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Toyota Tundra vs. Chevrolet Silverado



  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    As I've noted here a few times... I vote with my feet. Like you I live in SET's region but buy in other regions. If it's so bothersome just ignore it, I do.

    Frankly on this I don't disagree with you at all. I just ignore the way it's done by taking my business elsewhere.

    I wouldn't be surprised if one of the reasons why the Japanese plant manager recently reassigned from Tx to Japan was this issue, among others. The timing is just too close. Toyota likes having top scores in the safety ratings. Not to have it is something that will rankle a lot of influential people until it's fixed. My .02 worth.

    Btw the frontal results have nothing to do with the side and curtain airbags. In a frontal collision neither of these should even deploy.
  • dreasdaddreasdad Posts: 276
    can you post links to these pics of the double cab crash tests? All I can find is info on the regular cab front
    crash test.
  • I do not understand much of what you guys are talking about, but I do know that I just pulled two silverados out of the mud with my new tundra. I live in oilfield country and was in the forest hunting for shed antlers. Record heat following record snowfalls are creating some interesting mud holes.

    First I have to admit Toyota's LSD VSC whatever traction control is as confusing as it gets - all from one button? - and good luck reading the manual on the subject.... I wonder who was on LSD???

    Anyhow I come around the corner and two oilfield hands stuck in a north face mud hole. Pulled one out, that was originally trying to pull out the other. He tried to get other and got stuck again. Eventually pulled them both out.

    That 5.7 screams with power. I wish eveyone could get a chance to experience such driving pleasure instead of playing "get unstuck from the mudhole" games. What is it about silverado drivers? They are always stuck and high centered, and still they love their Chevys as though they themselves are Chevys. Just good old boys with limited learning capacity? You Chevy guys are the best. Never change!

    I hope my dad does not read this.
  • vmax2007vmax2007 Posts: 46
    Ok, I could join the "bash" on Toyota for a 4 star crash test vs a 5 star. But I choose to take the high road and not be a hypocrite. Here is my opinion on crash test ratings;
    Do you really feel safer in a vehicle because it scored 5 stars instead of 4 in some goofy test where they crash a truck into an immoveable object? Personally, I consider ALOT of things when researching and buying a new truck, including safety features. But one I do not even enter into the equation is a crash test rating, unless the vehicle scored extremely miserably. Bottom line is today's vehicles...ALL of them, are much safer than they were even 10 yrs ago, let alone 20-30 yrs ago. Also, I do not plan on crashing into any bridge abutments any time soon. I base my buying decision on things that affect my drive every single time I get behind the wheel. Like comfort, amenities, power (for towing, not racing), and for appearance. IMO (in case you Toyota fans don't understand the acronym, it means "In My Opinion") The GM's equal (power) or far exceed (Everything else) the Tundra in ALL of those categories. So, you can count crash test stars and airbags til your face turns blue, but the GM is still the better truck... IMO (did I say it enough, or am I going to get lambasted again?)
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    NOWHERE in my last posts did I mention reg. cab, double
    cab, extended cab, yada cab in any of my posts of
    the tindra or other brands involved in the crash tests
    either in a blog, post, pic, or video in which the tindra
    only scored 4 stars IN FRONTAL crash tests.
    Sure funny the Brand X trucks scored 5 stars tho huh?????

    V-MAX.......Don't worry they will be doing the pile on
    soon enough! I think this 4 star business has them
    shocked about that new "wondertruck".......... :cry:

    BTW: I'm dying for the initial dealer buildup in my area
    to get done! I want a new 2500 x-cab ! :shades:
  • vmax2007vmax2007 Posts: 46
    I'm sure they will come up with some excuse and remain convinced that the almighty Tundra is still the God of all trucks and can do no wrong. Kinda like the T-100 and the first Tundra...right? After all, they received the same Hype when they came out to take over the world too.

    I saw the new 2500 x-cab at the auto show yesterday. Awesome truck!! Huge though, but if you need an HD, it is an awesome truck. But it ain't no Tundra...(psst, between you and I, this is a GOOD thing) ;)
  • 1offroader1offroader Posts: 208
    Wow- I didn't mean for you to take this forum so seriously. You've taken a defensive stance and approach. Lighten up.

    I accept your apology, ggesq. Just flame me again if you are ever itchin' for another whuppin'. I'd be happy to deliver one. Again.

    This conversation is actually off topic, (your 35 years of blah blah blah and oil changes) maybe we should get back to the comparison?

    BTW we are on topic. We are comparing the various aspects of the two trucks. This includes regular maintenance items such as oil changes. That is the purpose of this forum.

    On another topic:

    I just returned from a hunting trip. Fuel economy on my 4WD 6.0L Silverado was 18.2 mpg overall. Most of the 335 miles was flat highway, 70 mph, cruise control engaged, a/c on. About 10% was mountain fwy., same 70 mph but no cruise control (I was passing a lot of other vehicles). The Instant Economy mode hovered between 17-19 mpg most of the way. Not bad, not bad at all for a powerful full size pickup. And, considering it isn't even broken in yet - still has less than 1,000 miles on the odo.

    I noticed that the Active Fuel Management (AFM) system really works. On the Driver Info. System (DIS) you can see it toggle back and forth between V-8 mode and V-4 mode on flat highway. Whenever you give the throttle the TINIEST pressure it goes right into V-8 mode. Same for climbing a slight grade in cruise control - goes right into V-8 mode. And like the GM hype says, it really is totally seamless in its operation. If your foot is off the gas (i.e. cruise control) you cannot feel it happen at all, and if your foot is on the throttle your can JUST BARELY feel it if you are paying attention. Amazing.

    Another thing I noticed. The calculated fuel economy on the DIS was EXACTLY the same as my calculation based on my fillup. That's good to know - I can trust the DIS as far as the Instant Economy and overall mpg modes.

  • 1offroader1offroader Posts: 208

    gimme 30 seconds and I'll get your Tundra so stuck that it'll take a John Deere to yank it out and a flatbed to haul it home.

    Gettin' stuck isn't the fault of the truck, it's the driver. I've gotten stuck more times than I care to admit -in my Toyotas. But NEVER was it the fault of the trucks.

  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    Yea..i have to have a 2500 ! GM don't offer a snowplow
    prep pk. in a 1500 x-cab 1/2 ton model.... only reg cab.
    Plus I tow 12k lbs and up so ANY 1/2 ton won't get it!

    Sure miss my 1/2 tons tho. They ride better and get better
    mpgs........ The price between them and the 3/4 tons are
    about the same anyhoo..............
    The 6.0 is hard on gas......But no choice in the matter
    for my needs!
  • drfilldrfill Posts: 2,484
    You've got a lot of nerve! :mad:

    Who started things by saying "The Tundra is better looking in person than in pictures, but it's still ugly."

    Do comments get any more juvenile than that?

    Admit it. You posted to run down the Tundra and justify your purchase.

    I've gone out of my way to say the Silverado and Tundra are both the leaders of the pack, but I would prefer the Tundra.

    You are the most defensive poster here, and you don't need any salesmen because you had no intention of giving the Tundra a fair chance to earn your business, since you said this was your first time seeing the truck in person.

    If you really did any research, you would've at least spent some time with the truck, than made a purchase decision.

    You can run down the Tundra all you want, but I'll run down your post when they reveal your deception.

    Your post will get some respect when you can be straight with the forum. When that will be is anyone's guess.

    That's my opinion. Now that I've said that, you cannot respond to it. I have immunity! :blush:

  • vmax2007vmax2007 Posts: 46
    Who started things by saying "The Tundra is better looking in person than in pictures, but it's still ugly."

    Do comments get any more juvenile than that?

    So, it's "Juvenile" to express my OPINION that the Tundra is butt-spanking ugly?

    Admit it. You posted to run down the Tundra and justify your purchase.

    My post may have run down the Tundra, but again, I am expressing my opinion. You are free to agree or disagree. As for justifying my decision??? That is the stupidest thing I have heard yet. Why would I need to justify my decision to anyone, let alone a bunch of strangers on the internet??? Give me a break. And how am I the most defensive poster here? Give me an example please? Oh, and I don't need you to respect my post, I really could give a flying $#@% what you think of my posts. If you don't like them, leave them (and me) alone and move on or write your own. Please stop replying to my posts, I have no interest in talking to you any longer. Thank You.
  • Wow offroader goes on a hunting trip and reports only paved miles, just what kind of hunting trip is that?

    I can one up you here - I could get your John Deere stuck in 29 seconds and you would have to get a rig up truck with a 425 cat to pull it out.

    Who are you kidding - "not the trucks fault?" There are numerous factors involved, but one definite variable is what truck you are driving.

    BTW my caprice classic handles rough dirt roads better than any truck ever will, but my tundra blows Silverados away.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Only way you can do that in a forum post is to load it somewhere on the web and link to it. We can't attach files here, unfortunately.

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • concreteconcrete Posts: 2
    re: vmax2007 strange how we think alike. i visited the chicago auto show last month and came up with similar results. I own a concrete business and i went to the show for the sole purpose of researching new trucks. One tundra had a plow hooked up and since snowplowing is my winter business it cought my attention. Something was wrong. Very wrong. The boss plow attatched was in the down position and the undercarraige for the plow was less than four inches from the ground. I asked the smiling Toyota rep to raise the plow, and after a moment or two, he agreed. Now the undercarrage was less than an inch from the ground. Not good. Definately not good. A look inside and I found the same things you found, cheap, cluttered plastic. Certainly not a good first impression. My son and I started asking questions about the ability of the truck to plow snow, then we asked about the frame issue and the dash. Flustered, he said "if you came over to bash the truck, then just leave". I told him that was not my intention, and that I need to replace three of my trucks this year and I merely needed to research. His reply, "chevy sent you over here, did'nt they?". He then grumbled something, and walked away. I'm buying silverado's
  • ggesqggesq Posts: 701
    Here's what I will admit to: lack of knowledge re: the GMT900. However, this forum is helping alot.

    After owning three different Chevy trucks and the horrid ownership experience associated with two of them, I've washed my hands clean from GM. From what I can see, Toyota has finally taken this segment seriously with the 07. Is it enough to dethrone the benchmark (and I use the term loosely) in the class? Probably not but the 07 Tundra's introduction is good for all as it will raise the level of competition between all these companies.

    Do me a favor, don't respond to me and I won't respond to you. I've wasted enough keystrokes on you. That would be the best you can do at this point.
  • pmuscepmusce Posts: 132
    "I've gone out of my way to say the Silverado and Tundra are both the leaders of the pack, but I would prefer the Tundra."

    DrFill, the above comment is your opinion as well. Sorry, the Tundra is nowhere near the leader of the pack. You have to be playing in the HD arena and provide a Diesel to even be considered the leader in the full size truck market. You, like all other Tundra lovers of course ignore this. When Toyota decides to pony up and deliver all the goods, then you can make your argument.
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    I don't think your gonna find too many REAL plows that
    will work on the 07 tundra.
    From pics I have seen of the frame there seems to be no
    frame "horns" sticking out from the wheels forward.
    So where to hang the push bar?????

    Hopefully not on the front clip. One hit on a hard drift
    or other obstruction would bend the front clip like a
    beercan !

    Will have to check the Boss, Western, and Fisher site to
    see which rig will fit....Prob. a tiny 7 footer !!!

    I would hate to worry about plowing related driveline
    breakage while under warranty. Since yota doesn't offer
    a snow plow prep. pkg. I could see voided warranty issues
    (the same with other brands w/o plow prep.)

    Time will tell eh?

    If your a plowhead check out:
    Lots of good info. and such over there !!!!!!!
  • drfilldrfill Posts: 2,484
    The point is Tundra is the best Half-Ton.

    Silverado is best at HD/Diesel.

    Oops....wait a minute!

    2008 Super Duty! 24k towing. Curses! :mad:

    Ok....Chevy can be 2nd Best at 1/2 ton. 2nd Best at HD/Diesel.

    I guess when Chevy "ponies up", funny you should mention that, then you can make your argument. ;)

  • vmax2007vmax2007 Posts: 46

    Go find a dictionary and look up the word "Hypocrite". You may find your mugshot next to the definition. You accuse me of making opinion related unsubstantiated claims about the GM? What about...
    The point is Tundra is the best Half-Ton. ???

    This is your OPINION!!! Which you have every right to state here, but don't bash me when I state mine.

    BTW...did I fall asleep for a year? Is it 2008 already??? Hmm, I am going to have go to my local Ford dealer tomorrow to check out the new 2008 SD's.
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    Wow, this site is becoming hot and oh so irrelevant. People talking about whuppin' other people, flamers, etc. etc. Sometimes I think I'm back in High School or at Ft Bragg waiting orders for Vietnam.

    Guys, we're comparing two half ton trucks. All this talk about fully boxed frames, snow plowing, construction site retrieval work, etc. while interesting is totally irrelevant. Half ton trucks aren't used for that. Half ton trucks are used for commuting, Home Depot runs, and maybe light delivery work for a retail store (what few are left after WalMart blew in) that hasn't already switched to compact trucks for deliveries as the auto parts stores have.

    So where does this leave us? Both are competent trucks with a few differences that might sway someone either way: interior and exterior styling, the opportunity to buy optional air bags and a sunrood, rear axle traction control devices, maybe the length of the option list and pricing.

    Ah, pricing. The Tundra is about 4K more than a Silverado. Maybe more if you buy through the cartel that is SET. If you are like most guys, you keep a truck until it wears out and so resale is not a consideration. If you are like most Americans you have a slighly negative savings rate. That is you spend more than you make. Moreover, if you are like most people these days you had better be saving for retirement because no one else s going to be looking out for you. That 4K you saved by buying the GMC could mean big bucks down the road if thrown into a bond fund like the Vanguard Total Bond Market Index Fund (don't laugh, bond funds yield 6%) for the next 15 years.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    Finally a post that makes sense. Thank you.

  • vmax2007vmax2007 Posts: 46
    Half ton trucks are used for commuting, Home Depot runs, and maybe light delivery work for a retail store

    While this may be true, half-tons are also used for towing toys (boats, pwcs, snowmobiles, etc). I use my truck for everything you mentioned and it is handy for the things. But the main reason I drive a truck is to pull my 4000# boat.

    No offense, but how is financial advice relevant to this forum?

    The rest of this post is "right on".
  • drfilldrfill Posts: 2,484
    That's Edmunds, this website's, "opinion". They said the Tundra was the best.

    I just share their "opinion". ;)

    You can opppose our opinion. You can debate our opinion. I won't hide behind my opinion.

    We are here to discuss our opinions? Yes? No?

    Only one of us needs to call people names to make a point. :sick:

    And please check out the 2008 HD's, as I have seen them on the road. Thanks! :)

  • vmax2007vmax2007 Posts: 46
    We are here to discuss our opinions? Yes? No?

    Yes, what else would we be here for?

    And since when is Edmund's opinion any better than anyone else's? If anything, it's less since it could be influenced by advertising dollars. Mine is based on nothing other than personal experience. Not bogus tests and other media hype. What do you drive? (not sell, drive). And how did you base your buying decision? Personal experience or job experience? If you weren't a salesman, would you be here posting? I have nothing to gain by posting here, so my reasons are solely based on my experience with GM's and my desire to share my experiences. NOT to plug my career aspirations.
  • BTW my caprice classic handles rough dirt roads better than any truck ever will

    Congratulations, booger! That has got to be By Gawd the absolute all-time STUPIDEST thing I've ever read on Edmunds, or damn near anywhere else, and that's saying something.

    That does sound stupid driving a caprice classic in the oil patch, but it truly does handle better than any truck out there. Those oil patch boys give it all they got when I go to pass them, and often their truck bounces off into the bar ditch.

    It does not sound half as stupid as driving so far to kill a wild swine. To go to someones ranch and shoot a pig! That is cracking me up. I can just see a bunch of Silverado drivers acting like mighty hog killers sitting around the fire talking about the lack of horse power and the monster swine running in the brush. It looks like you do not even need a truck. Do you want to buy my Caprice Classic? Or would the Silverado hog hunting club laugh at you?

    My Tundra pulls my 49 Willys like it is not even there. That six speed is truly a work of genius. I pull the willys at 60 miles an hour and the rpms stay a steady 1500.

    Let's see a Half ton Chevy do that.
  • drfilldrfill Posts: 2,484
    Since you didn't even drive the Tundra before buying the Chevy, your running down the Tundra is questionable, at best.

    It's obvious your decision was based on avoiding the Tundra, not comparing it.

    I've seen ads for Nissan, Chevy, and Toyota here quite a bit, so I don't see your point. CR loves Toyota. They don't accept ad dollars. Is this your argument? :confuse:

  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    Doc, just to clarify things here, let me sidestep for a minute.

    Over on the HELC board, you said that carmaker Audi is irrelevant, obsolete and "not worthy" as the sales don't compare to it's competition.

    Well then by default, you must admit to the same for the Tundra. The "planned" 200k units Toyota anticipates on moving won't scratch the 450k of the Rams, the close to 900k of the Silverado, and the near 950k of the F-150, a vehicle that was eclipsed by the Silverado last month and is on track for the same this month?

    So with all of your typical grandstanding for all things Toyota, do you dare to elaborate on this?

    Oh please, I can stand by and watch you pull your foot of your mouth. ;)
  • concreteconcrete Posts: 2
    While I understand the role of a half ton, snowplowing is my source of revenue in the winter months. Personaly, I want a half ton for the ride, performance and economy. Ford offers a snow plow prep option for the F150 but only in the regular cab with eight foot box. upgrades include hd cooling, hd alt, upgraded front suspension, and full hd suspension package. However, I want a fully loaded, allbells and whistles extended cab with short box. Okay, since I only plow when I go out to inspect the job done by my workers (nip and tuck we call it) I can now demote myself to staying at home and let someone else take over.
    The point I'm making about the tundra with the plow is this is extremely misleading and surprising Toyota would actually put this on display. Monday after the show I called the local Toy store and talked with the "truck expert" and was told that the display was only there to show what was to be expected from toyota two or three years down the line. So where was the disclaimer? He then explained to me that if you install a plow on ANY Toyota truck, the warranty is void. False advertising?

    I have a small fleet of mostly chevy and ford 3/4 ton pickups that haul bobcats, form trailers and tons of concrete tools. three of the chevy's have over 300k and two fords have over 350K and the only major problem encountered was when one of my not so smart employees tried to pull a fully loaded 20 ton dumpster through the mud and out of his way. It cost me a new transmission and it cost him his job.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    That's true, CR does love Toyota. Yet they seem to have thier blinders on when it comes to the notchy quality of late that is coming from Toyota. Camry tranny issues, Avalon brake issues, sloppy workmanship of the RAV4, et al.

    But your faithful Car and Driver snubbed the Tundra yet again in it's big pickup comparo by placing it 3rd behind all things, a "quivery" Nissan and the Silverado.

    I say this to tell you to stop putting so much faith in the likes of journals and magazines to use as a crutch to bolster your crusade to color America with Toyota, especially trucks, cuz it ain't working.

    Bring it.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    Judging from the huge frontal area and the gigantic overhang that is associated with the Tundra, it's not the best choice to use a plow vehicle. The other trucks have better executed frontal designs that allows them to use an array of snow plow equipment. And for sure the big 3 all offer snow plow prep pkgs for their models, and Ram offers it in 1500, 2500, 3500. From a stipped down ST all the way up to the Laramie since you have to plow snow and sit on heated leather at the same time :P . Not sure about Ford and Chevy tho, I suspect that they may offer similar pkgs.
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