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2013 and earlier-Honda Pilot Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    For the 2009 you are eating the depreciation, 3 mos to 2010. I also heard that Honda is going to end its Pilot leasing in beginning of Nov.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    ak - you're smart shopper and done your homework, not impulsive. Take the $4000 rebate and CX9 is just as fine I think.
  • $472 is a bit on the high side... hopefully you did not put any $ down.
  • I am getting a offer for 2009 Honda Pilot EX 2WD for $28500 at invoice. I know there is a $1250 dealer cash. What will be a good price. I will buy from anywhere between $27-$27.5
    Do you guys think it is better otherwise to just buy a 2010. I can get them for 400-500 over invoice. Typically I am trying get a difference $2K upfront as I am going to be keepig this car for atleast 5 years and also 2009-2010 are exactly same.
  • Hi,
    I'm looking to buy a Honda Pilot EX-L (plus/minus rear entertainment system). Has anyone bought one recently. What are reasonable prices. Thanks

    I'm in Philadelphia
  • No Money down, but they started at $540 a month with $2000 down. I'm pretty happy where we ended up. I guess that's what's important...
  • tex18tex18 Posts: 82
    I personally think thats a little high. Then again you leased an AWD and I am only looking for a 2WD to lease. Considering that Honda is not running any promotions on the Pilot at this time or in the near future, if you are satisfied with the lease enjoy the vehicle.

    I do wander if Honda is waiting to November to offer leases so that inventory can be replenished. To get the residual values up they are going to have to keep the supply and inventory chain tight.
  • Hemlock,

    I'm looking for this exact same config in virginia. Did you go through internet pricing or in person? i'd travel to chesapeak to get the deal if i could get it too!

  • I have just started looking for a new Pilot and found this site - looks like it's very helpful. I live in New Mexico, but am willing to go to Phoenix or Denver to save some money. Has anyone gotten quotes or purchased lately from this area for an 09 LX 4WD? Also, how much extra is the tow package?

    Thanks in advance.
  • I'm in the DC Metro area and have discovered that there are almost no 2010 LXs to be found? I knew they were a low percentage of the production, but not non-existent?

    The local sales guys, said Honda dropped their total production drastically 8 months in response to the economy, but didn't have an answer why there are no LX's around the DC Metro area.

    Are they being sent to other regions in the country?

    Has anyone seen any links into a Honda inventory system for North America so I could track down an LX? (Blue preferably)
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    May be I can help to find the LX near you.
    If there is LX how far are you willing to travel?
    What is your zip code?
    Is it LX FWD or 4WD you want?
  • Just bought a '09 EX-L 2wd Dk Cherry

    MSRP $34,452
    got it for $30,500
  • tex18tex18 Posts: 82
    How did you find a 09 Pilot this late in the year? Again, I ask the question, and maybe a Honda salesperson can chime in hear, when is Honda going to run lease specials on the Pilots?
  • I have 2 local dealerships around me that still have yet to receive 2010 Pilots!?!?! Bad sign for them, good for me in terms of them trying to get rid of them.
  • I just purchased a new '09 EX-L Pilot as well. I have never purchased brand new and would like to know if it was a good deal:

    2009 EX-L 4WD w/RES
    Bali Blue Pearl w/light gray leather interior
    Only 20 miles (brand new)

    MSRP: $36,895 (Invoice: $33,415)
    Purchase Price: $32,858 +TTL

    Accessories added by dealer for free ($400 value):

    Hood Air Deflector
    Moonroof Visor
    Cargo Tray
  • why not buy a 2010 at that price?
    a lot of dealers are willing to deal at invoice minus 500.
  • seems too high for 2009. 4K Off MSRP is not a big deal as the car has been there for a whole year.
  • I went thru the internet dept via email for probably 3 days worth of correspondence.
  • We thought the same thing, but they are just not willing to go down that low over here in Utah or surrounding areas. We have been calling and emailing any dealers we could find surrounding our state since Utah is out of '09s and won't go down on 2010 models. They are very scarce here and selling like hot cakes! We found a couple good deals around New York and Florida, but shipping was over $1000 and picking it up wasn't an option. :confuse:
  • What will be a good price for 2009 Honda Pilot right now. The dealer which I am planning to buy is doing $500 below invoice. Is this a good price??
  • "$500 below invoice. Is this a good price??"

    No way to tell... the best way is OTD price.
    A dealer can have the lower car price but the higher OTD price. Compare OTD price... we all pay it.
  • suppose dealer fees are reasonable, you can still tell if it is good or bad, also compare with the purchase before CFC.
    in all, I think it is not a good price. why would someone buy a 2009 leftover and eat the depreciation plus 2010 is about at the same price level (invoice-500, YMMV, but at least true in NJ PA area)
  • suppose one year's depreciation =3000, I will buy 2009 at invoice-3000.
    probably you won't see this price cause Honda cut the production and damn CFC. but why don't you wait a while and get a 2010.
    also found the reliability of 2009 is not that good from, maybe due to the new generation design?
  • Hi,

    Looking to see what everyone else has paid for an 09 Pilot EXL 4X4 with and without DVD is fine. Leather is necessary.

    I have a price of $34K for a demo with 6K miles on it, and then a 09 with 82 miles for $33K. They both have DVD, the demo has other options like step up bars, all weather mats, and thats about it.

    Both are silver with charcoal leather.

    I am willing to travel a little from allentown PA. Any advice, any one know anything?

  • $500 below invoice is what I was quoted on phone. I am going to try to go tommorow with intent of buying and looking for a number where I should get it. I am thinking if I can negotiate another $500 will it be a good price. I am already pushed myself a little above budget to get a touring so wanna pay less at this point. Since there is no model change between 09 and 10, and I am planning to keep it for long the differnce won't be much when I sell 5-6 year down the lane
  • My daughter is paying $31,045 for an 09 Pilot EX-L 4/WD which includes destination. I tried all over, and many dealers had no 09's in stock. Many prices that I received were $88 to $1000 higher.
  • I found a local dealer that still had a 2009 in stock, is this a good deal?

    $37,465.00 is MSRP
    $34,310.12 is your ePrice
  • Got a 2010 Touring 4WD for $35K.
  • Hello all!

    Hoping for some help here. We are trying to get a 2010 EX Pilot and we were quoted 32,000. We have an 08 Chrysler town and Country we are trading in and owe about 16,500 on it. Is this a good deal for us, considering the trade in? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  • Wow that sounds like a great price.
    We're in the market for a 2010 Touring 4WD no RES in the DC Metro area but stock seems to be an issue right now.
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