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Ford Escort ZX2



  • 2000zx22000zx2 Posts: 10
    Ya i have actually read a little bit about that. I think im going to try it and if it doesn't work right then use a metal binding of some sort to put the wires back together.

    Does anybody know what the box under a '00 zx2 driver seat is?
  • yea mine does it too and nothing wrong with your cv's coz mine has nothing wrong with it... but in the event i am wrong then hears a little cv tip coz iv had them go out before just on a different car... this is the sound you want to listen for if you hear a knocking sound when you turn then you probably have a busted cv or a messed up bearing of some sort but as far as drifting tearing your vehicle up goes duhhh any sort of racing tears a car up it just kinda goes with the territory
  • yea tell me if it works or not coz if it does im sooo doing it
  • 2000zx22000zx2 Posts: 10
    Ya so I cut my governor and it definately works. Because I was able to get my car up to 117 mph on the highway. It was amazing. But be sure that when you cut it, its the white wire w/ the black stripe. You may have to take out the center consol to get to it. But its worth it!!! Hope it works.
  • remowusremowus Posts: 40
    how many RPM's at that speed? Do you have a tach?
    Do they all have a tach? I do. :)
  • thanks man ill reply and tell ya how it goes
  • my 99 red lines at like 7 and when im going 105 im at 55 rpm
  • yea i just cut mine as well and im able to go 115 but thats just coz of traffic i could have gone faster
  • 2000zx22000zx2 Posts: 10
    ya when I hit 117, i was at like 5.5 - 6 rpms. but ya I have a '00 and its a manual so it does. But ya I love it now. And just to let you know your check engine light may come on and dont worry about it. I had mine checked today at its jst bcuz of cutting the wire. Next I need a radar detector cuz i slowed down bcuz of a cop. haha
  • dan855ndan855n Posts: 1
    I have the exact same zx2 2001 and the same squeak and bill from ford for the same tensioner and belt. I found when I removed the breather, the squeak left. I will cancel my appt monday for replacement of timing belt and save some money ... I hit the breather with a hammer and the filter was clogged at the input from the air filter.. Thanks all
    your message confirmed that it will not squeak anymore.
  • yea i have a 99 and when ever im idleing my car squeeks at first i thought it was my clutch plate but now im pretty sure its my alternator belt has any one esle had this problem of a drastc squeking (not a squeel but a squeek) when your idleing
  • replace the crankcase breater filter for about $15 and 5 minutes. Just take it off and see if the squeaking goes away. That filter gets plugged and the air is being forced through, making that noise.
  • thanks man ill have to try that.... do you know about air intakes iv installed em before but not on a ZX2 i was wondering i know it makes like a five ten hp diffrence on a honda or toyota but how much if any of a difference will it make on a ZX2
  • mroscoemroscoe Posts: 2
    I am not sure this question is appropriate for this forum but here it goes. I have a 99 ZX2 cool.

    It has been raining heavily for the last week in Chicago. I have been smelling moisture in the car recently, but I thought it was just the rain outside. Today I noticed the rear seat is getting wet by the rain water seeping from the trunk. I checked the trunk and there is some rain water collected in the right hand side of the trunk, where the tire jack sits.

    I looked around in the trunk. But I could not figure out how the water is coming in. My brother told me it could be the water that is splashed by the tire from the road.

    Should I just drill a hole at the bottom to let the water out? Or is there any other solution?

  • there probably is another way to fix it but that drilling a hole idea seems pretty alright... i mean if your liiking for a cheap fix then there ya go but it could also be weather stripping, or if youv wrecked the car then maybe the creases of the doors dont line up correctly who knows it could be any number of things but yea that drilling a hole idea sounds good i'd do it.
  • what is the best exhaust brand for my 99 zx2 Borla, Catback, Thrush, Flow master and how big 2, 2 and a half, or 3 inch exhaust and should i run straights and make it dual or should i leave it single
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,613
    Dry the trunk out, then line it with newspaper, then close the trunk and hit it with a hose to see where the water is coming in (that part of the newspaper will be wet).

    Very often a trunk leak comes from the gasket around the tail light lenses. If that's where your leak is, you can pull out the tail light assembly and smear some LATEX BLACK caulk (go to a hardware store) around the gasket. It's a lot easier than messing with silicone, because latex caulk cleans up with plain water (until it dries).

    If the leak is in the trunk lid, you'll have to get a new trunk seal and glue it in with 3M Weatherstrip Adhesive.

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  • mroscoemroscoe Posts: 2
    Thanks for the replies. I did not have to drill a hole :). Apparently there are holes in the jack well and spare tire well, with rubber washers installed. I removed them to drain the water.

    It seems that the water is in the trunk lid. I will work on it this weekend.
  • im looking to upgrade my ZX2 iv done a few cheap things like cut the governor, and lose some weight, octane booster, and khumo racing tires but i need some serious h/p and some serious results i know theres the cold air, the turbo, and the exhaust but what neccisarily is the best upgrade to do first.... i have also herd that ZX2 transmitions start giving out after so much added h/p soes any one know if this is true if so so you know of any after market trans mitions that would be compatible with a ZX2
  • stunna2stunna2 Posts: 13
    Yeah that's a good question. My 98 has a 178000 miles on it and it's on it's third trans. They're pieces of crap. I was thinkin about puttin a turbo on mine but there really isn't much room to put it in under the hood. Put if you find any turbo kits let me know where and how much.
  • stunna2stunna2 Posts: 13
    Will this mess your car up if it is an auto? Let me know if this is a smart thing to do? Because I put on a auto [non-permissible content removed] modual box from focus/zx2 racing and it shreded my fly wheel. thanks
  • 2000zx22000zx2 Posts: 10
    It shouldn't harm it at all manual or auto. Because the only thing your governor does is set a top speed when driving. Its some protection thing for when running from cops and wut not, or so ive heard. But ya if I had an auto. I wud still try it, because even if it doesn't work you can get some wire connector things and put it back together... lemme know if it helps!!
  • 2000zx22000zx2 Posts: 10
    I just bought a 2000 zx2 s/r and when paid for I asked the previous owner if the engine had always been so loud and he told me yes. But its really questionable bcuz i took it to 3 diff. shops and they said its not normal. Does anybody else's engine make a loud "pounding" noise. Almost like not enough oil in the head or sumin? lemme know cuz its worryin me if it need to b fixed or not.
  • Yeah I have about a inch and a half of slack in my gas pedal and I took it to the ford shop and it is 100 dollars to fix and only takes a hour for them to fix it.
  • did it make your reaction time any better... like did you acceleroat any faster
  • My '00 zx2 cranks too much before it starts. I had it checked out and the mechanic says that there is a ball valve in there that is stuck and is letting the fuel pressure decrease when the car is not running. So I have to give it a few seconds to build up pressure so it won't crank as much by turning it to the on position and then turning it off and then back to the on position. So I'm wondering if there is a way to fix this without having to tear the whole fuel injection system down. Any ideas?
  • I didn't get it fixed. I decided to quit spending money on my car after I put 700$ just in the timing belt and pulleys and some other stuff. But all they said is that thee is a lost of power, it takes longer for the car to accelerate. I mean you could always rig it and crimp fishing weights behind the pedal on the cable so it doesn't have as much slack.
  • I have a 2000 Zx2 automatic. When I bought it, it had 86,000 miles on it and it ran pretty good. About a month after I bought it, I put a ram-air-intake in it for various reasons.

    That was two years ago and now it has 120K miles. The car always seemed to have problems accelerating once it gets into 2nd gear. In 1st it is awesome and 3rd gear and up it is fast and smooth. But once it hits 2nd, it seems something is wrong. It could be at a dead stop, I would floor it: at the start I can keep up with any V6 or V8 car that wishes to race me, but as soon as it shifts to 2nd gear it seems to not accelerate much and over the past year, I have noticed a strange "gargling noise" as if it is not getting enough power, or fuel, or something. I replaced the fuel-filter and I keep all the fluids clear.
    I wasn't too worried, but I want to upgrade to a cold-air intake and I don't want to damage something by putting way more air than it can handle.

    PLEASE HELP!!! I'll accept any advise with appreciation. :confuse:
  • I had the same prob. on my 98 automatic. All I do is put in over drive. You can tell a bi difference. Just put in in overdive and brake trq. at about 2Krpms and take off. You'll go through 2nd gear faster. It's weird but it works. Let me know if this advice helped you.
  • 2000zx22000zx2 Posts: 10
    Ok first off does anybody else's Zx2 sound obnoxiously loud. Almost like a weird pounding in the engine. And anybody know why my temp guage never goes much over Cold, but when I turn my car off the motor is burning hot. And the radiator fan never seems to turn on. And I've already tried replacing the thermostat thing. :confuse:

    Any Advice is Helpful!! thx
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