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Vibe Maintenance & Repair Concerns



  • mik9mik9 Posts: 2
    When I make a left, I've had cold water leaking from below the dash on the floor passenger side for about a month now. I brought it in right away and was told the leak was repaired but I needed a new blower fan. It's been on order. In the mean time I was 90 miles from home yesterday when the car just quietly and with out warning stopped, not to be started again. My Pontiac dealer was all set to install the blower fan tomorrow, now my car sits 90 miles away at a strange shop. I think the leaking water may have shorted some wiring. The mechanic said the computer test gave back a CP code? Any one have any clue about this or any idea of which arm and leg this might cost me?
  • mik9mik9 Posts: 2
    BTW I forgot to mention I have a 2003 Vibe
  • scrappydscrappyd Posts: 27
    dang another consumer bulletin to look into..if they do stop production that is not good for a long term car..i do miss my toyota camry..would still have it if a drunk driver didn't end up on top of it (while it was parked - minding her own business. I'll see what happens with the gas the next time I gas up. I've cut down so much on driving just because of the cost I haven't filled up in over 1 month.
  • roy15roy15 Posts: 16
    Scrappy d don't sweat it if you have the gas tank problem you would know it ;it takes 5 min. to put in $10 worth of gas or a little over 3 gals. 10 mins sometimes to fill an empty tank. I must have air in my tank? I have to choose my battles I have limited energy lol. good luck w/your vibe basically it's a good car.
  • What does a Vibe Roofrack looklike, basic el-cheapo and full options?

    Apparently, you can't get a roofrack with a Toyota Matrix.

    Oh Yeah, I emailed GM for the Vibe Roofrack max weightload. It's 75 Lbs.

    That worked so well, the next question I asked was what the reccomended mileage was for replacing the timing belt. They did not reply. If it had a timing chain, I expect they would have replied rather quickly to correct me and to point out the advantage of a timing chain vs a belt. :confuse:
  • meem1meem1 Posts: 2
    I've replaced the actuator twice. In my case, the actuator burns out because it does not go off no matter whether it is inside or outside air being called for. I've left the lastest one disconnected in hopes of finding out on the forum what the cause might be. Can't afford to have the dealer try and figure it out at $74/hour.
  • steine13steine13 Posts: 2,629

    Oh Yeah, I emailed GM for the Vibe Roofrack max weightload. It's 75 Lbs.

    Seventy-five pounds my foot.

    That's a 58-lb. canoe, a 65-lb. canoe, plus the weight of the rack hardware.

    It's the factory rack that's rated at 75 lbs. The Matrix has a roof load of 125 lbs. with the proper hardware.

    If you use the new kind of Yakima Q towers, the Vibe will handle 125 lbs. just fine and probably more.

    And yes, it's an interference engine with a chain.

  • scrappydscrappyd Posts: 27
    Great pics Mathias and sure looked like New England or North West (Oregon) area to me - miss those areas especially being in dusty hot hot hot hot Texas!

    I was just looking for this information. Can you provide or know the site to look at for the PVibe 05 roof rack limits.
    75 lbs is nothing and I wonder why if the Matrix doesn't even start with a rack has a higher capacity. Probably Toyota vs PV (boy, do I miss my Toyota).

    Also, I was going to use the Pontiac accessory site to buy parts to install a 12 speed and Mt bike on top. Would the Yakima system be better and do you happen to have a customer link where I can get that information. Appreciate the data and this automatic email delivery helps lessen the excuse why I haven't set my car with the funner ride of a bike! tks
  • steine13steine13 Posts: 2,629
    Mid-MI. Missed it by that much.

    The weight limit for the Vibe roof is 75 lbs.
    Nobody will tell you differently, least of all a rack manufacturer.

    It's the limit for the factory rack, though, since GM apparently didn't think anybody would use additional hardware. And if you look at and spec' out a Matrix rack, you'll find that THAT car allows 125 lbs.

    Just speaking for myself, and not giving advice, I decided that I would put a bunch of weight on my car by using Q towers in front and Rail Riders in back. And it woiked.

    Forget the Pontiac site and buy either Yakima or Thule. Better yet, get an '01 Cherokee and use a raingutter rack ;-)
  • Thanks, Mathias.
    BTW - What is the advantage of an interference engine?

    What is your RPM crusing at 65MPH?
  • steine13steine13 Posts: 2,629
    Interference engine -- it gives the designers more freedom; usually makes the engine more efficient.

    Cruising RPM? Dunno... I don't have the car anymore, but I do know I checked it to compare it against our Sienna... seems like I remember at 70 mph, the van does low 2000's and the Vibe did, don't hold me to it, something like 2,800.

    It's a pretty loud car, but at speed, the wind, tire, and engine noises kinda blend together reasonably well.

    I'm gonna get another one, either next year, or a year after the replacement comes out.. that'd be '09. IF there is a replacement, which I doubt. Probably wouldn't buy it if I didn't have help from the (old, blue) GM Card.

  • It is pathetic that simple maintenance filters are unaccessable. It's frustrating enough to me , as to change my 10-12 year new car replacement to every 3.
  • I was told that the 44psi is only to be used when the vehicle is loaded with 4-5 people & a full trunk of luggage, on a highway trip.
    32-33psi is for the rest of the years driving.
  • jreohiojreohio Posts: 1
    My vibe is 2004 awd purchased in Jan 2004 with 50,000 miles on it. I just learned that I have a bad bearing/hub on the driver's rear. It makes a roaring noise. Furthermore, the other 3 bearings are starting to make noise. The repair shop could not fix it right away because the part is back-ordered even for all dealers nationwide. That seems kind of fishy. The repair is labor intensive ($500/wheel). I don't think I have ever replaced the bearings on my Toyota Celica (93) or Avalon (97). Why are these bearings bad already? Has anybody else heard of this problem?
  • roy15roy15 Posts: 16
    My 04 vibe 33,000 miles has uneven tire wear. The dealer told me that the bushings needed to align all 4 wheels were back ordered nationally, what a crock. I went to sales dept. and they told me the boss's daughters car has the same problem, they found the bushings in a hurry and rented a Buick rondevous for me overnight. I was uneasy buying a GM car but the Matrix that year had "low rider rocker panels, never again.
  • hello all i have just joined the forum and i currently have a 03 base vibe. well i have had a number a issues right off the lot. first major thing was the gas tank filling up very slowly.....after twice in the shop, and a lot of reading i told the dealership to replace the evap canister. that finally fixed the problem. it now fills up just fine.

    during this time i had the A/C compressor
    and also a squeky brake problem...twice now they have tried to "clean" the rotors, squeek sounds like it is coming from the rear drums.....any one know of a fix?

    Also just recently discovered another problem: when i turn off the recirc button something behind the dash starts to click. it also does it when i try to use the defrost? just annoyed now have had the car only 3 weeks and have more problems than i care to deal with.

    Please anyone have a fix for any of these?
  • roy15roy15 Posts: 16
    thank you Scrappy D, I have the gas tank filling problem, the dealer tried replacing things I wiil get them to replace the evaporation cannister. I also had to have the Compressor for A/C replaced.
  • Hi Roy- yes, you said this before, I believe. Thanks and your welcome. It's interesting to me that another member of this board also had the same issue and replaced the evap cannister. Thankfully, I've not noticed the same issue yet.

    My car is ready for it's first quarterly maintenance. I'm curious about the compressor for the AC. Since I've read in other websites that the PV has poor AC I just took it for granted that the car takes so long to either cool down or warm up (though in Texas) we have SO NOT needed any more warmth.

    My question, then is how do you know you have an AC problem? Meaning, mine comes on but doesn't get very cold - so is that how you knew there was a problem? (or did it just not come on at all?).

    The other issue I've seen alot here is about the tires and the rotors. The dealer has told me NO PROBLEMS - now. My car does ride rough but I'm not skilled enough to know if it's the tires or not and since I had alot of first time repairs right off the lot (bought it used 2005 26K miles). To my surprise they had to replace all the rotors (at an unreal low mileage) and I had them rotate the tires as well. (Mine were still good on my old Toyota Camry at 135k and I had them replaced just for safety then).. there is sadly a difference between the 2 make-ups of the car.

    Since I'm just about to be logging real high mileage in the next few weeks, I'm kinda wondering about the tire wear and
    at 27k what types of maintenance I should have completed.

    The pontiac site(I registered there and asked them what maintenance should I do for this time based also on my VIN) they emailed me back with this list for 27k miles states I need to do (estimate low cost= $151) these things: (a big ouch for sure). What do you think?

    air filter (i can do)
    automatic transmission flush and change (?)
    cabin air filter (?)- I've seen mixed views on doing this
    lubricate chassis
    replace coolant and inspect system
    engine oil change (I'm thinking of going synthetic - and
    wonder if after NOT having synthetic before if that's
    a good idea)
    oil filter replaced (i can do)
    fuel line and cap inspection
    rear differential fluid change (?)
    transfer case fluid change (?)
    wheels and tire inspect and adjust air pressure
    brakes inspect
    all fluids inspect and fill as needed

    The ? means I'm unsure where this is or if I can do these myself once I figure out where to go?

    any thoughts
  • First i am the one that told scrappyd to replace the evap canister! i had to have it done to mine before my car was able to take gas like a normal vehicle. so far there is only one other person that i have found that has fixed the gas tank filling problem.

    also, was looking for any thoughts/answers for my problems with the brakes squeeling and the clicking behind the dash when i turn off the recirculation or use defrost?
    today i am going to replace the front brakes and lube the rear shoes where it makes contact with the drum. hopefully that will eliminate that. i will keep everyone posted. just need help solving the other issue with the a/c
  • roy15roy15 Posts: 16
    My car was new off the lot in March 04 and when we turned the A/C on in May it didn't work. I have had the cabin airfilter replaced it improved the A/C, it's located behind glove box. There is no need to change tranny fluid unless you are towing something. Coolant sure I had mine changed at about 30k the other fluids I never heard of changing them, but then I'm not a mechanic/sales person.
  • well, i have updates to my problems with the vibe. first i dealt with the squeeky brakes: i changed the front pads and then took the drum covers off and discovered that the dealership only lubed one side of the drum. cleaned and lube everything in the drums, no squeeky brakes.

    then went on to fix my A/C problem with the recirculation/ defrost clicking behind the dash. opened the glove box up and found it right away. the motor that opens and closes the cabin air filter was causing the filter door to be bouncing from closed to open. i took the motor out and discovered the main plastic gear assembly had two teeth missing. today i am going to the dealership to try and get just the gear. (no one else carries it.) i will keep you updated.
  • My God, am I discouraged. :sick: I bought a brand new manual tranx Vibe two weeks ago. The first couple of days I noticed it wouldn't start. I chocked it up to being new to manual tranx again and that I was doing something wrong. Since then, it has happened five times. I turn the ignition key and nothing -- no click, no attempted turnover -- nothing. The dash lights are on, but nothing. After three or four attempts it finally turns over.

    I also noticed in the mornings when I'm pulling out of the driveway after having the emergency brake on that there is a groaning sound coming from the front left tire. I thought that was because it was just "new." Well, not so. The dealer says it's a leaking strut and they have to order the part.

    As for the starting not happening, they say there is a neutral safety switch that prevents the car from being started when it's in neutral without the clutch depressed. OK. I'll buy that. But what about the times it was depressed???? She said they'll check it again.

    I have been so ecstatic the last couple of weeks. The car is a blast to drive and I'm finally settling into the manual trannie. Now my confidence is shaken as I wonder if I have a lemon? I researched this car for two months and didn't decide on the purchase lightly. I paid cash for the car and expected to drive off without worries. I'm really concerned there is more of this to come.

    I also noticed when washing it this weekend that the front left panel over the wheel well is slightly off color from the rest of the car. I know I'm being really picky, but that makes me kind of curious. The car was delivered to Richmond from Philly and came to me with 288 miles on it from the trip, so I can't imagine there could have been an accident in it?? Maybe just a manufacturing flaw?

    BTW, it's the BEAUTIFUL Stealth color!
  • steine13steine13 Posts: 2,629
    Stomp the clutch pedal all the way into the floor. *Hard*. The switch is set really tight for some reason.

    As far as the struts; stuff like that happens. There's thousands of parts on your new car, it'll be more in the shop the first year than the next three. I had a Nissan did a couple things like that followed by 5 years of trouble-free driving.

    Good luck,
  • RE: the recirc button problem.

    I had the same problem. The Technical Service bulleting said to replace the HVAC actuator - the motor that opens and closes the door between inside and outside air.

    I did this and the mechanic said the new actuator operates all the time irregardless of the button setting (recirc or outside air and that the actuator would burn out if it ran all the time. Thinking it might be a faulty actuator, I replaced it again but with the same results.

    I unplugged the new actuator to keep it from burning out and hope someday Pontiac will tell us what the real problem is. It must be upstream from the actuator, perhaps the switch, that is causing the malfunction and eventual symptom of a blown actuator tapping away below the glove compartment.

    So we are living without the ability to recirc inside air. What this means is that when it is really hot outside it takes longer for the AC to cool the car and when it is really cold outside, it takes longer for the heater to warm up the car. Fortunately we live in a climate that that only goes to those extremes about two months out of the year.

    I trust that Pontiac has someone reading these forums and will come up with a solution for us. There are a lot of people who report this problem.
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    For example, here in the Pontiac Vibe Group you'll find:

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  • the_big_althe_big_al Posts: 1,079
    I am about to start a new job that requires a lot of travel and I need an inexpensive, good gas milage, low maintenance vehicle. The Toyota Matrix/Pontiac Vibe is the vehicle at the top of my list right now, but I would like to see what others have experience while owning and driving their's.

    So here are some questions and if you have an answer to any of them please let me know:

    1. What is the average gas milage you have experienced both in town and while on the highway?

    2. What is the maintenance record? What have been the common things to fail and at what milage did they fail? How much did it cost to repair?

    3. What is the plausible service life of the vehicle? I am looking to get 200K of more and will that be fairly trouble free with routine maintanence?

    4. Performance-wise how do the different motor options stack up? If you could would you recomend the AWD even though it has the lowest horsepower rating, or do you get the higher performance though front-wheel drive only engine?

    5. Comfort-wise, how did you feel after a long trip? Did you long to get out of the car or was a long trip a fairly bearable experience.

    6. Did you feel safe while driving the car? Meaning did you feel confident that you would be able to handle all types of weather conditions and or traffic conditions such as snow and or ice, and panic stops and manuvers? If not, in which conditons did you not feel comfortable with and would you attribute this to the car's inability or your inability to handle the condition? Example: would the car be able to handle an icy road, but you would not because you have never driven on one before?

    These are my basic questions and any advice is much appreciated. I am looking to do 2500-3000K miles a month and need to do so in fairly good comfort with out having to spend an arm and a leg at the gas pump and at the repair shop both before the 100K mile mark and after. I understand that there are parts that wear out and nothing lasts forever, but if I can get the car to go to 200K with out any major repairs, that is what I am looking for. And if I can get it to do that while maintaining some degree of comfort and style I will be happy. I just don't want to be stuck driving a fancy Geo Metro. :)
  • the_big_althe_big_al Posts: 1,079
    This helps a lot thank you! :) Especially if you have gone from a truck (which is what I will be doing) to a small car. Thank you once again! :)
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