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Nissan Maxima 2004 Redesign



  • ccermakccermak Posts: 260
    My in-laws have a new Camry loaded with everything you can get with the 4-cyl. I've driven it many times and around town it has PLENTY of spunk, feels like a 6cyl. For commuters and regular drivers the 4cyl is adequate for sure. Even does 80 all day long on the hwy. The only place you notice a diff is when you put it all the way to the floor like when going down onramps to the freeway, and even there it's got enough juice. Can't speak for Accord 4cyl but I think it's about the same. For some reason the Japanese 4's feel like American 6's. Why is that?
  • I guess with the size of the Camry it "looks" under powered for a 4 banger. But as we all know looks can be deceiving. I know when I had a 2000 Altima GLE, I was pushing that engine to death, so I totally get what your saying. And if the Camry, Accord & Altima are in the same class then it would make sense to keep a 4 in the line up.

    By the way how are you guys dealing with the rising gas prices. I live in Maryland and the premium is OUTRAGEOUS. And as much as I HATE to do it, I have been forced to go from premium to mid-grade to regular because of the prices. I know this won't specifically ruin the engine, but I can feel the performance aspect is lower. What do you guys and gals think? It kills me to do this cause I love my Maxima to death.
  • Regular is $1.50 One gas station was selling it for .78 the other day off Interstate 85 I believe. Also, K-Mart is going out of business in my area, and they were selling gas about a month ago for $1.09!!! I almost flipped, too mad I missed out!
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    People in Europe pay $4 a LITRE. I think we still have it pretty good. So yea, what about that Maxima?

  • Okay, if it's that much in Europe, I won't complain!!
  • I'm spoiled, and gas is too damn high, especially for a HS student!
  • mikey38mikey38 Posts: 141
    everything except the navigation system. Sticker was 30,541 and I paid 26,125 (including all the "required" dealer fees). As a bonus I got 2.9% financing through nissan. This is my 4th maxima.
  • Caught a local dealer in the Boston area advertising on the Internet 2003 Maxima SE 6 speed w/ moonroof,trunk and floor mats, splash guards. They had (4) Sterling Silver models to sell. Walked out the second night I visited when they tried to say the deal was over. I ended up buying it the next night for 22K vs. the 27.3K MSRP price. I also got Nissan financing for 5 years at 2.9%. I paid for the sales tax (no down payment) and walked out with a $390 a month payment. Used my 1990 Mits Eclipse Turbo for $500 trade in (hated to get rid of this car, it looked like 4 years old). Remember to keep good credit for times like these.
  • According to my dealer, he should get his first shipment of Maxima, mostly SE models by March 8 or 9!!! The on sale date is supposed to be the 15! I'll be in Atlanta at the ATL show on the 16. I hope to see many new Maximas while I am down there!
  • Congratulations! Isn't it fun to drive! I am on my 4th Max also. I purchased my '03 SE back in Nov. I just love has to be my favorite of all my previous Max's ('88, '96, '00) 03 for me!!
  • mikey38mikey38 Posts: 141
    It's a great car....I was looking at G35 sedans but couldnt justify the $7k price difference. I have had an 87, 89, 98 and now the 03.
  • How much have people been paying recently for their Maximas? The dealer has offered me $25,800 for one that is msrp'd at $29,843. Is this a good deal? Can I do better?
    Thanks in advance for your responses.
  • And then we can really know if you really got a good deal.
  • mikey38mikey38 Posts: 141
    smazzy 4> one of our local dealers is advertsing $4500 off sticker and 0.9% Nissan financing so it sounds like you are in the right ballpark. I paid 26,100 (including all dealer fees) for an 03 SE that stickers for 30,541. I've loved that heated steering wheel with all the subfreezing temps in OK this week.
  • I've offered the dealer $25,500 for the one stickered at 30,541 and I think he may make the deal. The apr is 2.9% for 60 months.
    What do you think?
    i've been thinking about waiting until the new ones come out because it's only a few weeks away and they may further discount the 2003's.
    I also noticed that the financing and rebate incentives expire 2/28/03!
  • mikey38mikey38 Posts: 141
    That sounds fair to me...make sure that includes all dealer fees so they dont try to stick you with some $500 advertising fee or some such nonsense and if you are trading don't get suckered there. The Nissan financing advertised locally is 0.9% on maxima's unless I read the paper wrong this weekend.

    On waiting a few more might get a better price but the selection will be less. If you are not particular about the color/options you might get a bit more off the price...I wasn;t going to buy unless they could find the exact car I wanted...good luck and let us know how you make out.
  • I know one dealer is doing 0% for 36 months at this point. It's not advertised. Plus they are starting with 4000 off sticker. I think 5000 can be done no problem at this point.

    I agree there will be more price incentives as we get further into March. Inventory will probably still be good for awhile. I'm certain there is still some sitting on boats yet.
  • I've seen the new Maxima and the pictures don't do it any justice; the grill doesn't look as bad as it does in the pictures because you can't see the chrome, and the interior is beautiful and the headlights/taillights look really nice
  • Im thinking of trading in my 2001 Maxima GXE for a ES300, should I trade in before the new ones come out or will the price not go down that much.
  • What year ES300? The new Maxis going to start at 28k, but as a lot of people have said you can probably find a good deal on an '03 Maxima. Even the current ES300 is priced higher than the '04 Maxima which has 265hp and the current ES300 has 210hp. Even an '03 Maxima has 255hp and is in the 20-30k range if not low 20k area. Looking at Lexus web site and pricing the ES it is up there.

    Seems to me to be getting less for more money.
  • otoluvaotoluva Posts: 158
    I was on e bay earlier and I saw a dealer advertising the all new 04 for MSRP and claimed to have many in stock!
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    There are many who look at ALOT more than HP, and in many categories, the ES is far superior than the 03 Maxima. The ES wouldnt be my choice, but I can understand its appeal. It is not getting "less for more". Its getting something different...

  • Hp is just something that does not matter to me as much anymore. I want a luxury car but I need FWD because of the wisconsin weather. I just went to the Auto show today and the I30 was just beautiful, but then again its RWD.
  • dklaneckydklanecky Posts: 559
    The Infiniti I35 is a FWD Luxury version of the Nissan Maxima. They are also a great bargain as they are in their last year of production. Infiniti seems to be going to a complete line up of RWD vehicles.

    Maybe your thinking of the G35?
  • well, they have been building them for a while, and autonews says that about 4,291 have been built so far

    VIN numbers usually end in the production sequence number, and this one ends in 04527. So has it been built yet? I don't know.

    There have been no reports of the 04 Max at any dealer yet. Some people said dealers may get one this week (around March 5) before shipments start in earnest mid-month.
  • yeah i was talking about the G35, my friend has an I35 that we took to the auto show, and thats why it was going through my head.
  • dklaneckydklanecky Posts: 559
    At the Milwaukee auto show last saturday 2/22, the Nissan rep said the 04 maxima's would be hitting the dealers showrooms the week of March 17th, no sooner.

    He had all the correct answers to all of my questions about the car but said a couple of somewhat disconcerting things:

    1.Almost all production is the SL no SE's.
    2.He hasn't seen in person the interior with the "4 passsenger" option, only pictures. Doesn't think it will be on very many cars.

    I asked for him to unlock the Maxima so I could sit in it and try it out for size (which he did).

    Nice car overall but it just didn't excite me in anyway, visually or otherwise.

    I have two Maxima's that have served me extremely well for a combined >310,000 miles and I really wanted to like the new one enough to buy it.

    Maybe a test drive will light the fire?
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    My dealer believes the SE models will sell the best. Actually they expect mostly SE models March 9, and very few SL models.
  • I was also there and a a rep. from Wilde Nissan said around March 9th. It looked nice outside, but the inside really bothered me for some reason. There were too many buttons and the dash was to odd shaped for my likeing.
  • I saw two 2004 Maximas at the Cleveland auto show. Beautiful cars from front to back. Both platinum color with latte leather interior. One was SE w/ auto. Other was SL with wood grain inserts and moon roof. I liked the SE better. Several dealers were circling the crowd. They knew nothing about the car, its colors, or price. They expected cars on the lots about Mar. 6. Dealer training scheduled for 3/15. The interior quality seemed more like the Altima, than the Murano. Some upgrades but not huge. The Infiniti G35 is definitely a big step up. I am anxious to drive the 6-speed. I bought an 02 V6 Altima 5-speed stick and love it. The wife sez OK to the Maxima, but more of a guy's car because the interior is full of brushed metal trim, not warm like an Accord. I liked it a lot but no handstands. The more expensive Volvo S80 T6 is my real hero.
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