01 Acura RL with ABS and VSA lights on - grinding rear brake.

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Disclaimer - obviously, I am not a car mechanic. Just poor guy driving an old RL. I need some diagnosis help. It's a bit of a long story, but in short, do I replace the caliper, and how do I determine if the ABS sensor is bad?

1. I replaced rear brake pads
2. RR started grinding after about 1000 miles after replacing pads.
3. I replaced the RR caliper
4. 1000 miles later, started getting intermittent ABS and VSA lights
5. Continued driving assuming is was just a bad wheel speed sensor and I couldn't afford the repairs
6. LR brake started very slight grind - got worse
7. ABS/VSA light stayed on constant
8. LR brake pads have even but premature wear
9. Could not find LR caliper in stock, so I removed it and carefully hung it inside the wheel well until I can get the part
10. ABS/VSA light went off after removing the caliper
11. ABS/VSA light has intermittently come back on.

So, what the heck is going on? Is there some sensor that is causing the LR brake to be applied when it shouldn't be? It sure seems like the caliper is bad, but I am not so sure now that the lights have gone off. Should I replace the caliper? Could that fix the problem with the ABS/VSA lights - doesn't seem likely. Or is this more likely an ABS/Speed sensor issue? Both?

Any link for DIY replacement of rear ABS sensor? I have found front, but nothing for the rear.

Any good advice on how to save money and get my car safe and fixed is appreciated.
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