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2013 and earlier-Honda Pilot Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    AAA member
    2008-2009 Automobiles
    60 Months
  • drewin, which Colorado dealership did you end up buying from?
  • drewindrewin Posts: 2
    I purchased my 2009 Pilot LX 4WD at Markley Motors in Fort Collins, CO... From comparing several dealerships they gave me a well below invoice price and a fair trade in value.

    2009 Pilot LX 4WD
    $25,102 - vehicle
    $399 - Document Fees
    $25,501 - Total Cost before sales tax
  • golicgolic Posts: 714
    Getting quotes (no trade involved) bottom so far is $30,800 plus TTL.

    Anyone find a lower price in Chicago market?
  • Excellent deal, which dealer did you get it from ?

    2009 Pilot Touring AWD w/ RES (DVD) MSRP=$40,095 INVOICE=$36,306
  • cdolan 59 - can you aplease dvise at what dealership you made the purchase at that price?
  • dtvdtv Posts: 8
    $2500 off invoice from Oaklawn, which puts it around $30,100.
  • lake44lake44 Posts: 1
    which dealership did you buy from?
  • Prime honda west roxbury Mass

    u can get same deal at SILKO honda, raynham Mass ..nice dealershp

    Cambridge Honda

    weymouth honda

    I think all dealers will match
  • I got it at Grace Honda in San Bruno. I got relatively similar quotes from two other dealers in the Bay Area (Stevens Creek Honda and Serramonte Honda.) But the Internet Sales managers at these other dealerships were not as nice and straight forward as Grace Honda. Plus, their quotes were a little more.

    I found most dealers would quote invoice. Then when you mention the factory to dealer incentive, they would revise to invoice minus incentive. (Each one would say "I don't know if there is. Let me check." Uh, you don't know your own incentive programs?)
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Ain't they all play dumb to strip your pocket? That's why a nickname : ST-EALERSHIP
  • It's their job to try and make as much money as possible. It's yours to make sure they don't.

    On the flip side, when I was doing paperwork on our Pilot, I overheard them get an offer of $15000 on a new Odyssey 'because the news says you have to make any deal...'
  • The dealer I went to said his (initial) quote would be good for a car on the lot OR for a color that he'd have to trade for. And said that he would not budge on the price if it would be something he'd have to trade.

    I took that as there being wiggle room to negotiate (without much pain) for us to take the one off his lot.

    If I worked and pushed harder, I probably could have gotten another color (trade from another dealer) for the price I got, too.

    So, I agree. They'll want you to buy from their inventory. But, if they really want to make the sale to help their volume numbers or whatever, they'll do it. Even if it means having to swapping with another dealer.
  • Received an extremely poor lease offer from Oaklawn. Lisle and Schaumburg were much more upfront. Oaklawn presented a print out of their offer (to me) factor was incorrect...questions such as "why are you asking about sales price..your leasing right"?..."Marketing support"? well, 3 offers and 40 minutes later....I left and went to the game players.
  • I looked at all the Chicago area dealers. By far the best that I worked with was Honda of Joliet. Depending on where you live - it can be a hike to get there - but once you have the vehicle you can service it anywhere. I got lucky and got the best guy in their internet sales department. I got a price 1,000 under the invoice and the 1,500 on top of that - total ended up 2,500 under invoice on an AWD Touring no RES.
  • golicgolic Posts: 714
    I did the deal last night at Motor Werks in Barrington. If you want the salesman name shoot me an email.

    Price was $30,900 plus TTL and they threw in all season floor mats.

    I am sure you can find another $200 - $300 less than this price BUT I worked out the deal with only 2 emails and 2 phone calls. They faxed me the credit application and I made an appointment to come in last night.

    When I got there, they were ready for me, we shook hands, reviewed the numbers, showed me the car (already prepped) and then took me right into F&I. I was there for 35 minutes.

    There was no B/S, no upsells, no surprises...they did everything they said they were going to do. If you are looking for that type of experience give them a call.
  • We just bought a EX-L AWD with the rear entertainment system for $31,062 today including destination but excluding TTL. MSRP was $37,465.

    We almost bought the EXL FWD with the RES for $29,638 but changed our minds after this week's storm.

    We were originally looking for an Accord and the dealership had the lowest priced Hondas in our area. We bought a fully loaded Accord 8 years ago for $23,400 and now in 2009 the price is about $23,300 for another fully loaded (without navi though) Accord. Amazing.
  • How realistic is it to offer below invoice price when I go into the dealer in Northern New Jersey?
    I intend to buy a Pilot EX-L within the next 3 weeks. I am also wondering how dealer incentives will change in Feb so any information anyone has would be great.
  • i got a EXL 29,800 , in Mass.,with destination, everything else seperate,
  • Lets see what kind of incentives they offer this month!!!
    Read the Full report
  • lufacalufaca Posts: 31
    Yes, Let's see. Honda is being snobbish about their products. Yes their products are good but let’s see how long their loyal fans stick around. They keep on giving incentives but cut off the financing or the reverse. I personally like Honda but if I do not see the price I want to pay whenever I am ready to buy I am looking somewhere else.
  • I have asked few dealer in CT, none of them want to match the price I found from the forum.

    Is there anyone know good dealer in Fairfield or NY?
  • Has anyone heard that supply of the '09 Pilot EX- no leather are low in the Northeast? Dealer claims only 30 left in NY and he has 20 . I fear that they deliberately did this to raise the price above list? I am trying to get one at about 27,600 is my goal. Any feedback? Any idea what the new incentives will be this week?
    Pilot Bound
  • I don't know if I believe your dealer claiming he has 2/3 of all the EX no L that are in NY, but from the dealers we looked at (NJ, DE and MD), the most EX no L anyone had was two out of a dozen or so Pilots in stock.

    We got $27925 including Destination on an AWD EX no L when they were running the $1500 dealer cash.
  • Thanks. That will be my target price. Maybe with sales so bad I can extract an even better price.
  • We were able to get '09 AWD EX (no leather) in Northern VA for 26,701 including destination on Feb. 1 ($1500 dealer cash was in effect at the time).
  • pc93pc93 Posts: 1
    That sounds like a very good price for the EX L w/RES...I am in Ohio and have been quoted 32600 for same +ttl

  • Just purchased on Saturday:

    $35,000 + TTL incl door edge guards, wheel locks, wheel well trim. No trade.
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