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2013 and earlier-Honda Pilot Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • nuzynuzy Posts: 54
    That's a tough choice. I'm going to a dealer tomorrow who has offered a 4WD Touring w/ Nav and Res demo with 5500 miles on it for around $35,500. Assuming the car is in great shape, if I could get him down to $32K including destination, I think I'd have to jump on that deal. It a $40,765 MSRP, so almost $9,000 off sticker - pretty unheard of for a Honda Pilot and still a mostly new car. I plan to get a 100/120K extended warranty on it, so I'm not as concerned about the mileage.

    I'm not sure what to say about the 2010 EXL w/ Res as I haven't considered one yet. There are a few features on the Touring that I would really like to get, I just don't want to pay too much more for them. Given the 09 and 10 are almost identical, I'm good with going with a better deal on a 09, regardless of the extra year. After all, that's the whole reason you are getting the better deal (in addition to the demo miles).

    Good luck with your decision!
  • nuzynuzy Posts: 54
    I agree with this thought process - in your case, given the minimal price difference for the same style / feature set, I would have gone with the 2010 as well.
  • That's a lot to pay if you don't even want RES, IMO.
    Got a quote in Waterloo, IA for '09 EX-L 4WD with RES @32,292 +TTL and there are two on the lot: Blue/Gray interior and Silver/Gray interior. According to that's a great price for our region. Really nice guy I spoke with - email me if you want his contact. In IA, EX-L 4WD w/o RES are about impossible to find, but Chicago area has quite a few yet.
  • aln1aln1 Posts: 23
    After I looked at your prices again, I think both are kinda high as well. 4343, see how low you can go on both, maybe the decision to make will be easier then.
  • jungle_catjungle_cat Posts: 18
    Hello all:

    I bought a 2010 4WD Touring with NAV and RES for about 36900 plus tax in the Boston area. I went to a few dealers in the area and there were not a lot of Touring models in stock. A few dealers did not have them at all.

    I think I could have done better but oh well.

  • carbcarb Posts: 14
    Finally pulled the trigger on a 2010 EXL 2WD here in Atlanta, GA. Price was $30100 + TTL. THink I did ok though.
  • I just put a new 2009 2WD Touring w/ RES on hold through Monday. The price I was quoted was $33,130. The only fees not included in this price are title and plates, which amount to approx. $300. Does this seem like a competitive price? Thanks!
  • nuzynuzy Posts: 54
    I'd say you got a great deal.
  • honda2009honda2009 Posts: 30
    So I had a pretty sweet deal, similar to Nuzy's above, but actually for a few hundred less for a demo '09 touring. We were in the process of going through financing, and without warning or notice, after getting off the phone with financing they called back an hour later to say they sold the car. They had given us a few options that we were going over, and being that is happening at 5pm on 7/3, we felt that we'd have at least the night to think about it before calling on 7/4 to pull the trigger. I know this is not personal, but I am PISSED. I feel that at the very least we should have been given the first right of refusal or something. They took a completely laid back approach with us as we'd been going back and forth about this car for a few days, and never once mentioned someone else was close to a deal on the car, which would have made us go a bit faster.

    Anyway, do you think it is fair for me to ask them to honor the OTD price of $35,1000 that we had "settled" on for the demo, instead now for a 2010 EXL w/RES and added bluetooth and running boards? Or should I just take my business to the 10 other Honda dealerships in the city in which I live? I am very upset with this dealership, and feel that they are going to have to give me something outstanding in terms of a deal to get my business (not that my business is anything special....)
  • aln1aln1 Posts: 23
    Yes, it is a bad situation. Stay calm. One of two things. They obviously had someone that may have not negotiated much and was going to buy at a higher price than you. They are in the process of making money so they made their money. If not, they might be playing games in that, hoping you will settle for something else at a much higher price than you intend to spend since they might have felt that they have you hooked on the new car feel and smell.

    Just hang on for a few days. No hurry. It is likely they will call you back and ask if you are still interested in a Honda Pilot. If you feel that the prices you want to offer is satisfactory to you and fair, go ahead and say, I'll buy X if you sell it for $Y. If they refuse, you have nothing to lose, just walk away and start looking elsewhere. Or better yet, take $Y then and ask someone else to beat it. Always be prepared to walk away.
  • nuzynuzy Posts: 54
    I had a sort of similar situation, but I wasn't quite as far down the road as you. I was supposed to go in Friday at 12:30pm to check out a demo touring that I had been quoted at $35,500. I got a call at 11:30am telling me they had sold the car. I had told my wife the night before that I would buy if they could get to $32K or so on it. They guy told me it sold for less than $33K. While I was bummed, it's kind of a you snooze you lose type of deal. My fault for taking a laid back approach to getting in to see the vehicle. Again, not the same situation as you, but still kind of stunk. The internet sales guy was kind of bummed too as he didn't get credit for the sale, it was sold by one of the "normal" sales guys. The 2009 Pilots are going pretty quick around here. I don't think there will be many left soon. Sales guy told me lots of current large suv owners using cash for clunkers government money to buy - that's $4500 dollars I don't qualify for (but indirectly pay for with my tax dollars, which ticks me off even more, but that's a discussion that suppose belongs elsewhere :)) In any case, I'd say give them one chance to gain your business with a super deal on your terms, otherwise go somewhere else.
  • jungle_catjungle_cat Posts: 18
    A little more follow up on the experience. We went to a few dealers in the area and there are not a lot of Touring models available or even Pilots. A few of the dealers did not have any in stock. We finally found a dealer but they did not have the colors my wife wanted. They offered a manager's car with very low mileage but my wife wanted completely new. As we were walking out the door they said they will find one at invoice from another dealer.

  • nuzynuzy Posts: 54
    The salesman I talked to yesterday said he was going to buy a 2010 for he and his wife in a few weeks, and he was buying it at invoice from the dealer he worked at, of course. He couldn't do any better than that, so that seems to line up with your experience as well. This early in the model year, getting one at invoice is probably not a bad deal.
  • Not rock bottom price, per this board, but I'm very satisfied with the deal we got as as these are hard to find in my area (plus I got my first color choice combination!) and overall, the great prices some of you get on the East and West coasts are not to be found nearby...well, actually, my best regional quotes for the 4WD EXL-s were from the outer Chicago area.

    Anyway after all was said and done, we decided on the 4WD Touring w/o RES and got it for: $34092 + TTL

    We were first looking at a 4WD EX-L and were leaning toward getting one with RES - simply because we couldn't find one without in a color we wanted. After getting back to the very straight forward and nice Sales Manager at Community Honda in Waterloo, IA - I found out he had this sitting on his lot and we decided to upgrade to the Touring.

    It is so much fun to drive - it has WAY more than I even knew with all the technology and I've been having a blast "talking" to it! :) DEFINITELY worth the difference in price, especially for those like me who keep their cars for 10 + years!
  • Sounds to me like you had options to consider but never committed to the dealer that you would buy. Therefore, its still for sale. The dealer cant wait around for you when they have a buyer in front of them. That car costs money every day it sits there and they cant hold it on a maybe. The good news is next time you'll know. :)
  • Kelly, hows the Pilot inventory out there?
  • aln1aln1 Posts: 23
    I won't trust what the salesman is saying.
  • rayzamrayzam Posts: 11
    Hi again guys,
    My search for an 09 EX-L (2WD with RES) is still underway, but today I received a call from one of my dealers saying that they ran out of 09 models and they can give me a 2010 EX-L (2WD with RES) for $31K (destination included) plus tax and fees. I usually keep my cars for long-term, so the newer model year doesn't matter for me that much, but this prices is just a few hundred more than the best confirmed quotes I got on 09 models. Opinions?

  • honda2009honda2009 Posts: 30
    Well, no, we didn't have a deposit down, but we had been calling all day to get a finance quote, and kept getting "they'll call you back", even to speak with our salesman. We were also calling to give them the deposit, as well as see what they would give us for an APR, which is what really sucks--no one would take nor return our call. What else could we have done except drive down to the showroom, which wasn't possible as we were both at work. It just sucks, and it really soured our views about buying something from this dealer. At the end of the day, due to our relationship with the dealer didn't he at least owe us (a) the courtesy of a quick return phone call (b) the courtesy of a heads up that someone else was interested? We had indicated we wanted the car, and were taking the steps to get the car. Without their help what else could we have done?

    And I am not sure how much the dealer's personal car costs them to keep. (What is the deal there--since it isn't registered and is off the floor, is is really technically on their floor plan?) Maybe someone can explain the whole demo model phenomenon and the true cost behind that?
  • aln1aln1 Posts: 23
    I understand you're frustrated and angry but they are in the process of making money so they could have been delaying returning your call because they were 'working' the other buyer. The other buyer obviously was willing to pay a higher price or else they would have ditched him/her and responded to you. Like I said if they made their money. When a dealer can make more money somewhere else, they will.

    Just cool down and take a breather because it is very easy to now latch on to something you may not like or even paid a higher price on. Take it easy. If it's gone it's gone. Reevaluate what model you wanted when you started your search and follow up on the negotiation until you reach your price. If not, like I said, be prepared to walk away.

    On the financing thing, I always make sure to secure the best financing interest rate before I go in. Then if the dealers will beat it, I will take theirs, if not, I just sign for the car and use my own financing. When you are ready to buy and is sitting at the table, and they can beat your financing to make some money, you bet they will so always get something in your hand.

    Good luck on your search.
  • Bank of America has good finance rates on auto right now that ALL dealers will beat to keep your business and the finance $$$$
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    AAA auto club has low rates ... sample

    4 .35%
    Rhode Island
    4 .25%
    4 .74%
  • honda2009honda2009 Posts: 30
    All good points. Thanks all. But, yes, very frustrating indeed!
  • franklwfranklw Posts: 44
    I have noticed the supply for 2009 Pilot is disappearing very quickly in So. Cal. It seems that the price for 2010 Pilot is moving closer to 2009. I had one dealer offered me invoice for 2010 EX-L without negotiation. I also got two emails that offered me $30,559 and $31,468 (MRSP $34,555.00). Post 13224 got 2010 EX-L for 30100 in Atlanta and post 13236 had an offer of 2010 EX-L (2WD with RES) for $31K (this price is insane for 2010 without any known factory incentive at this time). I am in the market for Pilot EX-L and I could not find the color I wanted so I have decided to wait few months for 2010, hopefully we will see some incentive soon for 2010.
  • franklwfranklw Posts: 44
    That's a great price for 2010. May I ask what dealer is it? Please let us know how it went if you purchased you Pillot there. Thanks
  • honda2009honda2009 Posts: 30
    Where in ATL did you get this? I'm shopping around now - looking for 4wd Ex-L w/ RES, Running Boards and Aftermarket Bluetooth.

    Best quote so far I've received was 35,200 +TTL (not even close to what I want to pay -- this is the amt. I want to pay for OTD)

    I think I need to wait for some incentives to kick in.
  • carbcarb Posts: 14
    I got it from Curry Honda in Chamblee, GA. Just do your negotiation by email to save time. Positive experience overall.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    As no incentive for 2010 model, for the EXL FWD MSRP 34,555, I would offer invoice 31,368 - 300 (portion of holdback) = 31,068
    Hopefully you can find 1 willing to sell after emailing 'at leat 10 dealers'.

    Dealer Invoice Base Price $30,658
    Destination Charge $710
    Total Options $0
    Total Price $31,368
  • aln1aln1 Posts: 23
    With or without RES? I say you can probably do better than that price. Ask the many dealers you have in contact with to lower their price and the see what you can get.
  • Last week we were able to get this vehicle for $34,299 + TTL (no dealer doc fees or other markup). There wasn't much selection on the lot, but they happened to have a color combo we wanted and the price seemed pretty aggressive for a 2010 ($1,400 below Edmunds invoice and nearly $4,500 below Edmunds TMV). To be fair, they gave me about $900 less than I expected on my trade-in, so they probably made up some ground there, but I still feel like we got a pretty good deal. Hope this info helps some of you out there.
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