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2003 Ford Mustang Mach 1

SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
edited March 2014 in Ford
Taking its styling cues from the 1969 version the Mustang Mach 1 is Ford's step to blend the best of the past with the technology and power of today.


  • The pics I've seen of the Mach I look pretty sweet. With the added performance I wonder what the asking price is going to be.
  • I just pre-ordered my 2003 mach 1 in virginia. I took the interior upgrade option and kept the 5 speed manual. The cost for me is $29,220 without tax. It seems to be a very good price for such a fine american dream car. Now I just wish december would arrive quicker so that I can actualy drive it:).
  • I ordered a new Mach 1 for myself on May 10th. The waiting is worse than it was for my first born son. Now that we're within a month of starting production on the Mach (10/7/02 is still slated as Job 1 day) the time seems like it's standing still. My Mach 1 will be Dark Shadow Grey (CX) with the Interior Upgrade Package (18G). It is a 5-speed model as I wanted to make sure that the engine came with the Forged Crankshaft. Planned modifications in the wings include: Gears, Magnaflow X-Pipe, Magnaflow CatBack, Underdrive Pulleys, K&N Air Filter and a JMS Autologic Chip tuned for the mods.
  • I just got a 2003 GT, and I am looking at aftermarket performance modifications, specifically, gears, pulleys, exhaust, and a custom burned chip to match the mods. For those of you out there, what is your experience with these modifications? And is it a good idea? My service manager said I should wait until it is out of warranty for everything but the exhaust. Is this a good idea? On the other hand, I spent alot on the car and I am paying for performance in reduced gas mileage, so I want to get the most from the car. Thanks!
  • I don't blame you for being excited, a shaker hood, I think Detroit is rediscovering itself. Also, I think the retro interior is great. 4v per cylinder and 305 hp, you are going to be the dude!
  • You should be excited. I honestly believe you will be taking possession of the coolest car to hit pavment in the last 20 years. What could be more American in automotive design then the shaker hood? I don't think the Germans (who are not supporting us in the current international situation by the way - but let's keep buying their cars - yeah right!)or the Japanese ever came up with anything like that... the new Mach 1 is classic America at it's best. The 32 valve engine should be interesting too.
  • well, folks....i live in the land of muscle. not detriot but pretty close, grand rapids,mi. the home of the famous chevy dealership Berger. and recently ive noticed that Berger had been reviving there SS program with new COPO type camaros. these 385- 418bhp beasts are running out of time, time before the Mach 1 comes out, but production time has already run out. yes i cried on that day. now i dont believe in the ford vs chevy thing, to me its America vs japan. together chevy and ford will dominate. have a '70 stang convt w/ a 302(in restoration) and i have a '90 mustang lx hb 302 5spd 3.73 gears which is being "renewed" in early may i caught wind at Duthler ford on the mach 1 and thought...this is my chance to live in the golden years of muscle cars. so i ordered one that was origanly pnt code dark chcle grey,but when i learned that was the most popular color i switched to torch red. i was trying to make a deal for duthler to supercharger it put i thought naw, leave it stock. hey with a car doin high 12's it was fast enough. so theres my story. sorry for the length. i feel blessed to be allowed in the blue oval of life. i morn for my fellow car nuts on the down fall of the firebirds and camaros, a friend was lost this year, the gm f-bodies and who's to blame the,imports!so oval and bow tie alike, lets band together to fight this new enemy,"imports". they took one pony car out(camaro)and we cant let the mustang be next. take your fight to the strip not the street! be safe and smart. remember the new camaros on the lot, buy the mustangs to keep them on the lot.
  • pda97pda97 Posts: 91
    I have no problems with buying American. But I have a lot of problems supporting the auto repairmen of America. Sadly, for a country that sent the first men to the moon, the US just can't seem to produce a reliable, high quality automobile. The Mach 1 is an interesting package. However, it still rides on a prehistoric chassis and put together with poorly engineered bits and pieces. And for close to $30K, and you can't even get IRS. Who is Ford trying to fool ? Obviously, the majority of American consumers are smart. Otherwise, there would be no need to "fight the imports", right ?
  • Pda97, I hear what you are saying about not supporting the autorepairmen of America. And to be honest, after putting out the bucks for the 03 GT, and trading in my reliable Honda Civic HX, which had fantastic fuel efficiency, I will be unhappy if I get hit with reliability problems. But the research I did on Edmunds and other places indicated reliability is pretty good, as is resale value, and even crash safety. I live in the auto wreck capital of the world, Florida. I had no desire to be in a wreck in my little Civic.

    Let's talk about Mustangs specifically. So far I have seen nothing to indicate a problem in reliability. Where are you drawing this conclusion? Like I say, I am a new owner, in 6 years I'll know better. I agree with grdrpsmuscle, I think alot of it is grassroots. If we lose these classic cars, we have in large part ourselves to blame. And the antiquated chassis of the Mustang? It's fine with me, rear wheel drive, even with a fixed axle, has a feel and spirit to it that the front wheel drive stuff can't match. I could care less about the fixed axle. The 03 Premium GT can be had for around 23K. What is a Lexus IS300 loaded - about 35k. And I don't believe modern is always better. And certainly not as much fun. By the way, I think they will bring the Camero back. These type of cars (sportscars like the Camaro) raise people's perception of a car company's entire line. Finally, in the month since I have gotten my GT, I have had numerous people make positive comments, give me the thumbs up sign in traffic, etc. This never happened with my rice burner.
  • heritage, its all about the pony in the grill!thats it, end of story. as for the camaro coming wont be the same. look at the malibu, and impala. both front wheel drive, both underpowered for there name plate. and the monte carlo, talk about a joke compared to the oldies. look at the time line of the 60's,the order of the cars comming out the base model, then the GT, all of a sudden the GT 350 & GT 500, MACH 1, and the grand daddy the BOSS, look at it this way, ford has reopened the play book of the muscle cars
  • You may have a point on the Camaros, well, it definitely was a loss. Maybe it's why I appreciate Ford all the more. And everything good gets messed up sooner or later - pretty soon, they'll be nothing left. I guess that is why I am a born again Mustang fan, Ford is really trying it seems to me. At least we can hold out a while longer.
  • fyrbrdfyrbrd Posts: 1
    This new Mach 1 looks like its going to be a real beauty and with a super-charger add on down the line you will be having the same numbers at the Cobra at 7000 less. Well 4000 less once you kick in for the supercharger and goodies. Anyway the Camaro is gone and doesnt look like the boys have anything in the near future planned. Cant say Im a big fan of the Camaro any how. But for some strange reason I really like the new Firebirds looks, and the GM boys are going to come out with a New Goat (GTO) in 2004 to fill the void on there line. I wonder if Chevy is going to do to replace their buget hot rod with?
  • I heard (but have not confirmed) that a Mach 1 is now in town (Tampa Bay, Florida), I am sure looking forward to seeing it!
  • I ordered a Mach 1 on 9/27 with auto & upgrade package, after 10 dealers told me they wanted sticker
    ($30,105) or in one case $3,000 over and I would have to bid on it because there would only be one in the entire zone, I found one and paid only $27,817, not including the $1,000 rebate, plus a
    $49 dollar doc fee. I would encourage anyone interested in one to keep trying and resist the BS from the dealers! Anybody else get a good deal?
  • That is a great deal, I am jealous, I did not even get anywhere near that on my 03 GT.

    Will the Mach 1, because it is a 4 valve engine instead of 2 valve like the GT get less gas mileage? Anyone know how much faster it will be than the regular GT?
  • mlp5mlp5 Posts: 1
    I was thinking of a Mach 1 in '04 after the demand abates (and hopefully the dealer markup). Since I don't keep up with all the auto news, I just started to read about the new platform for 2004. Sure hate to buy anything in its first year - either the Mach 1 or the new platform. Besides keeping up with the comments here, any advice?
  • This is for anyone in the midwest who has ordered a MACH1 and has not taken delivery yet. The SOUTH and WEST orders were delivered already - before the midwest was started - This means that they received the $1,000 rebate while the midwest was screwed. If you ordered your MACH1 in time to be delivered before 1/3/03 complain to FORD CUSTOMER SERVICE & demand your rebate - Ford should extend the rebate to all who ordered & were promised delivery before 1/3/03! Anyone else have any info please leave a message here!
  • Since I posted this my dealer has tried to cancel my order. Apparently what they are doing is trading these cars to other dealers which is apparently more profitable than selling to the public. Anyone else in Mich. or Indiana have an order and have it cancelled ?????
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