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2013 and earlier-Honda Pilot Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • aln1aln1 Posts: 23
    Why don't you break it down a little more? OTD means different things to different people in different states. 2WD? 4WD? With RES?
  • tutttutt Posts: 11
    Sorry, this is the 2WD without RES, $34496 is the final price, inclduing TT&L, adds, EVERYTHING.
  • munkmunk Posts: 7
    Was just quoted $35,500 OTD which includes TTL, cross bars, tow package and a $3500 credit for the cars program. Dealer tells me I must act now because funding will run out. Thoughts? Price for the same set up on a 2009 was $1500 less.
  • mistrymistry Posts: 5
    I got a internet quote from OPEN ROAD in Edison NJ.

    2010 Pilot Touring with RES (DVD)
    $35,995 + 710 destination = $36,705 (b4 TTL)

    I would need to add Tax, Tital and license.

    I need to buy soon
    Any good finance deals out there? How about after August 1st

  • aln1aln1 Posts: 23
    Seems high but I don't know what your tax percentage is (hard to imagine it's 15%?? gasp!). Without calculating tax, I got mine at $30,199.00 including dealer doc fee and destination but not TTL. Same 2010 EX-L 2WD without RES.
  • chreegchreeg Posts: 1
    What financing deals are folks seeing? I'm hearing 5.5-6% which is really high.
  • jmrealejmreale Posts: 2
    where are you getting these quotes in SE mass? I'm looking for a 2010 EX-L and Herb Chambers (seekonk) would only go to 33,500 and said they were so busy they would sell the car at that price. Majestic Honda (RI) was at 32,914 and everywhere else (Colonial in Dartmouth and Bernardi and Boch) has yet to respond to my internet quote request. Maybe because the mass sales tax is going up this week?
  • teoteebobteoteebob Posts: 16
    Did you actually buy at $30,199 (Incl. destination and Doc) + TTL or is that just a quote that you received? The best quotes that I have received are $31,483, $31,299 and $31,308, all with freight included but without TTL and DOC. I am located in central North Carolina. Inventory on the EX-L's is pretty slim and it doesn't appear that the dealers have received any for several weeks. I would think that you have an excellent price. What state and dealer did you deal with?
  • aln1aln1 Posts: 23
    I got mine at Pentagon Federal Credit Union at 3.99%. My local credit union also has 4.75%.
  • akplnjpeakplnjpe Posts: 6
    Check Bank of America @4.2% for 60 months or Capital One Bank (excelent service all via email- I used it before and highly recommend it)@4.79% for 60 months.
  • aln1aln1 Posts: 23
    Yes. I bought it - Fenton Honda, OK. I posted a few pages back on my experiences. I started out looking for a 2009 and was very specific on color, 2WD, EX-L and without RES. It's nice to have RES but I felt that I can do without RES and could also make do with 2WD. I would have bought at $28000.00 for a 2009 but lowest I got quotes on was $29,000.00.

    I also looked at 2010. Quotes ranges from about $30,600 to $32,000. Some incl destination, some weren't clear. Looking at quotes I was getting on 2010, I could not justify buying a 2009 when I couldn't get the color I wanted. No $28,000.00 and no color means I don't buy the 2009. I can't tell you how many days I keep telling myself the prices I want before I even started getting quotes. Dealers are like wolves, I tell you. They can sense excitement and fear! LOL. I have seen it myself. So my bargaining is if no prices I want, then I don't buy.

    I seriously believe I could have done better if I waited out more. I basically read pages here and what little I could find on the internet and arriving at what I felt others were paying. I think I am like a lot of people where I don't mind dealers making some profit but I don't want to be the one that pays the most. Who knows if all prices were real here but the ones at way higher than invoice and close to MSRP, I did not pay much attention to. Why try to match higher prices right?

    No good prices (at least the number that I have in mind), means I don't buy. Maybe my reasoning is flawed or maybe others think I can do better but with what information I have, I felt it was fair.
  • What do you guys think? I gave up on my mission to buy a Tahoe and now I am looking for a good price on a Honda Pilot.
    The best quote I have been able to get so far is ...
    $37,700.00 + tax & license - so whatdya think?

    Invoice atm is $37,152.00 and that is including the honda $710.00 destination charge.

    That comes out to $548.00 above invoice. So the dealer will be making 548.00 plus the 805.00 (2% MSRP) of honda "hold back" for a whopping total of 1,353.00 of profit.

    Should I hold out for a lower price and possibly miss out on cash for clunckers ($3,500 for my $2,500 pickup truck)?
  • vrmvrm Posts: 308
    This is the classic FUD strategy dealers use!

    Funding will run out - thats a bunch of crock! Yes, the CARS program does have limited funds but the program just started. If the program is successful, Congress may inject new funds.

    You should demand another $500 reduction. $35,000 is a good price.
  • f1fan6f1fan6 Posts: 4
    I got the 2010 Touring with DVD for $36,147 +TTL from a Baltimore area Honda dealer. As an aside, the dealership showroom/building is brand new and the salesperson and manager were very professional and efficient, a great experience overall with a great price!! Other dealers also used that "internet price" is the best price gimmick. It is not the best price.
  • f1fan6f1fan6 Posts: 4
    Oh yeah, also got 3.99% from Pentagon Federal Credit Union and we had just joined the same day. Anyone can join, look at the website. Good Luck
  • tommatetommate Posts: 4
    I live in the Orange County, CA area. I notice a lot of the dealers don't have a lot of Pilots on their dealer lots. I can't even find a 2010 Honda Pilot 2wd Touring White with Gray. Does anyone know why? Should I wait until Oct/Dec?
  • imzeppyimzeppy Posts: 7
    Got a quote in so. cal. for $31.2K + TTL. With all incentives on Pilots now gone this seems like the best in this area. Any thoughts on ability to get a lower price? I'm thinking of waiting to the end August for the 09s to get more attractive in price but not sure if that is going to happen. Any help is appreciated.
  • munkmunk Posts: 7
    Have you checked pricing on a 2010? My quotes have been about $1200 more compared with a 09. Seems like a better deal to get a 2010 based on depreciation, resale, etc. Local dealer tells me there most likely won't be any big incentives because honda is cutting production of 2010s by 30-40%, and with "high demand" there likely won't be big savings on either 09 or 10s. Anybody else heard anything similar? Think I'm going to pull the trigger on the 2010 4wd exl with res plus ttl, cross bars, and tow pkg for 35,000, with a 3500 cars program discount. Any thought on this post?
  • aln1aln1 Posts: 23
    I agree. Compare with a 2010.
  • dbtdbt Posts: 298
    Honda just put back an incentive on 09 Odysseys ($1250). Did anyone get a recent price drop on 09 Pilots, indicating restoration of the incentive?
  • djsilverdjsilver Posts: 10
    For 2009/2010 Pilot, any advice/experiences to share on the 2WD? I live in the northeast so 4WD will come in handy in the winter, but otherwise wondering if it's necessary, if no off roading is planned.

  • teoteebobteoteebob Posts: 16
    "Local dealer tells me there most likely won't be any big incentives because honda is cutting production of 2010s by 30-40%, and with "high demand" there likely won't be big savings on either 09 or 10s."

    High demand so Honda is cutting production by 30-40%! Boy, does that ever sound like dealer talk to me. I have been watching the inventories of several dealers here in NC and none of the 2010 Pilots seem to be moving much at all. I am not interested in a 2009 but I don't think there is much selection left out there.

    If Honda does cut the production of the 2010 Pilot by as much as 40%, I would predict that the 2010 Toyota Highlander (when it is made available) may take a lot of the Pilot's market. Therefore, I can't see them cutting that much.
  • munkmunk Posts: 7
    That was from the same dealer who told me to hurry because CARS funding would run out, then I hear that another local dealer submitted something like 70 requests for vouchers the last 2 days, all of which were rejected. What B.S. Seems like more typical dealer tactics.

    FYI, dealer just told me there aren't any incentives on 2009 Odyssey's right now.
  • fib77fib77 Posts: 10
    Please provide the name of the Honda dealer in Baltimore and the sales person/Manager who gave you that price. Thanks.
  • So here is where I am at. Pretty much all but signed the papers. Tell me what you think.

    2010 4WD Honda Pilot Touring w/RES -
    $37,515.00 (this is dealer invoice) - Price for car
    $3,475.72 - 9.25% CA sales tax
    $467 - license fee
    $8.75 - Tire Fee
    $28.00 - DMV Fee
    $55 - Doc Fee
    $41549.47 - Out the door
  • aln1aln1 Posts: 23
    Invoice is now higher as given by the dealer? Did they offer their infamous protection package for $363? I say try to shoot for below invoice.
  • ck90211ck90211 Posts: 149
    In SoCal, and hoping to buy a LX or EX-L FWD no RES or NAV with my clunker. Anyone getting good quotes? I am getting $25.5K (LX) and $31K (EX-L) with my USAA discount. Was hoping to get another $2K off. Any hope or ideas?

    Leased a 06 EX-L and whole family loved it.
  • sdp1sdp1 Posts: 4
    In Atlanta, GA I was quoted the 2010 Touring w/ Nav & RES for $35,000 plus tax, title and $600 in dealer fees. Is this a good deal?

  • vrmvrm Posts: 308
    $600 in dealer fees??! What a rip-off. This is the icing on top of dealer profit.

    Tell dealer that $35,000 should include the $600 or else you wont buy. When you say this...make sure you are convincing and believable.

    They will end up splitting the difference with you. Let us know how it turned out.
  • Also, beware that they're not telling you about the $710 destination fee, which they might bring up the day you show up to buy.
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