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Chevrolet Colorado



  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    unless you spend all your time driving on dirt roads the air cleaner should last twice that. Take it out and put a light inside it and see if you can see the light through it. If so it doesn't need changing.
  • leadfoot4leadfoot4 Posts: 593
    Duncan95, this is a very interesting and informative post. HOWEVER, my 2005 Canyon obviously would have been built after the 5/17/04 date, and would have had the "updated" tires. They still were JUNK!

    Since I bought the truck in the middle of a northeastern winter (Rebates, rebates, rebates), I had snow tires on it within a week. Even though snow tires aren't usually noted for handling, their performance, handling and ride was head and shoulders over the $%##@!! Generals.

    I had no intention of ever putting the Generals back on, so I sold them to a local used auto parts/ new and used tire dealer. He said that he knew all about them, but since he gets a customer now and again that isn't fussy, but just wants good tread, he bought them from me. He somewhat reluctantly gave me $125 for all four...they had maybe 275-300 miles on them.

    I have 16" Firestone Destination LEs on the truck now, for the summer. They're A-OK.....
  • motorhead1motorhead1 Posts: 111
    I think the owners manual says to change it every 30k if you don`t drive in alot of dust or pull a trailer.
  • evile1evile1 Posts: 10
    Well, I live in Phoenix, so it is quite dusty here generally. Thanks everyone for your responses!
  • pjjbmpjjbm Posts: 12
    My 2005 Colorado 2WD LS Ext Cab Z71 has 8,000 miles on it. It has the 2800 I4 engine, 5 speed manual transmission and 3.73 rear axle. The EPA ratings are 21 city and 27 highway. I travel 54 miles daily for work. Eighty to ninety percent of my driving is expressway at 60 to 65 mph. I am only getting 21 miles per gallon. :cry:

    I have been back to the dealer and complained about the mileage and the smell of raw gasoline in the oil that I noticed when changing the oil. They replied that "driving habits vary and affects gas mileage". The dealer is also ignoring the gas smell in the oil as long as I do not have any computer codes. On most other vehicles, my gas mileage meets or exceeds the epa ratings. Most other gas mileage postings in this forum state they are getting 25 mpg and higher. Any ideas what is different or wrong with my vehicle?
  • The smell of raw gas in your oil in todays engines is not abnormal, in fact its more noticible in todays engines than those of yesteryear. its gonna happen no matter how tight your engine is, however it should not be overwhelming! the gas in the crankcase is usually more profound on your Ford and Dodge products but it it does occur in GM's stuff occasionally! but the mileage issue combined with the gas smell might be an indication of a bigger problem! if the dealer wont address the issue then you might have to take things into your own hands if you have the tools to do it, do a compression leak down test or take it somewhere and have it done you could have an issue with a compression ring or a valve related problem, best of luck to ya !

  • pjjbmpjjbm Posts: 12
    Thanks for the idea of doing a compression check. I pulled the first spark plug tonight and got cold feet. Should I be disabling the ignition, fuel and/or computer before cranking the engine? Remember, this engine has a four second continued cranking even after you release the key if the engine has not started.

    There are more issues with this engine I did not report in the first posting. I think I might also have throttle control issues and/or fuel injector issues. Here are the issues:

    This engine "thinks it is a Bronco". It has intermittent bucking when accelerating in the lower gears (1st, 2nd and sometimes 3rd). The bucking is worse when the engine is partially warmed up. It will also buck sometimes when it is at normal running temperature. When I complained to the dealer, all I get is "these lean burn engines with manual trans do that". I wonder what they tell the Vette drivers.

    This engine also "thinks it a donkey". Again intermittently, the engine RPMs will drop off to 500 RPMs while shifting gears (both shifting up or down). Normally, the throttle control holds the RPMs for a second or two before letting the RPMs drop during gear shifts. By the time I let the clutch out after the gear shift, its too late. I have skidding tires because of the low RPMs and it triggers a "Low Traction" message. The dealer response is "I do not know now to drive a manual trans". I have been driving manual trans vehicles for over forty years.

    Last item, this engine acts like it is starving for air or gas. Yet it is only getting 21 MPG when it is rated at 27 MPG. When I get the engine RPMs up to 4500, then the starving behavior clears up and then it begins to run like a real engine. I can't be running an engine at 4500 RPMs all the time. The engine won't last and gas mileage will get even worse. On this issue, the dealer tells me, "running as designed".

    Wishing I had never sold my 1997 S10. :cry:
  • Chevy as figured out the knocking/popping sound is the Intermediate steering shaft. The vehicle only has 2600 miles on it. Hasn't been repaired yet but I will respond if this corrects the problem.
  • tdt3tdt3 Posts: 9
    Can anyone tell me what good storing a code is if GM dosen't know what the code means. I have had my 2005 Colorado I5 in for service 7 time in the last 2000 miles because of the 'check engine' light coming on. Each time code P0172 was stored. The first 6 times they reprogrammed the PCM module, replaced O2 sensors, replaced the fuel regulator, and replaced the air flow sensor. This last time they replaced the fuel injectors after checking with engineers in Detroit. I still don't believe they have the slightest idea of what is wrong.
  • The Code P0172 is saying that your fuel bank is running rich. I am 95% sure that if you replace the MAF it will solve that code.
    I know people that replaced everything that you have said was replaced and still getting that code. They replaced the MAF and it solved the problem.

    On a different subject, just to let everyone know how much I love mine. I have had my rig for about 2 months and have almost 1000 miles on mine. I took it camping 2 weeks ago in nice uphill 8% grade canyon roads and I still got 23.4mpg! I have the I5 and of course it is a 4x4 automatic. These numbers are better then I expected in the Extended Cab with those kinds of hills loaded with camping gear. :D
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    I have an 05 Colorado. Five speed four cylinder. I have 1600 miles on it. I am getting a squeaking noise coming from under the hood or underneath the floor in the front. Has anyone had anything like that and if you did what was the problem?
  • Today my 'check engine' light popped up, I pulled over and I checked all the levels. They were fine. My truck started to buck at intersections and it handled like a brick. Couldn't find any other posts that were like my problems. Fluids fine. Rough idling, Hard steering. I was running the A/C but cutting it off only lessens the bucking. I have a 4 cyl 2.8. And never had any problems with this truck. Thanks
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I'm not the biggest GM fan, firstly. However, looking for a compact truck for my son, I went - a - shopping. I have owned Rangers before, and thought they were the best small truck out there for a long time. Of course, it's been out there unchanged for a longggggg time. The Tacoma is still uncomfortable and unrefined, though everybody agrees it's a great performer. It's also pricey and the arrogance of Toyota dealerships just galls me. The new Frontier is too large for what I wanted, and so is the Dakota, which is, IMO, a quirky handling truck. Also, too long in the tooth. So, expecting pretty much nothing, I checked out the Colorado. Chevy's small trucks in the past, have been awful, IMO, embarrasingly awful. Other than the big grunty 4.3L engine, they had nothing I wanted.

    I was blown away with this little truck! It is possibly the best handling small truck I have ever driven. It's comfortable, for a change, with a good seating position. My only knock on it is the small engine - but hopefully the fuel economy will be a plus.

    Result: I bought a black Z-71 4x4. So far, I'm extremely pleased.

    We'll see how it holds up, but IMO, Chevy has an accidental winner here. I say accidental, because this truck was designed for the Pacific Rim, and adapted for the States, which is why the engine bay won't accomodate the inline six - so a cylinder was lopped off. If they ever drop a V-6 into this truck, they'll have a real market dominator.

    I say, good for the General! About time.
  • orangedoranged Posts: 1
    Just picked up a 2005 Colorado LS Reg Cab 4x4 with the inline 2.8l i4 w/ 5spd. Shucked the sub-par General tires that came on it for some Yoko Geolander A/T +II's. I am very happy so far, truck performs much better than my 92 Nissan Pathfinder with a 3.0l v6. Smooth manual tranny and excellent gearing. I'll let you all know if anything changes. :P

  • fasfas Posts: 6
    I just got mine back from the dealer.
    Cause" bracket on frame hitting body near bed area on left side.
    Is what they have on the ticket
  • fasfas Posts: 6
    I have a '05 Colorado LS crew cab 4x4 I5 automatic with 7400 miles.
    I have a bad hesitation when I back up especially when it is hot. The dealer says it is normal and gave me some document that says dont go from drive to reverse with out being stopped. "like it says in the manual"
    Has anyone else have this problem?
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    Thank you for the reply. This gives me something to tell the dealer.
  • I am having problems with my Colorado Z71, truck wouldn't turn over, started violently bucking, took it to the dealer and they told me that a service bulletin has been issued for relay #59 thru 62 which can cause a number of problems from the a/c, to the electrical, engine and so on... I bought it in November 2004 and its been in the shop 6 times for a variety of reasons. I am going to Arbitration with it. I am done with it. Good luck to you and as for me I have a :lemon:
  • bobw1bobw1 Posts: 19
    Can anyone give me actual gas mileage on a 2 wheel drive, 4 cylinder Colorado. Thanks....
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    In town, I consistently get 21 and 22. This is not driving in heavy traffic as you would in a northeastern city. It is city driving and a lot of stopping and starting.
  • jawahijawahi Posts: 6
    I got 22.3 out of my last tank.
    That is commuting half highway/ half city.
    I haven't really had the truck out on a long trip, so I don't know about real highway mileage.
    The highways I drive my commute on are all posted at 65, where it lugs a little in 5th gear.
    The truck runs much better at 70 as it gets much better torque with a little higher RPM.
  • This is the second time back to the dealer same problem. this time they will have to tow her in.turn the key all i get is a click. passenger seat is broken stuck in forward position :confuse: :confuse: :confuse: :lemon:
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Sounds like a bad ground to the engine or body.
  • mibgronmibgron Posts: 1
    Is there anyone who knows if there is something news at 2006 modells? I´m intrested to import a colorado to sweden (europe) but i dont now so much about this car, only the webinformation
  • I went to get into my 2005 Colorado and when I pressed the keyless remote, it didn't unlock the door. I used the key to unlock the door (no alarm sounded). When I went to start the truck, I turned the key in the ignition and there was nothing (no click, no turning over, nothing). I wonder if the security system has a built-in safety feature that won't allow the ignition to turn over, if the vehicle is unlocked with a key when it was originally locked with the remote. The vehicle is brand new (I've only had it 1 month and it has less than 1,000 miles on it). Does anyone have any suggestions??
  • mace1mace1 Posts: 2
    My wife is a rural mail carrier and drives 160miles a day she has had other chevy's before like the s-10 Blazer and the s-10 pickups but this Colorado is realy giving us trouble. She got it in March of 04 so we have had it for 17 mounth and as of today it has been in the shop for 33 days at different times for different things, the worst part is it takes so long to get parts in , when ever her truck is down she has to use my 95 chevy 1500. the first thing to go wrong was the muffler which took 16 days to get a new one but at least she could still drive he r truck that time. next the front brake pads went out so she drove my truck for 4 days while waiting on parts , then the rear brakes went out , this time it took 3 days to get parts,then the front transfer shaft seal went out , it took 12 days to get the parts in that time, then the windows and power locks went out another 6 days out for parts and now the fuel pump is out and so far they can't find a new one to put in so its is going on 10 days with out parts GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! She is about to give up on chevy al together She has 63000 miles on it and the extended warrenty goes out at 75000 miles. OH and the dealer now tells her that the extended warrenty won't cover the fuel pump because there is forien mater in the fuel filter GREAT! Are the 05 or 06 Colorado's any better ? Help please. mace1
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    If there is foregn matter in the fuel pump than that isn't Chevys fault. As far as waiting for parts that is a problem with new vehicles during their first year. There should be by now plenty of parts in the pipeline. Me I haven't had a problem with my 04 that I drive everyday and tow behind my MH. :shades:
  • mace1mace1 Posts: 2
    One would think that there would be plenty of parts in the pipeline but nooo, we have been told that on the 29th they are making new fuel pumps and it could take as long as 2 weeks before we get one of them and we have already been down since the 18th . I am glad to hear that you arn't having any problems with your Colorado. It's just mading to think a new truck would give us this much trouble and then to have it take so long to get parts. Don't get me wrong i like Chevy trucks, and hope to talk my wife into getting another one , i just hope the 05 or 06 Colorado 's have some of the problems worked out and a better suppply of parts in stock. thanks . mace1
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    I have an 05 with 2,000 miles on it. It is too early to tell about the service. If I have the problems that you have, I will definitely be buying another brand. If I were you, I would move on with something else. When I have that much trouble with a vehicle, that is it for me.
  • ocmike3ocmike3 Posts: 232
    I am either lucky or ? My 2004 Canyon Crew Cab 4WD Z71 has been good in almost 20k miles. I finally had a problem - climate control fan switch blew a resistor and I was with Off & Full (4) for a couple of weeks until they got the part. Other than that, not other issues. I got rid of the yuck wheels & cheap tires after a few hundred miles, but i never noticed any problems.
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