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Audi A6 Maintenance and Repair



  • jeez.. that doesn't seem right.. . I get this feeling we are all wasting time , since our cars are under warranty and the econ is slow... these service centers are making things up to bill Audi for the work.. I told Audi, that my 2008 A6 w/ 5k miles has been in the shop more time then my 4 yr old BMW. If it happens again, I'll get rid of it, and never even think about driving an Audi again. I'm already pretty upset that I took the dive and bought one in the first place. They are no where near the service quality or the engineering of a BMW.
  • I have a 2003 Black Audi A6 Quattro that I bought at the end of March 2009. I would sell it to you if you are looking to buy one. It has over 80 thousand miles but the car runs beautifully EXCEPT for the suspension is bad. The front right strut is shot and it ihas worn out the pump therefore it needs to be fixed. I am selling the car because I was told that it was problem free except for the windshield fluid indicator keeps coming on (also a problem, after having warranty insp, found it needs a new motor, (Bad for Lexus of Bellevue for selling this car as if it had no problems) I am either taking the car bacr to them or I will sell it after I report them to the ATtorney general"s office for selling a lemon.
  • afoxtxafoxtx Posts: 1
    I own an 08 A6 with less than 15K miles (have had it for a year and a half). Twice I've had to take it into the dealer to address the sunroof leaking, and twice I've been told that leaves from my oak tree are clogging the sunroof drain - and the last time they charged me $60 to clear the drain. And the maintenance guy told me he's had the same problem on his Audi. I never had this issue with my previous VW Passat, which was parked under the same trees for several years. I'm not parking it with the roof open - this is happening to a fully closed sunroof (that apparently can't withstand leaves!).

    Has anyone else experienced this? Does Audi need to run an ad campaign about how Audis are for everyone unless you happen to have a tree canopy over your driveway?
  • egnaroegnaro Posts: 1
    Exact same issue. Was on vacation in SC (800 miles from home) got up in the morning to find about 2 gallons of water slushing around in the backseat of my car. Cannot leave it out in the rain but also cannot image that there is a leak anywhere big enough to pick up that much water. Wonder if there is a leak on the undercarriage of the car - it is dried up now - will probably sell now before any major damage happens.
  • gbosleygbosley Posts: 20
    you get my sympathy from AUDI, you need to be sure that you keep every piece of paper , call AUDI customer care (believe me they don't) and complain , you might even ask them to set you up at another dealer , i can not imagine why all this is not cover under warranty , you know it bull about where you park it , i would contact your consumer affairs office that with the state , to see what your rights are , even beyond Lemon law there help , it just a pain but it who will last you or audi , i would think that if it water damage your going to have a mold problem , you can't drive in unhealthy car . but do yourself a favor , don't buy another one , good luck
  • alexyazalexyaz Posts: 8
    Hi camps I have the same problem with my 2000 Audi A6 2.7T. I haven't figured out why the engine bucks like that, but, the mancanic said that my timing belt is about to go. This was about a month and I didn't do anything to the car, not even fix my timing belt yet. However the bucking stopped?! What I did do, is eased the pressure on the gas pedal. I slowly lift my foot off of it and the engine didn't buck.

    Does your car's cooling fan ever run when the car is off. I had this happened to me a couple of times and I cant figure out why. the fan is also LOUD. when the car stops at a light everyone looks at my green Audi not because it is cool looking, it is because the fan is running at full speed with the ac off. I had this car for one year and I just want to get rid of it. It is a fast, great handling car, but, it will take all the money out of your wallet. :lemon:
  • fonefixerfonefixer Posts: 247
    Owned the same car for 6 and a half years. Great driving and fantastic interior. Poor electrical and mechanical quality. Two sets of front rotors/pads, turbo went out at 98000 miles, even with mobilone oil changes every 5,000 from new. The car would have bankrupted me w/o the extended warranty plan. Stay away from Audi turbos at all costs! Have plenty of info for anyone considering or driving the 2.7T.
  • dm1212dm1212 Posts: 59
    I have an 05 A6 I bought it CPO back in 07. I had a loud popping noise coming from the car. They charged me 2 hours of diagnosing fee's which I thought was covered, at 130 dollars an hour. Turns out MY BERRING'S WERE UNGREASED. They charged me 190 dollars to put grease in them. Not to mention my sunroof motor visor has broken 3 times in 5 months. Also, I had it towed 2 years ago due to a "SOFTWARE UPDATE", the car wouldn't start.

    Honestly, the car drives so nice when it isn't in the shop, and Quattro is amazing.

    Within the next year I'm going to buy an A5 or an S4, but I hope I get lucky this time.
  • fonefixerfonefixer Posts: 247
    WRONG.......not changing the audi transmission fluid will result in the "tiptronic" transmission going bad at 70,000 miles+. The fluid breaks down eventually.
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    That may be so in the 2.7 T, but with the 3.0 a different transmission is used. This is information direct from Audi Corp. I will soon find out what happens around the 70k mile mark as my '04 A6 3.0 Quattro has close to 68k miles on it currently.

    Now...I know from what I was told by Audi Corp., if the tranny goes bad due to fluid breakdown...they will be replacing my transmission since everyone affilitated with Audi, that I have spoken to, has told me that the transmission on the 3.0 Quattro does not require transmission servicing because it has lifetime fluid in it. They said if I didn't have the Quattro or if I had a manual would be a different story. Again...this is what folks from Audi are saying.
  • alexyazalexyaz Posts: 8
    Dude I will deffently get that in writing. You dont want to go to the Audi dealership and find out that you need to make a $3000 repair.
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    I think you're right about that.
  • fonefixerfonefixer Posts: 247
    Audi and every other manufacturer are just plain wrong about "lifetime" fluids. All fluids break down eventually. Transmission fluid is transmission fluid, have it changed every 40 to 50,000 miles on the Audi. I now drive a Mazda Cx-7, and have the tranny fluid changed every 20,000 or so. Cheap insurance.
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    I've questioned the whole "lifetime" fluid thing to be honest, but there's something that is allowing them to say that an stand behind it.

    Finding a place around here to change the fluid isn't easy at all. I've gotta '06 Hyundai Azera and I changed the fluid around the 35k miles mark and plan on doing it again very soon as I am at 73k miles now.
  • slinea6slinea6 Posts: 1
    I just picked up an 04 A6 S-line and the headlights need to be adjusted up. is there an easy way to do this?
  • naz_a6naz_a6 Posts: 2
    Hey allmet33,
    My question is a few months after your Q but what the heck. I did a google search on this topic and stumbled on to your question. I was wondering the same thing, i have an '04' 2.7T that i just purchased and it looks exactly as you have described it. I had an '03' A4 about 3 years ago that had the same condition but i never looked into it. Any good responses?

  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557

    From my understanding, it's a setting that can be changed via computer at the dealer. Does your car have the HID headlights?
  • kirby2010kirby2010 Posts: 136
    I suggest you look at the gas you're using. All gas is not the same, I use Sunoco almost exclusively. I read a couple studies on gas quality and they are at or near the top. My second choice is Mobil. Avoid discount gas. I've had my A6 2.7T (6-speed) for 8 1/2 years. 104K and serviced every 5K. I really like this car with very few problems and I hate to part with it. But I replaced '94 SHO and I will be looking at SHOs again in a month or two.
  • alexyazalexyaz Posts: 8
    Ok I have a 2000 Audi A6 2.7T and recently the engine is not working right. after coming to a stop I will step on the gas and the gears wont get caught to turn the wheels. Instead the engine revs and the car rolls until the the wheels work. I am thinking this can be a transmission problem but I really dont know. Could it also be the timing belt?? please let me know if any of you encountered a problem like this before and if you solved it.
  • fonefixerfonefixer Posts: 247
    sounds like the "tiptronic" 5 speed transmission is slipping. I would have the transmission fluid changed ( on the audi it is special fluid) and see if it improves.
  • alexyazalexyaz Posts: 8
    I just called audi to change the transmission fluid on my 2000 A6 2.7T it will cost me $360. but, I guess it is better then replacing the transmission.
  • naz_a6naz_a6 Posts: 2
    Yes, I've got the HID's. Thanks for the reply, I'll be calling my Audi service rep for some additional info. I'll also ask about the trans fluid, no sense in taking any risks.

  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    No problem, good luck and please post your findings.
  • dkl1dkl1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 A6 (6 cyl) with about 39k miles and have had no problems. (I like the car a lot and am happy I made the purchase.) The side front running light went out and the manual states that light bulbs should be replaced by an authorized repair center, etc. I opened the hood and didn't see any access to this area and I tried to look under the fender near the wheel and under the bumper with the same result. Does anyone know if I can handle this without going to the dealer? I am not very mechanical but it would be nice if I could change a light bulb without making a trip to the dealer.
  • abnizabniz Posts: 2
    I have a problem with driver side window. I think the plastic causing is that problem. If anybody can suggest me a reliable mechanic in the neighborhood of Rutherford, New Jersey. who they know & may have an experience. It would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  • I brought my car into the shop over 6 weeks ago. It was making a loud noise somewhere under the hood. The noise would go away after the car warmed up but come back. The first place I brought it had it for 3 weeks. They replaced the timing chain on the passenger side. The noise was still there. They could not figure out the problem so I had it towed to an Audi Dealership. The dealership has had it for the past 3 weeks and they can't figure out what the problem is either so they are telling me to replace the motor. I don't understand how a 4 yr. car with 113k miles needs a new motor when it ran when I brought it in. Has anyone else had any issues with their 2005 A6 3.2L?
    Sorry I am not a mechanic and can't really explain the details.
  • Looking to buy a 2009 3.0T Quattro leftover. Love the looks, it drives like a dream & the price is right. Had a '79 FWD 5000 S for many years of trouble-free driving. Made the mistake of selling it & buying a '87 Camry. Worst car we ever owned. Lousy in snow, poor assembly, Lousy dealer service, lots of repairs fortunately most under warrantee. I don't want another experience like that & have heard some bad stories about recent Audis.

    Anyone out there have any helpful feedback?

    Wife wants a boring Lexus ES. (Camry was hers too. But, even she eventually grew to hate it, even as an appliance. So I don't understand why she likes the ES.) I want the Audi. Really wanted to keep the leased 328i. But it was "too small" for her. She's 5' '2" (?)

  • Greetings Stevan ql
    In the Audi A6 you have two options for telephone.
    1st. you purchase a wireless phone from Audi which is compatible with your MMI mounting bracket, for one of the telephones that Audi sells, for the mounting bracket in the center consoled, that is, or.
    2. Your person Cell phone must have the "Bluetooth" (Preferable Ver.2.0) feature allowing you to receive and telephone handsfree with your cell phone over the audio system in your MMI.
    You can find a list of Cell phones that are recommended by Audi on there web page. or something like that.
    In both cases the telephone must be synchronized with the MMI unit in order to use either phone. The easiest way to accomplish this is with the vehicle operations manual for your MMI unit, Multimedia Information System (MMI) for short.
    The standard code for the Telephone Synchronization is either 0000 or 1234 also listed in your MMI/Phone section of the operations manual.
    Additionally you should know that using your "Personal Cell Phone" will limit the number of features you can use on your MMI system. In other words it's a trade off
    between an "New phone purchase from Audi" or Cell phone with some restrictions.
    Also to be noted:
    If you have "Voice Recognition" capability with MMI you can control the following
    through Voice activation:
    Telephone and related Directory
    Radio CD Changer.
    Note: But don't get to excited as it's an option and the previous owner may not have purchased "Voice Recognition" so if you want it the chance are you'll have to reach to your right hip.
    A final note on today's Vehicles in this particular class:
    a. They are controlled by computers, and as such, the old days of Ignition contacts, rotors, Coils (as we once new them) are things of the past.
    b. I'm assuming you've purchased a used vehicle as I recently did but hears a good starting point to help you understand what's in your car and what's not:
    Take your Vehicle ID document with the Chassis number in it to your local Audi
    dealer. Go to the parts department and ask them to print out the Complete Configuration of your vehicle. Some of this information is coded but for starters you will see in plan English what items are installed or not.
    I'm assuming they can do this as I live in Europe and I just did this the other day
    with my A6 3.2 L Quattro Salon.
    Well, I'll stop here, hope you enjoy your new ride as much as I'm enjoying mine.

    PS: Just remember, Before you panic, be informed.
    Best Regards
  • Dear Stephanie5073:

    Please forgive me for saying this but:
    Don't ever apologize for things that you don't understand. It's your car, your money
    and if it does not work it's your car/responsibility,OK. :cry:
    Now lets see if we can shed some light on the problem.
    a. You have the same car I just purchased in August of 09. I've worked in the Auto industry as a service adviser for ten years. My experience covers Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Toyota, Fiat, Ford, Chevrolet,BMW and a 1932 Ford coupe.

    b. I hope you've since got your car back and it's working now and it did not cost you an arm and leg. I say that because when you tell all of us that "You brought your car in to a shop 5 wks ago and they replaced your right timing chain and the problem is still there, you must know that you got taken. Not Good !! unless you have really deep pockets. :sick:

    So here are some first rules for "Novice Car Owners":
    "Knowledge earns Respect"
    Believe me when I say that Automotive technicians & service advisers will respect
    you more if you can show them you have knowledge about your vehicle.

    a. There's another web page on the net, which I am not affiliated with, called
    "The Car Bible" Go there start reading as often as you can, learn as much as you can, take notes, make a folder and use it as a reference for your next trip to "THE SHOP" :sick:
    Purpose: If you don't want to spend a fortune on repairs then you need to get smart about your Vehicle/investment.
    b. Take or call your local "Audi Dealership" and ask them to print out the entire list of features on your car from the Vehilce ID document with the chassis number on it.
    Take it home, read it top to bottom, become familiar with what you have and what you don't have.
    Don't worry about all those codes in the left column.

    It did not cost me anything, you should not have to pay for that either.
    c. This is really the first rule: Don't ever assume that "The Shop" or New car Dealerships know everything about every car they sell or service.
    d. If you just recently bought this car and it was purchased from a dealership, hopefully Audi, that's where you should take the car. Why because even though it's four years old, it "Might have a warranty". VW & Audi have an internal Warranty program, Car Life and Car Plus, and if you purchased your car from Audi then you may very well have purchased and paid for a warranty when you purchased the car.
    Go to the Audi Web page and read all the information on the Audi Warranties, Car Life and Car Plus. Also check your purchase contract and see if they gave you a certificate for a warranty.
    e. If you have a warranty from Audi then it should cover a number if things.
    I have a Car Plus warranty for two years and it covers complete drive train, electrical items except for normal wear and tear parts like brake pads, mufflers etc.
    f. Find a friend who knows allot about vehicles and computers that you can trust.
    Why because it's going to take you a while, 6 months or so to get smart about what you purchased. The Audi A6 year 2005 is a "New Generation Vehicle" for Audi
    it has more computers in it than most small business, fiber optic cables, computer programs that run everything from the head lights to the engine and transmission.
    This is not really a bad thing because it helps to makes the car more efficient, safe and reliable. OK, at the moment you've got a problem, a noise, from under the hood. But as they say in Germany "The word (Auto) starts AOW and ends with OHHHHHHHH".
    g. Here's your first question when you return to the dealership:
    What did the Error Control Units (ECU) error codes tell them about the potential problem with your car? Why this question ! Because everything that's important in
    that car works off of electricity & computers that store "Error Codes" in memory chips that tell the technicians what the cars been doing. And the only time that information gets read is when they (Audi) hook there test computer to the plug under the steering wheel and read the codes.
    At this point I'm not sure exactly how we should proceed, , is your car in the shop or is it fixed. So please be patient, as I don't have any magic dust, it's difficult at best from where I sit to diagnose your "Noise Problem", so my suggestions will have to remain general and for future use.

    Actually, Stephanie, I think I'll stop now as, I'm tired. I hope you get the idea and
    that I have not offended you. You've purchased a great car. I had a BMW for 20 years and I put thousands in it before buying this A6. It's the greatest Automobile I've ever owned. You certainly have good taste. And taking care of "THE CAR" is
    part of the deal.
    PS: If this is still an issue drop me a line with more information.

    Best Regards
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