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2013 and earlier-Honda Pilot Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • steved192steved192 Posts: 21
    Hi there-

    I am wondering if anyone can tell me what the dealer hold back is on the 09's. Any other variables we should know about when negotiating price?

    Also, what is a good price to be at for an EX and EXL? I think I read that even $30000 is too high for an EXL.

    Thanks for the information.
  • Depends on what you want, what region you're in, and how bad the dealer is hurting. If the area has a lot of the particular vehicle you're looking for in stock then you can get a good deal. If there is a shortage then you are at their mercy. I just purchased a 2009 4WD EX-L in San Antonio for 30400+TTL. The range I got was 28250 for an FWD EX-L to 31000 for a 4WD EX-L. Don't take sh*t from them and don't let them convince you to get something you don't want. I was also able to do everything through email. And I believe the average hold back is 2 to 3 percent of the invoice.

  • pilot4epilot4e Posts: 8
    The best quote for a Pilot EX 4WD in Chicago area is $27 400(including destination) from Barington Honda. However I lost my job before buying it, so I could not really deal with them. Grand Honda came close to that.
  • keygokeygo Posts: 38
    Not sure but when I bought mine in Michigan I found the best price I could on the internet. At that point it was in New Jersey. I sent the price to Fox Honda in Grand Rapids and they matched it. No one on my side of the state (Southeastern/Central) would even come close. It was the easiest car I ever bought.
    Good luck.
  • Thanks Keygo,

    Will it be possible for you to let me know the price that you paid and was it Touring Nav + RES 4WD?

    I appreciate your response.

  • paulcamipaulcami Posts: 3
    I am having the hardest time locating a 4WD Touring w/NAV & RES in the DC area. Are you guys experiencing the same shortage?
  • I'm seeing the same thing in the New York area. Very few Tourings.
  • Same in California. The closest Sterling Gray Metallic 4x4 Touring I can find is over 700 miles away! I'm right out of Los Angeles, and surprised with the shortage of Touring Editions - especially the lack of 4x4's - out here.

    Are the 2010's on the way? There are a ton of EX-L's on the lots, would hate to have to wait for them to all sell before the Tourings are brought in!
  • duna2duna2 Posts: 1
    Great deal, what does it have on it? We just paid more for a touring res 2wd but with a lot of accessories incl. moon roof, premium running boards, towing, all weather mats, cargo tray. We paid 35400, so I would say that is a great deal. I feel inept now, although i got $1250 more on my trade-in than offered anywhere else, so that's a bonus. This was in Dallas.
  • just an fyi, i did not buy the pilot but got a great offer. 09 touring with nav and dvd.

    so I wanted a loaded tourning. had a few dealers down to 35 sticker was 40k, got one dealer to 34k +300 title

    it had everything. let me know if you want details

  • I'm in Indianapolis and was quoted $35K +TTL for 09' Touring W/NAVI & RES - Price includes Destination.

    What do you think? Should I ask for some accessories to help sweeten the deal?
  • mpg4mpg4 Posts: 4
    Roland, May I ask which dealer you used in San Antonio? We're about 1 month from looking for a Pilot, and I think you got a sweet deal. Thanks.

  • Duna2,

    the price $34399.00 that I had mentioned in my post did not include any accessories. It includes sun roof though, no running boards, no all wheather mats, etc.

    For my trade in I sold my 1999 Honda Civic Ex (100K miles) to a private party for $3500.00 so in all I think I will be paying little more that $30K plus TTL.

  • I brought my Pilot from Howdy Honda in Austin. If you don't want to go that far Gunn Honda has the best prices in San Antonio.They were about 700-1000 less than other dealers. I brought from Austin because they about 600 less than in San Antonio but I don't know if that is worth the drive.
  • dhr1dhr1 Posts: 1
    I see invoice on Edmunds is $36 306 but their TMV price (what people are actually paying is only $36 294. That TMV includes a $670 Destination charge. So people are actually paying close to $700 under invoice. Here's question 1: is that what I should be paying, $36 294 and then $1500 off of that because Honda marketing cash back to dealer. And question 2 is dealer trying to add administrative fees of over $300. What exactly should I be paying tax, title and admin fees? I obviously have to pay anything they pay to DMV but hate the idea of $300 for people to make copies and staple. This isnt Dundler Mifflin. What is fair for me to pay? Thanks
  • The destination is set by the manufacturer and the total invoice price will always reflect this charge. Therefore, when working backwards from invoice, it includes the destination. Make sense?

    For example, a 2wd Touring with Nav has an MSRP of $37565.00, for all intents and purposes, Edmunds Invoice is $34185.00. Both of those figures include the destination. Since there is $1500 in M-F-D cash "available," if the dealer gave you all that money, you'd subtract $1500 from the total invoice. In this case, you'd subtract $1500.00 from $34,185.00. Understand?

    Now, there's probably an ad fee of a few hundred bucks, therefore the dealer's invoice will not much Edmunds.

    As for Doc/Admin fees; in California, they are capped at $55. However, in many states, I've seen them as high as $600. It's ridiculous and nothing more than pure profit. It's negotiable, so try not to give 'em anymore than about $75-$100 bucks. Your Gov't fees are completely separate and will be itemized as such.

    Honda also has a holdback of 2% of the vehicles total MSRP less destination charge. So, there's another $600 - $750 or so that you could grind out of them. Many dealers now have "quick quote" functions on their websites. Most dealers in this day will be competitive, but it takes 30 seconds, and you can gather some bids w/o leaving your home. The smart dealers don't play games and can quote very aggressively right off the bat, but it will depend on nearby competition.

    Most dealers in this day and age are happy to get invoice (less any incentives) and keep a few hundred bucks of their holdback as profit, and move on.

    In socal, there are roughly 60 dealers within a 50 mile radius. As an example of how deals can differ, one dealer offered me invoice and wanted to split the $1500. Another dealer, on a vehicle with the same MSRP, offered us invoice less the $1500, and even less every penny of his holdback. It was a no brainer. So the question is: why the difference in price? Because dealer A tried to play the whole "what's a fair profit" game, whereas dealer B understood the nature of the new car biz and just wanted to move a vehicle. Dealers make money in other areas, and they rely on bonuses for moving volume. That's the way it is at most franchised dealers nowadays. Find a dealer like dealer B, and you're in!

    One last thing: If you decide to field bids via the net, as much as you think you shouldn't, always put a working phone number in the prompt. You can request to be e-mailed, but if you only put an e-mail address, a lot of dealers won't think you're serious. If you don't want to talk, just let it go to voice-mail.

    Good Luck!
  • pilotnikpilotnik Posts: 3
    Hello every1,

    I'm new to this forum. Wanted to know if $33,000 is a good deal for 4 WD EX-L no navi and no res. I live in Long Island, and a dealership in hempstead said thy have a shortage so this is his best price. This doesnt include tax. I'm willing to travel to anywhere in NYC, and even NJ if someone has bought same car for better deal.


  • OC,

    I'm in Moreno Valley - can you point me toward a Honda Dealership like Dealer B? :D
    I see you are an Auto Consultant - can you give us some insight as to why there are limited 4x4 Tourings in California?
  • I bought EXL 4 WD EX-L no navi and no res. at Huntington Honda at the end of Feb. for $30,689 include the destination charges. Use the Internet to get prices from the all dealers in our area to get the best price
  • One of the best dealer's I've dealt with was Kolbe Honda in Reseda (a tad far from MV, but not far enough to get a great deal). E-mail me and I can give you some more 411 that I can't post on this board.

    What Color are you looking for and do you want Navi and RES? 4x4 Tourings are somewhat limited in socal.
  • Anyone buy this car yet? I have a price of 23,950. OTD was quoted 26,150. Is this a decent price for this car?
  • You can do much better - just got a price for 30,500+670dest+tax on same type - in nyc.
  • sonup2000sonup2000 Posts: 14
    hey do you mind sharing the dealer info please..
  • keygokeygo Posts: 38
    We bought our Pilot two and a half years ago so it won't be of any help. It is an EX with 4WD but no navagation system. If memory serves, I paid just under $27,000.
  • The manager on the day tour today gave us the price. Didn't get his name. To tell you the truth, I still think we can do better. There is a lot of inventory on this truck. 2010 come out soon.
  • pilotnikpilotnik Posts: 3
    which dealership in nyc is that? please let me know so i can go there instead.

  • sri3sri3 Posts: 4
    2009 Honda Pilot 4WD Touring with DVD Rear Entertainment System
    Dealer in Arkansas said there is only one available in this state for the desired color- The price that you can purchase this vehicle for is 35850.00. When I emailed back, he said prices are inclusive of everything except taxes.
    Is this an acceptable price for people in this forum.. is that what everyone has been paying??
    Please help.. Thanks
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Prices include Destination Charges $670, got these offers online last night.

    09 EXL AWD w/Res (no Nav) : $31,898 ... MSRP $37,565

    09 Touring AWD w/Nav (no Res) : $33,198 ... MSRP $39,165
  • chris680chris680 Posts: 2
    Hi, I'm in month 34 of a three yr lease and would really like to make an offer on the car but don’t know what I should offer when the time comes. I leased it in 2004 with $1,000.00 down with lease payments of $369.00 a month w/o leather. If anybody has any suggestions please let me know.

    Thank you
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    It depends on where you live.

    In MA you can do 3 yrs lease on EXL FWD $358/mo with $998 down
    - on EX $318/mo with $998 down

    This is before MA sale tax 5%, times 1.05 for the monthly total.
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