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2013 and earlier-Honda Pilot Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • dealers aren't worried right now. let's see them change their tune when the 2010s hit the lots (this week) and the month is coming to an end. July should be the time to deal. Also, there is no way an EX-L w/out nav or res should be more than $29000. The dealers in the philly area all are quoting around $30,500 not including ttr.

    the lowest interest rate for 60month i've seen is 5.24%. anyone have a lead on better financing?

  • I'm working with a salesman and he's not giving me a firm number till I sit down and ready to sign, typical high pressure tactic, but I'm not ready to play his games. I'll be sending out quote requests and just want to see what people are getting.
  • This issue for me which doesn't put time on my side is I want a touring.. the best I can get for a touring with RES is 34K. My first choice is a touring w/o RES, but I can't find one in the colors I like. I can't imagine an 09 touring being around on June 30th? Thoughts?
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    for 2010 model I think one has to prepare to pay prem. (between MSRP and invocie) and no incentive will kick in that fast.
  • 02odytw02odytw Posts: 6
    We bought our pilot touring on May 30 with an interest rate of 4.35% (4.60% advertised rate) through Bank of America. Checked today and the advertised rate is 4.40%.
  • 02odytw02odytw Posts: 6
    Our dealer told us intially they would be selling 2010 at MSRP which is a good reason why we bought an 2009 last week.
  • mabbmabb Posts: 5
    I am quoted $29,900 for 2009 FWD Pilot EXL with RES (dark cherry color with beige leather interior). This is in North CA.

    Try out (Credit Union); they are offering 3.99% for 60 months on new autos. Might be tough to qualify, but worth trying.

    I got auto loan approved from Valley Credit Union for 3.49% for 36 months.
  • motichormotichor Posts: 32
    I just checked online with BofA for an Auto loan on a new car.
    I got approved for the following:
    $30,000.00 New 72 months 4.77%
    $30,000.00 New 60 months 4.17%
    This quote is valid for 30 days and it says the following:
    "This rate might not include all additional discounts for which you may be eligible. Additional discounts will be applied to your loan prior to the closing."

    Any idea what other discounts I may be eligible for?
  • kellysimkellysim Posts: 26
    Expect to pay $500 - $1000 over invoice on a 2010 in about 1-2 months.

    Even at $1000 over, the 2010 is a better deal than an '09 at $3000 under. The depreciation on the Pilot is more than $4k/year. Of course if you are going to hold the car for a long time or if you are leasing, the '09 may be a better deal, but $3k under on the '09 is probably not enough given the huge inventory levels (EXL).

    To the people who bothered to respond to the saleman who said that the '09 EXLs will be "sold out" in a "month or two" - many car salesmen lie. In the age of the Internet it doesn't make sense to lie, but they do it anyway. Why? The good salesmen are all gone, because there is no longer any money in selling cars. What's left is a largely unprofessional and untrained group. How can you tell? Because they believe that their potential clients are dumb and so they treat their prosects like they are dumb ("The EXLs will be gone in two months!"). This is the reason that the model for selling cars must change.

    Be well and good luck to all.
  • HI,

    Last year at around August, one of the dealer in NC quoted me $28,200 (out of door south carolina) for honda pilot EX-L.

  • I have a 33K price for a Pilot Touring 2wd with No RES. Does this seem like a good deal? Have you heard of anything better?

  • I've been considering the new redesigned 2009 pilot and wondering if the transmission issue with Honda has been addressed. It's too new for failure so obviously there's not much complains. I tried to find technical data on the new transmission design and how it relates to the old design, there's not much info. On the old design, heat is the culprit, see NHTSA Recall Campaign Number: 04V176000. Honda recalled 600,000 vehicle in 2004 and 1.2 million vehicle a couple years prior. The 2003 pilots are starting to show failures.
  • Need help!!! Best quote I have gotten for a 2009 Honda Pilot lease is $484 + tax ($515) with first payment and tag down for a EXL RES Nimbus Gray with Beige Interior. I live in South Florida. I got the quote from a dealer in central florida. Is this good?

  • mabbmabb Posts: 5
    Today I bought 2009 Pilot 4WD EXL with DVD (RES), dark cherry exterior / beige leather interior from Concord Honda (CA). Paid $30,990 for it.

    Very good experience @ the concord dealership; would like to recommend them in northern california region.
  • victor214victor214 Posts: 5
    Does anyone know of a good dealership in New Jersey that would work with pricing on the 2009 Honda Pilots? I am looking to buy a 4WD EXL with or without RES.
    I am trying to get an out the door figure. Seems that all the dealerships that I have contacted don't want to give much figures. one gave me this deal (EXL $30,318.76, and on the EXL with RES is 31,764.58 They all want me to come into the dealership and waste my time.
    Should I wait til July to buy? Looking for the best deal possible.

    thank you....
  • Hey Victor,

    I too am in NJ and looking for an EXL with no RES. Would you mind telling me what dealer quoted you the $30,318.76? I haven't ventured into a dealer yet but the quotes I've been getting are in the range of $30,600 to $31,700. One dealer quoted me $29,700 but when I went in, insisted that I also had to purchase a "Millenium Package" for an additional $600 for me to get that price. I didn't appreciate the gimmick, so I left. The $30,300 is at least a better starting point than anything I've gotten, so I would appreciate the information. I will also keep you posted if I see any decent quotes in our area.
  • victor214victor214 Posts: 5
    The dealer that quoted me that was the Route 22 Honda in Hillside.
    Def keep me posted if you find any other quotes that look good.
    Do you think going together to a dealership might get us a lower price? Hey they could knock out 2 sales!
  • mike1112mike1112 Posts: 9
    $29,990 including fees and TTL or base price?
  • meerutmeerut Posts: 3
    I have an offer from a dealer for 2010 2 WD touring with RES $34,443 . I have to pay my own Tax title and license etc. Is it a good deal knowing no 2009 tourings to be found easily.
  • Where are you located? What dealer gave you this quote. I was given a quote for 39k for 4wd Touring with RES.
  • motichormotichor Posts: 32
    Can you tell me what all things did the dealer installed on your car?
    Today I just brought a 2009 Honda Pilot AWD EX-L with RES for 32200$
    The dealer has put some sealant coatings on the outside and inside to the leather and also the wheel locks and cargo mat and tint and pin stripes.
    How did I do?

    Also, I just noticed while going thru the Pre-Inspection list that this Car was on the lot for 6 months (Pre-Delivery Inspection completed on 23rd Oct 2008). Is there anything I should be worried abt? It had only 49 miles on the Odometer when I brought it home.
  • exwsoexwso Posts: 1
    New to this--was told by a internet sales manager that these forums and edmunds are misleading--fake post by toyota dealers, prices posted are demo's, etc and all it will do is cause me to have a bad buying experience....

    Anyways, does anyone in the DFW area (north side towards Denton) have quotes from dealers on the above (msrp of 35,965 or 35,865)--all I have been able to get is invoice minus 500 for around 32,300. From what I have been following in this forum it seems 2,000 too high. Am I missing something here???? HELP needed....
  • shileishilei Posts: 11
    Which dealer and an what is there phone number? I am in South Florida but I will go anywhere to get a good price.
  • aln1aln1 Posts: 23
    Hmm... maybe it is the other way around in that the Internet Sales Mgr is trying to sell you at a higher price.

  • motichormotichor Posts: 32
    In DFW area, I got my Car from Honda Cars of Mckinney yesterday.
    I paid 32200 + TTL (could have negotiated further, but it was late in night and wanted to get home) for a 2009 EX-L with RES (4WD). I wanted to claim the Section 179 for Business purposes and hence was keen on the 4WD and only this dealer had it.
    Email me at and I will give you the salesman details etc.
    In my estimate, you should be able to get this car for no more than 30200 + TTL for 2WD.2009 EX-L + RES and may be 29000 for one without DVD.

    Most important things I learnt and this may help you.
    1. Go in the morning or during the day. In the night, its more hectic for you and you just want to get the deal done.
    2. Check how long the car has been on the lot. If it is over 3 months, he will have to give a bigger discount.
    3. Don't budge from your price above. You should be able to get that. If not, tell him that you will come back later as you are not in a hurry.
    4. EX-Ls are plenty at each dealer and they have the 2010s in stock so they would want to sell these asap.
  • eka1eka1 Posts: 28
    I wasn't talking about the DFW area,(plus who cares about that area),I'm talking about the tri state area there are no more Pilot left
  • akplnjpeakplnjpe Posts: 6
    I am looking for a good deal on 09 EX AWD in NJ. Any Idea of what is a fair price to pay? Any NJ dealer recommendations?
  • sonup2000sonup2000 Posts: 14
    try paramus honda internet dep.
  • motichormotichor Posts: 32
    Any why do u think I will care abt your Tri-State area?
    I am stating my figures here on actual facts and not just generic tri-state area or whatever.
    I have no idea what is your problem ... chill man.
  • eka1eka1 Posts: 28
    First of all your are stating that Honda is going to offer $3000 incentives to move the remaining 2009 Pilot...I'm just wondering where are you geeting this information? Then when September or October roll around I want you to come back to this forum and tell everybody that you were wrong....Chillllll Man
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