $46500 (including destination) + (Including destination) + tax+registration+documentation Fee($259) - around 51500 OTD from NJ.

    Hope this help
  • Hello, living in northern va was looking into mdx fwd, can anyone please share a good deal what should I be looking at price wise? Also looking at toureg tdi and ml blutec..please share dealership and contact name of possible thank you in advance for your help!
  • I am getting quotes on a 2014 MDX AWD Base in Colorado and the dealers are giving me quotes but not including the Dealer Handling fees. I finally got one to tell me it is $689!! Another dealer told me his quote included a $400 Regional Advertising fee. What is everyone else paying? Are you including this "extra fee" in your price quotes? Has anyone negotiated these fees down?

    So far I've gotten the following quotes for a 2014 MDX AWD Base:

    1. $43,062 ($41,016 invoice + $400 advertising fee + $895 destination + $750 profit) + TTL

    2. $43,300 ($42,611 + $689 dealer handling) + TTL

  • Never heard of these fees before. Unless this represents doc and bank fees. I got a quote for 41,911, which is the invoice and destination.
  • Hi- Are the money factors and residual values set by Acura Financial? Should these be consistently quoted from dealers in the same region? The reason I'm asking is I'm getting different answers from two different dealerships, and I'm wondering who is telling me the truth.

    Example- One dealer is saying .00200 (4.8%) and another is saying .001700 (4.08%). Also one is saying 63% residual for 10K and the other is saying 62% for 10K.

    Please help.
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    Be very cautious.

    Rates or residuals are fixed by Acura.

    If you do start to see varying terms, a dealer may be using a 3rd party bank that is not Acura Financial. We have a local dealer that will almost always quote a $30-50 better lease payment than others, but will not disclose that it goes through a different 3rd party bank such as US Bank or Haan Financial until too late and you go to sign. This means losing out on any Acura benefits or loyalty, no mileage rollover, no wear & tear, no mileage forgiveness, and an inflated residual at end plus fees making it tougher to get out of at end--with no support by Acura.

    If not this, a dealer may also be providing updated vs. not updated terms. They will not vary much dealer to dealer, other than sale price. Avoid 3rd party leasing companies at all costs.
  • Anyone bought 14 MDX with tech in Oregon? Do you mind share the price and dealer information? Thanks!
  • Hi,

    Anyone bought MDX 2014 TECH AWD in DC/MD/VA area? Can you please provide the dealer and price information. Any information will be appreciated. Thanks!
  • i purchased a 2014 awd mdx with tech in july from the dealer in boise idaho for 47000 incl dest.ask action jackson.
  • Got offers from DFW area MDX base OTD 43k state tax 6.25%
  • Bought 2014 MDX w/Tech for Invoice +$1100 +$895 dest in early July when the MDX had just gone on sale. You should be able to do much better than my deal at this point. I bought at Rosenthal Acura in Gaithersburg. Back then I made this offer, which they rejected at the time b/c they wanted MSRP or near to it, so I walked out, but before I did I told them to call me if they changed their mind as I was a cash buyer and was in no rush. Got the call and drove away w/new car the following weekend. Be prepared to walk, and you'll get your price. MDXes are not as hot as they were. They're volume cars for Acura, like Accords and Camrys are commodity cars for Honda and Toyota (unless you want a scarce model/color combo).

    John (Jon?) was the salesman who helped me - he usually handles used cars but I dealt w/him b/c he helped me out when I first started looking at used MDXes. There's a large Acura dealer in no. VA. Try them if Rosenthal doesn't work out. Rosenthal and this VA dealership compete against each other as they are always battling it out for 3rd or 4th or 5th largest Acura dealer in the country, and thus trying to outsell each other in volume of cars to compete for new car allotment privileges. The more you know... Hope this helps.
  • Just want to ask, between white and black, which did you guys choose and why? I am pondering between these 2 colors.....
  • Dealer Radley Acura, VA : Price + Destination + Doc:45395+ GapInsurance:750 + taxes.

    Is this a good price for 2014 AWD Tech ? Also 750 looks very high for GapInsurance?
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 801
    White will be much easier to keep clean AND (the reason I want it) you can the gorgeous Eucalyptus interior with it!
    2015.5 Volvo S60 T6 Drive-E Platinum, 2012 Mazda CX-9 GT
  • I'm looking for a white/Eucalyptus Advance AWD. Through PenFed carbuying service, I was quoted a minimum of $4010 off MSRP at Montclair NJ Acura. Has anyone done better than this? MSRP is $57400 including the destination fee, so the price is $53,390 + tax, title, doc fee

    I'm also interested in a trailer hitch with trans cooler and roof crossbars. Anyone have experience with prices on those?

    I haven't seen small overlap crash tests, but after a google search, it seems like the new MDX aced the test and the results will be released in December. I also saw an interesting design .pdf on how the structure of the vehicle was redesigned. Sorry, I don't have the link handy. It has really pushed me towards the MDX, but I still want to take a quick look at Explorer Sport, Enclave, Q7 S-line. My GL lease is almost up, and it stickers at 75k with vinyl seats. If I option it up like the MDX, it is 90k. Sorry, no thanks MB!
  • vk323vk323 Posts: 2
    Just closed a deal in NJ. 2014 AWD tech&entertainment, just like the one you want. Got invoice+$600. They also managed to sneak in the $95 dealer detailing fee but I pushed back on the $199 "security guard" fee, so all in all paid $695 above invoice. Add registration, doc fee and state taxes, and it was $52,738 out the door.
  • I am planning to buy 2014 MDX base next month. Please provide dealer's name. I am from Austin, TX. Thank you.
  • There is only one Acura dealer in Cedar park. They offered me for 43000. But in Plano,Dallas I have come across a couple who paid 42,500 OTD. I live close to Austin. Let me know if you are interested, we can put a joint offer for 42,500. In general dealers in Austin, donot budge as they do in Dallas.
  • Hi,

    So is $46,625 without the accessories? Can you please tell whether the price of the accessories is also negotiable or it is whatever is the retail price is?
  • rman66rman66 Posts: 21
    I am looking for an MDX with tech package and AWD in the Seattle or surrounding areas. If any of you have received quotes or decent deals, please post here. I will do the same as I am seriously considering this vehicle. It appears to meet all my needs
  • HI vensai, navin1,

    I am also interested in buying acura mdx. I live in plano. I can also join your team to get the best deal OTD. Feel free to email me @criclover[email protected]

    Lets get the best deal guys :)
  • coolguy & vensai,

    I am thinking of making offer at the end of Dec. I have sent email to coolguy.
  • Navin and coolguy
    I am interested in purchasing MDX base in next 2 months, preferably during Thanks giving, if i can get a good deal. if we put a combined offer, we can get a good deal. I emailed same to [email protected]
  • Can you post details of the dealership where you got this price and the salesperson? Thx
  • Could anyone please let me know the dealer & price paid for 2014 MDX w/Tech package in the Boston area? Any dealerships to avoid?
  • What was the selling price that you negotiated?
  • I'm also interested to getting one in Boston. Should perhaps pull our offer together to get a good deal.
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