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Ford Escort ZX2



  • sbarstowsbarstow Posts: 1
    Can anyone please tell me where to find the pcv valve and hose on this car? According to the read outs from the dealer, I needed to have this replaced. Well, I have a new valve and I have the hose for my 99 Escort ZX2 DOHC. Please if anyone knows where this thing is located, I really need to know.

  • angeladtangeladt Posts: 2
    I have a 2002 Ford Escort ZX2. The coil pack on it seems to be going out at random. The car will start jerking and die and not start again. I don't know much about cars so of course I have no clue what is going on, but even my mechanic cannot figure this one out. My mechanic is a family member so he does everything on my car pretty cheap. He has talked to several other mechanics including a few at a Ford dealership, and he has had no luck finding a solution to the problem. The suggestions that we have tried include: checking for a bad ground wire or short in the wiring, replacing the spark plugs, doing a tune up, replacing the spark plug wires, and replacing the wiring harness. None of this has solved the problem. Replacing the coil pack always solves the problem temporarily. It has been replace about 5 or 6 times now in the last 6 months. Fortunately for me the coil pack had a lifetime warranty and I was able to get a new one for free each time. Now O'reilly's is refusing to honor the warranty and will not replace it any more. Can anyone give me any ideas on what is causing this problem or what I can tell my mechanic to look for? I really appreciate any help. Thanks.
  • I had the same problem, and after 3 coil packs, I took it to the dealership and they had to replace the computer. This has solved the problem, but it will cost a pretty penny.
  • remowusremowus Posts: 40
    I have tuned it up, checked all the conections and fuel injectors.
    A couple of mechanics looked at it. No one can tell me why it cranks over about seven or eight times before starting.
    It used to crank once or twice. Runs good once it starts.
    Anybody have an idea?
  • angeladtangeladt Posts: 2
    The computer has already been replaced. I must have forgotten to mention that one in the things that I've already tried. It didn't work. That was one of the first things that we tried on the car. But thanks anyway.
  • Robert,

    Want to thank you very much for your information regarding that "squeal". My wife's '98 ZX2 was doing exactly the same thing. Our mechanic could not find anything; said he didn't hear it, but did change the electric cooling fan (said the bearings were going bad), but the noise was STILL there $330 later! I ordered the breather filter for $14.44, installed it yesterday afternoon, took a 50 mile drive today, and the sound is completely gone. Again, thanks very much for your wonderful information!

  • I'm sorry. Ack, I hope you find something out, and I hope it's not too terribly expensive. I can understand your frustration!
  • tmurphytmurphy Posts: 10
    It's located on the right side (as you face the engine)of the upper block just behind the radiator and under the upper radiator hose. You need small fingers to get at it.
    It really doesn't have to be replaced but just cleaned out with Gumout. As long as it's clean and the spring is loose, it's okay.
  • pastbartpastbart Posts: 1
    I've been told my a mechanic that my wife's 2000 ZX2 needs a solenoid, pulley and something else that together cost over $800 for parts. something about not retarding or advancing the camshaft. He says something about the oil pressure needing to be over 50psi and a little pin hole that the oil has to go through. Does any of this sound familiar to anyone? Help!

  • mvg22mvg22 Posts: 2
    Does your wife's car idle low (around 500 RPM)? I have gotten the solenoid / overadvanced camshaft error message, and even though a mechanic managed to do something to get the service engine light off, it hasn't improved the performance at all. If I can find what the part was, I'll let you know, but I didn't see any real benefit.
  • I believe that is the name of the part that my 1999 ford escort zx2 requires, and the part number is F8CF-12B581-BD. If anyone knows the actual name of this part it wouldbe appriciated. Also, if anyone knows where i can get one for relatively little, that would be good too. Thanks
  • I am a car dumb female but need an answer. Is a 2002 Escort SE the same as a ZX2? Or are they 2 completly differently cars?
  • chump5chump5 Posts: 1
    i just bought a zx2 for 500 bucks from a friend at work. She ruined the tranny so i had to either get it rebuilt( for 1300) or i could try and find a totaled zx2 and buy a tranny off that,

    well my dad found me a tranny from a junkyard, but they knew absolutely nothing about it, biggest gamble ever.

    well we bought it for 350 (tranny) and put it in and tried it but the first day it felt rusty , but the next day it felt smoother. but my dad wants me to sell it which would be that bad cause i can probly get 2500 for it (kbb - 3185)

    but if i do sell it i dont no what to get i want something for my money, something that would last, but i only have a budget of about 5000, any suggestions
  • bjpominvbjpominv Posts: 4
    This was a great tip! I have been living with this noise for almost 2 years. It sounded like a belt squealing to me originally and it was diagnosed as a timing belt tensioner. I chose to deal with the noise and wait until I needed to change the belts. The garage did that and the noise remained. They couldn't figure out what the problem was (none of this was at Ford directly - I try to avoid the dealership). I saw these posts and I changed the crankcase breather filter, which was less than $15. The Ford dealership said they had never (heard of or) sold the part, but it fixed the problem right there! I was able to change it in the dealership parking lot with no tools.

    I would avoid trying to find an aftermarket one. Part stores may try to give you the PCV valve, which is only about $3 and is a good idea to replace, but it doesn't fix this noise, which was actually a whistling instead of a squealing as it sounded. Very happy this fixed my problem!!
  • mbowmbow Posts: 2
    bought mine new off lot get 40mpg and i have 293000 miles on the old girl!
  • kjzx2kjzx2 Posts: 1
    Just bought a 2000 ZX2. It has 185/65/14 but I question whether this is the original tire size the car came with. The wheels are an actual 5 spoke with center cap w/ford logo. The wheels are beat and tires are worn, need to replace all. Everything I find on the net does not show the wheels that are on my car. I think someone may have thrown on some junk to sell it. The door sticker does not state tire size, I think it may have come with 15". Can anyone tell me what size this car came with from the factory?
  • naatz1naatz1 Posts: 188
    My son's 99 ZX2 with 2.0L DOHC just broke the serpentine belt and then stopped no way it would start plus gave a false code (can't recall, may have been 1380, but not valid) and put our small town machanic into a real wild goose chase! After hours of digging, internet emails etc it turned out to be a small piece of metal blocking the oil passagway in the VCT solenoid. He cleaned it out and the engine started up! Saving the price of a new Variable Cam Timing solenoid which I guess is significant. While in there he replaced the timing belt at 102k miles to be done with that.

    And the car really runs smooth now too, an added side benefit. It had idled in gear real rough since we bought it used 15 months ago but based on postings on this site that was one of the most complained about problems with this car/engine combo. Now it's much better although still rough, (hey you know it's a 4 cylinder) and seems to idle lower however but no stalls after driving it 50 miles the past 2 days.

    So I can't totally answer you question which is probably well past due anyway but this exhaust variable valve timing is not the best, and the mechanic says the newer version of that engine in the Focus is back using the EGR valve system most cars have had for years.
  • About a month or so ago my tachometer, fuel gauge, and temperature gauge started acting up. Some days they will work and some days they won't. Over the last few weeks it is more not working than are working. I just got the car out of the shop yesterday where they replaced the alternator due to that going out also. When I picked up the car, the gauges worked for about an hour or so, and then quit and hasn't worked since. I took it back to the shop and they had their electrician work on it for a few hours, which rendered no solution. When I went back to pick it up again tonight, the shop guys told me that it could be either the computer or the 'dash cluster'. They also told me that that is just what they thought it might be, as there could be any number of things wrong that they just couldn't find. Can anyone please tell me if they also have had this problem and what was determined when the repairs were done.

    Thanks in advance for any/all assistance.
  • Started doing that . My mechanic replaced the alternator and battery. It has been running fine since.
    got 70K on it - replaced the parts at about 65K
  • I am wondering if we have the same problem. My radiator fan is on constantly. When I turn the car on, the fan is automatically on.
    I found out it could be the CCRM (constant control relay module)
    My mechanic couldn't find the solution to why the fan was always on.
    If this sounds like your problem, please answer.
    Jan. 9, 2007
  • My '99 zx2 also has a gauge problem.
    The temp gauge only registers up to below the C. It only moves about an 1/8". I was told that was because the radiator fan is on continuously and the car never heats up. However, the heater works and the a/c works.
    Sounds like the compressor is always on when I want the vent to flow from the dash and to the floor.
    Do you think we are on the same page with the problem ?
    I'M LUCKY IF I GET, 20 - 21 MPG
  • remowusremowus Posts: 40
    My ZX2 (a 2000) , was running cold for a while.
    I changed the thermostat and it started running at the right temp. Been Ok since. You might change the coolant too while you're at it.
  • I was told that the radiator fan control stays on all the time, consequently, the gauge for heat doesnt move past the first line.
    My car heats up fine, there's no problem with the temperature in the cabin, just that the fan stays on all the time.
    Who knew ?
    I heard from a FORD Master Auto Technician that it could be a bad CCRM (constant control relay module)
    Still havent taken it in to get looked at. The last visit cost me $175.00 just for labor spent. The estimate was going to be $500 to fix, not really knowing what the problem was.
  • CCRM (constant control relay module)
    I thought the number was F8CF-128581-BD
    Did you have any luck yet?
  • Hi All, have a 1998 ZX2, should be DOHC. This morning the car started spewing oil from out of a sensor/solenoid that is top dead center in the valve cover. Can't find it in Haynes. Gawd awful AutoZone has no idea. Any experience here? Looks like it is simply pressed in with an o-ring. It is wired to the harness as well. Thank you for any help you can offer.
  • My wife has a 2000 ZX2 with an automatic. The other day she started it up and attempted to drive off but it wouldn't shift out of park. I had to do the manual override with a screwdriver to get it going, but I can't figure out what caused it to lock. I thought it could be a fuse, but they're all good, is there a separate switch or something that could have gone bad?

    Just wondered if anyone else has had this problem and might have a fix.
  • Make sure you are stepping on the brake when you try to shift.
    I knew someone with this problem, although not a ZX2, and he wasn't stepping on the brake when he shifted. Also, I'm wondering if the neutral switch might be going bad.
  • I really don't mean to sound like a smart a$$ but I know I will so I'll even apologize before I say this! We've both been driving for over 30 years so I think we both know to step on the brake before trying to shift. But thanks anyway.
  • will a ford focus svt motor fit in a 2000 zx2?
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