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Tundra Problems



  • kg11kg11 Posts: 530
    I think the difference in the number of inapropriate posts in Tundra/GM topics is in direct proportion to the number of vehicles sold.You ,as a small minority here,should be aware that when you go stir up trouble in topics where there are hundreds of owners discussing serious issues some will come to where you are to continue your "discussion"
  • kg11kg11 Posts: 530
    I can't say for sure but I think it was the same guy that put FORGED PISTONS in Tundras.Gussing about this too ,3/4 ton Tundra W/ big block?

  • kg11kg11 Posts: 530
    Post #105 in "Toyota 3/4 ton with big block v8"

  • twowheelertwowheeler Posts: 89
    "(send my warning PF!)"

    I think PF has given fair warning more than enough times. The next step is to start banning people from this site. Correct me if I'm wrong but, that can be done based on your IP address so it's not as simple as re-registering under a different name. You'd need to get a different ISP or use someone else's computer to get back in.

    So let's all just take a breather, take a drive around the block in our trucks and enjoy the rest of the weekend.
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Posts: 2,728
    Email me for bike update!
  • h0udinih0udini Posts: 118
    haven't done anything the GM owners haven't, and vice-versa. If anything, the GM owners are more at fault, as there's a regular GROUP of them causing commotion in the Toyota threads, whereas the resident Toyota owner raising a ruckus in GM threads can be pretty much narrowed to a single individual - bamatundra.

    So mgdvhman - save the temper tantrum and drama for your mama. Did you really think we'll sympathize with you?

    Of course, truly finding the guilty party would neccesitate finding exactly who started this nonsense. Quite an undertaking, especially since I'm sure certain posters have multiple identities in these forums. Not to mention some posters have a habit of stirring the pot then deleting their posts, right obyone?

    Can you imagine what the GM folks would say, mgdvhman, if this entire discussion had taken place in your off-limits GM threads?
  • losangelesemtlosangelesemt Posts: 279
    My comments to you had nothing to do with Toyota owners starting something in your "topics" or anything of the likes. It strictly has to do with the statement you made about not caring what PF our host thinks and that you will post whatever you like. Hey this is a private forum and is therefore governed by an organization of some sort, not the U.S. constitution.

    No I personally dont sit back and wimp out, I've always spoke my mind, but always with the due respect to whom I am speaking. I admire your courage to speak freely, but to say you're going to do it at all costs, even if its against forum rules, or our hosts judgement seems silly. I have no idea about the nature of fights you've had with Toy owners and in what topics. Im not pro Toy and anti GM or the rest. I dont agree with anyone in these threads who spends more energy on becoming a problem and less on being a solution.

    " I can be civil......but shut down my topic....and I'll mess with yours any time I feel like it.... "

    Why do we need these comments here ??? I didn't personally shut down your topic nor did I engage in any of the so called fighting. Theres quite a few others who have nothing to do with it as well, yet you believe the answer is to come in here and get your due revenge. So you admit that you're only here to start trouble and you want me or any of the rest of the serious posters in here to respect you ??? Even though it's a bit off topic, I'll talk 1/2 ton trucks in here anyday, Tundra or not, but are you even in here to do that much ???

    BTW - Im not a Toy owner so these so called fellow Toy owners you refer to are just as fellow to you I suppose. I've been a GM guy ALL my life, and currently drive a Ford.

  • ndahi12ndahi12 Posts: 235
  • davecrook1davecrook1 Posts: 13
    Just a little more detail on this apparent problem-yes,the vehicle is brand new-220 miles. The noise ONLY occurs after the vehicle has sat and become "cold soaked."It lasts for approx. the first five miles thereafter and is a faint but distinct,cyclical,rubbing noise which can be felt through your feet on the floorpan. It APPEARS to be coming from the left front though I can't be certain of that.
  • tomh12tomh12 Posts: 240
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Host= Pf_flyer
    CAPITAL LETTER= shouting
    Flag = Lebanon, your destination with your Tundra?
    ndahi12= person who says Tundra has forged pistons


    Unless you have something to take up with me, I suggest you either keep my name out of your posts, take it to mgdvhman's site or email.


    You asked why I hadn't posted a solution to dave's problem. Answer is simple. I was waiting for you to answer in which case you didn't. Refer to my first statement regarding knowlegeable Tundra owners.
  • kg11kg11 Posts: 530
    Sounds like a warped brake rotor to me ,but it don't seem like it would go away completely after it gets warm.Are you sure it's not still there ,but quieter?

  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162
    ...That's where e-mail and the net can't tell a persons tone..

    This board never brings out temper for me......just laughter of yawl...

    it may seem angry, perhaps due to me not caring to be 100% politically correct all the time........I can be very reasonable....but come into good topics and start crap....get them shut down....then [non-permissible content removed] due to "off topic" or "non-owner" asked for it......too bad it stays in this "censored" forum....

    like i said.....I tame down for "you people"

    DAMMMMMNNNNNNNN would a live get together be awesome.....settle this crap once and for me....I'd rather talk trucks and be civil......"But Bama started it Mommy!!!!!".....LOL

    Good Luck on this one now!

    - Tim
  • h0udinih0udini Posts: 118
    I would even consider taking it, but why shouldn't I show you the same courtesy as you've shown me? When you had "something to take up with me" you did it publicly and "vulgarally," then deleted it. You didn't do it through private channels, such as email, which is what you are requesting me to do.

    Here's my suggestion to you: If you don't like the heat, quit trolling in Toyota threads. The response you received for your actions was well-deserved. And please don't respond by e-mailing me. I get enough trash mail as it is.
  • kg11kg11 Posts: 530
    I don't know that Oby did delete his posts in GM engine knock.Mine disappeared within minutes of my posting it,and there was no "flaming" in it,although it was personal(just like this).It addressed the discussion at hand,which was off topic.
    Don't get me wrong.I'm not taking sides on this,but I read your cut and paste and didn't think it was that big of a deal.I think PF is TRYING to calm things down here and we have a responsibility to go along with him.

  • h0udinih0udini Posts: 118
    The incident I'm referring to didn't occur in the GM engine knock thread. This has been an ongoing problem, and what happened wasn't an isolated incident. To my knowledge, not even bamatundra engages in this spineless behavior.
  • kcowboykcowboy Posts: 33
    I've yet to see a legit problem concerning a Tundra posted here, just unwanted and disgruntled gm owners posting.... I mean blundering.

    If any fellow Tundra owners need real info. concerning legitimate if any... problems. Then go to a real site like TS. The local Walmart should be able to answer the gm questions.
  • twowheelertwowheeler Posts: 89
    Have you taken a peek under the truck? I've got a small vibration at 2,500 rpm on my Tundra that comes thru the driver's side floor pan and I think its something thats rattling under there (i.e. brake lines hopefully). I'm gonna check it out today. Maybe you have something similar and goes away for the most part after the truck heats up (i.e. exhaust system). Good luck on finding it. Post what you find out.
  • draymond2draymond2 Posts: 134
    I can't believe this forum. I have come here recently hoping to get some valuable information regarding the Tundra. All I see is a bunch of immature people exchanging insults. Get a life people!!!!!!
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    You are correct. It is a gas isnt' it?


    Trolling in the Tundra threads....? What are you talking about? You mentioned obyone seeking some form of justification? Doh!! Now that's a good one. If anyone's the wannabe here....well let's say it's not me. For whatever purpose you've chosen, really doesn't matter. Fact is you seem to help liven things old Bama and his Tundra seemed to be outnumbered. Keep up the good work.

    Where would this topic be if we weren't all here to discuss the problematic Tundra. I'll bet Toyota corporate is trying to figure how the Tundra made that top 25 list of lemons as of this moment. Facts are facts...Good luck on this one now!!
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