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2013 and earlier-Honda Pilot Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • cb35cb35 Posts: 27
    the invoice price is $31,969 + $670 destination charge = $32,639

    holdback is 2% of MSRP (excluding destination) the base MSRP is $35296. Holdback increases to 3% if the vehicle has been on the dealer lot over 90 days.

    2% = $705.92
    3% = $1058.88

    You have the factory to dealer incentive at $1500

    You *may* be able to get lower than these - depending on what you believe on these boards and real unpublished dealer quota incentives - best bet - wait to the last week of the month - have multiple dealers bid for your business - this will always net the lowest price in your area.
  • Thanks cb35, so I'll set these are my target price. I can definitely wait until the end of the month, I just initiated contact with the idea that I'd draw it out until the end of the month if needed to get the best price.

    For those quickly skimming posts, I'll do the math and summerize for the forum:
    The rock bottom dealer cost (with $0.00 profit for the dealer) for a 2009 EX-L (no RES) is:

    $30,433 (on lot 90 days or less)
    $30,081 (on lot 90 days or more)

    For what it's worth, ConsumerReports says to add 2%-4% (to the above number) for dealer profit as a fair price for all parties. Not sure how the boards feel about that.
  • Winter,
    I've been offered $30,500 on 2009 Pilot 4WD EX-L w/ no RES by many dealers in Philly/Jersey/MD. Wait til month end/July 4th sales and get the vehicle around $29,500 or less. It also seems the incentives will update for the better (or worse) around 7/7/09.

    Remember that in Year 2 (which is now for the 2009 model) Kelley Blue Book drops the resale value to 56% of the MSRP. The above vehicle has resale value of $19,775 as soon as it leaves the lot. This is most likely assuming 12,000 miles/yr, but still drops considerably.
    Good Luck.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    There is really no rock bottom...

    Other dealer profit area:
    Dealer admin fee, dealers in some states charge as high as 600 to 700 dollars.
    Other Honda incentive program for dealers that we don't know, such as dealers meet sales target/quota, which is sliding scale cash back. I think urban large dealerships have the advantage on this as they will sell more cars. It is like chain supermarkets always have lower food cost than the neighborhood stores.

    Whether dealer is willing to dig into that is based on degree of urgency.
  • What do you think of $33,000 (not including TTL) for a 09 AWD Touring with navi and res, plus cargo mats, running boards, towing packing and vent shades with 12,000 miles??? Price includes 100,000 mile warranty.

    We were originally looking at EX-Ls, but found this in our hard-to-find color choice (mocha).

    Would love some opinions on if this is a good deal.....
  • I'd like to purchase a 2010 FWD Touring with Nav and Res this week in the Chicago area.

    Edmunds TMV shows $40,619 on an MSRP of $40,955, but it does not show the Invoice Price (it says N/A). Does anyone know the Invoice Price on this vehicle? Another post mentioned a recent offer on the 2010's in Washington DC for USAA members of $300 under invoice, so I'd like to know the true invoice.

    What would be a good deal, knowing that dealers aren't ready to "deal" this early for the '10's?
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    The invoice is not available on 2WD Touring w/ RES+NAV.

    I will guess the invoice for $40,995 is around $37,495 based on the 2 of 2010 pricing below...

    4dr Front-wheel Drive Touring w/Navi $37,045 $33,550 (diff 3,495)
    4dr 4x4 Touring w/Navi $38,645 $34,996 (diff 3,649)
    * Destination Charge: $710
  • travelguytravelguy Posts: 12
    Honda of lisle.
    They had 3 more in stock as of last week.
    Go thru the Internet and request a quote from the delaership.
  • honda2009honda2009 Posts: 30
    Hey all,

    thanks for all the great info. here. We are looking for a Honda 2009 Ex-L w/ Bluetooth and RES. We are open to picking this up in several states as we'll be driving from GA to MI soon. Any idea where is the best place to target? Also, what would be a great price for this?

  • arm9farm9f Posts: 4
    We're seriously considering this offer but would like any thoughts on whether this is a good deal for a 2009 EX-L w/RES 4WD with less than 20miles on it. Thoughts?
    Base price: $30,095
    Destination: $670
    Processing: $100
    Taxes/Tags/Registration (Virginia): $1083
    Dealer Appearance (cargo tray, wheel locks, door and frame protection strips, one other item I can't remember):$395
    OTD: $32,343
  • beefalobeefalo Posts: 9
    I am interested in buying a 2009 Pilot 2WD in the Washington, D.C. area. I would be interested in the LX or EX-L trim levels. What is the lowest price OTD? Should I wait until after 7/6/09 for better prices?
  • ejodcejodc Posts: 2
    Quoted 37,500 for this vehicle in Edison, NJ....anyone know if this is a good deal. BTW, Looking to finance but their best rate is 4.9%
  • this is my quote from Turnersville, NJ:

    2010 Pilot Touring w/ DVD
    MSRP: $40,705
    Internet Price: $38,652

    Your deal seems pretty good - assuming no other costs but TT.

    Bank of America has 4.5% or better for 60 month auto loans right now - just check the web site.
  • Hello I'm located in Sacramento CA, I was wondering if anyone knows where i can find a 2009 Pilot Touring 4wd nav only in northern or southern california. I'm willing to travel if i can locate a decent deal. Thanks for any help you guys and gals can offer..
  • cb35cb35 Posts: 27
    no prob - good luck with the search - if you can wait and are flexible on colors/options - I think the end of july will yield the best prices - provided you cast a net wide enough. July has five weekdays to end the month - the only other month like this would be December (if you believe Kellysim they will be giving away hondas in Dec - must be a nice christmas present if you can wait that long). Dealers should be more likely to deal at record lows if they are close to meeting an unpublished incentive and they know the last weekend of the month is behind them. How much will you save? hard to say and how long you can wait is another factor.

    I couldn't wait and bought an EXL for $30100 + $299 dealer fee = $30400 +TTL @ end of May. its a terrific vehicle - my wife loves it.
  • I just checked Performance's website. They have 7 2009 Pilots...Not 77, 7.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    It is good price.
  • After some negotiations, I have the dealer at $30k + TTL. However, I've been stalling to get the price down even further with what I'm seeing here. The dealer called me today and said he had some really good news that I would be excited to hear. This may just be a tactic to get me into the showroom or to add some fake urgency, but then again Honda might have announced some new incentives. If there is more money on the table now, I want to know how much so I have all the facts.

    Is anyone aware of any changes from Honda in the last couple of days around marketing support, holdbacks, etc?
  • ejodcejodc Posts: 2
    Thanks for the recommendation on financing with Bank of the 2010 Touring with remote start for 37,250
  • kellysimkellysim Posts: 26
    The dealers cannot move the '09 EXLs. If that's what you want you'd be well advised to wait.

    People who buy an '09 EXL right now are going to be pretty angry in a month or two.

    A '10 is a decent deal, however, if you need this vehicle. You are much better off with a '10 at the prices being offered than an '09 at the offered price. If you are trying to save money by buying an '09, do yourself a favor and wait.

    Good luck.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    There are many different aftermarket remote starter. The Honda one can auto adjust your car inside temp to 72F from cold or from heat. The remote should have the "H" honda logo.
  • In the midwest dealers are low on '09 Pilots. I think Kellysim said all the dealers, like Performance were loaded with Pilots. Performance has 7 2009 Pilots, not the 70 that he and his buddy said. So, if you want one, get one soon. He is right about the 2010's, those are good deals right now. Dealers arent playing hardball so its not that much more than the '09.
  • nuzynuzy Posts: 54
    I've been looking at the 4WD Honda Pilot EXL/Touring and AWD Mazda CX9 Grand Touring. I haven't decided which way to go yet, as we like them both about the same. There are far more Pilots around here than CX9s - in the St. Louis area. If I expand my search to Chicago there are even more of both (which is ok because I have family up there and would buy from a dealer up there). The dealers around here seems to average about 15-20 Pilots in inventory. Selection is ok, but there definitely aren't a ton out there. I'm not in a huge hurry as both of my vehicles work ok, just both over 100K miles. If I can strike a great deal on an 09 in either model, I'll probably jump on it rather than wait further into the 10 model year. My biggest concern with waiting is giving manufacturers time to right size their production to the point where it is more in line with demand, at which point I lose some leverage.
  • pangaroopangaroo Posts: 8
    What are people getting for 2010 ex ? (2wd - not including TTL)

    Im in So. California and I have 2 dealers offering 28000 for 2009 EX-Ls, the best on the 2010 EX so far is 28,500.

    2009 EX-L - 28000


    2010 EX - 28500

    Im more inclined to get the 2009 EX-L at the moment. Do you believe the dealers will go lower than 6000 under MSRP in next few months?

    In a little bit of a rush so I may not be able to wait.

    Thanks for the input.
  • rayzamrayzam Posts: 11
    Care to give the name of your SoCal dealer? I'm looking for an 09 FWD EX-L with DVD and the best quote I've had so far is 30,500... If your dealer is giving the one without DVD for 28,000, I should be able to deal with them on the one with DVD for under 30k as well.

  • tr5683tr5683 Posts: 2
    I have been getting pricing on the 2009 Honda Pilot EX L with RES, 4WD. Sticker 37565 I believe. Best price Chicago area WITH destination charge $30,947. The dealer is getting back to me with the 2010 pricing, but I think I may do the 2009 since I keep my cars until they drop, so the year is not usually a factor. I was told straight out that the dealer that quoted me that price is a volume sales location and my local dealer that I started working with first could NOT match the price. The price listed is from a dealer in the Naperville/Aurora area.
  • tr5683tr5683 Posts: 2
    Sounds like 2010 inventory is not organized in our area well. Took me a while to find a 2010 color/options I wanted in my area. Best price with I found for a 2010 EX L with RES and 4WD (add your options should give an idea to the price) with destination etc (no title taxes) $33995. I am going for the 09 at 3000 less. Good luck!
  • pangaroopangaroo Posts: 8
    The all have the EX-L without DVD. I'm going tomorrow, once it pans out as real, I will let you know. Everyone is telling me they are BS'ing, but there are 2 dealers that gave me this price.

    Will keep you posted.
  • ssanjussanju Posts: 24
    Today I got a price quote 30.7K for 2009 Honda Pilot EX-L with Rear. BTW i am in WI. what do guys think on this price ? Do you think it will come down. I wanted to finish this week end for ths vechcile. Apprecite your ideas..
  • tdf1tdf1 Posts: 4
    I have had a couple of dealers offer to sell me one of these for invoice ($37,351) plus their admin fee (around $250). Has anyone seen any better prices than this for a 2010 Touring with RES?

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