Bait & Switch schemes at Millennium Toyota in Hempstead, NY

barney2012barney2012 Member Posts: 1
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I called on a highlander that was advertised online, I received a price quote back and after a couple of conversations with the salesman I decided I wanted to put a deposit on the vehicle to have it held for me for a couple of days (I live 4 1/2 hours away and had work commitments). The salesman told me it was no problem. He told me his manager would call me back to take my info for the deposit. The salesman then called me back to tell me the car was priced wrong but then after a discussion with his manager, they finally agreed to honor my price and have someone call me back to take my credit card # for the deposit. Next I received a call from a different salesperson saying that the vehicle wasn't available. I called back and insisted on speaking to the top manager. My original salesperson assured me the vehicle was there and was not going to be sold, now this lady tells me it wasn't available. A different manager called me back and I explained the situation and he said he didn't know where the car was. I told him I felt like they were playing games with me and he said will check into it. That manager called back to say that the Internet sales manager was going to call me tomorrow. I feel like they were trying to pull a bait and switch as the manager suggested that I look at some of the other highlanders that they had as well which were much higher priced.
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