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2013 and earlier-Honda Pilot Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • lamedicallamedical Posts: 4
    2wd, and got the Blue that my wife wanted. My guy negotiated and got FREE shipping of the car to my house from Northern California down to LA, since the blue was nowhere to be found in SoCal.

  • kellysimkellysim Posts: 26
    Here's the link again for the fellow who asked for it ates.html

    Honda will be offering a $6k incentive to dealer to move the '09 EL-Ls by the end of the year. There is no way that they will move all those EXLs without it.

    Also there will be a glut of 2010s. They are scheduled to make as many of these as they made of the 2009s and demand is miserable.

    Dealers are liars. They said that the 2010 Pilot wouldn't be out until september. It's out in June. They say that there is "strong" demand for the Pilot, there isn't, 2009 or 2010, it doesn't matter. They will continue to have substantial trouble moving either year. Watch and see.

    Not an expert either, it's just obvious what will happen given the economic situation.
  • 02odytw02odytw Posts: 6
    There are a few out of state dealers who still sell Hondacare to California.

  • cb35cb35 Posts: 27
    how does the factory to dealer incentive go up 400% overnight? You still haven't explained how that happens. The lack of demand hasn't come out of nowhere - I don't think you'll see the 2010s flying off the assembly lines. Honda will slow production and has probably already done so.

    it appears the 09 Touring Models are already in low supply - the Touring buyers will look at the EX-L which has a larger supply and may provide the best value. It will trickle down from there.

    While the incentive may go up - its likely it goes up only a modest amount and is paired with a financing offer 2.9% or something similar. When will this happen nobody knows - Sept Oct Nov?? Then its the 09 leftovers
  • cb35cb35 Posts: 27
    mind telling us the vehicle you bought and price paid? I didn't go this route but I thought about it - if you are traveling/busy to do all the legwork - this might be a painless alternative
  • baw214baw214 Posts: 4
    I just bought an EX-L in Milwaukee and got 29,800 including towing harness and crossbars. FYI, I don't know what they sell "gap insurance" for, but they do try to scare the hell out of you to get you to buy it. I called my car insurance co. today--two days after I bought the car, and "gap" insurance is $6--not by the month, not by the year, but for the entire length of the policy. Don't buy gap insurance at the dealer!
  • cbfdnvrcbfdnvr Posts: 1
    I need some help!!! I have recently started looking in the Denver area for a 2009 Pilot EX-L 4WD w/ RES, or the 2009 Touring 4WD w/ RES (Depends on what the boss/wife decides). I have started to receive quotes from the dealerships that are right at invoice, which I know is ridiculous with the 1500 incentive running through 6/30/09, 2% holdback, the 2010's coming out and the general state of the auto industry. If anyone has recently bought either of these 4WD Pilot models near Denver, I would appreciate a heads up on what you paid in your case, so I can have a general idea of what they are going for around here. Thanks in advance for your help!!!
  • I am wanting to buy a 2009 EXL in South Carolina. Would it be best that I wait a little bit, if so how much longer. I really need to buy soon. Also what would be the best price I could ask for with the 2010's out.
  • lamedicallamedical Posts: 4
    We bought the Bali Blue Pearl 2009 Honda Pilot Touring with RES and NAVI 2WD with gray leather interior. As I said, this is truly the most painless alternative to going in and dealing with dealers ever. I know my time is valuable, and so is my sanity. Buying a new car without having to deal with the salesman, the "closer," the sales manager, the finance guy, etc... and having someone also negotiate my used car trade in value and handle all of the paperwork, and also having the new car delivered to my driveway and my trade-in driven away is the BEST thing ever as it relates to buying a new car.
  • dtvdtv Posts: 8
    Is this a 4WD?
  • Although I live in Iowa...I just purchased a 09 EXL RES 4x4 for $31,585 plus 149 doc fee and TTL. I needed a car and felt 6k off was reasonable. I had them throw in the all season mats. They had to go 250 mi to get the color combo I wanted (blk/gray).
  • Bought a 4WD EX-L back in early February at Planet Honda, they had the best price in the Denver area at that time. Did all of the dealing over the internet and got the vehicle with the black side steps installed for $30881 total (not including tax). It would have been $30612 if I would have bought it out of their stock, but they had to get it from elsewhere, so that was an extra $269. The guy I dealt with was very good and it all went smoothly. Initially they did not offer very good financing, but I had brought in a quote from USAA and they ended up beating it. Did not have a trade in.
  • techminetechmine Posts: 18
    Got it for 32,400 out of the door. I am not sure whether it is a good or bad deal but too much calculation also becomes a pain in the end.

    Later I found in one of my notebooks (my own notes) that the best price to pay for this model would be 31,800 OTD (including $600 worth of accessories) :-).

    Looking at the trends and what others are paying and many Honda dealers around Dallas metroplex, I think I might have paid $500-600 more. Again, you learn from your experience!!

    I like the SUV a lot. The road grip is great and so is the sound system. Nice backup camera. Noisy on the road though. I expected a quieter cabin. It is also pulling to the right which I am going to show to the dealer.
  • motichormotichor Posts: 32
    I like the SUV a lot. The road grip is great and so is the sound system. Nice backup camera. Noisy on the road though. I expected a quieter cabin. It is also pulling to the right which I am going to show to the dealer.

    Since when did the EX-L with RES started having the backup camera?
    Are you sure that u did not buy the Touring?
  • kellysimkellysim Posts: 26
    I think you should read my post again. I said that the Honda to dealer incentive will go to $6k by the end of the year. To me seven (7) months isn't "overnight".

    Honda hasn't dropped production on the 2010s by all that much. What's more important is the spread between demand and supply, and demand is very low.

    I'm making a prediction, just like I made about the release date for the '10s. I said they'd be out by July, and they are out in June. Others said September or November or something like that. I'm also telling you that there will be a $6k incentive on the remaining '09 EXLs and they will be available well into 2010. The Tourings and the EXs and the LXs will be gone, but there will continue to be a huge inventory of EXLs. Just like the release date on the '10s, we'll soon know whether I'm right again or not.

    Checking vehix,com, there are 900 Honda Pilot '09s within 100 miles of me. That's a massive glut, and I assure you, they aren't going to move them all (or even 1/3 of them) at $3k under. You may not like it, but it is what it is.

    Good luck.
  • cb35cb35 Posts: 27
    yeah I understand your basic point - just don't agree with the amounts you have listed. Also using to gauge actual dealer inventory is very flawed, there is no incentive for a dealer to show the actual inventory. I think there are more touring/ex-l buyers than you believe as well - as soon as the touring goes - the ex-l will be next for those type buyers.

    So in Dec you may be looking at some EX's and some demo cars.

    good luck
  • kellysimkellysim Posts: 26
    I'm not sure where you are coming from, but there won't be "a few EXs" and some demos left in December. There will be thousands of EXLs. There are basically no Tourings, no LXs and no EXs right now. But there are massive numbers of EXLs.

    I'm not sure what you mean by vehix being flawed, if anything it underestimates the number of EXLs out there. There are several dealers in my area and they all have scores of EXLs on their lots. Like I said it is what it is.

    Check back in December. There will still be massive inventory as there is no demand. If customers aren't buying (and they aren't) with a $1500 incentive in March, they won't be buying them with a $4000 incentive in November.

    These '09 vehicles will be around well into '10 and probably '11. It's not without precedent, my local Toyota dealer has ten 2008 Solara convertibles on their lot (they probably never had more than 10), and those are a lot more desirable than a Pilot. They aren't moving and they aren't going to. At a nearby Honda dealer, there are 50 Pilot '09 EXLs on the lot.

    $6k incentive on the '09 Pilots (they will all be EXLs) by year's end, that's my prediction. And even with the $6k they still won't move.

    Good luck.
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    Why are there so many more unsold EXL's than the other trim levels? What do you think are the most important options missing compared to the Touring line in the minds of most higher end buyers? You would think Honda would make an adjustment on the 2010's so this doesn't happen all over again.
  • techminetechmine Posts: 18
    "Since when did the EX-L with RES started having the backup camera?
    Are you sure that u did not buy the Touring? "

    Since the very beginning, they come with backup camera. The difference is, the video is displayed on rear view mirror as opposed to be on the large LCD of tourings.

    Here it is -
    All Pilot EX-L models are equipped with a rearview camera that enables the driver to view the area immediately behind the vehicle via a display integrated into the rearview mirror. A small weatherproof camera is mounted on the tailgate. The camera feed will automatically display once you shift the Pilot into reverse.
  • techminetechmine Posts: 18
    Too bad man, you should have done this prediction couple of weeks back :(
    I think I just missed a huge incentive. By your stats, I could have got my Pilot well below 30K :)

    Anyhow...its in my garage now and nothing much can be done. I am happy with the vehicle....
  • cb35cb35 Posts: 27
    I guess we can agree to disagree.
  • Incorrect info. Not sure where you are but in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky, the dealers are begging Honda for any Pilot trim levels. Inventories for 90% of the dealers are very low and no more 09's are to be produced. Next up, 2010's. Not sure where Kellysim gets his info but in this part of the country he is dead wrong. If you want a 2009 Pilot with an incentive plus a large discount now is the time.
  • nate25nate25 Posts: 11

    Not sure what part of Ohio you are talking about but here in Cincinnati there are TONS of 2009 Pilots. Check out Preformace Honda they have 75 2009 Pilots, The small dearship right by my house has 30 and they have had 30 for the past 3-4 months. The other dealers around me all have a min of 30-50 on their lots. So if anyone lives in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky... come to Cincinnati, there are hundrerd of 2009s. Actually between the two dealers I just talked about, they have 15-20 Touring models (sorry Cali). They have just about every color and combo you can think of between the two dealers.
  • shileishilei Posts: 11
    You seem to be correct. I am looking to buy a pilot and I just went to Performance Honda's web-site. They have atleast 50 Brand new Honda Pilots 2009 on their web site. :) But only one of them is listed for less than $32,000.00 and all the rest are for $32,000.00 to $41,000.00. :cry: If they start this high there is no way I can buy this car. OTD has to be less than $25,000.00 for us to talk.
  • I have multiple quotes on 2009 Pilot EX-Ls with no Nav or RES. MSRP $35,695 - The offer is $30,638 not including TTR. Seems like time to sit and wait until July. In Philly area and willing to travel so if anyone knows of a dealer nearby willing to go lower.

    Also, dealer wants to know the residual value of my lease (1 payment left) so they can include my tax credit. Does anyone know if this is legit? Is it standard procedure or should I just turn my lease back into the original dealer?

    Thanks in advance.

    Also, for those of you wanting the Touring over the EX-L, we have a 2006 Odyssey EX-L with NAV and RES. We added Bluetooth aftermarket. Works fine and was $250 installed - Circuit City. Our NAV system is outdated and super expensive to get new disk, so we will by a TOMTOM or Garmin and use portable on our new Pilot. Also, bought the kids each a portable DVD for $125 each at Costco and they love having their own. So no need to go to the touring unless you really want the auto hatch.
  • eka1eka1 Posts: 28
    kellysim you seriously need to get a life, instead of telling people what they have in inventory across the whole county, unless you work for Honda.......I wonder????
  • kellysimkellysim Posts: 26
    Well time will tell whether I'm right or wrong. Check back in December '09/Jan '10. If you think that all these EXLs are going to be sold with a $3k or $4k dealer incentive then you are delusional, but that's ok.

    Have a nice day.
  • motichormotichor Posts: 32
    The quote that I have received for a Honda 2WD EX-L has been 28600$ + TTL
    This is in DFW area
  • motichormotichor Posts: 32
    eka1: I don't know what is your problem. kellysim is right on. I live in the DFW area and almost every dealer has more than 30 EX-Ls. There are 1 - 2 Tourings and no LX or regular EX.

    kellysim: You are right on target. Maybe for every 100 Pilots manufactured Honda had 90EXLs and 10 with the rest combined.

    I am tracking inventory for the last 1 month. The max that each dealer has sold is 1 or 2 and a couple of them have not sold anything.
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