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Toyota Tundra vs. Chevrolet Silverado



  • erich1965erich1965 Posts: 33
    Others, including yourself have been proclaiming the Tundra far superior in towing capability, which is 300 lbs at both truck's max capacities. So, yes, you did. As for twisting words, how does it feel? What comes around, goes around.

    Funny you bring up crossmembers being "integral" to the design, I agree completely, so why do you refuse to address my claim of inferiority in the Tundra in that regard? Or do I need an ME's numbers to know that Tubular, welded in cross members are stronger and better than bolted in stamped sheet steel crossmembers?

    PS FYI, I am an ME. So there!!! Is Titancrew an ME? I don't see that anywhere in his post. Just because he can pull out a structural steel book and throw out irrelevant numbers to support his theory, does that make him an ME? Again, you love to make assumptions, don't you? Let me guess, jreagan was an ME too, right? therefore supporting your alias theory. Go ahead, plug it in, it should add interest to your story.

    if you can help me get the dimensional cross sections of these frames in various areas, i would love to do a FEA analysis on Solidworks and show you the differences in both torsional and bending stresses in these frames.
  • beliasbelias Posts: 316
    Amazing, you're going to dispute what is on Chevy's website?!? Your info is so utterly incorrect, it is truely baffling -- the airbags on the Silverado only cover the head! They have pics of it inflated on their own web-site showing it! Unless your butt is almost 3 feet tall and your head and hip touch, that side-curtain airbag isn't going to protect anything past your neck...
  • erich1965erich1965 Posts: 33
    Well, for you maybe, after all, you do have a huge head!!!

    They cover all the way to the armrests, just like I said. When is the last time anyone got killed from a hip injury anyway?
  • beliasbelias Posts: 316
    Yes jreagan, you are an ME! LOL!! Good one! OK, so why not post ME's numbers? Seems to me that should be all too easy to do? I didn't see you refuting the numbers that WERE posted... you opted instead to use your "common sense" since you didn't NEED to be an "ME" to see the benefits of the FBF design...
    And yeah, you are jreagan, and so is jim servers, and that girl that you had an alias for and about 8 or 9 more other failed alias attempts. I'm 100% sure that your IP address comes from the same office pool (or if at home, the same server pool) as jreagan's and that your computer's mac address is the same at both your office and home computers as jreagan's was...
    So, do whatever you want to try to convince us otherwise, it doesn't matter, but even the guys on the other GM/Chevy sites don't have nearly the signature MO that you have... I've been on the Avalanche site for 5 years talking with all kinds of GM guys (when I was seriously considering buying one) and none of them remotely speak the way you do... you're one of a kind!! (even if you have a dozen different names)
  • beliasbelias Posts: 316
    You just proved my point!! Look at the links!! The air bags are a good 9 to 10 inches ABOVE the arm rests... sheesh... I don't even need to do any work!! Thanks!
  • erich1965erich1965 Posts: 33
    Whatever dude, as usual, you are WRONG again. I don't care what you think, who you think I am, or anything you think. it just doesn't matter to me. Sorry.
  • erich1965erich1965 Posts: 33
    9-10 inches? maybe on your scale. :) haha
  • erich1965erich1965 Posts: 33
    I cannot post ME's numbers unless I have dimensional data in order to run an FEA. Pulling numbers from an ASTM structural steel book is totally irrelevant since they do not use structural profiles, they form their own (hydroforming)from sheet steel. Completely different numbers. But I wouldn't expect you to understand this. You are convinced that the Tundra frame is better, you go ahead and keep believing this BS. Still waiting for your response to the stamped, bolted in crossmembers....Your silence regarding this is understandable.
  • beliasbelias Posts: 316
    Man, your posts are getting dumber by the second! I NEVER claimed the Tundra's frame is better!! This whole argument was started by you claiming that the FBF is better, but yet showing NOTHING to support this. Even if, a fully boxed frame is better, you still aren't showing how it does anything to benefit the Silverado. Show me one benefit! You're the one making the claim that the FBF is a big deal and that it is far superior to the Tundra's frame. You never want to back it up. I don't need to do anything in this argument except wait for you to come up with actual proof of how this gives the Silverado something "better" than the Tundra.
    Again, I have not been silent on the stamped, bolted in crossmembers for the SAME reasons given above. You're the one that brought it up, so go ahead and show me how this gives some advantage to the Chevy. I'm not the one making the claims. You can't "sue" me in court and expect me to make my case against you... you're the one bringing the case, it is yours to make. If I don't say a thing, the judge will dismiss it. Same thing here with the frame argument. You're the one touting the design of it (cross members and all since you're obviously not picking up on the fact that cross-members in fact make up part of the frame) and proclaiming all the supposed "benefits" that it provides the Silverado. So, go ahead lets hear them... (Your silence regarding this is understandable as well)
  • beliasbelias Posts: 316
    BTW, they only cover the windows and last time I checked, the windows on the Chevy weren't 41" tall so yeah, they ONLY cover your head and prevent you from going out the side window.
    And, more importantly your statement should be more akin to somebody getting killed from a hip/chest injury -- apparently you don't know that you have a torso -- and yes, PLENTY of people have been killed from that over the last x number of years and decades. Just because I don't know them personally doesn't mean it hasn't happened (that is why they made airbags in the first place).
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    ....this is no longer a discussion, but a battleground. If anyone can give me a valid reason to keep it open, send me an email.
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