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Any news on 2003 Honda CR-V?



  • saber86saber86 Posts: 128
    The sticker price on a EX is almost $23k so if they are quoting you $22500 with tax licenses included thats a terrific deal. I would make sure they are quoting you the right vehicle when you go sign the paper.
  • They are finally here.
    My dealer is giving me a price of $20,150(w/destination charges,tag and tax.
    I don't want any dealer accessories because I can get them at a better price and installed by a honda dealer mechanic.
    They are including all of the interior and exterior special coatings pkg.
    Is this a good deal?
  • This is $540 ABOVE the 'destination & MSRP' price SO, I'd have to know your TAX RATE & "tag fee".

    Tne dealer should split out the amount they are discounting.

    Generally, the demand for the CR-V is good, but the 2WD is NOT popular in the winter (except maybe in Sun Belt states...). You should be getting a discount of at least $300-500 dollars from the MSRP of $19150 before one could consider this a "good deal". Edmunds has the detsination charge listed as $460. WE NEED TO KNOW the amounts "left out".
  • Destination charge is $460
    Tax is 6.5% (Florida)
    Tag is $135 (transfer fee)
    The sticker price on this car is $19.300

    Good deal or not?
  • If I back calculated everything correctly...

    Sounds like the selling price (including destination charge, which in IL should have sales tax applied...) is around $18800

    That looks to be over $500 off the MSRP -- a pretty good deal!

    Can you do better? Who knows... I doubt this is "as low as they can go", but if you are happy it might not be worth grinding out an extra $100-200 buck.

    Dealers are not yet slashing $1000s off any 03 CR-Vs, and I doubt that will happen unless something tragic happens to the economy.
  • I got $500 less than MSRP for the 2003 model. Unfortunately, it takes forever to get the car.
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