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2013 and earlier-Honda Pilot Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • wyyangwyyang Posts: 29

    We have just signed the papers for an 08 Pilot AWD EXL. The car is still at the dealership since it's right off the truck and it has not passed inspection yet. I am wondering if it's worthwhile to get a backup radar? The dealer quoted about $850 including parts and labor. Any comments?

  • jaredypjaredyp Posts: 1
    Hi Satish,
    Would you have an itemized breakdown of your OTD price?

  • Which dealership in Houston is offering the Pilot EX-L w/Nav at $27,500?
  • grupo999grupo999 Posts: 4
    FYI: Interesting ad in today's newspaper: One dealer (Brilliance Honda) mentions they have 110 Pilots in Stock.
  • yen_sawyen_saw Posts: 7
    Honda cars at Katy, they are new (open last Christmas) and desperate for customers so you could really bargain for the price. I also opted for $299 life oil change. If you really considered it please let me know they offer $300 for referal too :)
  • Yesterday we purchased 2008 pilot AWT 30217 OTD from pauly honda in libertyville,IL. We live in cook county but the dealer is in lake county. They charged 6.5 % taxes for illinois and said we will get a bill from cook county for cook county tax with in couple of months and they calculated that would be around $ 215.
    Is it a common practice that all the dealers do.
  • andypaiandypai Posts: 8
    Just bought a EX 2WD at $23638, the invoice with destination is $27574, so mine is about $3891 below invoice. With 6.25% sale tax, OTD price is $25395.

    Thanks to all the posts here, really got many usful info.
  • mike274mike274 Posts: 35
    Hello. Thanks for all the feedback. Does anyone know of a dealer to go to find a good price on a Pilot in the Long Island area and what prices they have been receiving for the EX or EX-L. Thanks,
  • I'm thinking of pulling the trigger on an EX 4WD Nimbus Gray. The selling price is 24,6xx.xx (without destination and TTL). I have a Trade-in they would take for 2,200 (Online Appraiser is around 2,700). Total OTD price including Trade-In is 25,000. They also throw in a 7-year free oil change (for all new car buyers).

    Is this a good deal or no-good? I'm not sure, but I have a feeling that I may still have 1k to negotiate the OTD price? I guess I'm still confused about how 3.5k incentive works. Should it be: 28,200 (invoice) - 3500 = 24,700 (including fees and destination)?? If so, then I have some work to do...

    I'm planning to buy tomorrow...

    Thanks in advance.
  • parvizparviz Posts: 484
    Foe another $2k you could have a nice Navi, including the rearview camera. backup radars are nice but I personally would rather have the camera or both. Aftermarket backup sensors should not cost you half what you have been quoted, specially that I don't recall Honda offering a Honda brand backup sensors.
  • wyyangwyyang Posts: 29
    Just drove home a white Pilot AWD EXL. OTD $29195.01. I did not buy the Navi. I have 2 garmins that I absolutely love. I figured that the Pilot is actually about an inch shorter than my accord, I might not need the back up camera. If I do need one, I will probably get an aftermarket one, together with a new car DVD/stereo system. I don't like the factory 6CD that does not read MP3 or WMA CDs.

    Car: $28650
    TTL (7% tax): $2067.5
    dealer service plan (10 free oil change, 4 free tire rotation, 4 free state inspection): $277.51
  • wyyangwyyang Posts: 29
    Typo for car price.
    negociated price:
    car: 26850
    tag+license: 188
    dealer service plan: 277.51
    total: 29195.01

    I can not figure out what the tag+license shall be. Different dealer quoted me differently. But they are within $50 difference so I did not bother.

    I am not sure if I told them I don't care about the dealer service plan, they would throw it in anyway. They first quoted me 493+tax for it, I declined and they dropped $250 with a 'coupon'. I figured it is worth the price, especially I could use it on my other honda, so I don't have to wait 4 years to use it up.
  • I've been looking for a 2008 Pilot EX AWD, with no options and no accessories.

    I've talked to 4 dealers and 1 broker in the Denver metro area. The best I've gotten is 27,080 + TTL. I've seen lower prices posted here, but not in my area.

    It seems high to me, with the incentives Honda is offering right now. Am I wrong.
  • jd77jd77 Posts: 4
    My Wife and I purchased our Pilot from Brilliance Honda at the beginning of the month. We paid $28.6k (plus tax) for an EX-L Navi, they gave us a great deal on our trade and were a breeze to deal with.

    I would definitely recommend them to everyone in Chicagoland!
  • cherringcherring Posts: 3
    I have been a lurker on this boradr for months and found so many great tips that helped me to have the upper hand and make a great purchase, so thank you! I thought it only fair to share my deal-

    Just drove home in a 2008 AWD EX-L w/o any options and love it already!!

    Purchased @ Ourisman Honda in Laurel-
    Purchase Price $28,747.14
    Processing Fee $99
    Sales Tax $1730.77
    Total OTD Price $30,576.91

    We got 1.9% financing for 36 months so even though I know I could have wheeled and dealed over a few hundred in the sale price this special financing really sealed the deal. They were offering financing specials from .9%- 4.9% depending on credit and loan term.

    The truck price also included wheel locks, mud guards and door and tire seals.

    We opted out of any extended warranties. We have owned a total of 4 Acuras & Hondas and never used or needed any major service work so didnt think it was nessecary!!

    Very happy with our new car. Please let me know if you have any questions & thank you again!!! :)
  • That sounds like the price for EX-L with Navigation. Did you get the one with Navi for $28,747.14?
  • pilot15pilot15 Posts: 3
    We just bought a 2008 Pilot EX-L with Navi yesterday. We checked it all over at the dealership and it looked great. Drove it home. Later that night went out to the garage to get something out of it, and saw a pretty significant scratch on the windshield. The dealer was already closed. I left a voicemail for my sales guy. I'm scheduled to take it in on Tuesday for them to put on some of the accessories I purchased.

    What is the best way to handle this? I'm sure they might offer to buff the scratch out, but I'm afraid that will leave a hazy look to the window. Do they have to replace it??
  • hfzeushfzeus Posts: 37
    A similar thing happened to a friend who bought an Accord. His dealership gave him a hard time and offered him $200. He declined and filed a claim at small claims court. The dealership jokers never showed and he was awarded far more than his cost to repair his car.
  • cherringcherring Posts: 3
    No, that was w/o navigation. Prices in Baltimore are far higher than people are getting on these boards, we did major research for months and couldnt get anywhere near what other people in other states were getting. Still think that we got a fairly good deal!
  • pilot15pilot15 Posts: 3
    Was that damage on his windshield or just somewhere on the car?
  • cjkbme2wcjkbme2w Posts: 82
    We are looking at a VP package with 4WD. We don't need anything fancy so opted for the VP over the EX or SE. They seem to be tough to
    come buy, but one dealer in Bel Air, MD has the color I want and gave me
    a quote of

    2.9% for 5 years
    Includes destination. Taxes are $0 in DE. So, this doesn't
    include doc, registration or title.

    Invoice = $26,895 - $3,500 factory incentive, so $23,395 should be their cost after
    making 3% holdback. So, their price is $465 over this.

    Is this a good deal!
  • cjkbme2wcjkbme2w Posts: 82
    Upon further probing, the dealer's price did not include destination,
    so the total is now $24,495.87

    I was also wrong about the incentive, which is $2,500 for the VP. So, the dealer cost with holdback is $24,395, so they appear to be charging $100 over cost?

    Is this a good deal, or should I opt for an EX, which has a $3,500 incentive?
  • wyyangwyyang Posts: 29
    Given the fact the Pilot sales daily selling rate dropped 23.6% in 03/08 (10168 total sold) comparing to 03/07 (14339 total sold), you could probably see better incentives coming in April. At least I will expect the $3500 rebate to be back to the VP.
  • cjkbme2wcjkbme2w Posts: 82
    So, if I can get the Pilot for the Invoice minus the incentive ($3,500 in the case of EX), is this about as good a deal as I can get. This same dealer is offering the EX-4WD with destination for $25,438.68, which is $100 over this number.
  • wyyangwyyang Posts: 29
    It might really depend on your location. I don't know your situation. I can only speak for my own experience. I started looking in Feb. I asked around and most of my local dealers were giving me $100 over invoice minus incentive. There was 2.9% APR financing at the time. One dealer (South Hills Honda) tricked me with a low price that he did not honor. It was the last day that 2.9% APR was offered. The 2nd best price was $67 below invoice minus incentive. I missed the 2.9% APR and decided to wait. The Pilot Feb sales number was very good (probably because they did not offer the $3500 incentive this early last year). In early March almost all dealers became firm on their price, and a few even increased their quote. There are lots of snow in winter in my area and I can see lots of Pilots on the street. I thought that's probably the best I could do.

    Until last week I received ads in the mail from one of the dealer, that promised "$500 below your best offer". I ended up buying the Pilot from this dealer for $567 under invoice minus incentive. And that's before the poor March sales result was out.

    BTW, I don't see any benefit of EX comparing to VP. I have to go with EX-L because I need leather (have a new born). Otherwise, I will wait until VP has the same incentive with other trims and by VP.
  • mike274mike274 Posts: 35
    Hello everyone. Thanks for all the great input. Does anyone know prices for the
    Pilot EX-L that you are seeing in the Long Island/NY area. Thank you.
  • djangodjango Posts: 13
    I bought a EX_L 4wd recently where I paid 26640 which is 4227 below invoice. See the posts for March 22 & you will find a couple of others who have got prices similar to this. I would atleast try for USD 4000 below invoice. Remember that Honda is introducing new version of pilot in July so dealers will try to get rid of inventory. Bargain hard . Good luck
  • m5yatesm5yates Posts: 27
    I just got this emailed to me from my dealer.
    Just what I want to see 4 weeks after I bought my Pilot :(

    2008 Odysseys and Pilots 0.9% APR
    Up to 36 months thru AHFC wac
    Expires: 4/30/2008
  • cjkbme2wcjkbme2w Posts: 82
    I actually have a 6 month old, so should I opt for the EX-L, because the leather is
    easier to clean up spills. Should I really pay $2000 more just for the leather. Couldn't I instead just have a seat cover for the car seat? Please give me your thoughts on this.
  • wyyangwyyang Posts: 29
    I suppose car seat covers will work. Then you might be able to save more money by going to the VP. EX-L adds leather and moon roof over the EX, which I think is worth $2000. Comparing to VP, EX adds garage door remote, fog light, power seat and a few other things, which I don't think worth the price difference...

    I might regret it for not getting the navi with backup camera. It's a $2000 option only available on EX-L. People at talked about installing backup sensors themselves. Seems quite complicated. They need to take off the rear bumper and panel. There is a Mom who got her backup sensor AFTER hitting her son backing up from the garage. Luckily, the boy was not seriously injured.
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