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2013 and earlier-Honda Pilot Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    I would try NJ dealers and further out until you find some dealers willing to make a deal. The time to buy a Pilot is now - with the $3,500 dealer money on them ($2,500 if you take the cheap finance option). If you wait for a deal on an 09 Pilot you could be waiting a very long time - as they will not be much discounting at first and surely no dealer money for some time after the new model hits. New model always means stronger sales and less savings - at first.

    I don't think the carsdirect prices are reflecting the dealer money, since they come up with about invoice for for Pilots when I check there. It could they have not updated the prices yet for April?

  • carslycarsly Posts: 32
    With all due respect Dennis, the time to buy a Pilot will be in May or June (for a 2008 model, that is). The $3,500 below invoice deals have been floating at least since December and seem to be an annual occurrence so nothing special to see here. With new car sales in the US getting worse and worse every week it is quite possible, if not likely, that we will see something akin to the 0% APR employee pricing deals of the summer of 2002 from many manufacturers. I doubt they will discount as heavily as that summer, but the signs in the form of Honda's 0.9% APR up to 36 months are already pointing in that direction.

    I, for one, suspect that Honda has already bumped up the marketing support to $4,500 on most trims based on the deals I've been seeing the last few weeks. Stay tuned but I expect that the real blowouts will start Memorial Day weekend.
  • fiufiu Posts: 25
    I would agree Dennis that it's the time to pull trigger if anyone is in market and ready to purchase the 2008 Pilot. I have been watching Pilot for more than one month and just purchased a silver VP 4WD a few days ago.

    The current deal is already good regard of the combination of dealer cash incentive and 0.9APR, at least for me.

    Carsly made a valid point that there MAY be better deal on Memorial day, just like Honda did in President day, but there are a few other facts you may also consider:

    1. 2009 model will be avaliable in dealer's parking lot very soon, when time goes by,
    the choice of color and model of 2008 will become less and less. it's important for many people if they have preference since it's not a small amount of investment and you may need to drive the car everyday.

    2. what's the difference of 0% and 0.9% APR, not that much. In my case, it's only $300 and something for three years.

    3. March# of Pilot was bad, down 26% comparing 07's #, since there was no lease special on some models and no special APR on March, but APRIL have both, some people like me may think it's a good deal, this will impact the sales #, right? Whether or not Honda is going to increase/decrease incentive majorly depends on how market reacts on their previous incentives, if market shows too positive, they will offer less (like March), if market shows negative, they will offer more (like April).
    In Feb, the # was pretty good, then Honda dropped $1000 in VP on March, but since March # was not good, Honda allows APR combined on VP to compensate that $1000 on April. There is chance that it may happen again in either way although overall I would agree Carsly that the price trend should go down instead of up.

    4. Another fact is how many 2009 units quened in pipeline before 2009 starts to ship and how eagerly Honda/dealers are willing to get rid of them. that's what we don't know. We sholdn't expect Honda has too bad managment to shoot themself

    5. You may also consider what's your second plan if the deal never comes. We did a lot of reseach on our next car, reading reviews and CR, checking youtube crashing tests, testing driving etc, we finnally locked three cars which meet our needs and Pilot is one of them. We need to pay more for other options if we don't buy Pilot.

    6. Right now, we can easily get the whole dealer cash plus some holdback. Let's assume Honda is going to offer $4500 on June, is it still so easy to get all incentive plus same amount of holdback? I doult it.

    7. Cashback will hurt the resale value and finally hurt the Honda brand, $4500 plus 0% may be too good to be true. I can't remember Honda ever did that and doult Honda is going to do so this time.

    8. Last thing is the cost of your waiting. A lesson I have learned in my life is once you know what you want and you think it's already GOOD, go get it, don't waste your time to wait the BEST, it may never come.

    Like I said at beginning, I may be baised since I recently purchased a Pilot. You need to use your own judgement to read my post. But any way, it's just my 2 cents and my only intention is trying to provide some thought to help, like others did to me.
  • It's an AWD. I think it's an EX, because it has a poer dirver seat, but it's hard to tell. No badges, nothing on the invoice to say which model it is.

    It seems like I could get a VP model for $23k or so according to this forum...saving $5k seems to make get a 3 year old vehicle (by Dec) attractive.
  • We purchased a Pilot w/navi this weekend. Did some heavy research, and I felt this deal was very, very good, like you did. I got into most of the dealer holdback, so this car was way below invoice. I traded the same Pilot model ('04) to the dealer, for which I got a price $300 more than Kelley and what Carmax offered, so I was satisfied on that end of the deal. What was most satisfying is that I paid about $2,500 less for the '08 than I did for the same model '04, and the '08 has some pretty significant upgrades.
    I felt that inventory was tightening for the '08 in our area, and to get the color we wanted (steel blue), now was the time. The dealer showed us what he had coming in, and it was very few '08s, and not any colors we would want. He showed that '09s were scheduled to start coming in soon.
    I know we will have some "new model envy" when the '09s hit the floor, and also have to live with the fact that the incentives on '08s may increase even more if they don't continue to move '08 inventory (like you, I don't see that happening). I also think I got a sweet deal on a vehicle that has treated us well in the past, for which I paid thousands less than a comparable '09. The chance of any significant discounts from MSRP on the '09s when they hit the floor are slim IMHO.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    We don't know what will happen or not happen in the future. Those that wanted a great LEASE deal on a Pilot for the most part missed the boat on those waiting for the deals to get better.

    If you can get a new Pilot $2,500 to $3,500 under invoice and priced down into the hold back and perhaps financed at well below market (in exchange for a $1k higher price) rates it is a great time to buy a Pilot.

    If you want to hold out for a better deal, then you run the risk of not being able to get the model and color you want - but a little bit better price. How much better? We have no way of knowing. If you are not picky about the model and color then waiting until the 09 Pilots are on the way or on the lots should save even more money.

    Note that the best deal may have already passed anyway - when you could get $3,500 in dealer money AND a regional discounted finance rate. With the regional rate it could be combined with the dealer money, unlike the current national cheap rate.

    Right now IS a good time to buy a Pilot - in any case. Will it be the BEST time all year? Probably not. For those of us that prefer to lease, the best time was a couple of months back.

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    As I said, with double tax it will not be that good of a deal. Say you live where there is 6% tax, then it becomes an $19,610 buy out for your father in law and will cost you $20,787. A FWD VP should be $23,130 or less for a new Pilot, $24,073 or less for a new EX FWD (plus tax, of course).

    By the time his lease is up, these deals will be long, long gone. So if you plan on waiting that long this might be a decent option - but with the double tax probably not. If you live where there is no double tax, then it becomes more reasonable. I would check the Edmunds, KBB, and NADA used prices online and check listings on places like,, and ebay to see what similar Pilots are worth and what range of price offers they have on them. Then decide of the lease buy out is a fair price or not.

  • carslycarsly Posts: 32
    Theoretically, double tax is a concern.

    However, practically I have yet to meet a dealer that will not help out with this situation. I just turned in a 2005 BMW X3 off-lease and brought a friend of the family who wanted to buy it at the same time. The dealer did not hesitate, they did charge to put it in the Certified Pre-Owned program (extended warranty, new floor mats, detailed the car) but otherwise didn't blink. Tax was paid just once by the buyer.

    I'd say talk to the dealer that you would need to return to the vehicle to and chances are good they will work with you, perhaps swapping their help for a few hundred dollars or the sale of a warranty.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Here, dealers are charged taxes on inventory and a "Gross receipts" tax so everything that passes through the dealership costs them money. Used to be folks did this all the time - a "buy and bye" - but the last few times I asked a dealer about it they quoted me many hundreds in fees.

    On a BMWFS turn in they normally offer it to the turn in dealer for a nice discount and often there is enough "profit" for the dealer to CPO it with little or no out of pocket from the buyer. So no doubt if the buyer pays full CPO price and fees there is more than enough for them to handle the deal for you. Even if they don't get a nice discount (popular model, low residual, etc) the turn in dealer always gets first crack at it, I am told.

    On AHFC turn ins the dealer gets $500 off if the lessee buys the car back, so they will do it "for free" for you while actually making $500. I am pretty sure, like Mazda, all other lease turn ins have to go to the auction lot and can't be sold (or purchased) by the turn in dealership. So that leaves buying it out before lease end, which can be done by a licensed dealer - but again you have to leave them room to make some profit for handling the transaction - profit plus and taxes due for handling the deal and having the car in inventory.

  • I am thinking of making an offer on a 2008 Honda Pilot SE. Based on market conditions, what should I offer?
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    New? No more than $3,500 under published invoice for the Pilot, destination, and any and all dealer fees.

    Used? A lot that that the price above :D .

  • fiufiu Posts: 25
    Why not VP? you can compare the feature/money difference between VP and SE. BTW, if you choose Honda cheap finance, there is another $1000 incentive difference.
  • cjkbme2wcjkbme2w Posts: 82
    I think that the best time to get the pilot will be mid May to mid June. There are still a LOT of 2008 Pilots on the lots (mainly EX-L AWD, then EX AWD) and the 2009s start arriving May 15. Honda will need to increase incentives to move those 2008s. Also, remember that gas prices in May will rise to $4 given todays $100+ oil and increased driving demand in May. Pilots will not be flying off the lots. I am waiting for a $3,500 EX incentive + 2.9% financing.
  • Just bought a new 2008 Pilot SE 2WD for 24988 (exclude tax and license)
    This is in Northern CA. and the best price I found. Got the price through the internet and only 1 other dealer was willing to match but not beat the price.
  • cjkbme2wcjkbme2w Posts: 82
    Was this with the special financing? What dealer?

    This is $4,400 below invoice, so it appears that Honda has increased their
    cashback to $4,500? I assume then that you can get the $3,500 back and
    2,9% financing (if this didn't already come with that APR).
  • sidsharsidshar Posts: 3
    Hello Honda Hunter,

    I am considering Honda of katy, how was your experience there? Would they match price from other dealers? When they quote out of door price do they add some hidden charges later or they understand out of door means out of door.
    I will provide your name as referal in case I go with them. Thanks.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    BTW, if you choose Honda cheap finance, there is another $1000 incentive difference.

    If you choose the cheap financing, $1000 of the dealer incentive goes away. So the $2,500 on the VP becomes $1,500 and the $3,500 on most other models becomes $2,500,

  • fiufiu Posts: 25
    No. $2500 can be combined with cheap finance on VP. But $3500 will become $2500 if combined with cheap finance in other models.

    Dealer showed me the printout and many other ppl here also confirmed that.

    I just got a VP $2800 under invoice with 0.9APR a few days ago in Seattle area.

    That's why I said VP is a good buy this month.
  • cjkbme2wcjkbme2w Posts: 82
    This is true. I have been quoted $2,500 off invoice for VP + 2.9% financing (60 months). If I had done 36 months, it would be 0.9% financing.
  • Thanks guys. I'm about to test this out. I will report back.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Gotcha, but if you wanted to get a different model (SE, EX) you would get the same $2,500 off and cheap money or $3,500 off without the cheap money. So the VP is the same level of "good buy" for all the other models if you are using the cheap money loan and not as good a buy if you don't need the financing.

  • cjkbme2wcjkbme2w Posts: 82

    We are looking to purchase a VP 4WD this week. How can I tell if there is a
    vibration problem that everyone is talking about if the dealer is far from a major interstate? What percent of the 4WD have this problem and what is it caused by?

  • fiufiu Posts: 25
    Yup, it's same amount incentive cash for all models if you choose cheap finance.

    We are looking for EXL orignally, but for $4000 more over VP, we don't think those
    extra feature worth it.

    It's about the time to buy if you like VP, it goes very fast in our dealership, they only have 3 VP out of 40+ Pilots, you may not be able to find VP left in May or June.
  • fiufiu Posts: 25
    You should test driver yourself. Vibration may be related to 4WD but not related to VP. There is no difference in engine/trans for all 4WD models.

    I have tested drive a few 4WD VP/EXL Pilots, but didn't find any problems. There may be bad samples,.
  • cjkbme2wcjkbme2w Posts: 82
    Good point. My local dealer is holding the silver 4WD VP for us until Thurs.

    $24,396 including 5yr/100k powertrain warranty
    $200 tags & fees
    3.25% tax in DE
    Out the door = $25,338.

    I am now more concerned about this 70mph vibration than the price. Has this been fixed with the 2008s?
  • What is this vibration of which you speak?
  • jimmyabjimmyab Posts: 12
    No special financing. I got my pilot on Saturday.
    Talk to Janelle or Steve and tell her that you are looking for the same deal that "Deep" got on last Saturday. First of all check if the color of the SUV you want is there in stock before driving out there. I have already talked to Janelle and she said they would offer the same deal if I sent any buddies of mine. But dont bargain..... because this is way way too low and no one else is willing to go that low in NJ & Philly area.

    Again the SUV I brought was 2008 Honda Pilot EX 4WD
    MSRP is $31,780 (w/destination charge)
    Lowest Price $28,839 (w/destination charge)
    Lowest Quote $24, 616 (w/destination charge) from Open Road Honda
    Deal from Willis Honda $ 24, 416(w/destination charge)

    If you are looking for the exact same trim level this is the lowest price anyone ever paid I guess in NJ/Philly area. More important..... I was very satisfied with the sales person Steve. Once in a blue moon you will find a person like him who will give 100% until you leave the dealership with your new vehicle. :D
  • mike274mike274 Posts: 35
    Thanks for the info. Does anyone know how it works if you buy a New Pilot in Jersey and live in New York? Are there any extra fees you have to pay or how the tax situation works? Thanks
  • cjkbme2wcjkbme2w Posts: 82
    Something that I have read about on this and I haven't purchased the car yet, so I have not experienced this. The dealers I have talked with say they don't know what I am talking about.
  • carslycarsly Posts: 32
    This is my hunch, that they are bumping (or have already bumped) to $4,500 below invoice otherwise there are way too many people getting deep into the hold back (some or all) for it to make sense. I'm sure the public view is still the $3,500 but we all know there are extra kickbacks and discounts that don't become public. Besides, the dealers know that once one dealer confirms this it hits the Internet and they all have to drop pricing by another grand - if they stay quiet they can let people think they are taking $400-500 of holdback and keep the other $400-500 for themselves.

    If I were making an offer I would think about $4,500 below invoice and holding there until someone bites, particularly for an EX-L AWD and more so for one w/RES or w/NAV.
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