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2013 and earlier-Honda Pilot Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • djangodjango Posts: 13
    I got a quote 26920 for 4WD Ex-L from Honda of Joilet & 26900 from Valley Honda. This is base price of Pilot + Documnetation fees. Taxes & License plates would be additional.
    I have not got a quote of 26220. I was trying to find from Dennis what is the price I should expect to get.

    Let me know if you have received better prices than what I got
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    For a 4WD you are well into the hold back at this price, go get it. There is not much profit in that deal and I don't think worth your time to try to get. You are around $500 into the hold back including the doc fee.

  • Here's the final quote that I'm thikning of jumping on for a 2008 Honda Pilot EX- L AWD with Navigation.

    $27,500 + State Tax+ $199 Doc Fee + Title, registration, plates and $7.50 for tire tax.

    What do you think of this price?

  • djangodjango Posts: 13

    I am a little confused here. Why would anyone give such as offer as the first offer ?
    Also I read two posts in this thread where they have said that they have got Ex-L 4wd for 26078 & 26182. Your explanation seems logical to me.At the same time $500 difference is making me think as if I am missing something.

  • piccachupiccachu Posts: 5
    Hi Here is the lease quote I got from Honda today
    08 Pilot SE 12k/36mo
    700 out of pocket at signing
    came out $404 monthly including everything.

    Is it a good deal? Or I should keep shopping?
    I am in northern new jersey

    thanks for helping.
  • jillyrenejillyrene Posts: 33
    My opinion -- stay away from Valley Honda!!! They will not deal with you straight at all. It's a long story, but last year we made a trip out there being told that they have exactly what we wanted, except they tried to sell us an '08 (obviously at that point we were looking for 07). With 2 kids and a long drive -- we were NOT happy. And they were really sleazy about the whole process. Everything about them is disgusting.

    And with Honda of Joliet, I was really disappointed. You can read my earlier posts, but we were on our way to pick up our new Pilot -- and never made it because they "just realized" the EXL was really an EXL w/ RES. . .

    anyway. . . so far, Community Honda in Orland Park seem to be really straightforward. . .

    post more later
  • You're still on the prowl?? Have you tried any of the north or northwest side dealers? I can tell you Schaumburg has little or no stock left, and Elgin is diminishing fast. You could try Castle or O'Hare
  • jillyrenejillyrene Posts: 33
    Yes, isn't it sad ???! I can't seem to get anywhere. I've had bad luck O'Hare. Castle gave a good quote, but can't get a direct answer about any "extra options" that I do not want.

    I think I'll be going with Community, even though they're a couple hundred more -- they're closer and seem to be most upfront--telling me the dealer-installed options. Does that make sense or should I just go with the lowest bidder?

    I am SO ready to be done with this -- even strangers are tiring of my shopping! ;)
  • ejayejay Posts: 1
    27,053 OTD, best deal I could find within a two hour drive. 2WD pilots seem scarce around here {Va.} and I paid exactly invoice - 3500 + ttl. People at Pohanka Honda were excellent to deal with.
  • rrbhokiesrrbhokies Posts: 108
    I have a quote from a local dealer for a 2WD Pilot SE for $24,300 and $25,600 for a 4WD Pilot SE. Those prices do NOT include Freight, processing, TTL.

    Are those considered good prices? Both quotes appear to be slightly under the invoice - $3,500.

    Thoughts? :confuse:
  • rdeshrdesh Posts: 9
    I bought 2007 Pilot EX-L 4WD in the month of July 2007 for 26200 plus dealer fees, taxes and registration. OTD price was 28263. Then 2008 were just started coming.
    26200 was Invoice - 3500 dealer incentives - 900 hold back. So if the dealer is desparate and having lot of stock, they might go in to hold back too. So check with couple of dealers.
  • ksr674ksr674 Posts: 11
    Bought a Honda Pilot EX-L with Navigation 4WD 2008 model. Billet Silver. No extras.

    Price: 28,400.
    Doc Fee: 150
    Taxes: 2143
    Title and Registration: 168
    Total: 30,861

    Financing: 2.9% for 36 months, 0 down.

    Dealer: Honda Superstore of Lisle, Lisle, IL

    Other low quotes were 28705 from Honda in Joliet (email quote), 28990 from Community Honda in Orland Park (Phone quote), 29168 from Continental Honda in Countryside (Visited the dealer and talked to the salesman).

    Personally visited the shop and said I will do it now if they sold it for 28400. They agreed, no pressure and gave for 2.9 APR.

    It is the lowest february quote I received from Honda store in Joliet (the sales manager refused to honor their own february price and increased it by 300).

    This website helped in getting a deal I am happy with. Took the fear out of me in entering a car dealer shop. Thanks EDMUNDS. PM me for salesman name.

  • djangodjango Posts: 13
    Hi Jill

    Pulled the trigger today. Final OTD for 4WD Ex-L -28600 which works out to sale price of 26640. Got it from Continental Honda. I would recommend them if you are unable to get better deal anywhere else. I was assisted by a guy by name was Roberto Orozco. Nice guy - not pushy & not trying to sell what i did not want. No hassles. Pleasant experience. If you need more details let me know. Would be glad to help

  • djangodjango Posts: 13

    Thanks for your advice. Wanted to let you know that I purchased the 4WD Ex-L for Sale price of 26640 - OTD 28600. You were spot on when you mentioned there was little wriggle room for negotiating a better price. Thanks for helping in arriving at the right price.

  • After reading this post, I contacted 3 Chicagoland Honda Dealers, and ended up going with Continental. Overall a good, low pressure experience. At the end, they did do a little number and got an extra $75 out of me, but that is not too bad. $28,700 for EX-L NAV. Would have gone for $28,500, but I wanted more for my trade-in, which they gave, but then held firm on the price. I got the 3.9% for 60 mos as well.
    Overall a good experience. The Internet Manager/GM is fairly upfront. His Internet quote was within $200 of what they sold the car for, so not bad.
  • snikdasnikda Posts: 1
    Took the plunge today on a 2WD EX.

    Price $23,050
    Dest $635
    Tax $700
    Doc $398
    OTD $24,965

    What's the feedback on my deal?

    I got a little bit of money in the final negotiation but there wanted to discount price and not adjust doc fee for some reason.

    I actually received an offer from Gwinett Honda in Atlanta for $22,657. This was below their President's Day sale quote which is listed here on this forum. I decide the drive from Raleigh to Atlanta was not worth $400.

    Used Edmunds and followed the Motley Fool's car buying advise. I got all of the $3500 incentive, but was stopped short of getting into their hold back. I had several dealers decline to match the offer, which told me I was near the bottom. Inventory on 2WD EX is now very tight here. Seems only VP's and EX-L's are left in inventory. I was able to get the exact color combo I wanted, Nimbus Gray/Gray cloth.

    Buying experience was good, but there is a smugness to dealing with Honda and their lack of wanting to negotiate. I guess when you have a great product, there is little need to haggle much.
  • jillyrenejillyrene Posts: 33
    Congratulations Satish! I bought today too. Finally. From Community, I actually paid 26625 -- which was almost 300 more than my lowest quote -- but I have to say it was worth it because (1) pretty close to home and (2) they were very professional, upfront and no pressure. And I couldn't take going to another dealer with some bait + switch tactic. So who knows if that lowest quote would've actually been honored.

    One thing though, how did you get an OTD at 28600? Ours was 29035. Our taxes in Cook are 7.75%, so maybe that's how. . .

    Oh and does anyone know the answer to this? The finance guy said you can no longer buy extended warranties from Honda, so if I pass on this chance, it's done. I didn't take it because I don't think it's true -- any one know for sure?


    And maybe I'll see you on the road Satish!

  • cheshire1cheshire1 Posts: 16
    Congratulations, everyone. I bought a AWD Pilot EX-L w/ Navi today for 31,200 OTD. (29,021 base, $250 doc fee, $1,903 sales tax, $26 title fees). I used the "donkeypunch" method from the Odyssey board and was amazed how well it worked.

    I actually got some quotes that were about $150 less than the one I took, but they didn't actually have the car in stock. I probably could have cut about $200 off the price if I had really worked it, though, but I thought it was a fair price and wanted to go with someone who could deliver my car to me immediately.
  • djangodjango Posts: 13
    Congratulations Jill!

    I think what you did was right. I only interacted with dealers on mail. This was the only dealer I visited. The difference is definitely due to tax. Tax in my region is 6.5%.

    I have never opted for extended warranty in my earlier vehicles & I did not opt for one this time too. Dennis may be able to give appropriate advice on this one.

    Once again Congrats!

    Enjoy your ride
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Congratulations to all the new Pilot owners - seems like several were sold just today to forum posters. No recession here :D .

  • We got one too! :) $29,867 OTD price for a 2008 Nimbus Grey 4WD EX-L w/Navigation. We ended up getting the running boards, bug deflector and roof crossbars for an additional $1100 on top of that, but the OTD price was for a fully loaded from factory Pilot. We love it! BTW, our dealer said they would match the price from Saccucci Honda for $1195 (8-year / 120k miles). Amazing! :D

    Pictures here:

    Brian / ChevyNovaLN
  • jillyrenejillyrene Posts: 33
    So I declined the extended warranty. Should I purchase this? If so, where's the best place? From the dealership or from the internet?

    thank you!!
  • Hi Jill,
    I am in the same boat - I haver never purchased an extended warranty before b/c of Honda reliability, and have never needed it for anything major. however, i have had other small issues with the high-tech stuff- CD changer, ABS sensor, Airbag sensor, sunroof motor, Oxygen sensor etc. So, I am thinking about going in for the warranty this time. Since the online dealers (Sarcucci) are basically selling them at cost, I will likely get one, and if I am going to, it makes sense to get the longest one ($1195 for 120K). I figured, that way I know that my Pilot is guaranteed for at least that long (8yrs) without any other funds out of my pocket, including the Navi, cd changer, oxygen sensors, etc. Afterwards, I will keep it running another couple of years and then get the model 2 gens from now....
    Good Luck!
  • grupo999grupo999 Posts: 4

    One more purchase: 2008 Nimbus Grey 4WD EX-L w/RES for 30K OTD in Chicagoland (Grand Honda). Declined Extended Warranty per latest Consumer Reports issue. Great experience. Stock may be indeed low - Grand Honda was all out of NAVI and their Sunday ad today mentions 21 Pilots in stock. Thank you forum posters for the guidance provided. It greatly helped!
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    If you decide to get an extended warranty (AKA service plan) be sure to only buy HondaCare and not a 3rd party plan. Honda has decided to crack down on "Internet sales" of HondaCare so it may be hard, harder, or impossible to get an Internet cheap deal on HC after the end of March.

    Normally you can pay a little more and wait to buy right before the basic warranty is up at 36/36k, but if this ban from Honda holds up you might be stuck going to your local dealer for HC at a rip off price.

    Saccucci, Bernardi, and others sell it just over cost online - at least they do right now.

    Your Pioot is a Honda so you probably will never need the coverage, but it is pro-rated refundable if you cancel it for any reason (totalled car, trade it in, etc). For $50 it can be transferred to a new owner should you decide to sell the car to someone else yourself.

  • lufacalufaca Posts: 31
    II joined the board to see what could be a good deal be for a 2008 Pilot EX-L 2WD in southern California. I had secured a line of credit at 5.25% for 60 months but not too long ago I saw a special with AHFC (Honda) at 2.9% at 60 months. I saw the pictures for the 2009 Honda Pilot and I was not impressed. As a matter of fact We (my wife and I ) preferred the existing model. I am a little confused with the dealer hold back and the current 3500 incentive they have in place. What would be a good price bottom line for this 2008 Pilot EX-L 2WD in Southern California? The lowest I've seen was: 26800 plus destination fees and taxes. Is this a good deal?

  • awaheedawaheed Posts: 2
    Looking for any Honda pilot lease deal experiences in the bay area in the past few weeks and details on the deal you made including Money Factor & Residual and the OTD price
  • fred25fred25 Posts: 92
    To all:

    If you are really going for the extended warranty make sure your read the fine print carefully. We all try to know what covered, but you should also know what's NOT covered so that you really know what you are paying for up front. May I suggest that you reach out to other Edumunds forum members who have purchase these extended warranties and get THEIR experience.

  • I am shopping in Las Vegas and have a quote for 26300 + docs and tax. So your 26800 seems to be average. But mind you that this was my first quote that I received and will be looking to pay 24-25k for the Pilot. This is for the 2008 EX-L 2WD.
  • yen_sawyen_saw Posts: 7
    Pilot EX-L w/navi 2WD price is going at $27,500. 2.9% for 36mths and 3.9% if above. The Pilot w/navi is selling like hot pancake at the moment.

    I am sure 2009 will have better features like availability for both navi/RES, blue tooth, milage reading based on exisitng gas left, fuel efficiency reading, power rear gate, etc but for the current rebate/discount on the existing model makes it a very "money for value" car. I don't like the look of the 2009 Pilot either. ;)
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