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Toyota Sienna Future Models



  • newcar35newcar35 Posts: 48
    what the heck is "toyoguard"? Sounds exactly like the kind of cr*p that Consumer Reports and Edmunds warn you against. Go to another dealer, even if it's a drive away. Our local dealers were clueless, Chicago dealers heartless (MSRP or bust -- we said bust), but found a dealer in IA who gave $1000 off and no hidden fees or advertising costs. Yeah, it's a 2 hour drive each way, but it's worth it for $1,000. If you want to buy now, then you may have to go outside your town to get a good deal.
  • Anyone know when crash tests be performed/published for the 04 Sienna?
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    Please share your purchase experience in Toyota Sienna - What did you pay?.


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  • rambhamrambham Posts: 10
    I am confused about the options that are available for the xle limited. Can someone tell me what the options (and prices) are for the xle limited (7 seat front wheel drive).

    Thanks for any help.
  • newcar35newcar35 Posts: 48
    GU: tray table
    GV: center console box
    GW: center console box and color keyed rear spoiler
    HE: center console box and DVD entertainment
    HF: center console box, color keyed rear spoiler, DVD entertainment.

    Sorry, don't know the prices. You might check here on Edmunds or other web sites for that info.
  • newcar35newcar35 Posts: 48
    As far as I can tell, you can only get NAV with XLE package GT (#19) which includes almost all the other stuff. Like the others said, you might want to consider an after-market nav system if you really don't want the other stuff. Check around for ratings and info on after-market NAVs; apparently, some are much better than others.
  • You can buy an Odyssey EX for $25,490 now in Southern Indiana. The new Sienna has and will be at MSRP for years, so enjoy your wait, or you can get a deal on an Odyssey NOW!!!!

    I saw an 04 Sienna on the road again today, someone bought this one.
  • rambhamrambham Posts: 10
    Thank you for that list.

    From that list it looks like the
    navigation package is not available
    on the xle. Is that right? It does not
    make sense to me.
  • bexcellbexcell Posts: 7
    I doubt that the 2004 Sienna will be at MSRP for long. I was offered $900 over invoice on an XLE by a dealer in Maryland. I also located over 480 Siennas in the Southeast that were at dealerships before the official launch date. The Sienna will not be in short supply.
  • bexcellbexcell Posts: 7
    Navigation is available on the XLE in package #19 which MSRP's for $7040. You certainly have to pay to get navigation.
  • My husband and I drove a 2004 LE this morning and loved it!!! We're ready to buy, but we want to check out the XLE's interior before settling. Has anyone heard or know of any XLE's in Massachusetts??
  • bill1000bill1000 Posts: 38
    Hey bexcell-

    What dealer in MD quoted you $900 over invoice? I'm in PA and can't get one to quote anything but MSRP. Thanks.
  • rambhamrambham Posts: 10
    Thank you for the price info.

    I was under the impression that the "XLE limited" was a different trim line for the Sienna. From how the options are setup it looks like the xle limited is basically an xle in terms of the options.

    Are all xle options available on an xle limited?
  • jmpelletjmpellet Posts: 19
    I called Boch in NOrwood and they claim to have an xle -- not sure if they were bs-ing me just to get me in the door. I am eager to see what people in MA and RI are paying! Please post details!
  • srl99srl99 Posts: 33
    In terms of handling - which is not to say it's
    bad, but my description of Windstar's handling is
    "like piloting a whale". Of course the F*RD
    probably doesn't much time out of the shop - or
    as friends once described my Fiat "it gets nearly
    infinite gas mileage - on the back of that tow

    Haven't checked the spec's but my sense was
    interior room wasn't too different that the

    I don't care too much for the funky automatic
    shifter - I can easily see times where an
    unintended selection of 3rd will be made from 4th.
    In this era of $2.00+ gasoline, one needs all the
    gears one can get. And the 18/24 EPA MPG rating
    isn't all that high to begin with.

    I happened to have a tape measure with me and sure
    enough between the wheel wells in the rear is
    about 4 feet - I won't guarantee that your 4'x8'
    plywood will lie flat (nor did I measure the
    length of the compartment) - but I believe you'll
    get it in there.

    AWDs come with run-flat tires (previously
    mentioned) though the dealer said there's a
    $500 option for a spare and probably some
    different mechanism for folding the 3rd
    row seat (as the spare stays in the well that
    side of the 3rd row won't lie flat).

    If it were me I'd buy a cheap steel rim, and a
    decent tire and throw it in the back on long
    trips. The range of a run-flat would be enough
    for me to be confident when not far from home.
    [Not that I care for run flats at all.]

    Dealer offered $300 under MSRP as their 'Costco
    price' LE AWD with Package 4. As these are
    available as fleet vehicles - much better deals
    can be had (previously mentioned CXX Fleet Mgt.
    promises 2% over invoice, and can even drop ship
    to you for an additional few hundred depending on
    the dealer's pricetag.) 90 day wait though, but
    I'd be inclined to give the factory a few months
    to find/fix some bugs anyway.
  • nofeernofeer Posts: 381
    Now that we know more of the options of the sienna and the exorbinant cost of the nav system 7k, ody looks like a deal if you want nav.
    so like the pilot maybe there are dealer add ons to build up to the equipment level of the sienna xle

    sooooowhat are the dealer option addons for the ody and how does it compare then to xle, perhaps you can't get an ody like the sienna. maybe the xle ltd is the lexus level sienna.
  • newcar35newcar35 Posts: 48
    The XLE and XLE limited are 2 different trim lines. You asked about the XLE limited on your first post, then the regular XLE on your second (re: the nav). The information I have on the limited does not list the NAV as standard or an option, but I have a hard time believing it's not available in the Limited, when it is on the XLE. I would assume it is available on the limited, even though I can't tell you for sure that it is. FYI, the XLE has 19 packages, whereas the info I have on the Limited shows only 5 packages.
  • Hi and thanks for responding to my post, please send the name of the dealer to
  • At the autoshow in Toronto, they had 3 '04 Siennas on display, the CE and the XLE had Dunlops and the LE had Michelins...
    They couldn't tell me which tires were standard equipment on a 2WD LE.

    Anybody know if the Michelins are standard?
  • $900 over invoice is a pipe dream. Good luck. If they do fleet on the 04 Sienna, bye, bye resale value. Great vehicle, the pricing and packages will be a problem for most buyers, but it will sell. Odysseys at discounts, or full sticker Siennas. The choice is yours. It's up to Mr & Mrs consumer.

    Good luck in your purchasing.
  • sorry...turns out my email address is (I guess when you create an email address via, when you indicate that you live in Canada, the default you to their Canadian mail server)
    Please send me the dealer name,
  • canuck13canuck13 Posts: 73
    Just sent you an e-mail (both addresses). Re the tires, the XLE at the Toronto show was a XLE AWD. And you are correct that it had Dunlop DSST (Dunlop Self Supporting Tires). However, Bridgestone just announced last week that they would be Original Equipment on the AWD Sienna. See my post from a few days ago with the Bridgestone website address with the announcement. So, I'm not sure what I'll be getting when my AWD LTD arrives in a couple of weeks.
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 25,696
    stopped at the local dealer (they got their frist one in today).

    BTW, the mileage estimates were 19/27 (it was an XLE front drive), silver/gray leather, very sharp looking.

    Tremendous room inside, very comfortable. Makes the Honda look somewhat plain and outdated by comparison. Also, the front seats (IMHO) very much more comfy than the Honda park benches.

    To me, looked smaller outside (and lower) than it really is. Also noticed that the rear quarters had a little of the Matrix to them (the way the rear window pinches down at the back, just not as severe).

    COuldn't drive it (it was sold), but got to sit. Tons of room in the 3rd row (and I'm 6' tall), and limo like room in the middle row. Lots of neat features (storage cubbies, etc).

    Salesman did say to come back in a few weeks when they get more in, and they would be able to "work with me" better.

    2018 Hyundai Elantra Sport (mine), 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's) and 2015 Jetta Sport (daughter's)

  • danhirschdanhirsch Posts: 20
    As I posted earlier, I got my XLE for 5% over invoice with the FR package and the premium accessory package (floor mats, cargo net and "first aid kit", also at 5% over invoice. More than I wanted to spend, but a decent amount less than MSRP, I believe.

    By the way, I was told I would get $50 for everyone who comes into Brunswick Toyota in NJ, asks for Zahid Syed, the salesman, and tells them that Dan Hirsch referred you (and, of course, buys a Sienna.) He did tell me that the best he can do for someone who did not previously buy from them is $500-700 off of MSRP, which is not bad considering the competition.

    By the way, I was told I will have to wait 2-3 weeks until the van comes in - now... do I choose the Silver Shadow or the Salsa Red?
  • dwebb3dwebb3 Posts: 1
    I test drove two new Siennas. I was eager to experience the performance after reading about the class leading 0-60 in 8.3 seconds.

    While driving the first Sienna I experienced almost a full second hesitation when I tried to accelerate aggressively. This was very annoying and I was disappointed in the responsiveness of the engine. I thought this might just be an isolated problem so I drove another one. I experienced the same problem. Once the engine "kicked in" it had plenty of power but the hesitation issue during aggressive accelerations was undesirable.

    I was wondering what might cause this problem and if this might be something that can be adjusted. I would appreciate any input that I can get. Since the same problem occurred on both vehicles I assume this is a factory "feature".
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,909
    Some automatics are adaptive which means they learn how to adapt to the driver's style. It takes a little while for the transmission to adjust. Anyone know if the Sienna's tranny is like this?
  • tfrank3tfrank3 Posts: 5
    I'm considering getting an AWD XLE (5376) w. package #17 (GK). I'm wondering how exactly Columbia Fleet quotes the 2% over invoice. I'm presuming they also add $510 destination to that and ~$610 TDA advertising fee. TDA in the Denver region was $610 when I bought my Highlander a year ago.

    Has anyone determined if they have to charge the TDA fee for the region you get your car from?

    Also, does anyone know what they charge for shipping if there is no cooperative dealer nearby?

    I'm not excited to wait 90 days for Columbia, but I would like to know their deal so I can get a rural dealer to match the deal.
  • deepandeepan Posts: 342
    On older siennas (mine is a 2000 and i have read several others say the same thing) while cruising at a certain speed if you flow the gas pedal there is a noticable hesistation. This was discussed in the sienna forum a yr or so back. This is not to be confused with the tranny shifting down which is rather common.
  • Westboro Toyota. I bought their only 04 Sienna.
    $500 off MSRP. LE 7. Dunlop tires. This van was meant to be the show van. Gilles is a very knowledgable sales person.
  • I saw the 2004 Sienna XLE Limited Edition with the NAVIGATION system in the latest issue of Car and Driver Magazine. But if the XLE (regular) with NAVI is about $36K, how much is the XLE LIMITED with NAVI? Man, it's like a Lexus pricing, but only it's not a lexus because Toyotas are not Lexus. A good example is the Toyota Avalon (Toyota's Top of the line Sedan) compared to the Lexus ES---it's just not the same thing; the Lexus is built in Japan, it has thicker glass and better sound insulation, it is quieter, it has a better premium stereo system, it has a better reliability rating, and of course, since it is a Lexus it gets speacial treatment from the dealers on services. So no matter how much you pay for that Toyota, it's never going to be a Lexus. That's why some people buy a Lexus over a Toyota even when some people say that they the same thing. Why is Lexus ranked number one overall in reliability and Toyota ranked around number 6 (along with Honda) on one of the J.D. Powers & Associate list that I saw a few months ago?
    There is no way I would pay $40-45K on any Toyota Siennas unless it's a Lexus with the Lexus badge, sold at a Lexus dealer, and was made along with the other Lexus in Japan (well, except the new RX330 being made in Canada).
    But the Limited Sienaa with NAVI looked very cool, but not as cool as the 2003 Honda Accord or Acura RL or Lexus LS430, LX470, and GX470 with the NAVIGATION system. I would rather buy a used Lexus LX470 with Navigation system any day than buy a brand new Sienna with NAVI for $40K plus.
    But that's just my big mouth opinion :-).
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