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Ford Escort ZX2



  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,870
    Engine size is the same on all '98 Escorts, 2.0L sohc or dohc (ZX models with the number 3 engine code in the VIN).

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  • 2basko2basko Posts: 2
    Thank you..

  • myrtle73myrtle73 Posts: 2
    Hi, the driver belt came off of the car. I steering was very difficult to turn the car and I opened the hood and noticed the driver belt was off. I'm trying to put it back on, but I don't know how to do it. I mean I can't get my hands in the area that I need to put the belt on. The area is very small and I would like to know if there is an easier way to put the belt on and then tighten it.
  • bholtzbholtz Posts: 2
    It's under the gas pedal at the floorboard. There's another switch at the top that I thought was it but it is not. Ford wants $71.00 for this switch (no wonder they didn't go under!!) but I fixed it by taking it out of the wiring harness (just unplug it) and putting a jumper wire where it plugged in. Sure, it will start in gear now but if you're that dumb get an automatic. I hate antilock brakes too! I'm old school and I want my cars that way too.
  • russ95russ95 Posts: 16
    First do not drive the car W/O the belt on. You must next determine why the belt came off, belt worn out, bad idler bearing, bad tensioner, ect. Only then can you install a NEW belt. If you have confidence in your abilities then you must jack up the rt front & get dirty. The belt routing is available many places online just search "99 Escort serpantine belt installation".
    Good Luck,
  • atomtan2atomtan2 Posts: 6
    Our 2k2 manual tranny ZX2 w/100,000 miles on it stalls frequently when the air conditioning is turned on. The timing belt was replaced at 80k. Any suggestions? Solutions?

  • snozdongsnozdong Posts: 2
    where is the sending unit located that operates the temp guage in the dash
  • russ95russ95 Posts: 16
    Chemically clean the IAM (idle air motor), MAF (mass air Flow), & throttle body. Replace the PCV valve, check the PCV hose, & all vacuum hoses. Disconnect the battery for a few minutes to reset the ECM. If this doesn't resolve it then change the plugs & wires. If it has the original mounts, replace all of them as they are dead by about 100,000 miles. All of these are normal maintenance that should not be ignored on these cars.
  • I was given a 1998 ZX2 by my mom when they got a new car and I sure love it. There's only one problem with the car, and my parents had never got it fixed. The gas guage doesn't work and I'm zeroing the odometer so I know how many miles I go with each fill. I generally fill at 250 miles. My question, is this a common problem, and is it spendy to fix? The gas guage goes everywhere, sometimes shows full and sometimes empty, and anywhere in between. Even on an empty tank it shows full most of the time.
  • I have a 2000 ZX2. Bought it brand new. Have had numerous issues all costing about 700 dollars each time. It is a manual tranny. Has 144k miles on it. Luckily no issues with the tranny until now possibly. While driving the other day I heard a weird single click noise, no other noises. Came to a red light, put it in first gear went to take off and the car lacked power after about 2k rpms (although I did continue to accelerate very slowly). Shifted into second same thing. Finally got going fast enough to put into 5th and realized my hand and shifter were in front of the passenger seat. The gears have some serious play in them. I would say about 3-4 inches left or right. Does anyone know if that is the clutch, tranny, or even linkage? I can normally figure out what is wrong all by myself being that I grew up with a dad that was a mechanic and was always involved in projects and jobs he had. Not this time though, and dad isnt alive anymore to call and tell him what it is doing to be told exactly what it is without even looking, hearing or touching it. The gears do not grind going into gear, no noises, no other tell tale signs other than the clutch is raised about 2 inches more than normal and goes to the floor board when pushed in to shift. Please Help!!!
  • When you have nothing happen when you turn the key, that means nothing is getting any power, pointing out the obvious. So start at the battery. take the battery to autozone, they will test the battery for free. if the battery is good, try the altinator. what it does is charge the battery. if it doesnt work the battery will not get recharged. if those are both fine, try the fuse box. if the main fuse is bad then you wont have any power.
  • It sounds like the clutch to me. I would look at the pedal and trace it to the clutch itself.
  • I just bought a 2002 escort zx2 a couple of months ago and want to upgrade my stereo. I have all the pieces I need to do it but I cannot figure out how to disconnect the ac control cable so that I can pull the factory stereo out. Anybody know how?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,870
    I think you may have broken a transmission or motor mount.

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  • Hey all,
    Need some help working on my Escort. Little history first, had the alternator replaced a year ago along with the serpentine belt. Three months ago a torsion pulley failed and had that replaced. Now it won't start, you can here it click and eventually it may turn over, but the other day nothing happened. I assume the starter is going bad or a celluloid, battery is new. I would hate to even more money at the Shop if it is something I can fix at home.

  • I have a 2001 ZX2 and lately it has been changing its sweet spot in the clutch frequently, the clutch was just replaced 3 months ago. And just today when i took off from a light the clutch came up and my rpms would go up but my car was barely gaining speed unit second gear and it did the same thing after about 2500 rpms.

    Suggestions please
  • russ95russ95 Posts: 16
    You have three possible problems.
    1. Improper clutch adjustment. Check & adjust (usually above pedal / under dash).
    2. Defective clutch. Replace.
    3. Oil on clutch. Fix leaks & replace clutch disc.
  • It sounds like the same issue I had with my 2000 XZ2. If you haven't had it looked at yet, have them check the clutch master cylinder. It fixed my problem and haven't had another as of yet. It cost me $176.00 to replace that compared to almost 600 to replace the whole clutch. Hope it helps.
  • Thank You. It was actually the clutch master cylinder. I was told everything else pertaining to the clutch looked almost brand new, so I didn't need to replace the whole clutch. Thank God. It cost me 176 dollars to replace the clutch master cylinder as compared to almost 600 to replace the whole clutch. Also, I changed my factory radio after 3 years of having my car... I would not recommend replacing with after market cd player. I bought a nice Sony cd player from Circuit City and paid for them to install it. My a/c worked bringing it in to replace the factory radio. Upon leaving my a/c no longer worked. I fought with them for 4 years (then they went out of business) for them to fix my a/c. They did absolutely nothing for me. I know what is wrong with it, but there is really no way to fix it. There is a plastic plate that when you turn the temp. up or down it turns and opens or closes the mode door. If you put in an after market face plate it hits it and busts that plate off. After it is broke the first time, there is no way to connect it back. Be careful if you do replace factory radio.
  • There is a sensor on top of the thermostat housing that controls temp guage on dash.
  • do you know the name of the sending unit? i have tried to find one, but i was sold a coolant sensor and that didnt fix the problem. is it a temerature sending unit?
  • I love my car but I have had a few problems... This is the second trans I have had to get now. The first one I tore up on my own, but this second one had a 30 day guarantee, was ok untill like the 35th day lol my second gear seemed to slip everytime after pulling out, now I have no second gear at all, It is an automatic also, so I have to start off in low,1st, and take off makin my rpms real high then let off the gas, then shift into Drive allowing it to skip second. All my other gears work fine except 2nd gear whats the deal? Also on a hill, when I am in low, I have to ease very slowly or my axles seem to bind up and shimmy bad??
  • samstresssamstress Posts: 1
    edited March 2010
    OMG, I have been trying to figure out the squealing noise in my 1998 ZX2 for almost 2 years. My mechanic replaced my serpentine belt x2, pulley belt, etc. The noise was driving me crazy, my friends actually named my car The Squealer!!!! I couldn't stand the noise anymore and decided to Google. I am so glad I did, thank you so much. I ordered the part from and it came in 1 day. The part cost $9.98 plus shipping and came the next day. My mechanics thought I was crazy being a women and just figuring I don't know about my car. No one could hear the noise except my husband and I and the people on the sidewalk. I put the part in today, which took 2 minutes to do. Hopefully the noise will be gone. Once again thank you for this posting!!!!!!!!
  • snozdongsnozdong Posts: 2
    I think I have the same problem..what was the part you ordered,or part number?
  • warzx273warzx273 Posts: 1
    Had da same prob. with my 2000 zx2, there is a vacuum line with a breather on da top right hand side of your valve cover, u can probably get a bigger breather, i have an aftermarket intake with 1 vacuum line so i put a small air filter over that vacuum and no more squeek.... U can buy a bigger breather or miniature air filter at autozone, pep boys, advanced, or oreillys for less than 15 dollars
  • Hi,
    My car no longer screams, I ordered the part from The part number is Motorcraft FA1661 Crankcase Breather Element, cost $9.55. What a difference. I will be changing this filter when I change my air filter, all the time now. Never want that screaming noise to return. Good luck!!!
  • You really don't need to replace the breather filter every time you change the other filters. That thing should be good for at least 70,000 miles. My car has 130,000 miles on it, and I've only replaced it once. I saw someone on another site mention that they cleaned out their breather filter with WD40 and it fixed that might be worth trying IF you are still driving you car next time it needs replacement. Just a thought!
  • Hello:
    About 3 weeks ago we got a trouble code, changed the thermostat and everything went back to normal within a day or 2.

    All of a sudden today, the temp gauge shot up to over the red line after about 5 minutes of driving, and stayed there. Allowed the car to cool down for an hour or 2, and it is still there.

    Plenty of coolant, maybe even a little high (just over the bottom mark when engine cold).

    The engine when we checked was definitely not hot to the touch, but the gauge still says way over hot.

    Any thoughts?
  • remowusremowus Posts: 40
    a while back, but can't get rid of the gas smell. Everytime i walk past the car I can smell gas. No leaks. How can I fix this?
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