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2013 and earlier-Honda Pilot Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    You can get the 5k back or file a complaint with BBB.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Please check out the extended warranty thread, that will save you a bunch.
  • anstaranstar Posts: 1
    do you guys think is a good deal for the OTD at $30895 for a 2010 Pilot EX 2WD with about 4.55%APR? thanks for any clue!
  • has 3.99% financing for 60 months
  • kmc143kmc143 Posts: 4
    Got a quote of $29,303.00 + destination/tax/motorvehicle/doc fee for '10 Pilot 4WD EX. Is this a good price right now since I want to avail of the CARS rebate program?
  • yeayea1yeayea1 Posts: 5
    We call them on our way to the dealer ask them if they have a white ex he says let me check calls back say its there we get there guess what its not there. He also said they would match my offer guess what another lie. SMUCKS huntington honda :lemon:
  • cubraincubrain Posts: 11
    Wow! Out the door for $30,895 for a 2010 Pilot EX 2WD? Is this true? That's below invoice if you add in destination fee, etc. I can't seem to get any dealers in Dallas, TX to accept $32,000 out the door.
  • cubraincubrain Posts: 11
    Sorry...I'm looking at an EX-L
  • cubraincubrain Posts: 11
    Any purchased an EX-L lately? What is a good price for out the door?
  • tom242tom242 Posts: 1
  • ky1234ky1234 Posts: 6
    Good for you...

    Because it's a year newer...less depreciation when we drove off the lot than an '09 would have been.
  • Interesting, I went there yesterday to look for a car/van. They tried to pull a quick one on me by offering me a 09 with a quote above invoice + tax + other charges then subtract the C4C credit...... I just walked out.

    Is the C4C credit apply b4 tax+fees or after? As I always operate under the assumption that the C4C credit goes towards the purchase price... not after taxes and fee (or the final purchase price)....
  • tommatetommate Posts: 4
    It must have been Riverside Honda in CA. I learned never to put a deposit without having the car on the dealer's lot. Also, the sales manager has a very hot temper too. Buyer Beware.
  • brmkrbrmkr Posts: 1
    Any one bought or got a quote on 09 Pilot 4WD with RES in Chicagoland area recently.

    All the ones I got are around 33600 - 33800 before TTL. Please let me know if anyone got better quotes.

    Any help is appreciated.
  • First of all, you're asking these questions after you've signed up. If they
    had the car, you'd be potentially very disappointed at your answer.
    Always post BEFORE buying.

    That vehicle lists for: 40245 plus 710 destination
    invoice is 36442 plus 710 destination
    So, total invoice is 37152.00
    That is a FAR CRY FROM THE 38800 you were quoted.

    You should be able to buy that car all day long all over for 37600-38000
    This would give a dealer 500-800 profit plus his holdback which is 2-3 percent
    of list, or in this case another 800 to 1000 dollars.

    As to the warranty, I've been in a Honda finance dept and I can tell you that
    their dealer cost on a 6 year/100k warranty with zero deductible is less
    than 700.00. If you paid 2100.00 for a warranty, then you effectively allowed
    them to make more on the warranty than they typically do on a car.......
    my advice to you would be to use your factory warranty of 3/36bumper to
    bumper and 5 year/60k mi powertrain and then decide whether to buy extended
    coverage. The dealer's assertion that you CAN ONLY BUY IT absolute
    hogwash.....they are lying plain and simple.....don't believe me? Call one
    and tell them you have a Honda with 35K miles and you want to extend
    the coverage. They'll roll out the welcome mat for you......

    As to your APR being lowered .25%? That doesn't come close to making
    up for the 1400.00 profit they made on a typical warranty......
    I hope you know there are sources offering 3.99 for 60 months and my credit
    union is currently offering 4.75% for up to 78 months!

    I was looking hard at a Honda Pilot touring. I ended up buying a base
    Acura MDX with a longer warranty, more luxury and full time all wheel drive
    for 37215.00. They have a 2K dealer incentive right now. Sure, I've got to
    add the DVD and it doesn't have NAV, but even with NAV and all the other
    stuff that goes with the technology package, you could likely get one around 40K
    and add an Alpine DVD player for 500.00

    That brings me to the next thing folks:

    Any time you buy a vehicle with the DVD slot in the dash, that DVD drive
    is covered by the BASIC warranty of the vehicle for adjustments, which
    is 12 months or 12,000 miles. Why? It's an internal moving part subject
    to dust, and failure may not be from manufacturing defect.......think of
    it as a set of brake pads, they're not covered either......
    SO: that drive will run you 2500.00 typically if it breaks. Save your $$
    Buy a really good aftermarket DVD unit all integrated for 500.00 and when
    it breaks, rip it out, buy another one and throw it away. Marrying a DVD
    player to a car that's subjected to heat every day is not a smart move......
  • I am buying a Pilot EXL 4x4 in MA for $32,104 including destination. Less the $3500 clunker deal it comes out to $28,604. They did get me at the back end with a $298 doc fee that I couldn't get them to remove. It seems all the dealers have that ridiculous fee around here.
  • cubraincubrain Posts: 11
    Is $32,104 out the door price or PLUS TT&L?
  • shileishilei Posts: 11
    I paid 33,???.00 broward county florda exl 2 wd. Since cash for clunkers, that might be the best you can do. They do not seem to be in any hurry to sell.
  • twin22twin22 Posts: 8
    what dealer quoted younthat price?
  • cb35cb35 Posts: 27

    few things you posted are inaccurate.

    1st - any time you buy a honda extended warranty you will pay less if you have less miles on the vehicle - I don't know what the magic number is - but you will definitely pay more for less coverage if you go in @ 35K than say 5K. So if you want the coverage - buy it early and shop online for it many sites out there you can use to get the dealer down to a realistic level.

    2nd - the dvd coverage you mentioned is simply not true. At least not with the honda care warranty - you can easily find the actual contract online - it only excludes non authorized american honda ELECTRONIC/AUDIO ACCESSORIES/NAVIGATIONAL, DVD ENTERTAINMENT AND SECURITY SYSTEMS. So your advice may be sound to buy an aftermarket system and save some money in general - however - the idea that a factory system isn't covered by the full length of the warranty is simply untrue.
  • zorkonzorkon Posts: 19
    All said and done, I paid about $33,200 OTD for my new 2010 EX-L 2WD no-RES
  • Finally pulled the trigger. OTD $39,500. Sales price was about 36, 900.
  • Got a quote for a 2010 Pilot EX-L w RES at $33,750. This is before TT&L. Is this a good deal? Any need to get rnning boards on the Pilot?
  • 1st- You're absolutely correct, you will pay a little bit more for a used
    car policy at 35k good til 100k than a new car policy at 0k til 100k that
    really doesn't take over until 36k.
    According to my brother in law's dealer cost guide, the difference to the
    dealer for these figuring 0 deductible is 220.00.
    HOWEVER, in this case you did not have to pay interest on the warranty
    for the first 36k miles you put on the car which should offset most if not
    all of that 220.00. This sort of difference might or might not be passed on
    to the customer, but it should/could. I was mostly referring to the absolutely
    exorbinant price regardless that he was asked to pay for a warranty.

    2nd - Most DVD repairs are not due to manufacturers defect, they are due
    to dust/dirt and liquids. Ask your dealer if after the 12K mile adjustment period
    if they would replace a skipping dvd player that obviously had signs of armorall
    inside it and I would ask you to post the answer here, since you say I'm wrong....
    Of course they will replace it if it's under the B-B warranty for DEFECT,
    but how many folks keep cars longer than 3 years, LOTS on HOnda I would hope.
    A top flight Alpine DVD unit costs 599 installed. That is 1/4 the cost of a replacement for a Honda DVD drive/electronics unit in dash.
  • Is this a good price for the 2010 Pilot 2WD Touring W/Res and W/Nav in Southeastern Virginia:

    Price $35,468
    TT&L $1,684

    Total OTD: $37,152

    Less $3500 for Cash for Clunkers

    Is this a good deal? Thanks for your help.
  • sdp1sdp1 Posts: 4
    That's a good price. Also based on, it's a great price. If I could get that here in GA, I would pull buy it right away.
  • vrmvrm Posts: 308
    Ignoring the Clunkers cash rebate, your deal is good. However, I believe before the end of this year, this will cost $36000 OTD.

    Which dealer did you use? Thanks.
  • kingfans1kingfans1 Posts: 137
    hello i am lookin to buy a 2010 honda pilot ex-l 4wd. mrsp is $36,155 . what price do you think i should pay? thanks you.
  • Tried to get a clunker rebate in addition to the best Internet deal. Found a dealer who was still offering the rebates. I figured he would match my best offer from another dealer and then give the rebate. No such luck!!! He only took $500 off the sticker and then the 3,500 for the rebate!

    If I sold my 97 Explorer for $2,000 I would still have a better deal not using the rebate.

    Bottom line.....I went to the dealer that offered the Internet price of $31,368 including destination.....not including NC tax, license or 398 doc fee.

    So...don't feel sorry for the dealers, they are not giving the rebates in addition to their best prices!
  • lufacalufaca Posts: 31
    What would you expect? They will ride the wave as long as we the taxpayers allow it. The clunkers was a good idea but it only benefits one sectod of the economy. Lets's see how long it last.
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