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2013 and earlier-Honda Pilot Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mike1112mike1112 Posts: 9
    Is this a good deal for 2009 2WD EX-L w/o RES?
    Price - 29,188
    Dealer Fee - 349
    + NC Tax and Title
    OTD 30,500

    Edmunds website is not showing $1500 MTD which is suppose to expire on 7/6. Are they still there or gone forever. Any insights about new incentives?
  • $29K + $670 dest + ttl in Chicago area for 2009 4WD EX-L w/o RES including wheel locks & mats. Thanks to all who posted.
  • sw286sw286 Posts: 6
    Hi chicagoan1,
    can you tell me which dealership you got this deal in chicago ?

    thanks a lot
  • Sent out eight requests for quotes and Schaumburg Honda and Honda of Lisle provided the best pricing. Bought from Schaumburg. Both dealers were a pleasure to deal with, very courteous, friendly and knowledgeable.
  • teoteebobteoteebob Posts: 16
    I am looking to buy a 2010 Pilot EX-L. Has anyone purchased a Pilot in N.C. or had any experience with negotiating with any of the N.C. dealers? What type of quotes were being provided and were the dealers easy to deal with?

    Several posters have indicated receiving pricing at or near invoice pricing. Is it possible to get around that in the North Carolina area?

    Thanks for any help that you may be able to provide.

    Durham, NC
  • aln1aln1 Posts: 23
    Check to see if you can get lower or check on a 2010 for comparison.
  • dtvdtv Posts: 8
    Bought an 09 EXL 4WD from Honda of Lisle (in Chicago area) for 29,200 including destination but not TTL. Best buying experience so far.
  • mike1112mike1112 Posts: 9
    Anybody know what the new incentives are for 2009 & 2010 Pilots?
  • honda2009honda2009 Posts: 30
    A dealer just told me that Honda delayed the release of the new incentives until tomorrow.
  • cszulccszulc Posts: 31
    Was just told the current ones are extended through end of business day tomorrow.

    What is the current dealer cash on the 09 Pilot? I think it was $1500 but wanted to make sure.
  • imzeppyimzeppy Posts: 7
    Word i got too was that $1500 is correct on the current incentives originally set to expire 7/6 but extended at least 1 more day.
  • cszulccszulc Posts: 31
    Is there also some type of additional "hidden" dealer incentive (volume-based?) because it seems the 09s on here are getting sold for less than INVOICE MINUS HOLDBACK MINUS $1500 Cash.

    My best offer is at $30,499 on a 09 EXL 4WD w/o RES. Trying to mimic the deal chicagoan got. Contacted Lisle and waiting to hear back from them.
  • Thanks to all who post. I've been following the board, and thought I'd return the favor. Bought a 2010 Touring w/out res in Chicagoland North suburbs for $35,200 (incl. dest.) + TTL. Got quotes ranging from $500 over invoice to $500 under (which is the deal I took). Had an offer for the same vehicle 2009 model for $32,900+TTL, but decided to go with the 2010 in case I want to sell sooner than I think.
  • imzeppyimzeppy Posts: 7
    That's a good question re: some other incentives. I've asked myself the same thing because I also got an offer on same model (09 EXL 4WD w/o RES) for $30.5K in so. california. Not sure of the answer.
  • soxsucksoxsuck Posts: 3
    $32900 +TTL for a 2009 Touring? That is fantastic, $3000 below invoice. Which dealer offered that?
  • franklwfranklw Posts: 44
    I went in to buy 2009 Pilot EX-L at a dealer in Los Angeles on July 4. The manager told me that he could not match a lower price due to "special dealer incentive" expires on June 30. He showed me his book that has an extra $1000 for the Pilot along with $1500 cash bach and dealer hold back. This is my math 2009 Honda Pilot EX-L MSRP $342**.00; invoice $31500-$1500 cash back=30000-dealer hold back (3%?)=$29000 (+/-); $29000-$1000=$28000??. Couple of dealers offered me 28,0**.00 for 2009 EX-L before June30. They did not have color I want. I called those two dealer after June30, one sold out 2009 and the other one increased their price by $500. This is purely my guess.
  • cszulccszulc Posts: 31
    Gotcha, so the $1500 stayed, but the $1000 extra is gone right now. The most probable situation.

    I guess I'm going to jump on my offer at $29,719.00 with destination today.
  • franklwfranklw Posts: 44
    $29.7K is OK for 2009 EX-L but I would bargain a little $300-500 off that; unless they are the only one that has the color that you want. $300-500 is not much for what you spend but to me, it's enough for a few oil change and 30K service. I don't need a new car right away so I am holding out for 2010. I notice that 2009 and 2010 prices are closing the gap (based on some of the prices reported in this forum). I guess as soon as Honda offers incentives for 2010, you probably won't see much of the diffrence in price. No body knows when Honda will release new incentives for 2010, hopefully soon with this economy.
  • erikancerikanc Posts: 10
    I have a ton of experience with this! We spoke with dealers all over nc, and some in VA and SC. The ones we negotiated with were based on availability of the one we wanted. Overall impressions: Autopark, Flow, and Hendrick/Charlotte were very good to negotiate with. We bought ours from Bryan and did not have a great experience there. Crown Southpoint was OK but they never had a touring, which is what we wanted. Ask if you have any more questions!
  • Sorry, meant to get this out earlier... After carefully considering the 2009 models (EXL w/ RES and Touring with Nav and RES) and weighing several factors, I bought a 2010 FWD Touring with Nav and RES in Chicago. Unlike my experience with my Acadia search, the Internet sales teams at Chicago-area Honda dealerships were really easy to work with and willing to deal. I ended up buying the first 2010 model and paid $36,200 + TTL. I have to say I was initially scared off 2010's by the prognosticators on this forum, who thought cost would come in near MSRP, but that wasn't the case. My wife and I love this car. It has everything.
  • honda2009honda2009 Posts: 30
    Quoted $37,851 for 2010 4WD with RES Touring model. We were told that because they had the only 4WD model in the area, they would not go below invoice +700. Having a tough time negotiating this down, but because we are in the south, 4WD is under-stocked. No one else within 50 miles has this car. May be able to get him to 37,500, but not much more without incentives kicking in. Was thinking of adding running boards as we have small kids--quoted $718 installed, which is lower than a few dealers we checked with. Any thoughts on the car price or on the necessity of the running boards?

    Price $37,851 incl dest. plus Doc fee $591 (all area dealers throw out this number) then plus 7% sales tax puts the OTD just under 41k.
  • nuzynuzy Posts: 54
    At this point I think you are pretty much at their mercy on the price given limited 4WD availability in your area. They must be pretty confident they can sell it to someone else without giving much up. I'm looking at a 2009 4WD Tour w/ RES in my area and they flat out said they won't dealer trade or give more than invoice less the $1500 dealer cash because they know they have one of the only ones remaining here (and it's been on the lot since December last year!). Might be worth checking outside the 50 mile range to see if you can get one for invoice and save $700. 200 miles doesn't seem too out of the way to save that kind of money.

    As far as running boards go, I'd say save the $718 for now and see how you do without them. If you determine you need them later, add them - no hurry to have it done right now. They look cool, but I don't know how functional they really are, even with little kids. I have a 4Runner and a 3 and 5 year old and most of the time we just pick them up and put them in the car. You might be able to find an aftermarket version you can have installed cheaper later on.

    Unless there is something else included, a doc fee of $519 seems crazy! One dealer I talked to said they have a flat $99 doc fee, no other advertising adders, etc. I can't imagine paying $519 for a doc fee - they must have some kind of advertising fee included. Is that some kind of state regulated number, seems odd all the dealers throw out the same number - illegal collusion??
  • Pauly Honda in Libertville. It's 4wd, which I didn't mention in my initial post.
  • imzeppyimzeppy Posts: 7
    So cszulc, you were able to beat your previous offer of $30,499 on a 09 EXL 4WD w/o RES by $800??? Just curious how you were able to do that? I can't get the same below $30.5K in so. cal. Maybe it's a regional thing?

    Also, does anyone know what the new incentives, if any, are?

    Thanks for the help.
  • teoteebobteoteebob Posts: 16
    I have talked by phone with Henrick/Charlotte and spent the afternoon at Crown Southport. They were very friendly and helpful but did not have the car that I wanted on their lot. I am looking for a 2010 EX-L 2 wheel drive in the Dark Cherry Pearl with beige interior. That had one with the black interior which, of course, they tried to get me interested in. They found the car that I wanted at another dealer but wanted around $500 added to the price that they said would be their cost of the dealer trade. So I will try to find a dealer that has my preferred car on their lot.

    Also, they were quite a bit more expensive out the door than some of the prices that I am seeing in some of the buying experience/pricing forums. My question to you is, after getting prices from the different dealers, did any of them follow up with you offering better pricing? If so, which dealer?

    Also, you mention Autopark and Flow. Where are those dealers located?

    Where is the Bryan dealer and what was the negative experience that you had with them? Would you recommend against dealing with them?

    Thanks for any help that you can give me. I don't like shopping for new cars!

    Durham, NC
  • metalprofmetalprof Posts: 7
    So I got a message this morning from my local dealer saying that Honda had pulled all of the incentives on the Pilot. Anyone else hear the same thing? I'm still looking to buy a Black 2wd Pilot EXL w/o RES here in Kentucky, but there isn't one available for hundreds of miles around me.
  • dbtdbt Posts: 298
    Last incentive program ended last night.
    Dealers will get the info on the new incentive program today. Just be patient.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207

    I found you two '10 EXL FWD ($34,515 MSRP incl. destnation charge) in Dark Cherry Pearl w/ Beige interior in NC area

    Stock 17652 ($34,764) Gerry Wood Honda, Salisbury, NC (93 mi)
    Stock 10H10 ($34,515) Metro Honda of Union City, Indian Trail, NC (114 mi)
  • munkmunk Posts: 7
    Before the incentive disappeared today, I was quoted $32,295 for a 2009 EX-L RES from several local dealers here in MSP. I think I can do better. Anyone have any thoughts on this? I'm also looking at one in particular that's been a demo (it's got about 300 miles on it) and I'd like to think I can get it for $31,000 (w/out TTL). Thoughts?
  • franklwfranklw Posts: 44
    $32,295 is very high for what I have seen around here. Of course prices depend on region and local competition. While I was waiting for my 2005 Pilot to have minor service at the dealer in So. Cal yesterday, I spoke to a salesman in the internet department regarding 2009 Pilot EX-L RES. The invoice he showed me was a bit less than 33K (depend on destination charges since Honda recently increases dest. charge from $670 to $710 for our region. This is his math 33K (invoice)- $1500 rebate=31.5K- $700 2% hold back)=$30.8K, he said manager has to approve if the dealer will give you all of their hold back. He said he's seen deal where dealer gave an extra $300-500 on top of hold back on a good day....(aka the end of the month?). I haven't verify % of dealer hold back, I thought it's 3%?? anyone here knows? Any way, I don't suggest that you have to get the Your EX-L RES under 30K like I have seen but all I am saying is you can do much better than that especially if you are willing to travel outside of your region. Good luck.
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