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BMW 6-Series



  • Why am I not able to find service manuals for the older 6 series vehicles? Where can I get one. Chilton and Bentley manuals are incomplete.
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    Bentley is considered perhaps the best one out there. What areas are not being covered? You MAY be able to find a factory service manual, but they're hard to come by.

  • jaffmanjaffman Posts: 46
    hi folks. not exactly sure where to post this, but any input appreciated:

    im considering two cars: 2007 bmw 650i conv loaded w/27k miles, mint, like new for 45k, or 2010 audi a5 convertible, loaded, 3400 miles, for 52k.

    which one and why?

  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755

    To begin with, A5 is new, looks better, nicer interior, only 3400m used is nothing compared to 27000m.

    If u could get a used S5 might be a better choice.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,780
    Are you a boulevard cruiser, or a hard-core driving enthusiast?

    It's not that cut-and-dried, but maybe, close...

    From a pure value standpoint, the A5 is probably the better deal.. and, a better looking car.. Unless you are a real RWD fanatic, that's the way I would go.. more warranty left on the Audi..

    I haven't checked prices, but that seems high for the 650i vert...


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  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    Having owned a 6 and an Audi, I can say BMW's electronics are worlds above Audi's. MMI is a great technology, but little nuances here and there make it goofy. Trunk latches that won't engage. Sensors saying directional lights are bad. Sensors report quite a few false positives on our Audi. If they've improved over the last few years, the new S5 would be a serious contender.

    My 6 convertible didn't have any electronic issues. The only one it ever went in for was an iDrive update and a TSB that they wanted to perform even though I never got the error they were fixing (sensor said roof wasn't closed, even though I visually confirmed).

    Personally, I'd go with the BMW. But I do admit the styling of the newer Audi's is beautiful.

  • I need some overall info about this model. I'm looking at one with 122k on it. For example; electronics; mechanicals; suspension; engine; etc. How have they faired over the years? What are the problems that pop up on these cars? Thanks!! dontnonuttin
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    122k is quite a bit and hard to find CPO. I never had any major issues with mine at all while I owned it. I drove it like it was meant to be - it was NOT babied.

    That said, the electronics could be problematic IF you get one that is buggy (mine was not). My only issues were iDrive related and the dealer did iDrive upgrades as part of my warranty. NO mechanical issues at all, but if the model you have has Active Steering and such, again something more complex than you may want to mess with if there is an issue.

    More importantly, you may want to check your area for BMW technicians NOT associated with the dealership.

    The 4.4 and 4.8 engines are VERY solid engines as long as you maintain them. Mine used synthetic from day 1 and I changed every 7500 miles despite the 15k recommendation from BMW. Mobil 1 only for me. I did every other change myself - it's easy to do. Suspension was not a problem at all, and I ran the M6 wheels on mine. I did change from the runflats to the non-runflats and kept an air compressor, can of fix-a-flat in the trunk.

  • thanx for the info.... what's CPO?
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    CPO = Certified pre-owned.

    I misread your post and saw you were talking about a 1985 6 series, not a 2005. I must have needed more coffee that morning!

    I have no insight on the 80's era 6 series.

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