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Honda Pilot Maintenance and Repair



  • Can you help me? I took my 07 Honda Pilot with 23000 miles to the dealer for the regular maintenance (oil change/tire rotation) and also asked them to look into a noise I was hearing when turning the steering wheel. After inspecting, they told me it was a "breakdown of the power steering fluid" and I needed to pay $130.00 to have it flushed. This seems like it should be something covered under warranty since I purchased the car from them and they are the only ones that have performed any maint. on the vehicle. What is your opinion?
  • Re codes: Im getting 1456 and 1491. Can someone point me in the right direction? Everywhere I search on the web brings me different answers to these codes, often for different models of Honda's.

    Re Heated Seats: 2 part question. First, Passenger seat even on high barely but slightly gets warm on the weat bottom, not at all on the seat back. Any ideas where to start to find the issue? Drivers seat on high gets so hot on the seat bottom I feel like Im going to burn myself if I dont change it to low. Is this normal?

    thanks in advance all
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Ask why the PSF broke down so quick in 23000 mi,
    It is beyond normal wear and tear, so should be under warranty, if not you can use a turkey blaster (dollar store) to suck the old oil out and fill in the new Honda PSF bought from Dealer Parts.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Re codes: Im getting 1456 and 1491 --- check with Auto Zone that they scan codes for free, they could give you a better answer.
  • We're thinking about buying an 18' runabout boat, which would need to be pulled by our '08 Pilot. After reading this forum it seems that we need to get the tranny cooler and power steering cooler (?) installed, in addition to the hitch of of course. Our local dealer just informed me this would take approximately 3 to 3.5 hours, and would cost...$1,395.

    $1,400 for this set up?! Does this sound right?

    We live in Minnesota so we can throw a stone and hit a variety of lakes. We would only be driving the trailer/boat to lakes within ~5 to 10 miles of our home, dropping it in the water, and then trailering it back to our garage. I don't even know if we're going to LIKE boating and almost hate to invest $1,400 plus the cost of the boat/trailer, in order to find out (we don't haul anything else).


  • 1- Tire low pressure sensors are all "on" indicating low tire pressure. Checked pressure and all good
    2- Overhead console button that can be programmed to operate garage door opener does not work. Light comes on but does not operate.
    3- Remotes don't work any longer. Key or interior button unlock the doors but neither remote. Batteries changed in both.

    Afraid to take to the dealer without investigating more for fear of huge repair bill.
    Any suggestions?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    1. Did you check the spare?
  • poodog13poodog13 Posts: 320
    Seems crazy to me to install tranny and power steering coolers simply to tow an 18' boat that probably weights around 2k lbs for 5-10 miles. I could see if you were towing a 22' boston whaler to the shore, but not for what you are going to be doing.
  • For short runs in Minnesota I think you can get by with just a hitch installed. I ordered on line a Draw Tite hitch and electrical pig tail that plugged in on my 2004 Pilot. Total cost was $155 and that included shipping. . It required removing two bolts to the rear tow hook and installing four bolts. Simple job that took 20 minutes. I ordered it from (ETRAILER.COM). Hope this helps.
  • normhnormh Posts: 31
    I have an ' 03 pilot with extended warranty. I bought the factory trailer tow package from H and A for less than $600 and this is why I did it; I was told that if I had any warranty issues relating to the transmission or power steering and did not have the factory kit, it would void the warranty of those items. I tow a 2800# boat less than 10 miles and have since 2003 and have never had any problems.

  • Thanks guys. I tend to agree with you. Maybe if we think about hauling it way up north I would get the coolers installed. For now I'm going to take a stab at putting this thing on myself for a few hundred bucks.
  • If the Honda techs ever ask what the hitch is for when you have the Pilot in for service, be sure to tell them it's for a bike rack. :blush:
  • Hos, I see your post from last year. I have an 08 pilot and have been experiencing the same problem over the past month. It's been a horror story. Did you ever come up with an answer? Could use your advice if you have any?
  • sddebsddeb Posts: 4
    We want to put the hitch on our '03 Pilot because we want a bike rack. The hitch is about $275 at the dealer, but they are charging about the same again to install. Any suggestions on where to take it? We don't need the wiring, etc., because we aren't actually towing anything, just attaching at Thule or Yakima rack for 4 bikes.
  • As you've seen from my previous post, I'm no hitch expert. However, I took the other person's advice and checked out and wound up purchasing everything I needed from them. I absolutely love their website. They have brief videos that clearly show you how to install their products. On a Pilot they sure make it look easy. Looks like the hardest part of the install will be cleaning the floor of my garage before I get down there to work on this thing. And their customer service was awesome. I emailed them a question about hitch accessories and within several hours they replied back (a real, live person with an "American" name) with links to the products I needed to purchase, as well as a few alternatives.

    Of course with my luck I'll mess something up on the install and wind up doing it three times - but that's usually my problem.

    I spent $215 on the hitch, receiver, two different size balls (yes I know that sounds funny) and wiring harness. Shipping was free.
  • hoshos Posts: 31

    I was give n all kinds of excuses going from one honda service department to another. I found that Honda service depts do not take any responsibility over anything you'd report and treat you ike an idiot and tell you 'its all in your head' !!! But, to answer your question, I never got anywhere with them and eventually the spell stopped. I am sorry I could not be of any help.
  • Ok, thanks. That is my story exactly. The smell is getting better. What bothers me is that the dealership told me they went through every service bulletin and even spoke with the engineers in California. Obviously you and I have the same issue and others probably have too. Honda likely knows something but they're no help.

    Thanks anyway.
  • Hi:
    my driver side mirror was broken in a parking garage. The powered mechanism seems to work fine. I just miss the actual mirror glass. Anybody has any idea if I can just replace the mirror (glass) or the whole side mirror including the electrical part has to be replaced.
    If I have to replace the whole thing, is there an online store I could order the correct color since the backing of the mirror is the same as the rest of the car and not primed black as I have seen on a few websites.

    Many Thanks,
  • This happened to me on an old car once. I went to a local glass & mirror store and they cut me a new mirror that I glued in myself. It was a while ago, but the whole thing costs less than $10.00.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    For a bit more money, I think most auto glass places would cut the mirror and glue it on for you.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    If you want a perfect fit. Honda parts dept. can also sell you the mirror only, without the housing.
  • Just following up in case anyone is wondering if they can install the trailer hitch on their own. I ordered everything I needed from and just installed it all tonight. It was a piece of cake. I will admit it was helpful to have my 8 year old son nearby to help with a few little things.
  • kipkkipk Posts: 1,576
    Did you do the wiring also?
  • I did. Their website had a short and sweet video showing how/where to find the Honda wiring harness. I did exactly as they showed and, voila!, there it was. I just plugged the two things together and closed everything back up. I'm telling you, if my 8 year old son was strong enough he could have done the whole thing himself in <60 minutes.
  • cwoodycwoody Posts: 17
    Look up Majestic Honda on the net. They have an online parts catalog where you can purchase one. I have been VERY HAPPY with their online service. It may be cheaper to go to your local honda dealer and order one after the S& H is added for such a small part. I bought a whole mirror assembly in the correct color for my '04 pilot and it was a LOT cheaper than my local dealer wanted. Took only 3-4 days before it showed up at my door. I have also bought brake pads (front & rear) from them....Honda Parts!! and even with the $15 S&H it was $20 cheaper than my local dealer.

  • cwoodycwoody Posts: 17
    Hey all,

    We have a '04 Pilot (82k miles) with AM/FM Cass CD & with the entertainment system (DVD) with rear headphone jacks. We are having problems with the rear Headphone jacks being very noisey to where you can not use them. Also the other day on a couple hour trip the left side speakers would not work. Then yesterday there was a hissing noise in the background of what ever was playing. It does not always do it but seems to be getting worse as time goes on.

    Has anyone else had problems like this?
  • kipkkipk Posts: 1,576
    Good show! Interesting site.

    I was hoping for parts and pieces to install hitch and wiring on our 03 CR-V.
    Can't seem to find wiring instructions for that year model.

  • I have a 2004 pilot with 75000 mi and just had the VTM-4 light comes on and check engine light. Also when sitting idle, the engine revs up and down in a pulsating fashion. When I first start the car the VTM-4 light does not stay on and I am able to engage the 4 wheel, but after I let it run for a few minutes the VTM-4 indicator light comes on and then I am unable to engage the system. Any ideas???
  • kipkkipk Posts: 1,576
    Recon it would be the same for the 2003 CR-V as for the 1999 in the video?
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