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2013 and earlier-Honda Pilot Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • chris680chris680 Posts: 2
    I was thinking of contacting my insurance agent to see what the value of the car was if it was totaled in a accident was, I would imagine that this is the real value of the car.
  • shap5shap5 Posts: 2
    Deal was $29,830 plus $670 destination totaling $30,500. What do you think?
  • golicgolic Posts: 714
    Are you talking about making an offer on your 2004?

    If you look at your original lease there is a buy-out price. This is the "stated" price you can purchase the vehicle for at the end of the lease term and it is non-negotiable.

    However, you can take it to the dealer and see what the trade-in value of the vehicle is and see if you can make out on the deal.

    For example, if your buy out price is $13,000 and the trade-in is $14,000, then it would make sense to buy the car and keep it. Or you can "buy" the car and trade it in and pocket the $1,0000. Which can be used to purchase a new vehicle.

    On the flip side, if the buy out price is $14,000 and the trade in value is $13,000. It would be best for you to either turn the vehicle in and walk away. Or turn it in, and then see if the dealer will sell it to you for market value.
  • sri3sri3 Posts: 4
    Hey, which state are you in ? And 33198- does that include everything except taxes ?
    please let me know. thanks
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Sri3 - it is in MA, price includes dest before Doc fee, and TT&L
  • I am looking to lease a 2009 Honda Pilot in April and looking for the best lease deal. I am looking for an EX-L, AWD, Rear Entertainment . 15K miles/year, 36 month. Can someone tell me approximately what the monthly payment should be? I plan to put down taxes, and typical fees upfront. I live in NY/NJ/CT area.
  • yjhbyjhb Posts: 3
    Yeap, your price is as good as mine was, actually that's exactly what we paid, and we know one of the managers so we didn't go through a salesman; Honda isn't known for their incentives and cash off and etc. We just bought our Taffeta White 2009 Honda Pilot 4WD Touring with RES almost 2 weeks ago. I hated the looks of it at first, but I knew it was the best vehicle for our family so I gritted my teeth and bought it. Now, I LOVE IT. What a sharp vehicle, it handles so nice (I came from an 06 Acura TL; this is my first SUV) and the kids LOVE riding in it. Your dealer is right, the fully loaded HP's ARE hard to come by, this one was the last on the lot, luckily I happen to exclusively buy white cars. Good luck to you in your Honda purchase, you won't be sorry. :)
  • medema7medema7 Posts: 18
    I have been looking for a Tafetta white Touring with RES for over 3 months.
    There are plenty of demos but I don't want a demo. For some reason a new white Touring is very difficult to come by with a grey interior. Anyone know why? I have struck out with one of Chicago's largest dealerships (Honda of Lisle) and Wisconsin's largest (Wilde) while both dealerships agreed to my price and even trade over email. Lisle IL ordered one but they said it would take months
    If I cannot pull the trigger by September, I'll probably get a whte Q56 4WD
    in September assuming they have white. My understanding is that Honda also
    cut back on production given the slumping economy which does not help the selection process.
  • how is the braking distance. one of the concerns that i have on this car is that it stops 15-20 ft further than the vehicles in the same class. as per reviews here.
  • Actually, I think its a good deal now that I have looked more. Jersey dealer quoted me EX-L 4WD 31,200 OTD (no tax, but dest fee is included). SI Honda is meets this as well plus approx 150 in reg/title/license fees stuff. NY tax not included. No other charges.
  • sonup2000sonup2000 Posts: 14
    just got word from dealer $1500 incentive is extended till june 1st. however pilot supply is fading away.
  • sir007sir007 Posts: 1
    I am planning to buy a Pilot EX-L. I see someone post $30,689 in Huntington Honda Long Island. Is this is the best deal in New York?
  • bubsy1bubsy1 Posts: 6
    I have been researching the Honda Pilot EX in New Jersey and was quoted an internet price of $27,750 including destination. I also obtained a vehicle pricing report from Consumer Reports and their "bottom line price" is about $27,500 including destination.

    Are these prices valid or due to the current economic conditions in the car industry today, is there room to negotiate either of these two prices any lower without embarrassing myself?

    If so, what would that price be?

    Thanks very much for all of your input and advice.
  • johnoldjohnold Posts: 4
    I have found two used 2006 Honda Pilots identical in features that I want (leather, dvd, AWD) and both from dealerships and "Honda Certified" ... I am trying to decide between the 2....the only difference is price and miles....

    One is 47K miles and $20,600

    One is 32K miles and $23,000

    Any opinions ?

  • lmartilmarti Posts: 16
    I'm in Virginia but have been researching pricing for the EX for a few months.

    We finally pulled the trigger and purchased an EX 4WD for $27,468 +TTL. We're pretty happy with this deal.

    I think you could start at $27,500 and see if they bite. Inventory is getting really low. There was only 1 in the color we wanted within a 150 mile radius and we ended up getting a 4WD vs 2WD to get that color.
  • joga37joga37 Posts: 9
    I purchased a 2009 Pilot EX FWD down in central FL on Feb 18th 2009,the price was $26.135.This does not include taxes or fee's.
    If the $1500 dealer incentive is still on subtract that from the invoice and make your offer.
    I have had 2006,2007 and now the 2009 al EX's and this the best of them all.
    The 09 transaction was all done with the internet mgr. :)
  • wicjpwicjp Posts: 2
    Internet pricing is the way to go. I'm in Milwaukee, WI area and made some inquiries via email to the 5 Honda dealerships for a 2009 AWD EX-L with DVD system and got straight up offers of $31,994-$32,735 from 4 of them within 24hrs and eventually purchased one the next day (end of the month!) for the $31,796 which includes the $670 destination on an MSRP of $37,565. Key was that I also used an online loan calculator before getting to the dealership and then my iPhone with a loan calculator so I could blow up all parts of their "four square" when they came back with their initial offer. Also helped that I was willing to walk away and try again later the next month if needed. ;)
  • yjhbyjhb Posts: 3
    Blah, don't feel too bad - my interior is dark blue. Mine was not a demo model, it had 16 miles on it. The dealerships in my area too smart to demo the most expensive incarnation. Why would any dealer demo the most expensive ones? I would have preferred the grey interior, and WHY oh WHY do they give you only two choices with the white exterior? I would have loved to have a light sand color interior, like my white Acura. I can't complain too much though, given they seem to be hard to get.
  • yjhbyjhb Posts: 3
    I haven't noticed that the brakes are ridiculously bad; the braking they do in the reviews is emergency-type braking you do maybe once a year in real life driving conditions, if you're super-aggressive. I am aggressive, though I've toned it down a lot since I had kids, and I personally think the braking distance is acceptable. The brakes have a good feel to them, too; I don't feel like they're fading out in the middle of a long, firm brake.
  • I'm in Indianapolis and will be buying an 09 Touring RES this month, problem is Honda's color combinations for the Pilot are not much to be desired in my opinion. That being the case, we have determined that Black/Black or Sterling Metallic/Black is the preferred color combination for us.

    Problem is the local dealers in my area are big time "game players" and are pushing to sell me only what they have on their lots, which regrettably do not include the aforementioned color combo's. According to them, if I really want those colors the best they can do is invoice price (internet offers are ~$350 below invoice) due to their claimed costs to acquire the exact vehicle I want. Evidently there is only 1 vehicle within 200 miles of here with that color combo, or so they say.

    My question is how do I get them to trade for it at their proposed internet price and secondly, how can I find what dealer has these colors and I'll go buy it from them?

    Any help would be appreciated.
  • ed111ed111 Posts: 22
    hannaman1, there are at least a few ways to find specific vehicles. Sometimes you can find new inventory listed at or Another way is to go to the web sites of dealers you know of or can identify (on or other ways) in various locales. I think the best way is to go to and use the build-a-vehicle tool. At the end of the build-a-vehicle tool is a quote request system which finds actual dealer inventory from 5 dealerships in the city/zip you have specified. Just keep changing cities/zip until you find dealers with the color and model you want. Then complete the request-a-quote process with them. They will respond within a few hours with offers. Try to expand your search as far geographically as you are willing to travel and you should have several choices and offers to compare and negotiate with. It takes quite a bit of time to do this, but it is the best way to find what you want and get live offers from the dealers.

    You will do much better dealing directly with the dealers that have the model and color you want than asking a dealer to locate a car at another dealership. The pricing will never be as aggressive if your dealer has to find the vehicle elsewhere.

    When we did this, we also were looking for Sterling Gray/Black. It was hard to find.
  • Hannaman1,

    Here is what what we did almost 2 weeks ago. Like you, I was searching for a 4WD 09 Touring RES and our top choices were Sterling Gray Metallic/Black and Black/Black. Our local dealer only had 1 Touring w/RES on their lot in Bali Blue Pearl/Blue interior (no thanks). I had gotten my internet pricing in line and we set out to the dealer knowing that we were not going to drive away in another dark blue vehicle (this would have been our 5th one). We test drove the Bali Blue and wanted to find out what our trade was worth (07 Honda Odyssey EX-L w/RES, 27K miles...They were drooling over it). I gave them the best internet quote, which was from their competition. They matched that price, and their first offer on our Odyssey was 5500 more than we were expecting. I think they thought it was a done deal, but when my husband became hesitant because he didn't want another dark blue vehicle (his truck is also dark blue), they asked what color we wanted. We told them Sterling Gray Metallic/Black. They said that they would locate it for us. We paid a deposit and they did a transfer on the Bali Blue for the Sterling Gray. We had them add the premium running boards and we took delivery of our Pilot last Saturday. I have to say it looks really sharp and rides nice. We couldn't be happier with our deal.
  • bobotbobot Posts: 3
    Here's a new twist on this whole "car companies are in bad shape and have excess inventory sitting at the docks in Louisiana that no one will buy" and "manufacturers need to layoff employees because sales are down" scenario.

    I researched for 2 months and narrowed my choice down to a 2009 Pilot 4WD Touring w/o RES in certain color combo. I feel I made a decent deal considering my trade this week. The dealer would have to search for the vehicle I wanted.

    4 days later, they "can't find one". More to the point, there are several in a 5-state area around me but the dealers won't give up a Touring model without another Touring model in exchange. Apparently there is another buyer at the same dealer waiting for a month now for the same model issue.

    So here I sit...willing to spend money, but "they can't get one" from all their "excess inventory".

    They mentioned possibly having to order one, but 60-90 of course manufacturer incentives will change by then, my trade and deal numbers will change by then, and why would I order and buy a 2009 a month before the 2010's come out?

    I guess I'm going to have to shop a competing dealer locally who has one WITH RES (which I don't want) and see if they want to deal...

  • nucargurlnucargurl Posts: 30
    What state are you in?
  • bobotbobot Posts: 3
    PA - near Harrisburg
  • sonup2000sonup2000 Posts: 14
    Just Got 4WD EXL w/res for 31695 with destination. I think I did fairly ok considering long island. Got it from Nardy Honda in Smith town. I have been researching for months . i have been keeping track of how much people have paid for this trim across the country in last 8 months. I sent emails to maybe 60 dealers around 200 mile radius. Their are lot of scammers out their who just want you to come in. Anyway got the lowest bid from DCH HONDA in paramus, nj . Nardy honda beat it . Henry from Nardy honda was the only one willing to do everything over the phone. he even sent me official quote before i drove to him. These guys were awesome made a deal over the phone after everything agreed (all over the phone) i put a deposit $100 credit card. went in and 20min later i was done. even the financing guy got me a very good rate . beat credit union and capital one. No surprises didn't try to sell me anything else. everything was just what he promised over the phone and in his faxed quote down to a penny. i wanted sterling with black just like lot of people out their. trust me their aren't that many out their so i just took what they had on their lot nimbus grey with beige interior. i wasn't so set on the black interior anyway. it gets really hot in the summer. i am just amazed by these guys honestly. no they didn't pay me to write a good review nor i work for them. i live in bellmore . their are plenty of honda dealers near me but the don't want to commit to anything over the phone. they all want you to come in and spend hrs. I don't have that kind of time to waste i know what i wanted and the number i was looking for. you can call me or email me for more info. i will be happy to help. btw they were unable to beat accessories price i was getting from bernardi online. which was no big deal. i did get the remote start installed from them that was additional $590 installed. i figured i can do teh running boards my self . just ordered the cargo tray and all weather mats from bernardi they are having a clearance sale. If anyone wants full detail breakout of OTD price I can email it to you. Mine came out to to 34709 OTD (damm 8.65 ny tax).
  • VT314VT314 Posts: 3
    In mass but found a deal in maine. Bought Silver Honda Pilot Touring with Res & Nav for $34,865. $339 for Admin fee. Happy with the overall deal.
  • no1jmvno1jmv Posts: 4
    Finally closed on my Sterling Grey on Black 2WD Touring (no RES) in Dallas, TX. Priced through several dealerships, eventually found a dealership who HAD my car on the lot and closed at 31,888 (including destination, before TTL). This included the trim level stated above plus wheel locks, cargo tray, door edge guards, tint and making them REMOVE the UGLY black pinstripe they had put on it.

    How did I do? I'm hoping well because I worked hard for this price.
  • What dealership in the dallas area did you get this deal at? I am in the market right now for a pilot touring 2009. Thanks.
  • That is a great deal? What dealership may I ask did you get this deal at? I am looking for almost the same thing (except in the Nimbus gray metallic) Please advise.
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