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Audi A6 Maintenance and Repair



  • Paul,

    Did you figure out this problem? I have a 2005 A6 4.2 and it has had a vibrating/grinding noise that begins at 40MPH and has been occurring for 10 months. Recently, when I am going slightly uphill the entire car shudders. That includes the steering wheel, dashboard, gearshift, all of it. This has happened across 2 sets of tires which have been balanced 3 times because the dealer(s) cannot figure out the issue at all.

    I live in Northern Virginia and have had the car in to HBL like 6 times. They eventually said that the problem just cannot be fixed and gave me some mumbo jumbo about "harmonics" of the exhaust system. That was before the noticeable shuddering started.

    Now, I'm not a car expert, but this happens when the car is in "D"rive. Yet when I change it to the "S"port mode right in the middle of the vibration and at the same speed, it goes away. In fact, I don't hear it in sport mode. So I have to believe there is an issue with the transmission or drivetrain. The shuddering is ridiculous. Everyone who gets in the car notices it and can't believe the dealer won't take the time to fix it.

    I have then taken it to another dealer, Audi of Rockville in Maryland. They had it for the day yesterday and said that they could not find the problem or recreate it. But it happens all of the time on a slight to moderate uphill at 35 MPH plus (that's when the noticeable shuddering begins). I really don't know what to do at this point. The forums say that Audi Customer Care is terrible. I bought the car in February of 2005 so I don't think I have any recourse on lemon law. Let me know what you found!!!

  • hope your keeping your paper work , and when you go in tell them you want to ride with the tech and possibly drive it , to help replicate that trouble , i will try and find a site on recalls that company put out it secret recall you might just try that it like at there discreation i think the dealer to say if there a recall or not , i would call customer care and get a file started a case number , have them set up your appointment , call them every day it not fixed once you get car back i got to know them all on my a 6 , i am not sure but also maybe contact your DMV talk to someone in auto inspection about this i hear that possible thing that car dealers and corporation hate , could send letter with copy of all your service order a brief but consise letter of what you tryed and bull answer your getting and how you feel unsafe in this car send it certified to your consumer affairs, In md it our attorney general office not sure in Va, i will tell you there is nothing but argonace when dealing beyond customer care at audi , Audi should not be allowed to use that Fraze CUSTOMER CARE or there definition is different then what is in Webster, Good luck
  • :sick: I just got back from the store my car ran fine. 10 min later I go to start the car and it is dead... Battery is great all lights, locks and work but it does not want to crank.. Can you give me a suggestion..
  • kgarykgary Posts: 180
    Check the starter.
  • Thanks I will do that.. But I was wondering if it is in the security system.. Had no problems with the starter but I will check..
  • Just bought a used 04 A6 from Easterns Motors in Northern VA. The second day it didn't start and they replaced the battery. Now the whole car vibrates while in first gear and upshifting from 3rd to 4th, and the check engine light is on, and it smells like its overheating although the temp gauge doesn't indicate it. Any similar problems or advice?
  • gabby10gabby10 Posts: 32
    if you just bought that car from a dealer i would call your consumer protection and see if you can return it and get your money back , welcome to world of 4 rings of hell , if you see a 06 A6 with 4.2 in canyon red out on the lot low mileage and loaded with option just look at it don't buy it it was probably mine , serious get out of that car there no help from audi
  • jsaatyjsaaty Posts: 2
    I faced a very similar problem with my 2005 Audi A6 (different platform, but similar issues). Took it to the dealer like 3 times and then I had to figure out the issue myself. Here's what you do:

    Go to
    Go to the TSB's. You will see the link at the very top of the page under the headline banner. These are Audi's technical service bulletins and they usually uncover most of these types of issues. Turns out my dealer must not have read them because I found 2 TSBs that exactly addressed my issue, I printed them and left them on the seat for the technician to review, and he fixed the car perfectly. Runs like new now.

    Here's the link for the TSB for your car. Make sure you copy this whole link into your browser. I found 2 particular TSBs that might be of help:

    Take a look at any of the TSBs that begin with "Power Train". They aren't very descriptive on the site but there is a number associated with your TSB and any Audi technician can look it up and see what the recommended solution is.

    That's just my 2 cents, but the TSBs on my car told them EXACTLY the issues. Turns out that the '05 A6 came with the wrong fluid in the automatic transmission. My car started to vibrate violently when it was shifting up gears. They replaced the tranny fluid with the proper new Audi fluid and the car runs like a charm.

    There was a second issue of a vibration in the rear. TSB told them to properly balance the transaxle or something like that. They did it and voila. Worked.
  • we actually own two 1999's, one an A6 and the other, an A$. Both are working very well, and we love the cars.

    The A6 has approx. 100,000 miles, and I would like to keep the car for a long time. I'm told that the biggest risk is the timing belt, and that for preventive maintenance, I should get it changed sooner than the later suggested maintenance schedule, if simply to avoid a disaster happening on a trip.

    Comments please?
  • kirby2010kirby2010 Posts: 136
    I share (shared) you concern. Mine is a 2001 2.7T. At the 90K service interval earlier this year I had the timing belt changed. I started asking about it at 60K and the service department assured me there was no problem - still, like you, I'd like to keep this car for a long time. I actually bought a Toyota 4Runner in September to drive to work three days a week just to extend the life of the Audi. Anyway, I had some other stuff done at 90K (oil change, tire rotation, etc.) and the bill came to about $2800. Money well spent.
  • Then I surmise from your suggestion that getting it done (again)at 170k is propably not wasted money?
  • I am looking to replace timing belt on '99 audi. The dealer wants $2200 for this service alone. Wonder what others are paying and opinions on other options here in Kansas City. Thanks.
  • I was happily driving my 1997 audi A6 quattro SW when at a stoplight, without any warning the car didn't engage the transmission anymore, the engine runs fine, the shift goes in all positions but it doesn't engage.....
    Is it the transmission?
    I had a mechanic over the phone tell me it's a 3000 USD job to replace the transmission, too much definitely for a car with 100K but I was wondering if ther isn't any way to "repair" a transmission, or maybe it's the fluid? (but such an abrupt stop, can it be the fluid?0.
    any advice, thanks,
  • Hate to tell you that I just had mine replaced. But here in Ottawa, Canada, they charged us $1,250. Since our dollar is at par, I cannot explain the difference... But I believe that based on my recent research that if you want to keep your car (and Audis can go on forever), this is a worthwhile endeavour.

  • Just paid $459 for the serpentine belt & tensioner repair on my Audi A6. Is this a fair price? Wholesale parts were less than $80 - but okay, so the local 'non-Audi' dealer made a few dollars ... looks like a bit of labor to reach this system.

    Any comparable costs out there? Is this a fair price?
  • I was recently told that I had to replace the MMI in my A6 Avant. They said it failed because coffee spilled on it. The cup holder is right next to the electronics for the system. My dealer said it's not under warrenty. This seems to be an obvious design flaw. Should'nt the components be shielded from spills, or moved to a less vunerable place. I'd love to hear from others that may have had this problem. BTW, I don't remember spilling anything!
  • blm47blm47 Posts: 3
    Bought used with 48000 miles on it in jan.07,now with 62000 miles on it and just having the 60000 mile service done the check engine light is on.What could it be,also noticed oil is low is this normal,plus noticed puddle under car under front bumper think its the headlight washer leaking.Love the car and want to keep it,but,is this the start of audi hell for me.Found a good repair shop with very good techs who infrom me that timing belt should be replaced at 60 to 70000 miles should i go to 90 or 100000 miles before that srevice is done.They only want 900 dollars to do it?Please help really love this car
  • I have an 03 A6 2.7T with the Navigation controls where the owners manual says the controls should be for setting up the on board computer. How do I turn off the service light and access the menu controls?
    Also how much mileage on a full tank should I be getting with the 2.7T?
    Thanks, K
  • My keyless entry remote had worked fine since I bought my 99 Audi A6 2.8 liter 3 years ago. All of a sudden, the remote stopped working. I figured that the batteries are out and so I went and replaced them with the same but new batteries.

    The keyless entry remote is still as dead as it was with the old batteries.

    My question is:

    Does any one know if there is anything else I need to reset? Can it be a fuse or something similar? What did you have to do resolve this problem yourself and without going to the dealer :-)

  • tommtomm Posts: 31
    They are the pits! We had some snow Thurs. night (I know, 5" and within a 6 hours) - and the wipers clogged. Then never finished the cycle - and stopped. (Had to be the driver's side!) So- I called the dealer - "Oh - we had many of those calls today - come in 1st thing Mon a.m. -all set". Well - not a "nut tightening" as suggested - a "linkage" - $605** - an "outside influence" - what?? snow? and this car is built in Germany?
    (**yes- car still in warranty). Oh well- it happened to Honda and Toyota, too - accordiong to this multi-line dealer.
    Any comments?? T.K
  • tommtomm Posts: 31
    stick with the Japanese..;)
  • blm47blm47 Posts: 3
    love the car but it seems to lose or burn oil just had 60000 mile service done now brake indicator is on and when should the timing belt be changed.
  • blm47blm47 Posts: 3
    bought used with 44500 miles on it and now brake light on is it front or rear brakes.And is this normal wear for brakes now at 63000 miles.Car seems to be burning oil because no leaks to be found also when do you change timiming belt?
  • shawn757shawn757 Posts: 150
    I bought the A6 quattro on the 28th too, and on Sat, I see the signal lights flashing when I went to the garage and the dash also turned on abs etc. Whats wrong here? Had to take it to the dealer after jump starting it. They said they have to look into it have the battery checked out. Funny thing is when I went to buy it the dealer had the car engine running he said it just came from the other dealer and they just checked it out but I think they knew it before selling it to me and didn't say a word.
  • The Audi A6 is a car to be leased for 3 years under warranty and then returned to the dealer. I made the unfortunate decision to buy a 2000 A6 2.7T new and if the extended warranty was not purchased, the car would have bankrupted me. Bought new for $42,500 and sold in 06 w/ 100,000 miles for $11,500. Devaluation is probably about average for this type of car. Considering that Audi is an "engineering company" with features that are cutting edge, some of the problems I encountered were indeed baffling:
    ....wheel shake when braking
    ....4 time replacement of front discs
    ....heater squeal in wintertime
    ....valve cover/cam chain gasket leaks
    ...alarm failure w/ signal lights flashing/windows going up/down on their own
    ....amazingly high normal maintenance charges from dealer
    ....driver's side key lock failure
    ....twin turbo failure even w/frequent synthetic oil changes

    Your problem is problably the alarm system failing, which affects the entire electronic operation of the car. Make sure you have a good warranty while owning this car!
  • ted27ted27 Posts: 1
    Does anyone know the cause of the trip recorder continually returning to zero accompanied by the dashboard light flickering?
  • Does any one know if gas tank has to be droped to replace it, Thanks
  • kolaskolas Posts: 2
    My Treo 700W and my AUDIA6 2006 4.2l Bluetooth do not have a strong connection. I get a good signal for about a minute or two then it is lost.
    The dealer suggested getting the bluetooth software in the car updated or getting a Blackberry Curve, which he said configures perfectly.... :surprise: :(

    Does anyone else have this problem and have any suggestions?

  • tommtomm Posts: 31
    had same ac blowing hot air prob - intermittent when real hot out - dealer had heard of a prob like this, but - obviously - couldnt reproduce while car in- so far, so good on that (ahh--yea- it's winter).. just about 48,000 miles now- what to do?? haha tomm
  • zorozoro Posts: 5
    i have a 2005 A6 and use to have a Treo 650, the Bluetooth would work but often would cut out after a period of time. I switched phones to the Curve and have not had any issues. Problem is with the Phone not the Car's bluetooth.
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