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Audi A6 Maintenance and Repair



  • kgarykgary Posts: 180
    It is the abbreviation for a Technical Service Bulletin, which is how Audi advises its technicians on how to repair a known problem.
  • straylostraylo Posts: 3
    OK, it's years later, but would you mind telling me what the cause and the solution (cost?) was to fix this? It happened to me this week.
  • kgarykgary Posts: 180
    There is a TSB on this problem. Drop me a PM with your e-amil address, referencing the stuck ignition key, and I will e-mail you the TSB.
  • straylostraylo Posts: 3
    Can you post the TSB here on this forum?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,592
    Here's the number of it so you can give this info to the dealer

    96 08 07

    August 12, 2008. Supersedes Technical Service Bulletin Group 96 number 06-01 dated July 14, 2006 to update SRT.

    Vehicle Information

    Ignition switch cannot be turned on; key may stick in ignition

    ^ Engine will not start.

    ^ Ignition cannot be turned on.

    ^ In some cases, the ignition key cannot be removed from the ignition switch after attempting to start the engine.

    Technical Background

    No communication with the Access/Start Control Unit (J518), which may be caused by capacitor and or transistor damage within the Access/Start Control Unit (J518).

    Production Solution

    Introduction of an improved Access/Start Control Unit (J518).

    This applies to ALL 2005 and some 2006.

    NOTE: Keep in mind that this is not a free repair if you are out of warranty.

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  • straylostraylo Posts: 3
    TSB - 96 08 07 doesn't seem to apply here :
    The car is 2001 A6 Quattro 2.7T.
    I can start the car and everything runs fine including locking/security system, brake switch / transmission interlocks etc. I simply can not remove the ignition key. Is this simply a mechanical problem in the ignition lock or something more sinister like a software problem in a steering column control module. How many reasons could Audi engineers have for not releasing the key?
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    While we're talking about 2005 A6's, are there any TSB's that address transmission hesitation?

    I'd also be curious about the headlight TSB. My wife's A6 has given us that message a couple of times, though things continue to work fine.

  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    Does anyone know if the HID headlights can be adjusted at all? I've got an '04 A6 Quattro and the light on the driver's side seems to have a slighly lower aim than the passenger side light. Can the adjustment be made, if

  • So my A6 wagon has been developing a small coolant leak over the last few weeks. It has just been draining the overflow tank and the car has been running fine. I tried a bottle of Bars leak stop and that worked, but only for a few hundred miles. So yesterday I decided to dig into and fix it. I thought it might be a metal tube that runs across the front of the engine. So I rerouted it around the metal tube and filled it up. Still have the leak. So after further investigation, the fluid is coming from behind the belts and pulleys and I can not see exactly where. Now my dad thought it could be the water pump, but we had a hard time finding that too. So could someone point me in the right direction to find this leak? Could you tell me what I would find behind the belts and pulleys? Where is the water pump? Anybody got a parts diagram they can send me? The car has been running fine at normal temperature, so I think the block is fine as of right now, but the leak did get a lot worse as I was driving home yesterday (of course on the same day I was gonna fix it). In advance, Thanks for the responses! I need them.
  • kirby2010kirby2010 Posts: 136
    That sounds like an auxiliary coolant pump. Not too long ago someone else wrote about it. I responded with my experience on my A6 2.7T. The car ran great but I had a small coolant leak. I don't know where it is though. I've only opened the hood of the car twice in 8 years. It was an $800 service charge at the dealer.
  • soapsudssoapsuds Posts: 1
    I have the same problem/same location. Did you find where yours is leaking? Please let me know. Thanks
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    I took my '04 A6 3.0 Quattro to the dealer to get the oil changed. I opted for the synthetic and the service tech informed me that my next oil change would be in 10k miles...I'm cool with that. I asked him about servicing the transmission and he then informed me that they don't do anything with the transmission as it has a lifetime fluid in it. Every car I've owned, I've had to serivce the transmission every 30-50k miles for obvious reasons. Should I listen to what the service tech is telling me and leave it alone or should I take it someplace that will flush and fill the transmission? If I do the latter, what type of fluid should I purchase for the transmission?
  • have a 2001 A6...check engine light keeps coming said its gas cap...bought a new one, good for a while then light comes on. Dealer said its a costly fix..any ideas anyone ?
  • ymoteymote Posts: 1

    My 2001 Audi A6 has power steering issue. When the car is parked with outside temperature under 60F for a night, the second morning the power steering is very heavy. I have to drive it for a while and restart the engine to get back the smooth steering. If I just drive it without restarting the engine, it won't get better. Looks like a sensor issue. Is anybody having the same issue? How can I fix it. Thanks.

    -- Yue
  • i have a 08' A6 w/ 5k mi on it... recently had it in for regular service and software upgrade ; this past weekend MIL light came on an took it back for service at dealership.. gave me some mumbo jumbo bottom line they put an injection cleaner thru and now i have to bring back after driving 60mi ???? Doesn't this sound a little slippery.. the car is practically new, with no problems or noticeable performance issues.
  • gbosleygbosley Posts: 20
    I would like to suggest to you that you keep every piece of paper on your car , never leave dealership with out all paper work that shows what they have done , and be sure that you take a loaner car , never not take a loaner
    i hope that this is a isolated problem , but i doubt it and not to make you have a sleep less night , but see what your Lemon Law are in your state ,
    i been there and sorry to say it was a real pain but my only mistake was for 45 days that my car sat waiting on a Audi Tech to come to fix it i did not take a loaner , that plays a part of paper trail , and there is nothing about audi and customer care
    good luck
  • MY advance jey work perfect locking and unlocking the car, but sometime when I push start button the car turns on, but the engine does not turn over.

    Any ideas?

    I have to open the door or move the key out of my pocket and it will start.
  • I have a 1997 Audi A6 which won't start. The problem is that when you turn the key in the ignition all the lights come on and then go out as usual but the engine doesn't turn or starter motor make any sounds. It's as if the ignition has been disconnected from the engine. Also the remote central locking has stopped working.

    Has anyone come across this problem before??
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,592
    See if a jumpstart works in this situation or not.

    If not, I'd suspect corroded battery cables, and if they check out okay, I'd suspect a bad neutral safety switch. (presuming you have an automatic)-- or a bad clutch switch, if you have a manual transmission.

    MODERATOR --Need help with anything? Click on my name!

  • jbbktjbbkt Posts: 1
    Hi I have an audi A6 avant 2.0 which is heavily leaking water. I know where the leeak is from. It is leaking from a plastic t-piece which connects to the engine. One end of the component is square this is where it connects to the engine. The other end is round and has a large (pipe approx 1"-1 1/2") connected to it. From the T-piece is a slightly smaller pipe. Ontop are 2 sensors.
    I need to replace this part but am unable to find th name of the component or where to get this part from. I live in France and am reluctant to take the car to an audi dealer as it looks like a job I can do myself.
    I have 2 pictures, one a close up of the component and the second a picture showing where it is positioned which can be emailed if they are any help, I dont know how to add them to the post :cry:

    Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give.

    Kind Regards
  • bummed5bummed5 Posts: 2
    I'm a late bloomer! It's June 09 and guess what the 2003 A6 Quattro is no better. Can't leave it in the rain!!!! Apparantly there are drains no one tells you about and they get clogged. I have found thousands of complaints about this online and surprise - Audi doesn't care! It was a sweet ride - when it's actually driveable. In shop now for thousands of dollars. Can't wait to ditch it - though it'll be worthless with all the damage. In debt for a reliable car? What a sad, sad joke.
  • bummed5bummed5 Posts: 2
    Wish I had known about these sites before buying an Audi. They are terribly designed with flaws that they won't admit to. You can't leave them in rain!! There are drains that get clogged (no one tells you about) until thousands of dollars have been spent. I rue the day I thought I could finally enjoy a "luxury" car. Down with Audi. In debt for quite sometime. Who would ever have believed this?
  • golfievetgolfievet Posts: 3
    I also own a 08' A6 (3.2L engine) with 13K miles on it and I have experienced the same MIL problem last week. As a first attempt to fix the problem, my dealer also poured in the gas tank an injectors' cleaner and ask me to drive a few hundred miles to see if the problem will re-occurred. Indeed, the problem re-occurred yesterday after 50 miles only. I am taking the car back to the dealer Thursday.
    I will keep you posted of what has been done.
  • gbosleygbosley Posts: 20
    As a Former Audi A6 owner , i can only suggest that you keep every piece of paper and get the loaner car while your car is in the shop and to look at what you need to do if you decide to go Lemon Law , There is no care at AUDI to customer satisfaction , I think you need to look at lemon law good so you might want to advise them on the 3rd try this is last chance . good Luck to you :lemon:
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    IIRC, there's a TSB to address that start button issue. Our 05 A6 had the same problems.

    Fixed under warranty.

  • we had to take it in 3 times... finally they said it was a software update issue..have them check ur most recent software update and make sure that it was installed properly. and since we've not had any issues since i hope that was it... but it was a lot of wasted time or an excuse to bill audi .... wouldn't expect that to happen to such a new car.... i'm a converted BMW owner and so far not very happy so far.... previous 540 owner .. never had to take the car in except for regular maintenance... i've taken this Audi A6 in more times this month then my BMW in 4 years.. if I have to take it back again for anything outside regular maintenance this year... it's a goner.. i'll tell them to pay me fair value and be done with the audi experience.
  • cgarrancgarran Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Audi A6 2.7T with HP2 4-Piston High Performance Front Brakes. I am tying to get the caliper off to change the front rotors and pads. When trying to get the slider pins off, I removed the caps and than inserted a 7mm hex key to remove the bolts. The 7mm hex key doesn't grip anything as there are just round holes. When I insert a smaller hex key (5.5mm or less) it passes through the hole and also will not catch on anything. Has anyone experienced this and found a way around it? I hope that the bolts are not just missing, but figure they have to be on since the caps were on and the caliper has not fallen off.

    I would just take the bracket off that holds the caliper on the car, but there is a break line running directly behind the bolt that I don't want to bend too much. Has anyone encountered this and did you find a good way around it? Any help or idea's would be greatly appreciated.
  • golfievetgolfievet Posts: 3
    I picked-up my car this morning. According to my dealer, the engine's intake valves where dirty. In order to clean them, they had to remove the intake and valve covers. A rather lengthy operation, luckily the car is under warranty. What worrys me is that dirty valves appear, according to the dealer, to be a surging problem with all Audi new FSI engines (engines with direct injection of fuel in the cylinder). It does not look too good for the car's long term reliability. It's not normal for a car with less than 15,000 miles to have dirty valves and I always used super gas.
    If what they have done to my car appears to have corrected the problem, it is only a temporary solution. The dirty valves problem will come back.
    That is my second Audi A6 and it will be my last one if they cannot find a permanent fix to this problem.
  • akapalcakapalc Posts: 1
    Found 2003 A6 $10500-60,000m Is this a smart choice,test drove car seems to run fine. But after reading some of your post it sounds scary.

    Honest opinions here, any reason why i shouldn't buy it.
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    Akapalc...I purchased an '04 A6 Quattro with 63k miles on it and paid $13,100 back in March. The car was in immaculate shape. Only issue was the rear brake pads needed to be replaced and the rear speakers aren't working. The dealer put on new pads at a deep discount and I'm not worried about the speakers as I'll be putting in an aftermarket sound system myself.

    The only other issue that has come up is the front rotors are warped because the place I took it for state inspection didn't torque the lug nuts down correctly. So...I'll be purchasing new rotors and putting them on myself (already purchased a caliper resetting kit). The car drives and performs wonderfully. We took it on a trip to Nags Head, NC (from DC Metro) and the car was terrific.

    Honestly, take the car to a mechanic for a 2nd opinion. If it's in good shape, pay for an oil change (unless the seller/dealer is willing to do one for you). If you go with synthetic, you'll be good for 10k miles. Shortly after that, you'll be due for the 75k mile service visit where they do all the major stuff. I was told that visit will cost about $1000. I asked about the transmission fluid and with the Quattro...everyone in Audi says it's a lifetime fluid and it doesn't get changed. If you have anything other than the would have to get it serviced. Don't ask me why, but that is what Audi corporate explained to me.

    As far as the turbo 2.7...jury is out on that. When I purchased mine, everyone I ran into with Audis said to stay away from the turbo model as the turbo is known for going out around the 120k mile mark. It was suggested if I could get the 3.0 to do so. Just something to maybe look into and do some research on before you pull the trigger.

    Good luck!
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