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Ford Escort ZX2



  • Click23, I just wanted to say thanks for the information about the crankcase breather filter! My 2001 ZX2 also developed this squeal. It sounded like the noise was coming from the drive belt, so I had a shop replace the belt and auto-tensioner...and it didn't fix the sound. I was on the verge of having the timing belt replaced, but decided to google it instead. Google directed me to your posts. Although my engine looks a little different than the 1998 engine, I was able to locate the filter on my car based on your picture. The part number for the 2001 ZX2 crankcasae breather filter, in case anyone is wondering, is F8KE-6A768-AC. A hose leads from the main air filter housing to the breather filter...and a small hose leads from the bottom of the breather filter to the crankcase cover. I called a local Ford parts department and got the part for $14.07! The guy there did have to cross reference the part number. On my receipt, it lists it as part number F8CZ*6A768*AB...and there is a FA1661 by that. Anyways, thanks for sharing the fix click23! That noise made my car sound like a POS...and it was highly annoying for almost a year. Now my car runs smoothly again, and with no squealing!
  • milguymilguy Posts: 4
    Hi, I have the same problem on a 2003. Except, the shifter stays in R/N/D only. I can't get it to go to park or L. And, well, if it doesn't go into park I can't get the key out. Did you find anything to cause your problem? Unhooking the battery is a PAIN!
  • remowusremowus Posts: 40
    I was wondering the same thing. It should bolt right in. Maybe a little tight though.
  • jeeverjeever Posts: 1

    I also wanted to thank you for your post. We have a '98 ZX2 that we really like. We took it to two dealers in the Bay Area and to a private mechanic; all three were coming up with bogus repair costs of over a $1000. None of it made sense; we got tired of the screeching and stopped driving the car for over half a year. I stumbled into your post last week, and followed your advice. The car is fixed; you've made me a hero. I created an account on the forum, so I could thank you. all the best, jeever
  • remowusremowus Posts: 40
    After my '00 ZX2 was towed, it sometimes won't start.
    What it does is that sometimes when I turn the key nothing
    happens. No lights no fan ,nothing.

    The tow truck driver towed my car from the drive wheels while it was in park and I'm wondering if it screwed something up.

    Maybe the starter has a bad spot?

    Anyone else have this problem?
  • I have my cd player hooked up and everything but i cant get the climate control to hook up because the cord is to short? ne suggestions? or should i take it to a professional?
  • bojo776bojo776 Posts: 2
    ok, i had a similar problem.
    my dad and I took off my faceplate to see where a cd player could fit and we accidently disconnected it. so after taking apart just about the whole inside tryin to get it we looked at these diagrams at the ann arbor library and heres what you need to do:
    follow the cord to where it goes and disconnect it, it is really simple if you pull on it you will get no slack but reach back and release the clasp to disconnect it. this should give you all the slack you need to connect it then just put the faceplate back on and replug in the cord from where u unplugged it
  • remowusremowus Posts: 40
    Now, is that a Ford cd player made for the car or a third party brand?

  • bojo776bojo776 Posts: 2
    mine was a 3rd party brand, but there is no room for a cd player without cutting out my faceplate which i dont want to do because i like how it looks, i might just have to attach my cd player below the glovebox on the metal frame
  • stunna2stunna2 Posts: 13
    I have a aftermarket cd player in mine. All I did was pay 60 for the conversion kit. It comes with all the controls and looks a lot better. You can even tape off where the controls off and paint it with some fuzion paint to match your car. It is a pain totake off all the knobs and controls and screw the two the new plate though.
  • stunna2stunna2 Posts: 13
    Alright, mine did the same thing. I took all the plastic off around theshifter. After I did this I found out that there was alot off soda causing it to stick. So when I jercked it back I bent the pin. not hard to fix, just alot off plastic to take off to get it.
  • mikenabbymikenabby Posts: 2
    i have a 99 zx2 i have the same problem if you dont mind me asking how much did it cost and is there a site for discount parts.
  • mikenabbymikenabby Posts: 2
    my car needs a variable cam solenoid my questin is can i do this my self where is it and does anyone no of a web site that has cheap parts and how much will it cost if i have someone to do it
  • naatz1naatz1 Posts: 188
    It cost us around $450 for the entire job - - $325 for the part from the Ford garage on discount even (5 shops like NAPA in town did NOT carry it, a Ford exclusive) and the rest for labor but this was from a friend mechanic who usually charges $30-40/hr and this is a real bear to fix and re-time this engine so I know he gave us a deal.
    It's run fine since fixed Aug 06 but this peppy engine still runs REAL ROUGH, no fixing that apparently.
  • Thanks for posting the information about the crankcase breather filter. I had the exact problems with my ZX2 as Chezelle and i got my replacement part at a local Ford dealer. I installed the part before i left the lot and drove the car for at least 45 minutes in city and highway conditions and the noise was GONE! it took a year to find the cause, and it was fixed with a $15 part.

    and like a few others on here, i had a little trouble at the dealer explaining the part although it clearly sits right on top of the engine and is extremely easy to find and change the part out of.

    The part number on the box is FA 1661. my box from the dealer was red and it was manufactured by Motorcraft.

    Prior to the fix, 2 dealers gave me the run-around about the cause and 2 seasoned mechanics were just baffled by it. We replaced the engine timing belt, the flex plate, the serpentine belt, checked the pulleys, and probably 10 other things that i forget at this point.

    We wish we would have found this forum and the fix listed here before we dropped $500.00 in repairs that may not have been needed due to this breather filter being bad.

    Hope this post helps someone else out with this annoyance on an otherwise good and reliable car.
  • My girlfriend has a 1999 ZX2 with manual I'm pretty sure that it does not have the theft deterent system like my 2001 w/power locks and remote. Strangely, though, the theft light lit up on her dash today (for the 1st time since she's owned it in 4 months)...and the horn has randomly been going off like someone is trying to get in her car (they aren't). So it's acting like it has the theft deterent system (with the horn going off like when I set the alarm off on my ZX2)...but as far as I know, only the power lock/remote equipped cars have the theft alarm. Any ideas what would cause this? The fuse is fine. I'll get the battery checked. Assuming the battery is ok, would it be a problem with the control computer? Please say no! lol
  • Sounds like the battery is completely dead if your lights don't even turn on. Check your battery and alternator at Autozone (or somewhere else who will also do it for free) to make sure they're ok. If they're ok, I have no clue why the lights wouldn't work...maybe a fuse or short? At any rate, I'd solve that electrical problem before focusing on the cranking issue. Since it sounds like the problem is intermittent, I would think it's a short or a bad ground. I read in another ZX2 forum that the engine ground in these cars is usually not very good. Some people add ground wires to help...I think on the battery ground. Try googling ZX2 ground wire or something.

    Your car is a front wheel drive, so towing it from the front wheels (with them off the ground) should be fine since your rear wheels can spin freely. Good luck!
  • Not sure if anyone ever answered you. The stock wheels (ugly wheels) were 15" wheels, but there was an upgrade to chrome wheels (5 spokes)...and those are 14" wheels that you referred to. My '01 has those and takes 185/65/14's.
  • gojeffiegojeffie Posts: 3
    I was wondering if anyone out there now owns a 1981 Ford Escort SS? Or does anyone know how many are still around? My brother bought his new and it has been the only car he has ever had since. He has kept it in it's original condition and loves the car. He has no computer with an internet connection and would like to know if any others are still out there, how many there might be and where they are located. Any help would be appreciated.
  • remowusremowus Posts: 40
    This car has run great since I got it at 14000 miles. It now has 73000 . In the last year I have replaced the battery, alternator, starter and blower motor for the fan in the passenger compartment. Is this typical for this car?
    No other problems though. Ford wants 170.00 bucks for the little blower motor though. AutoZ has it for 50.00, but you have to ad your own connections.
    Still runs good and gets 35 mph.
  • milguymilguy Posts: 4
    Hi, how did your blower motor go out? How did you replace it? Was it a PAIN IN THE @#$#@!@ ??? I was driving down the road the other day and the blower just stopped. Thought it may be a fuse. NOPE, all good. Any Ideas?
  • profordproford Posts: 3
    HI you need to change your coil pak which the four spark plug wires plug into.this will solve your problem. THANKS PROFORD
  • profordproford Posts: 3
    HELLO the pcv &hose is down below thermostat housing driver side front of block tight spot ,hose goes from it to back under throttle body and connects with spring clamp to plastic emmision box.change it all and you will be amazed at difference it makes.hose elbow deteriates and gets sucked in while running and can't breath. THANKS PROFORD
  • profordproford Posts: 3
    SIR change the coil pak.PROFORD
  • remowusremowus Posts: 40
    The motor just quit. There is no fuse for this . I guess its one of those inline jobs . If you buy the motor from the dealer, you will get the plug in connection to just plug it in,but it costs 180.00. If you buy it from AZ, it's about 80 bucks , but you will have to do some surgery on the connector.
    And you'll need a circuit tester and a crimper for the new connection you are about to put on.
    Have fun with it.
  • 2000zx22000zx2 Posts: 10
    I have a 2000 escort zx2 S/R and I tend to do a little racing here and there just for fun. Well when I first bought it turns out I needed new head of engine, head gasket, and timing belts. Then I had to replace the radiator. And it's always flashed my 'check engine' light when I hit about 105, 110 mph. Now its starting to flash at about 80 mph. And I dont rev over 5.5-6 rpms when racing. I was first told that it flashing might be a warning that I'm about to reach my govn. limit. But now that it's doing it sooner. I dont know whats wrong. Any one got some ideas???
  • i have a 99 ZX2 no big problems realy other than it tops out at 105 SLOW!!! my old 86 camry toped out at 120 which is really sad i need my ZX2 to top out at a higher speed any one know how to do that other than a speed chip mod to my ecu, also i have alot of slack in my pedals especially my gas and my clutch, it also likes to bunny hop when i burn out and i tried to power slide a turn at 40 and i came up on two wheels never done that before so what i need to know is how do i top out at any thing over 105, whats the deal with my pedals, and im pretty sure on the last one the answer is to just lower my car but thats expensive so if any one can help please i need it
  • 2000zx22000zx2 Posts: 10
    I dont have an answer for your top speed or slack in your pedals. But I have had the same problem with the bunny hoping, and I was told it has to do with not enought rpms and how fast u punch the gas, im not for sure but i was told to keep ur car reved up to 2 - 2.5 rpms then punch the gas. and about the power slide (drifting) I also do that a ton. But what I've found to work, if doing a u-turn, is pull the e-brake, [non-permissible content removed] down to 2nd gear release e-brake and punch it. And if your just talking powerslide around some small corners on the streets, then try slowing down or you might not be turning enough to get the effect.
  • yea the only reason why i prefer to call it power sliding is because the zx2 is front and all my past vehicles have been rear and there is some what of a difference between power slide and drift but any ways i appreciate your advice man ill try it out later on this week and let you know how it went... also i looked up a forum last night about my rev limiter and it said under neath the dual cup holder in the zx2 there are a bunch of wires taped or held to gether amongst these wires is a white wire with a black line and supposedly that is the wire to your governor or rev limiter and if you cut it it will disable it and you could go up as high as 120 the only problem is i dont know if this wil cause my car to malfunction, the forum said it worked but also said it was not responsible for damage so i dont know you know anything about it
  • remowusremowus Posts: 40
    I always wanted to put a v-6 in my 'oo ZX2 . But I've been told it won't fit. Now that will get you over 105.
    But I want to talk about drifting. My ZX2 used to go straight as an arrow. Now it drifts in the lane. Not a serious drift, but a drift none the less .

    The tires don't show any abnormal wear, so I was wondering if maybe the CV joints were wearing and changing the camber slightly.

    Anyone heard of this?
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