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Dodge Dakota Future Models



  • jboehmjboehm Posts: 44
    Anybody got any info one changes for the 2006 models?
  • Yeah they are still ugly, even the new R/T's are comming out with a 4.7 HOV8 so with the new branch of R/T's you get a head rest that has the stitching of R/T on it, and a hood with a fresh air intake on it,with the new 4.7 you get 260hp and 290fpt. I dont know bout you but i like my 4.7 with the 230hp and 333fpt. but that was before i put my racing stuff on it and its about 280-290hp and 380-390fpt. I cant wait till some young punk with the new R/T wants me to stomp his new 'kota in a race. I'm all for the street raceing and hurting ppls feelings afterwards. :P
  • first off you are wrong about the 5.7 fitting in a dakota. it is smaller then a 5.9 l 360 ci that is in the dakota R\T. they have some guys designing a conversion kit for the older dakotas to fit a new 5.7 hemi. it will bolt straight to the transmission with no problems other then possibly a bell housing. the only problem you have to look for is the motor mounts, the hemi uses a different style of mount then the 5.9 R/T. i will prove that later when i get the ability to get pix of it but my dakota has a 5.7 in it, so ha fawkers. :shades:
  • i would just like to go back and mention that the new estimates on the HO 4.7 is 260hp and 310ft...just if oyur wondering..which means that if you guys want parts for you 4.7 then its about to get lots of aftermarkets soon.
  • i think that dodge needs to come out with a diesel in the dakota. all they would have to do is put the mercedes diesel in the dakota. it is a very fuel efficient and powerful engine. if dodge would do this it would be the best thing since the cummins.
  • sunburnsunburn Posts: 319
    I'd love to see a diesel in the Dakota. Maybe 200 hp and 350 ft-lb torque. Just don't want to pay a $5000 premium for it.
  • if dodge put the mercedes 3.2Liter, inline 6 diesel in the dakota it would be one of the smartest things they could do. this is a very economic diesel, and if they put it in the dakota it would probably get anywhere from 30 to 33mpg.
  • h_stuarth_stuart Posts: 1
    The Mercedes Sprinter has a 5 cylinder diesel engine that gets 25 mpg in that huge van. If they would put that into the Dakota, sales would far outstrip Toyota Tacoma almost immediately with high mileage and 500,000 mile quality.
    They are missing a huge opportunity if they don't do it now.
  • drfilldrfill Posts: 2,484
    RAMPAGE! ;)

  • kurts3kurts3 Posts: 1
    I’m not bashing also but being I have a 06 on order with the 4.7HO loaded to the gills, I believe I’m certainly qualify to be here. First, the buying public doesn’t play the so-called class game, as do the marketing groups. There is NO full size Asian pickup truck sold in the US. All because the marketing people say so is just a way of setting up the product for whatever works best for sales. The Tundra and Titian are still mid size and if I where in the market for a real full size pick up than at this time it’s still the US big three. The Dakota is in fact mid size with trucks like Tacoma and Frontier creeping up the scale from years of mini to mid. The Tundra and Titian are doing the same. Creeping from mid to full, but not there yet. This leaves Dakota in a unique situation. My shopping did not include Tacoma or Frontier because they are just still a bit too small. My choices where Tundra and Dakota since I’m not a Titian fan. For apples to apples, the Tundra wins except the huge difference in price. A difference of almost 4k and the Dakota had even more options in the race for the sale. I too am very disappointed with the power ratings from Dodge. The 210hp V6 needs to go up to 230hp. The 230hp 4.7 needs to be 260 to 270 standard and drop the $1700.00 HO option. The optional V8 should be a 330 hp 5.7 Hemi. Ten horse less for good measure. Factory dual exhaust should be an option, as has the Tundra. Side marker lighted door mirrors option 6X9 should be standard. When offering a RT hood scoop make it’s a total hood design with a functional air intake. At present the option scoop is a fake add on that’s bolted to a standard hood unlike the Rams. Four-wheel disk brakes a must option, hell it’s 2006 not 1996. The Mercedes diesel would be a cool option for far better mileage and reliability. In addition, why no V8 diesel for the RAM as Ford Power Stroke makes the SD rig the choice of the trades. Dodge needs to truly reevaluate their truck line. The looks are there but a lot of work needs to go into what the buying public really wants in a truck. How about a 7-foot bed on a club cab????

  • gggggggg Posts: 1
    Ha, Has anyone seen the new looks of the Dakota with the Sport Appearance Group? The bumper and grille are mono-chromatic ,all the same as the body color. They actually look, gasp...good! I've only seen pics on the Dodge site. Has anyone bought or ordered one? I'm trying to replace a beloved 97.. But the first look at the new style made me sick, now with the same color grille and bumpers they don't look bad. good day, cuda2 :P
  • thepopethepope Posts: 1
    I dont think its the fact that their diesel is a 6 instead of an 8- it puts up respectable torque and HP- but its only got a 4 speed transmission- thats the deal killer in my opinion.
  • i was going to get one of this years Dakotas for i liked the look of it. I tryed to get in it and could not! I am 6'3" 230lbs inseam 33". I could not get my leg under that steering colem! If i did i would have the wheel in my chest with no lag or arm room. The sells man said there is more room in the x-cab. will i do not want one of them so what good does it do me. Stop making this junk for Japan men/ladys with short legs!
    No leg room = no sells! off 40%, so will someone tell them, it is not just gas prices.
  • jnealjneal Posts: 247
    Interesting post...but leaves me a bit confused.

    I'm virtually the same size as you and have no trouble whatsoever getting in and out of my '06 Quad Cab. Likwise I have friends even larger that seem to find the new ones a good fit. With tilt wheel and the generous amount of travel in the seat adjustment there should be plenty of room for all but the largest of people and they would even be cramped in a full-size truck.

    The sells man said there is more room in the x-cab. will i do not want one of them so what good does it do me.

    I am also a bit confused about the term x-cab....Dakota no longer builds the standard cab, only the Club and Quad cabs so just what sort of cab design are you referring to?

    Stop making this junk for Japan men/ladys with short legs!

    Why do you think the Dakota is made for the Japanese comsumer? Dodge is one of the oldest American brands, albeit they are now owned by Diamler-Benz, but they are still made in USA and primarily for sale in America.

    Finally, would you mind quoting your source for the alleged 40% drop in sales?
  • that 40% drop in Dakoda sells is from dodge! that is why they are closing plants. read! I have been reading all the trade papers on line and they all at one time or other have said this in the past three weeks or so. do you really think they are selling more than last year and they just up and close the plant to loose sales!
    The one i tryed may have been the two door with no back seats just the old cheap model and yes i know they stopped making this model but they did when the new ones 1st came out last fall.
    Even with the tilt up my leg,knee/thy, did not go under it without a lot of work! That is why the sells man told me to try the others ( club/Quad cabs Xcab is a old term sorry for that now they use club/Quad) for they had more room for legs in them. But i wanted just a two door with no back seating and now they do not make it so i will not be buying.
    As for Japan who do you think they have working for them making a lot of these cars/trucks? People, from Japan! Do not take me for bad but they do have USA people also working on them just look at the new challanger. By the way, Dodge is not USA anymore! look at were some of the new cars ( neon replacement) are coming from, mmmmm Fiat(platform), thats really USA, Yes they have a USA motor not made in the USA but if you want to think its still a USA company go right on. Viper motor came from can you say it, Not the USA, benz is the last part and i think there was two other countrys also involved with planning this motor.
    I know you will find something i say not right to you but so what, the truth hurts some times.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    Dakota sales ARE NOT down forty percent. The last figure I saw indicated around seven percent (mid-August).

    Nor am I aware of any plant closings. The Trenton plant will close in 2014, but that was planned. Besides, they're building a new plant right next to it in the next two to three years. In addition, another new plant is scheduled to be built in Dundee, MI. The start date is around two years out. The last Chrysler plant closing that I can remember was the old Dodge Main (85 years old) and that, too, had been planned.

    Lastly, both the old 488 and newer 505 cubic inch Viper V-10 motors are based on the older "LA" block series, albeit in aluminum form (The new Viper motor is cast titanium alloy!). The design and manufacturing of this block has always been in Michigan. An outside engine tuner is being considered for the next SRT motored version.

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