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Toyota Sienna Future Models



  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    Yes the CE has dual climate control and CD audio standard.
  • You and I did pretty much the same thing; we used knowledge and competition to get what we wanted: a butt-kicking deal on the Odyssey. We I first test drove both the '03 Sienna and Odyssey, the Sienna sales person was smart enough to take me on a new smooth asphalt (spelling?) road while the Honda sales person took me on a concrete/cemented road! So of course, I noticed the noise difference. The second time I test drove the Odyssey, the Honda sales person took me on a very long smooth asphalt road and all of the sudden, it sounded very quiet--like the Sienna on the asphalt road.
    If you drive a Lexus LS430 and then drive pretty much anything else less luxurious, then you can tell the difference easily. My Lexus LS400 sounds quieter than the '03 Sienna and I'll bet you it will sound quieter than the '04 Sienna.
    But is it a difference of night and day? Is the sound level a difference of 10 decibels or more?
    I don't think so.
    Most of us "car people" are extremely observant with everything about a car. But if we were just driving the car and not critiquing it, I bet you we wouldn't notice anything.
    Like bearpamplin says, the difference between the noise level of the Sienna and Odyssey is insignificant, unless you are one of those people with extremely sensitive hearing.
    By the way, I did talk to the internet sales manager of my local Toyota dealers. They were very nice, but they all said they could not give me any kind of discounts on the new Sienna. When I asked them when they could give me a discount, one of them said that probably in about 12 months or more.
    I just got my new issue of Car&Driver and they had a two page review of the new Sienna.
    They had a picture of the XLE Limited with the Navigation system so I guess you can get it.
    The article has less information than most of us already have.
    Basically, the take home message is the same: it's improved and can be luxurious, but you will have to pay dearly for them.
    So yeah, if I had about $40K+ of pocket change to spare, I would get the new Sienna Limited with Navi+DVD RES. The problem is, I'm not rich so I'll just be practical like most people and go with Honda Odyssey: get the top-of-the-line Odyssey for the price of a middle-of-the-line Sienna. My wife keeps on giving me a hard time about the DVD Navigation system. But once you see it on any car----Odyssey, Sienna, Lexus, Acura---you will fall in love with it. So what if it's a toy-for-boys. It looks so cool.
    I did say before that these are just "minivans" and I take it back. Sorry. With the Navigation system (and DVD RES), these are more than just "minivans". They are a luxo cruise mobile.
    I agree with lapvn and bearpamplin; go with the better price deal and get what you want. For me I got a very cool looking Odyssey with the Navigation system. Or you can wait about 12 months or more and get a better deal on the Sienna. I don't know what the invoice is for the new Sienna, but if the invoice is only about $1,000 below MSRP like some people have posted, you won't have a whole lot of room for discounts.
  • bargamonbargamon Posts: 302
    Man are you ever hot for the NAV! I guess you have one on your LEXUS LS400? Seems that is first and formost in your process to decide. Hey to each his own.
    Have you driven the 04 sienna? If you enjoy driving your LEXUS LS 4OO with NAV, then you might enjoy the 04 sienna. The LEXUS LS400 with NAV is chock full of electronic goodies. Some "Car People" are really gadget lovers. Certanly the LEXUS LS400 with NAV has plenty of those!

    I have not driven the latest oddy, but owned the previous model and 3 other hondas. They emit a road noise that comes up from road surface.
    It only gets worse with age. They use state of the art Michelins to cover them up. So unless you want to keep putting $900 worth of tires, that noise increases. Toyotas are more quiet. LEXUS LS 400 with NAV are very quiet cars. THe sienna does not handle as good as the oddy or as fun to drive. That is the trade off. They are more like the LEXUS LS400 with NAV like. Less sporty and more cabin isolation.

    The ODDY has been out for a few years and now has competition. I was surprised how short on options and interior appointments the hondas have and almost anticipated an acura version. But the Oddy sold well, very well and makes a ton of money for honda. Now that supply has caught up with demand, they must discount.

    If you need to purchase now, the Oddy certainly is a good value.

    Personally, no van or car I purchase will have a NAV. 95% of the time I know where I am going, and can print off all the maps I need before leaving. It is a fun toy indeed, but I'd rather buy a new laptop for that kind of Bling.

    Andrew, good luck with your purchase and enjoy that LEXUS LS400 WITH NAV!
  • lapvnlapvn Posts: 455
    Just a little footnote, if you can't afford or just don't feel the need to get a NAV, check out the Microsoft Mappoint software. I don't even bother with Mapquest, this software beats them all. Even tells you a specified cuisine restaurant in the area you are looking for, or bus stops, atm, and more. If I go somewhere and I am not familiar with the area, I just print out the pages I need. I fall into one of those who wish he had a NAV, but don't have the $$ to add one. Just a little side note for everyone.

    Steve was this ok?
  • Does anyone know how the third row is accessed with the 8 seat option. Does one slide the second row outside seats forward or does one fold it forward to access the third row.

    Thanks for the info.

  • Visited my local Toyota dealer this morning (Richmond Hill Toyota, just north of Toronto) & told salesperson I was interested in 2004 LE.
    He says they should have a demo vehicle by this weekend.
    He would only talk MSRP, ($34,750 CDN),
    not a cent less, and told me that he figures that they will be selling all of their 04 Siennas at full MSRP for the first few months.
    Needless to say, I headed for the door, I figure that at full MSRP, I can wait.
    Is there anyone in Canda on this forum, that has tried to purchase yet? Discount off MSRP?
  • Does anyone know how the third row is accessed with the 8 seat option. Does one slide the second row outside seats forward or does one fold it forward to access the third row.

    Thanks for the info.

  • My Sienna arrived at the dealer this morning. I took it for a test drive and fell in love. Quiet, quick, comfortable. LE FW 7 pass silver shadow. I could not bring it home as the title will not arrive until Friday (same everywhere). Paid $500 below MSRP. Came with Dunlop 400 tires - any good? Impressed with hitch (versatile).
  • hst1hst1 Posts: 17
    Hi ,
    I am a little confused here... I have been pricing the toyota sienna 04 in the CE version with the option 3 package including the vehicle skid control and side airbags... I figure if I can get it at 4% over invoice this will land me at $23,342, plus an additional 510 for delivery and around 1200 for taxes... a total of 25,052... I am not sure if there are other charges thrown in there that I am not aware of.. but at this price it seems more affordable then the honda with like options am I wrong?
  • I really haven't noticed a lot of difference in road noise and tire type. For example, my LS400 (no NAV) came with the Bridgestone Turanza. But when it was time to change tires, I just bought some cheapy Goodyear tires for about $45/tire and I did not notice any difference in noise level. Perhaps the LS400 is so well insulated that the tires made no difference.
    I guess it's about trying something new. For example, before I bought the LS400 I fantasized about owning one. But after driving it for a few years, I still appreciate the quietness and comfort, but perhaps I take them for granted. Oh yeah, I drove my Lexus to the dealer to test drive the Odyssey and of course I noticed the difference in noise level. Naturally, I want to say that it was 100% quieter, but it's not. I think it's the insulation and the thickness of the glass of the Lexus and not so much the kind of tires. For example, you will notice the difference even when the engine is off. So if a car is noisy, it's going to be noisy even with the best tires. It may help, but I don't think it is that significant.
    So the new thing for me is the NAV, which like you said is more of a toy than anything. I have two laptops (Sony and Compaq) and I have brought the Compaq along with me on road trips and used the DeLorme Earthmate GPS. For the most part, it works okay, but the bulky laptop and wire of GPS receiver and power supply gets old. Besides, it's no comparison between a $2000 Alpine DVD Navigation and a CD-ROM GPS software. The difference here is like night and day in terms of speed and clearness of voice prompts. The laptop software GPS sounds like a robot talking to you and it's not very clear. The instructions are mediocre.
    Well, if I didn't care for NAV and just wanted the most basic van, I would go for the Sienna. But to each his own, and for me just buying a basic minivan is no fun, and what's life without a little fun? When I posted my first message on this post back in December of 2002, I was really aiming for the Sienna with Nav. Knowing that the Odyssey offered one for $30,400, I also assumed the Sienna would be the same. To my very big disappointment, I would have to pay about $36,000.
    Oh well, maybe in about 7 years, I'll most likely go back to Lexus and get a LX470 with NAV+RES.
  • justbot1justbot1 Posts: 3
    I pre-ordered a Sienna LE about 3 or 4 weeks ago for $500 off of MSRP at Toyota on Front. Good luck!
  • dparlerdparler Posts: 22
    I've read a lotr of these posts but with 1600+ I'm not sure if this has been addressed or not.
    We are thinking about the Sienna 04 as our next vehicle purchase... don't need AWD or DVD or NAV. We THINK the LE model would suit our needs best, and prefer the 8 passenger model. With young kids who can't open the door, and an infant who might be carried, my wife prefers the POWER doors which are not standard. I'm a little confused by all the option packages, but understand that it can add on big $$$$ and we may have to get "bundles" or "packages" of other options that we don't really want (or want to pay for). Where are the option pavkages and prices listed ? What is the BW referred to? And how much (extra) would it cost to get DUAL POWER sliding doors on a CE or LE model? And, Steve, when is Edmunds gonna release/update the 2004 calculator that asseses TMV and will that enable us to add on options as TOYOTA does, in the bundled fashion, or will we be misled by thinking we can get only one isolated option added when in fact that is not the case? I'll take anserws from anybody!! (And thanks to everyone, especially Ken, for helpful info. from prior postings)
  • canuck13canuck13 Posts: 73
    I know a dealer in the area who will do a lot better than justbot1. I'm not sure I'm allowed to give you my e-mail on this site (don't want to get in trouble with the Edmunds folks). Let me know how to contact you.
  • harryfatharryfat Posts: 132

    Actually I posed this question not too long ago when I saw someone mentioning you can get dual power sliders on the LE. But as far as I know, you can not get dual power doors in the LE trim. You can get the option "AM", which will get you one power door, but only costs you $810 or so on the MSRP front.

    Options "BW" will include options "AM" and few other stuff like side airbags, VSC, rear disc brakes, etc. That goes for $2895.

    So if you really have your heart set on dual power doors, then you need to step up to XLE trim.
    There are other web sites that has all this info, but we can't always reference it per the rules of the board. I have opened up my email address, so you can email me there.

  • johneevojohneevo Posts: 3
    Hi Harry,

    I hope you don't mind, but I sent you an email asking if you would mind send me the links to these "other websites".
  • imhip2imhip2 Posts: 30
    Toyota has learned from Honda et al. If you have a hot item sell it for what the market will bear. If I really want a new 04 Sienna LE I will pay MSRP or more. If I don't I will go to my Honda dealer and tell them how much I love the 04 Sienna and use all Sienna advantages to beat up on the Ody. It will be so much easier to buy a new 03 Ody after today. Bringing my 00 Ody to Newmarket Toyota tonight to have a look at the new Sienna.
  • leknlekn Posts: 78
    I am still intrigued that some will base the purchase decision on the availability of navigation system alone. Have you thought about 3rd party system such as this:

    It got some good reviews, cost a lot less, no installation required and you share it between two or more cars, or simply put it in a new car when you need sell yours. And arguably, you can choose to place the display in a better viewable position than the in-dash or in-console display.
  • chien1chien1 Posts: 4
    Did anyone get a good price from the dealer in Cleveland area for Sienna '04 ?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    Since the '04 Sienna became available in dealerships today, does it still qualify as a "future model"? Or maybe we could start talking here about the Gen 3 Sienna. ;-)
  • nofeernofeer Posts: 381

    toyota needs to make features closer to the competition and maybe by summer or fall when the freshended ody comes out they will compete for features. It surprises me that as Nav becomes more of a wanted feature (i will have it, my ls430 proved the usefullness) you have to pay 6k more than the ody why is this toyota bring it to the masses. it should be available on the le, xle, and ltd. what combo of sieena features competes with the ody ex leather/ nav???? what do you think? I can add an aftermarket res system or a bag system witha portable dvd (we'll go this way) I guess i could add an after market dvd nav with cd changer (who makes this) best buy if you buy the extended warranty includes transfering res/ dvd nav to another car. what nav systems are out there?? any suggestions. maybe we should have a discussion of aftermarket addons to enhance a CE or LE model, at least you could move it to another vehicle. I'm sure someone makes a combo dvd nav/cd changer maybe even can play mp3 cd's (where should i look, any have any experience)
  • liaisonliaison Posts: 49
    Can anyone tell me if the upholstery is the same for the LE seats as the CE seats on the O4 Sienna? I looked at an LE(Silver with gray interior) today and have to admit that it is very impressive. LE with #3 package gives you the power door on the right plus the JBL sound system with 10 speakers that is supposed to provide surround sound. Just not sure if the power door and JBL is worth $2200 more than the CE. The LE was very plush and I like the way the middle seats fold forward to give you more room for cargo. Also has a built in attachment to keep them from falling back into place. A good site for pricing is Has the latest pricing for the 04 Sienna.
  • winedogswinedogs Posts: 102
    I'm not sure why everyone is suprised that most Toyota dealerships are charging MSRP on the 2004 Sienna. It's really simple, if you want a 2004 Sienna in March you are going to PAY. Supply is low demand is high. This gives the dealerships the leverage. I frankly can't blame the dealerships for trying to make as much money as market demand allows. If you want to pay closer to invoice, you are going to have to wait. In a nut shell, if you buy early you pay, if you wait you win!!!!
  • powerman1powerman1 Posts: 10
    Go to and see how much Toyota charges for each set of options. I was surprised how costly the 17" wheel option and the $$ for the curtain air bags (you can figure out the prce of each).
  • bargamonbargamon Posts: 302
    I did not know that a minivan is really a NAV delivery system.

    It would appear the limited and ex oddy are two differnt markets.

    The LS400 has no equation in this other than it holds your NAV.

    Sounds like your mind is made up, the most logical choice for you the least expensive model below MSRP that will have a DVD.

    You need to drive The sienna to fully decide.

    IF you decide to get the oddy, even if its just for the nav, then you are getting a great vehicle at a good price! Enjoy your new van adn good luck with it!
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    CE cloth is different than LE cloth.
  • nofeernofeer Posts: 381
    Help, a post before had a great discription of the options by package, can you give me the discussion #

    the way carsdirect is set up is still confusing Toyota is very confusing, if i want DVD nav what option package minimum do i want, and do i have to get the RES? there option packages makes no sense except to milk big $$$$ from consumers, i don't want the moonroof. within each model you should be able to pick and choose more.

    when will toyota update it's site for o4 build your own?
  • storm11storm11 Posts: 38
    I have been monitoring this post for a while as the time is drawing near to source a new van for my family. Dealerships in my area (Space Coast, FL) are all dinging customers on the sticker with this "Toyoguard" nonsense, costing $619-$699. Obviously a moneymaker and complete ripoff for what it provides. Is anyone aware of dealerships (or alternate sources) to get a XLE, or LE with the BW option package in this area without paying for this garbage? I walked away from a Sequoia deal a few years back when it first came out because of this junk and arrogance. Looks like I might have to walk away from Toyota again if I can't get past this and I may then have to work a better deal on an Ody. The new Sienna's my first choice, but I'm not putting those bucks into their pockets without getting corresponding value. I'd appreciate any thoughts or ideas.
  • dplachtadplachta Posts: 109

    I bought an '04 Sienna LE from Metro Toyota (Margie was my salesperson--she was excellent) at $750 below sticker.

    I was also in contact with Motocars and Sunnyside but they didn't get the color I wanted. I never talked price with them--didn't get that far.
  • All of us think differently and we all prioritize differently. All of us are curious about how others think and we naturally try to justify our thinkings even though we don't have to. It's not a matter of right or wrong. It's a question of what we want and a lot less of what we really need. With after-market NAV or DVD RES, I always worry about how the installer might butcher my front dash/panel. If I wanted a portable NAV, it would be the Magellan 750 for about $1,600. This is the same as the Hertz NeverLost System. I love it. It's not a touch screen like the Odyssey or Sienna, but it is excellent. But I don't like portables just because they are portable. I have used the DeLorme GPS on my Compaq laptop. It works okay, but not great to my standards, which is different than other people's standards.
    I like the built-in-dash unit because it looks great. It's not a question of need; it's about what I want.
    I think the Sienna will be an awesome minivan and I am sure it will be a little quieter with a smoother ride than the Odyssey. But I just could not justify to myself to pay about $36K for it when I could get one for $28,860 brand new ordered with the exact color I wanted-Silver. I will still be driving my Lexus LS400 to work everyday and driving the Odyssey on weekends and road trips.
    But I think it's a good idea to get a CE with cruise control for about $24K and then add an after market NAV from Pioneer or Alpine with the motorized 6.5" screen for about $2,000 or get the portable Magellan 750.
    For DVD RES you can get either a combo DVD player/LCD monitor or a separate player with LCD monitor---if you wanted a larger monitor like 10-17". I am now thinking that with a combo unit (DVD player attached to the monitor like 7.8" widescreen from Pyle), you won't have to mess with installing a separate dvd player and less chance of them butchering the front panel/dash. The unit itself would cost you $818.45 from and I think professional installation might run about $200 to $300. I think I will do this on my Odyssey.
    Oh, by the way, another reason I bought the Odyssey was because my wife told me there's no way she would let me buy the 2004 Sienna. She was probably kidding, but I know she just absolutely loves the Odyssey and she absolutely thinks the 2004 Sienna is not yet proven to be reliable, even though the 2003 Sienna is very reliable and all Toyotas are very reliable. She also thinks the Odyssey still looks better than the new Sienna, but that's just her opinion.
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