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2013 and earlier-Honda Pilot Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • cabbqkingcabbqking Posts: 11
    you are not might not get the 0% interest, but you should be able to get very very close to invoice. I called around a month ago in Orange County, Southern CA, everyone wants msrp...this past weekend I called the same group of dealers, all will jump on $500 just on the phone...I am sure if you go to the deal and turn the screws, you will get invoice or invoice plus 200.
  • bsandersbsanders Posts: 2
    The 2008 Pilot is selling fast, but you can still get a great deal if you can find one.
    We just purchased a 2008 EXL 4x4 w/aftermarket DVD and remote starter (wanted the factory dvd but could not find it in the color we wanted). It also has rear mudflaps, wheel locks, cargo mat and dealer installed paint protection -- these are all features we were not looking for but were already on the car.
    Purchase price: 27,362
    With 670 destination, 150 Doc fee + T.T.L. There was also a 25 dollar optional electronic filling fee that I did not worry about (could have fought that charge) but I felt good about the price.
    I got internet quotes and after going to the dealer with the lowest price, they played their dealer games and tried to increase the price and used usual tactics to try and close on another car. They promised to deliver, but after putting up with their B.S. for one day I shopped around using their low price and found the car in the color we wanted. There was no negotiating and no pressure. We received the same price for the features we wanted and some extra perks thrown in (see previous mentioned add ons). We got what we felt was a fair price and the dealer made a good profit...all this on a car that is selling fast and furious. Be aggressive in your search and firm in your price and you will also find a fair deal.
    You could upgrade to the 2009 using the same internet quote tactic to get the best price, but for us it did not make sense to pay an extra 5000 for a new design and minor upgrades.
    P.S. Received internet quote of 33,145 no destination charge and remote starter included on 2009 EXL w/RES
    Avoid River Oaks Honda in Calumet City...original low internet quote.
    Planet Honda in Matteson, IL was great, no pressure, no games, great service before, through and after the sale.
    Good luck!
  • bakstge1bakstge1 Posts: 24
    Currently working a deal in Long Island, New York. Been doing the internet email thing with all the locals, here is where I am at...

    Vehicle MSRP is $31,995. (Edmunds National Avg is $30,395)
    Edmunds Invoice is $27,526
    Numerous local email offers at $30,500
    One dealer is advertising in the local paper $29,795
    Destination add $670

    I am offering paying $28,500 plus TTL & Destination. Think I should go for the juggular, play real hard ball and offer $28,500 including destination?
  • bsandersbsanders Posts: 2
    Good luck! Contact all of the dealers and mention the lowest quote you have received so far and see if they are willing to beat it. My only advice is to take a written offer or print out of the lowest e-mail offer and go to the dealer that you would probably buy from. If you mention the "magic words" you will be amazed at what can happen. magic words: I'm ready to buy today...if the price is right.
  • bakstge1bakstge1 Posts: 24
    I have emailed offer of $28,500 including destination in that price. My math tells me that is about $300 over invoice. To me that is fair as they still get that and the holdback. Will post results.
  • rockettrrockettr Posts: 7
    You seem to be mixing up the prices on the FWD (front wheel drive) and AWD (all wheel drive). Here's what I see for a 2009 Pilot EX AWD on Edmunds:

    $31,995 - MSRP
    $28,972 - Invoice
    $670 - Destination

    Invoice + Destination = $29,642

    So your $28,500 offer is $1142 (or 4%) below invoice (if you really are looking at an AWD). I don't know what the holdback is, but I'd guess it's less than 4%.

    If you are really looking at and for a FWD model, than your calculations are correct and you seem to be making a reasonable offer.

    Good luck.
  • bakstge1bakstge1 Posts: 24
    Correct, I am working a deal on an AWD and your replys make me feel even better. I have been in constant email communication (no phone calls yet) with one specific dealer whos latest response was.. " If I can get you in at $28,500 OTD, plus tax and tags, do we have a deal today" They do seem to be trying to make this happen and this would equate to $3495 off MSRP if I can nail it and I would be happy. I will post the results.
  • jc9394jc9394 Posts: 39
    $3500 off MSRP on a 4WD EX is a really good deal, I would jump on it before they change their mind. Ask them how much is the doc fees..
  • jc9394jc9394 Posts: 39
    MSRP $31995
    Invoice $28972
    Holdback 2% of invoice $560
    True invoice $28412

    OTD 31995 - 3500 = 28495

    28495 - 28412 - 670 = - 587 (dealer lost)

    They are selling you the car at lost, jump on it.
  • bakstge1bakstge1 Posts: 24
    Still waiting on an answer from them, however I find it hard to believe they will lose money if they go ahead with the deal. Isn't there factory quota bonuses and such they get?
  • jc9394jc9394 Posts: 39
    Only if they sell certain numbers of cars per month, the other reason I see it happen is they want to move it so they don't need to pay the bank interest rate.
  • bakstge1bakstge1 Posts: 24
    I recieved my reply, and I appreciate the fact they were honest and nice about it. I will most likely buy from this dealership, just on that fact alone in the very near future.

    I spoke with my manager and right now we are running an ad in the newspaper for a Pilot EX 4WD of $29,795 plus tax, tags, and dest, and thats the best we can do on that vehicle. We appreciate you're offer but we cant do it, if you got that number elsewhere, go get it because its a great deal. Sorry if this inconveniences you in anyway. I'm here if you have any questions. Thanks again.
  • mplshondadlrmplshondadlr Posts: 409
    "Only if they sell certain numbers of cars per month..."

    Honda is not offering any factory to dealer bonuses on the 2009 Honda Pilot either at time of purchase or total volume.
  • rockettrrockettr Posts: 7
    $29,795 = $823 over invoice. Doesn't sound like a great deal to me. (Not awful, but not great.) Depending on your area, how many dealers you have around you, how much time you are willing to spend on the effort, etc., I'd think you could get it +/- $300 from invoice.

    Good luck!
  • hi i m also looking for same model 2009 tourcing with nav i live in sacramento n i went to roseville honda ..?did u already bought the car or r u still in market let me know what kind of deal u got it. my email address maureenw
  • zorkonzorkon Posts: 19
    2009 Honda Pilot 2WD EX-L

    $31,995 + $599.95 Dealer Fee + TTL = ~$34,778

    Is this a good deal? Is it worth it to move up to a Touring?
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    I hate this dealer fee $599.95. Just too much. No standard.
  • bakstge1bakstge1 Posts: 24
    So folks, this is the bottom line price, best I could get - $29,795 plus tax, tags & destination. A few other dealers have quoted $1K - 3K higher. I think I am going to wait a little while longer to see if I can deal again. So for now, my wife & newborn will keeps our 2006 Suzuki Grand Vitara.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207

    check this link out

    Promotion until Jul-31
    Buy For $27,988 OR Lease for $348
    2009 Honda Pilot-EX 4WD
    With MSRP of $32,630
    Save over $4,648 off MSRP!
    Stock#: 60008 (mocha), 60069(sterling grey), 60157(mocha), 61001(nimbus grey),
  • audifansaudifans Posts: 8
    Just got the basic ex-l no DVD or NAV pricing.
    Got the Quote for 26700 Socal Area (Orange County) Folks. What do yall think.
  • chdchd Posts: 6
    Hello everyone,

    I was thinking about the 09 pilot. Liked MDX but thought price was too high and did not want a luxury SUV ( did not need it). That was until I got an offer for base MDX at 33,700 which is equivalent (somewhat- give or take a few things here and there) to 09 Pilot 4WD EX-L. Best price I got for 09 Pilot 4WD EXL was 34,800 (which is about what everyone is stating). I got the MDX instead. I hope this help with some people's decision.

    Take care.
  • daman4daman4 Posts: 1
    Paid 25,480 2008 EX-L no dvd no nav 7/5/08 Cary, NC :shades:
  • wrobakwrobak Posts: 6
    After months of noodling, I finally bought a 2008 SE this weekend. Got for about $5,000 off invoice. No ups for junk from the dealer. I got internet quotes at $5,000 off from a couple dealers, then took the e-mails to my local dealer and made him go a little lower than he wanted. When I got home with the new car, I got an e-mail from another dealer I was speaking with that they will discount all 2009 models $1,700 to $2,300 below invoice until the end of the month. Makes me think maybe I should have gotten a '09. My sense is none of the Pilots are moving. I have only seen one 2009 on the road hear in LA. I don't know if folks saw the news last week that Honda is reducing production of the Pilots and Odysseys. Automotive News reported Honda has a 99-day supply of Pilots, about twice their target. These big cars are sitting on the lot. If dealers want to move these things, they have got to deal.
  • wrobakwrobak Posts: 6
    Seems high to me. I bought a 2008 Pilot this weekend and was offered the 6-year insurance for $1,200. Finance guy told me list price was $24,000. When I said no, he asked what price might cause me to buy. I told him it would need to be really low so he didn't give me another price. Seems clear he would have gone below $1,200. I think you can cancel the insurance. My finance guy told me I could add the insurance any time until I hit 6,000 miles.
  • wrobakwrobak Posts: 6
    Again, this is too high. I just spoke to my credit union and they can provide 7-year, 100,000-mile coverage for $585. If I accept a $50 deductible, the price drops to $405. I may do it at this price. The coverage is provided through Mercury Insurance. They are sending me the info. Suppose to cover same stuff as the Honda Care coverage.
  • mplshondadlrmplshondadlr Posts: 409
    At that price it may just cover mechanical, which given you're buying a Honda is most likely not going to be an issue. What you want to look for is electrical component which is a major cost if a repair is needed. For example, if you're looking at the RES system, it cost almost $1700.00 to replace a broken RES system that fails after the 3yr/36000 mile coverage.

    Just a thought. I would rather have a service contract written and backed by Honda for my Honda then a service contract written by some random insurance company that may or may not go belly-up while I still have contract.

    Anyway, good luck and happy shopping.
  • xunjxaxunjxa Posts: 2
    Would you mind posting the name of the dealer you got the e-mail from (regarding the discounts on the 09s)... it sounds like a great deal! Thank you :-)
  • wrobakwrobak Posts: 6
    Got the e-mail from Spreen Honda in Loma Linda. I only dealt with them via e-mail.
  • fred25fred25 Posts: 92
    One important note is that please remember the the 2009 is still new and dealer incentives are just not available at this time. I have visited several dealers in the New York and New jersey area and they have Pilots sitting on their lots. They are not discounting these vehicles to move them out quickly. The dealers are quick to respond that the 2009 are selling fast. Well if thats the case why have I not seen any on the road? Dealers are entitled to make a profit, but they have to be reasonable. At this time prices are still very high. If you can delay your purchase for several months, keep reporting on this forum your experience, this will send a powerful message to Honda and their dealers. With the economy in a state of flux, how long do you think dealers can hold out not moving 2009 pilots?
    What do you think - lets hear from you.

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