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2015 Mazda 3 i Touring Instrument visibility

bmichelbmichel Member Posts: 7
edited October 2014 in Mazda
The instrument displays on each side of the speedometer (tachometer, gear number, miles, fuel level, etc.) are almost impossible to see during very bright days, especially with the needed sunglasses. The coverings are a very reflective plastic that overwhelms the display with reflections of the ambient light. This definitely is a design fault, but that could be mitigated by having bright enough displays. Unfortunately, there is no way to turn up (or adjust) the day-time brightness and the night-time maximum brightness is the same. The speedometer is acceptably visible and the "infotainment" display is adjustable to be quite visible.

At this point I have not had an opportunity to compare my car with other new ones to see if this is a specific problem with my vehicle rather than a design issue.

Everything else in this almost month-old car meets or exceeds my expectations. This is my fifth Mazda and the third in line of Protege, Protege and Mazda3. Needless to say I am disappointed. No tests I read mentioned this issue.

Has anyone else noted this problem or found a solution?


  • axle451axle451 Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2014 Mazda 3 with the same problem. The owner's manual suggestion to take off your sunglasses is ludicrous. Otherwise love the car--my second Mazda.
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